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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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it. when rtd's chief told me he knew no problems in the lead up to the launch of the a-line. our 9 wants to know team found that was not aeks actly-- exactly accurate. chris vanderveen discovered what they knew about the problems before they put you on the train. >> reporter: so, things could have gone better for the a-line. >> i am upset with rtd. >> reporter: we get it, we have been more than willing to tell you about the problems. a few months a assured us... >> we didn't see issues in testing that caused us any concern. >> reporter:... assured us the problems came out of no where. >> i would say there really were no problems during testing. >> reporter: now we know he didn't tell us the entire story. like the chapters tucked in the records we got from the state's open records laws. in order to understand what-- order to understand, you
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5 weeks leading up to opening, they put trains on the line to test the system and kept to the schedules they have now, but with no passengers, the goal, explained in the contract with denver transit partners, was to get a testing score of 95 or above on 21 consecutive days. you didn't come anywhere nee that. >> no. >> reporter: spokesperson, instead of geting to the goal of 21 days of 95 or above like this, the a-line delivered but 6 passing days in all. 6. that is it. and still, the a-line opened up on time, on april 22. reed said he knows what you are thinking, but... >> we knew that going in, it would be almost impossible. >> reporter:... impossible, maybe, but a report suggests problems from a rescue train that broke down trying to rescue
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problems with crossing arms, that to this day require 2 people to monitor every crossing 24 hours a day. >> we are still not to the level rtd expects, it is not what our passengers expect. >> reporter: rtd said the goals were a stretch, and there were no requirements the a-line meet them. >> kin o the stars and still reach the moon, scenario. i think that is exactly what we did on this. >> reporter: just today, another glitch on the a-line. >> i am returning to the airport. >> reporter: wonder. >> a little concern, slows down my thinking, great, is something wrong with the train? >> wonder, maybe, someone might have seen this coming. >> rtd insists what the general manager told us a few months ago does not conflict with what rtd told us today. they say the testing phase revealed no problems when it came to safety issues. that would have warranted a delay in the opening day. we will continue to poke around on this and let you know what we
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are injured and a wanted suspect dead following the confrontation today. the officers went to a house near west bates and south bryant street around noon looking for a person wanted on a number of warrants, that person got out the back window of a house, police caught up with him and he tried to get at one of the officers' weapons. the officers fires shots, suspect killed . all 3 officers are expected to recover from their injuries. parker police would like your help finding someone. they are not in trouble, quite the opposite. fi thank a family that helped first responders that scene of a bad crash over the weekend. one person was killed and 7 people were injured in a pile up near parker and j morgan boulevard saturday night. parker police posted on facebook today thanking all of the drivers who pulled over to help. one family, in particular, helped the commander shut down the road, drove her up to the scene of the crash and helped put out road cones. then driving another officer back to out the road block.
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entire road for an accident that was the largest scale accident that i have worked in 18 years, without hesitation, i was in their gratitude and it just quickly enabled me, then, to get on scene and figure out exactly what was going on and what was transpiring and to help those in need. >> parker commander joker says the family was headed to kiowa, that much they know, they are hoping somebody might know them. the commander would like to thank them in person. solutions as often as we talk about problems. today, denver parks and rec offered another possible solution for the problem of open air drug dealing on the cherry creek trail, a possible solution. our steve staeger wondered if it might sweep the problem under the rug. >> reporter: perhaps this bit of graffiti should stick around as a reminder, drugs are bad, as if this flier wasn't reminder
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suspension notice they can't return back to the park or to the greenway. >> reporter: this is part of a parks and rec director, a 6-month trial phase giving cops the ability to ban people from city parks if they are caught distributing, transferring, selling, sharing, consumeic, using or possessing drugs. if you are caught and ticketed by a cop they can slap the suspension o you and if you break it you can face a fine close to $1,000 or a year trails and parks for the non-drug users who want to go without scenes like this every day. >> at first i thought maybe this is something that will at least take it out of the public eye or make things look a little cleaner. >> reporter: drug addiction experts will also quickly tell you... >> all it will do is push people either further under ground, where they can't be reached, or to the suburbs or somewhere else.
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which the city is trying to do. >> we have coresponders with the police that will be issuing citations, they will actually be offering them assistance for any type of mental or substance abuse. >> reporter: how do you do that when they don't want it? >> the justice system is a great way to compel people to take that step. so, in this case rather than banishing them from parks or trails or those kinds of public plac, >> reporter: perhaps easier said than done. for next, i am steve staeger. >> the debate over epipens throughout the country continues and if you missed it, our 9 wants to know team had an investigation into the media manipulation by the company that jacked up the price, you can see the report on our facebook page. today our investigative reporters found a new layer to the story making news nationally. people selling eppens on
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ads, one for epipen junior, one for an expired epipen, at least the person that posted it was honest. it says "i googled it, it said they might be fine." donald trump will be giving a major speech on his immigration plan, where he is expected to moderate some of his early hard line proposals. trump's point person for hispanic outreach in colorado issued a statement saying "trump's never wavered or softened." that will make people want to shout, show their hands up and shout, throw their head back and shout. i want you to know trump originally proposed deporting all 11 million people in the country illegally, a little bit softer now, his campaign now says no deportation force. trump originally said he would end birth right citizenship. a little bit softer now. his campaign now says that is a discussion for a different cay. trump-- day. trump said no path to
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he acchel said "-- actually said "there could be a softening." wait a minute, lets get to the bottom of it with jerry. >> thank you for your time. >> you are welcome, kyle. >> seems a little bit softer now. >> he is not softening, basically it is a reflection of who the true donald trump really is. he understands there are problems with this country, and we will talk about building the matter is that that is a poor border. here is what is going on, there are bad people crossing that border, kyle. we know that. >> it is a wall, a symbol or solution? >> i think the wall is actually, it not only is a symbol, but it
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stepping into a role to help create greatness in the country. part of that greatness is not just speaking words people want to hear. sometimes you have to be blunt, and saying the things that are said. that is what he is doing. >> coming up, my conversation with one of hillary clinton's most prominent latino supporters in colorado, i will house state house majority leader if trump's rhetoric is obscureing the fact that clinton isn't talking about border security at all. and duran says this: >> the immigrant whose live in our country are amafrns for all intents and purposes. >> does she seek herself as a representative of the legal citizens of her district? or all of those living there? even those in this country illegally. if you enjoy a tough hike, we will see what you think of the proposed price hike for those climbing the manatoo
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a kid spots something and
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next question, are we all doing recycling wrong? marry beth got our attention with the hashtag #heynext and says if someone throws
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the whole batch? the short answer is no, sorting machines pull nonrepsychoable items off line. out of pure curiosity we asked if a small amount of left over foodane recycleable is okay, the shorting machine can detect dirty containers. a small amount of leftover food should probably be okay. when the manitou incline reopens, it could be more expensive to park and make the hike. considering doubling the hourly parking fee, $5 to $10 an hour and limiting weekend parking on ruksen to people who live there. parking fines would increase as well. again, this is just a proposal. the city is too happy to point out there is a free shuttle from
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a little snow above the manitou incline this week, i am meteorologist kathy sabine, so beautiful today, kind of reminds us how lucky we are to live here and you are half way through the week, there are clouds out there that could mean more rain showers for some of you tonight, a littling thunder, lightning, lot sending in dramatic scenes from the storms around the city last night wondering if we see a repeat performance tonight. some of you will. you can see the haze in the area out there but so far, all the heavy thunderstorms are out on the easte heavy rain, steering winds aloft are weak, storms are moving from the east around low pressure that is poorly organized in kansas tonight. so, the moisture train is basically south and east of us and that leads us into a drier day tomorrow. tonight, still keep the umbrella handy. a chance for showers and thunder early and clearing, areas of fog, you wake up to a temperature of 52. tomorrow, partly sunny, 84 degrees, isolated storms. the thunderstorm chance
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beautiful holiday weekend forecast. temperatures between 85 and 90 degrees with only isolated activity as we move through sunday and the labor day holiday on monday. kathy, thanks, we return to our in-depth discussion about immigration policy as donald trump prepares to make a major address on that subject tonight. with trump routinely making news with his immigration rhetoric, hillary clinton seems to have to rarely discuss or defend her plans to secure the border. so that is where i started, our conversation with clinton leader in-- duran, the muleader in the colorado house. >> what is her plan for the border security for americans that are deeply concerned? >> hillary clinton has promised to bring forward a plan regarding comprehensive immigration reform in the first hundred days. the people who live in the shadows, each and every day, are the people who put food on the table and provide needed services in our beautiful state of colorado and our country. >> that is a plan for immigration reform for the
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for border security? >> sure, there is no doubt that we need to continue to support border security measures. but what hillary has said is that we need to take it a step farther concerning the families that are already here. the immigrants who live in our country are americans for all intents and purposes. >> you represent a district in which some people live as u.s. citizens, legally, and there are in your district. philosophically, do you look and say, i represent all the people? >> people who are undocumented in colorado and in denver, they pay taxes. they pay taxes when they work, they pay taxes in a variety of different ways, when they go to the store and buy a product. to me, my job as a representative is to make sure that the taxpayers of this state
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of our interviews with duran and trump supporter nutivdad on our facebook page. back to work after 2 years of work and the spotlight. what was that? what was that? the z23egz zvpz
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when you sign up to be a sheriff's deputy, you sign up to do it all, including tracking big cats, deputies were looking into reports of a mountain lion. first there was a photo of tracks and in a creek bed and citings in joplin way and again near arapahoe and havana, the sighting first attributed to a bus driver, later it was a haveeen a cheetah. if-- have seen a cheetah. if you envision yourself as a big burly guy with a max, you would make a good mascot, they are hiring a marvin the minor to pump up the crowds. without talking. can't talk. the school will hire you to appear at businesses, schools, and weddings. applications due wednesday. get your resume together. we tell you about police officers who get into a scrape
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coat shooting. today we have some good news about an officer who almost didn't make it out of a bad situation. denver police officer john adsit, his family was told he wouldn't survive after ran over by a car and dragged. he was escorting high school students in a protest. officer adsit returned to work after more than 20 surgeries and 2 years away. he said he was a bit nervous about the return but he loves his job, he told us, his family, and who helped in his recovery. >> it is a drew come true, it-- dream comes true, reminds me of the first day of academy years ago starting out and now i am getting back again. i feel a little nervous, little shaky, but i feel good. i really don't think a lot about the incident. i think about where my future goals are and where i want to be a year from now. >> the driver who hit officer adsit and shouldn't have been
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community corrections. he will be on limited duty transitioning back to the force. his hope is to rejoin the bike patrol someway. every once in a while we have been sharing ink that tells a story, vallerie gibson sent us a photo of her tattoo on her wrist, "love dad." that is vallerie's dads hand writing. he has been gone 6 years, she carries his words with her every day. you can tell us your permanent story, something that means world to you with a #heynext. the most colorado thing we
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it is the most colorado thing we saw today, a unique jeep in denver, of course there are hard tops, there are soft tops, and there are quick, find a top! heavy rains in denver last night had some jeep owners scrambling, this is in the baker neighborhood. that is a good save right there. that is a g appreciate all the great messages we saw today, bunch of people were singing "shout" along with me. i appreciate that very muchfelt kenny has an-- much. kenny has an idea for the a- line. my wife recommends a diesel locomotive in front of a-line, they have gotten around for a hundred ars. we will bring that up to rtd, kenny, nice idea. then the note from, who is it now? dianne, she said wanted to like
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being trump's lap dog, i have had enough. that is interesting, dianne, that is not usually what we hear around here. we will mull that over and get
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? think you know everything about the chris brown arrest? >> hold on. stop the press. >> think again. only e.t. has both story. >> it becomes a war zone. >> our exclusive interview with the star inside chris's house. and new details fromhe beauty queen accuser. >> is this woman telling the truth? >> then the new bachelor re-vealed and it's a shock. >> only 800 shows. >> and behind the scenes of melissa mccarthy's musical
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the early years. the lost audition tapes. >> you don't want to look at it? fine. i'm the man. ? >> now for august 31, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> we have the information you won't find anywhere else about chris brown's arrest. he is accused of pulling a gun on a former beauty queen. >> the question is what happened inside the singer's house? we talked to chris's accuser and i spoke exclusively to ray jay sides of the story. >> i'm here to say listen, stop the press, stop. hold on. hold on. stop the press. there is another side, a better side, the truth. >> ray jay told me he was upstairs getting a tattoo when this woman, baylee curran claims brown pointed a gun at her. >> has it hit you yet what happened? >> no. i'm still in shock. >> the 25-year-old said she went


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