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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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individual wanted on several warrants. officers pursued him, and there was a confrontation in the middle of the street. dpd chief robert white says the suspect struggled with one of the officers over that officer's gun. several shots were fired, and the suspect was killed. a neighbor says she is shocked by what happened. >> reporter: it's quiet. it's quiet here. that's why i was surprised when i saw all of this. and then i wa happened? i was worried because it's here by my house. >> three officers were injured. we believe all of them are minor, maybe with the exception of one, but none of them are life-threatening. >> reporter: again, the suspect is dead. those officers have been placed on administrative leave as is standard operating procedure, in cases like this. and the investigation does continue. we will keep you posted both on 9news, and
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so much. two tropical weather systems are threatening both hawaii, and the gulf coast at the same time. hurricane madeline could be the first hurricane to hit hawaii in a quarter century. madeline is on track to hit hawaii's big island tomorrow. tropical storm hermine is getting strength as it turns towards florida's gulf coast. rick scott has declared a state of emergency in 42 counties. the storm is expected to cedar key. >> we're going to restrict access to the city. if you don't have to be down here, don't. >> all of us have to be prepared ourselves. three days of water, three days of food. have a battery powered radio. if you think you might need a shelter, know where the shelter will be. >> forecasters say hermine could be near hurricane strength tomorrow as it gets toward the gulf coast.
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start to rotate over warm water. a tropical storm is classified as sustained winds a 39 miles per hour, up to 73 miles an hour. once those sustained winds reach 74 miles an hour or greater, a tropical storm becomes a hurricane, or depending on which part of the world, a typhoon, or cyclone. hurricane season just started in june. >> reporter: this is typically when we begin to see an unprecedented three storms hitting the united states at this time. a large populated area affected by each of the three storms. we'll start with the hawaiian islands. as you mentioned hurricane madeline, winds to 75 miles an hour. hawaii is under a state of emergency. hurricane lester quickly moving in behind madeline. and right now, they are just kind of battening down the hatches there, and getting ready for this major storm system which is forecast to go
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but will produce heavy rain, surf, winds and the like. lester is coming in, and will stay to the northern part of the island, and will probably become quite the epic surf event for residents there. hermine is very strong in florida. all of the forecast models coming together to produce what we think will be a significant storm surge, flooding, and storm will track across the carolinas friday into saturday. and there's also a significant tornado threat. so we have hermine in the gulf, and we also have tropical depression 8 off the coast of the carolinas, and hurricane gaston, which will stay out to sea. so a very active weather system. the weather not too active in denver, i'm happy to say. we'll continue to track those
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prompting some areas to issue flash flood warnings, because of the heavy rain coming down in such a short amount of time. fair skies between now and 7:00, i'd grab the umbrella, adel. you know what happened last time. we're going to talk much more about that and have another radar update coming up in just a few minutes. cheers broke out in the cabin of a jetblue flight 387, cuba. the flight from and journalists, with just a few cuban american families and u.s. travelers. passengers were given gift bags with cuban cookbooks, and cuban flags, they were encouraged to wave. within weeks, americans will be able to fly direct from cities, including chicago, miami, and ft. lauderdale to eight cuban cities and beach resorts.
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believe stole an suv, crashed into a house and then took off. john mackey says officers heard seven gunshots shortly before 2:00 this morning. seconds later, officers heard a crash. when they got there, they found a black ford excursion. police say the saturn went through a fence and ended up ba they say they were three men police are still looking for that driver. >> i heard a loud screech about 1:50 at night. i braced because i could tell there was going to be a crash. i called 911, and by the time i came out here, luckily, the police, somebody had already been here, and yeah, it was i guess the person that had been, was on the run. it was kind of a little bit of a scary situation for a while.
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gun outside before, which had been stolen from 35th avenue and gray street in wheat ridge. a gun was also stolen from another vehicle at 35th and gray. the death of a woman in conifer, after being mauled by her dogs is reigniting debate about how to prevent dog attacks. 9news spent time with a dog behaviorist, who said the most important thing is knowing when your dog is having problems. >> repor when it comes to dog attacks, it turns out the real warning signs are far more subtle. >> dog attacks can really be complicated. >> reporter: she says recognizing the signs of a possible dog attack may be the key to preventing them. basically, it comes down to body language. >> the vast majority of the time, dogs who bite have a long history of showing people who
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be threatening. >> reporter: kristin says dogs are constantly giving off these hints. dogs who stand still, with tense muscles may be hinting at an attack. don't be deceived by a wagging tail. it doesn't necessarily mean a dog is approachable. >> many dogs whose tails are wagging, are actually just large portion of dog bite cases. most of the time, ownersover- mate their knowledge of their own dog. often leading to miscommunication and aggression. >> just as you would never expect a partner in your marriage. it's easily understandable to not think your dog would be a
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>> reporter: in denver, nick mcgil, 9news. >> another mistake is getting involved in dog on dog attacks. she recommends spraying water at the dogs nose, rather than trying to pull them apart. nearly two years after being hit and dragged by a car while patrolling a student protest in denver, officer john adsit returned to work today. his first day back consisted understandably, of mostly office duty. he and three other bicycle officers were hi while monitoring protest of hundreds of students. adsit says going back to work is a treatment come true. >> been an incredibly long journey. and there were up and downs throughout the way, i wasn't sure this day would actually come. and doctors that told me this day may never come, so i'm
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suffered a seizure, and was sentenced for vehicular assault, and not disclosing his history of seizures when getting a driver's license. >> his recovery, nothing short of miraculous. >> absolutely. the chance we'll see a few more storms pop up in the
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real estate, and homeowners
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30 this afternoon. the phone number is 303-698- 0999. almost september, and the leaves in the high country turn. temperatures have been getting cooler this month, and snow has already fallen in higher elevations. combine that with trees already preparing for the winter, maybe possibly headed for an early fall. the mountain town of leadville has gone from nearly losing their only hospital now getting a brand new medical facility. st.vincent hospital has been in the same building since the 1950s. recently, nearly closed it doors due to a lack of funding for operating costs in the old building. a new levy passed a year ago kept the doors open, and the partnership will mean the new smaller hospital will be built next to the current one thanks to the loan, provided $11
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leadville county. the people who come through, who need hospital services. in -- now we'll have a state of the art facility to offer medical care. >> ground breaking for the medical facility is set to begin in april. it is expected to be finished a year later. it's that time again, when firefighters will stand at intersections across the metro area asking people to fill the boot. 2016 marks international association of services first teamed up with the muscular dystrophy association. the money they collected will go to research and to help people battling life- threatening diseases that take away their mobility. on the capitol steps today, firefighters and those fighting mda talked about why it's so important to give. >> physical limitations aren't holding us back, and we're living these long fulfilling lives that are inspiring the world around us.
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possible for me and for other people. >> some firefighters will be out taking donations today, even though the official fundraiser starts on friday. so awesome. >> the family in breckenridge got the giggles when they looked out their window, and saw a moose playing with the family soccer ball. megan safely and soundly. she says the bull has been visiting but this was the first time it discovered the use of the soccer ball. >> he was being aggressive with everything in our yard. then when he saw the soccer ball, i started videoing, right before he ran up to it. he was looking at it for a little while, and then he just walked up to it and started playing with.
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and after it got tired of playing soccer, it is it pick up the corner of the family trampoline with antlers. another reason, to shoot from inside your house. look at most of the denver area has been dry this afternoon. we might see a storm or two
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welcome back. so far, so good in the 9news backyard, and downtown denver. it's try, but hazy. i'm kathy saban out here, waiting on the rain. i know of you are going to see rain and thunder again. there is an area of low pressure, spinning in northwest kansas, bringing southeast winds to the front range, and just bringing in that low level humidity. it looks like the midwest along the front range. up in the high country, a beautiful day. 69 in leadville. 81 cooler than average for this time of the year. a trend that will continue for the next few days. nowhere near record territory. winds are northeast at 13 with 80 degrees. that's where we find ourselves in downtown denver. 82 outside the studios. thunderstorms tracking today, thankfully not severe as of
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sitting up on the eastern plains, we've got to watch the storms east of akron. all of that tropical monsoon moisture coming up into southern colorado, and then being pushed off to the east. two areas of low pressure to the north of us. there is also a cool front to the north. it doesn't look like we're going to see much of a change in the current weather pattern. the heaviest rain will continue south of us, right through portions of new texas and oklahoma. that's a trend that continues into your thursday. temperatures a little below average, but maybe a degree or two warmer tomorrow. triple digit highs across the south, and across the southeast, with pockets of cool air to the north. but definitely feeling like fall as we move into the first few days of september. moving storms capable of w, but? producing heavy rain.
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flank. tomorrow, more cloud cover. those storms that develop in the foothills stay there for most of the day. so those of you traveling i-70 tomorrow will run into some of the heavier thunderstorms that will take all day to move over the metro area, and they'll be very widely scattered tomorrow, so a quiter, calmer day, i think. tonight, 45 in frisco. 63 grand junction. a low of 60 in lamar. highs warm out west, but still cooler than average for the front range and eastern foothill areas, highs near 70 there. with a good chance of showers in the mid-afternoon time period. for denver, only isolated showers expected. still a chance of showers and thunderstorms here in the city. you can just see it. a couple of things going on in the upper atmosphere. so not entirely calm, dry night. we will start off with sunshine tomorrow. mid-70s by lunchtime.
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temperatures trending into the mid-80s for saturday, sunday. the holiday, monday, an then the next few days of next week, really just look nice for the first full week of september. a lot of you allergy sufferers are struggling with itchy eyes. weeds are the culprit right now, running moderate to high. i just want to leave you with beautiful scenes, the sunrise and sun sets have been spectacular with this extensive really be saying goodbye to all
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on wall street, stocks closed out their first losing month since february. the dow fell 53 points. the s & p lost 5 and the nasdaq
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hi everybody, tomorrow's bronco game with the arizona cardinals is the paxy bowl. paxton lynch is expected to take every snap. no two or three rotation. lynch needs the reps and he's going to get them all this week. >> i'm really excited. you know, i've been kind of coming in the 2nd half r the other games. it takes me a little time to get going. i feel good, getting warmed up, and be able to go out there and play right away. ? [ music ] ? >> paxy dance. avalanche introduce their
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hold that honor. unlike his predecessor, patrick roy. jared is going to have all the players he needs at home soon. >> reporter: he's been waiting for this. >> i've loved every minute of my coaching career. >> reporter: there has been one down side, as bednare started ascending the coaching ladder, he and his wife decision to stay in south carolina. that run will soon end. they expect to all be together in denver by the end of the year. >> it's been too long, and it's a sacrifice that they've made, really that you know, no family should have to. and you don't want to miss your kids growing up, and all of that. so i take that very serious. >> reporter: now the goal is to keep the entire family in the same spot.
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>> yeah, i feel pressure, putting it on myself. >> reporter: the first time nhl coach knows he was hired in a hurry by a franchise desperate to get back to the postseason. it's on him to get it to work. >> there's no guarantees in life, especially in this business. if i want to be the coach of the avalanche, 3, 4, 5 years from now, then i have to prove that i'm the right guy to help move this team forward. >> reporter: he wasn't move his family here, confident that he could do it. the rockies won their fourth game in a row today, and can make it five later this evening, kathy. the rocks beat the los angeles dodgers in the opener of a day/night double header. walloping his first career major league home run. the rockies win 7-0. the nightcap begins in less than an
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doing that now. >> doing what? oh, pointing to the sky. i thought you meant building legos. that's a project. >> that's a good one. oh, you want to talk about the weather. >> we don't have to. but if you like, we do have a few seconds. >> last night, baseball fans were in an uproar, because we didn't anticipate that storm was going to stall over coors field all night. drew came back to the weather
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this? he says i am not involved. he just walked out. i'm feeling a little better about the forecast for the rockies tonight, and so, yeah, we hope they continue that winning streak. so, as a matter of fact, we have outside, hazy conditions around the area. you can kind of see the cloud deck, but the weeds have really been a big issue for allergy suffers. with these winds so light, kind of out of the east-southeast, the air quality is not great.
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breaking news tonight. donald trump's surprise visit to mexico, standing side by side with that country's president. is trump backing down on some of his signature promises. he says they didn't even discuss who would pay for the wall. growing triple threat, another named storm gaining hurricane watches in florida millions on high alert. violent flight. an emergency landing with passengers injured during severe turbulence, the latest terrifying incident and pilots unable to see it coming. destination unknown. tickets are booked, bags are packed, plans are set, imagine, you're not even told where you're going. "nightly news" begins


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