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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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corey here with you this thursday morning -- welcome to the first day of september!! marty's joining the party too -- what kind of weather should we expect today? denver police spent part of the night investigating
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police say a car hit a person at first and downing... they later found the car seven blocks away at first and race street. that's near the entrance to the denver country club. witnesses say the pedestrian was a woman.
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smashed in -- and the airbag was deployed. we don't know if the driver was found or arrested -- as of this morning, police have not released any more information. this morning we are learning that two kids and an adult that were injured in a daycare are going to be ok. they are hurt when a car crashed into the building police were chasing a hit and run suspect yesterday afternoon... when the driver crashed right into the back of bright stars child care in aurora. the driver tried to run... but an employee says he didn't three people were treated for minor injuries. the driver - who hasn't been identified - could face charges for hit and run, reckless driving and driving under the influence. three denver police officers are recovering today -- after they say a suspect led them on a chase -- and tried to grab an officer's gun. that suspect was killed. it happened wednesday on west bates avenue -- near south federal. police say they were trying to serve a warrant - when the suspect
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to make his escape. there was a foot chase -- and a struggle. none of the officers were shot -- but two were taken to a hospital. dpd has not elaborated on their injuries. the teen who admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend because he was upset about their break up... will be back in a larimer county court room today. tanner flores has a status hearing this afternoon. he faces murder and kidnapping charges for the disappearance and death of 18-year- old ashley doolittle. she went missing on june ninth... her body was later found in flores' truck. it can be seen in broad daylight -- heroin use along the cherry creek trail... it's prompted a lot of questions -- and criticism. now -- denver parks and rec says they have a plan. if people are caught distributing, selling or consuming drugs at city parks -- police now have the ability to ban them from the area. anyone caught on a park or greenway would be suspended from that location - for 90 days. if they come back
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drug addiction experts are skeptical... they say...the rule means drug users will just go somewhere else -- instead of seeking help. you've heard it before -- problems on r-t-d's a-line - the train to the plane. the general manager of rtd told us weeks ago - they had no indication there would be any issues duringti opened. but records show -- that's not necessarily the case. rtd set standards for five weeks of testing - and it only passed those standards 6 days out of 21 days. r-t-d says -- testing did not show any safety problems with the it still opened on time. every year - hundred of plants are stolen from city parks- everything from veggies to coloroful bouquets... about 500 plants have been stolen this year..
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popular for its artichokes.. 7th avenue parkway was targeted for flowers. someone even tweeted at parks and rec -- asking if there was a list of edible plants around the city. you could be fined if you're caught stealing or eating city plants. leaders from across the country-- are wrapping up a conference in colorado, today. they're giving insight on some of the country's biggest emergency responses. one of them being-- the flint water crisis. 9news reporterta here with more. tarhonda-- this story hasn't really been in the national headlines in a couple of months. no. after the initail outrage-- and response-- the story has "kind of" faded into the background. but one of the people leading the flint recovery team came here to colorado to let us all know-- the problem is far from solved. he came as part of the "public private partnerships conference," hosted by the "department of homeland security".... "norad"... and "fema." the event-- in colorado springs-- brings together members of the private sector with federal agencies to
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they have-- and can-- "parenter up" to respond to a disaster. in flint, more than 260 organizations and groups are part of the flint recovery group. the red cross director, there, says-- people are still using bottled water for drinking, cooking... even bathing. it's all due to high levels of lead found in the water. he says-- unlike a response to something like a "tornado"-- there's no end in sight for this recovery. the partnership between public and private organizations in michigan had to happen quickly-- in the water crisis. it's a lesson that he says other states-- including colorado-- canar this comes as the city of flint is replacing service
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this is the second phase of a project to switch out water lines around the city. the expert we spoke to says-- long-term-- flint is planning partnerships that could last for decades. that's because the effects from lead contmination could affect people's health-- generations from now. corey? the u-s army is set to destroy a big stockpile of chemical weapons -- and the work will be done right here in colorado. it's a four and a half billion dollar project -- and most of it will happen at a plant in pueblo....but it artillery shells - all filled with "mustard agent" will be destroyed. it's part of an international treaty that bans chemical weapons. mustard agent is a liquid -- not a gas...and can damage skin and airways. the u-s used to have more than 30- thousand tons -- but has since destroyed about 90 percent of that. the entire process will take until 20-20 to complete. donald trump might have hinted at softening his stance on immigration -- but his latest speech
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the gop candidate had a busy day yesterday... he went to mexico city -- where he met with mexican president enrique pena...the first candidate to do so. both leaders said they talked about trump's plan to build a wall along the border. ...but trump says they didn't talk about mexico paying for it -- while pena says they did and mexico will not foot the bill.. later -- mr. trump gave a speech in phoenix, arizona - where he promised to begin deportations -- during his first hour in office. but he did not commit to deporting every undocumented immigrant -- as he talked about past speeches, instead saying he'd focus on those with criminal records first. he also said those already in the u-s would never have a path to citizenship. at a campaign stop in ohio -- hillary clinton wasted no
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trump's mexico visit. president pena has also invited clinton to visit the country -- but her campaign says -- she doesn't have plans for that yet. the democratic nominee last met with the mexican president two years ago. and she's still ahead in most polls - but the washington post reports -- americans' views on clinton just hit a new low. about 56 percent viewed the democratic candidate unfavorably...with 41 percent - giving their approval. while her numbers aren't good, they are better than donald trump's. he has an unfavaorable rating of 63% in the same poll. a project in washington d-c is
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now -- house speaker paul ryan says - it will be ready ahead of january's presidential inauguration. the project fixed thousands of cast- iron cracks -- and now the architect in charge says - it just needs a fresh coat of paint. a u-s supreme court justice will be in colorado today... justice sonia sotomayor -- the first latina supreme court justice -- will be speaking at metropolitan state university. she's expected to tell her story -- detailing her career and rise to sotomayor was appointed by president obama -- and has been a justice since 2009. winter will be here before you know it...and the bears
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winter will be here before you know
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need now be sure to tag your mother
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seeing extreme weather -- and their first hurricane watch in years. "hermine" is a tropical storm right now -- but if it becomes a hurricane - it would be the first to hit florida in 11 years. heavy rains have already hit the
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down -- and cars stalled in the water. residents in pinellas county have already evacuated...and others are being told to stay inside and off the roads. at least 51 counties are under a state of emergency. oceans away -- hawaii is dealing with two storms. tropical storm madeline is first -- windows are already boarded up..and fema is flying supplies to the big island. madeline was downgraded wednesday -- and its center is not expected to make landfall. hurricane lester isn't far behind...that's expected to hit so sunday.. bears in colorado -- it's nothing new.. but this time of year -- they're getting ready to hibernate -- which means they're hungry... most bears - if not all - will stop at nothing to get their next meal. trash cans - cars - bird feeders - grills -- it's all fair game.
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experts say -- there are steps you can take - to keep your home safe. pick up any fallen fruit... if you're out enjoying the barebeque -- clean the grill... lock up your trash... and keep pet food inside.. sometimes the matching outfits are a total coincidence... but today's teal -- is for a cause. more on that later. and a vacation on the moon -- there's still a lot to figure out -- but out of this world vacations could one day be a
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the retail giant is starting its holiday layaway program tomorrow. the layaway total must come to a least 50 dollars -- there's no maximum amount -- and shoppers will have until december 12th to pay it off. if you need gift ideas -- walmart also released its "top toys" list today -- you can find that one their website. if you want to be a literal "man on the moon" - you just might get your wish. a handful of companies are trying to make commercial space
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wants to take it up a notch -- and offer vacations on the moon. entreprenuers such as elon musk - jeff bezos - and richard branson are all part of the latest "space race" -- but say there is no predicted date for take-off. before you get dressed today- put that teal back in your drawer and save it for tomorrow. today we're wearing teal- to remind you to do it tomorrow. it's all part of the effort to raise awareness and "pass the torch of knowledge" about ovarian cancer. the symptoms of early stage ovarian cancer can be hard to catch. symptoms include bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain and difficulty eating or feeling full quickly. in colorado -- 330
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diagnosed each year. so tomorrow- wear your teal and remember to talk to your doctor about your risks. hopefully you're ready for some football -- because we've got a lot in the next few days!! tomorrow is the rocky mountain showdown - between c-u and c- s-u.. but first -- the broncos get ready for the final preseason game -- in sunny - and hot- arizona later
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see ronnie hillman in a broncos uniform... the running back who led the super bowl champs in rushing last danger of being cut from the final roster tonight. denver already has c-j anderson and rookie devontae booker. so it'll come down to hillman or c-s-u grad kapri bibbs for that third running back spot. all in all -- 22 guys will be cut from the roster after tonight's game. it's the final dress rehearsal before things start to count. the defending super bowl champion broncos
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they're taking on the cardinals in arizona. all eyes will be on quarterback paxton lynch... the rookie is expected to get most--or all of the reps in tonight's game. the team wants to rest starter trevor siemian and give the new guy some extra reps.. you can catch all the action on channel 20... coverage begins with "broncos tonight" at 6-30....
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you could win 33- hundred dollars -- if you eat this faster than anyone else. it's part of "wayback burger's" annual triple challenge... on september 18th -- the person who eats nine patties - with nine slices of cheese - lettuce and tomato -- the fastest -- takes home the cash. by the way -- that will run you about 17-hundred calories. more people are smoking marijuana- and they aren't worried about it. we'll break down the lack of concern. plus- did r-t-d have
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9wants to know found some proof the troubles go back farther than we knew. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a
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three vehicles... will answer to his charge. we'll tell you what police think happened. more people are trying marijuana- and they aren't worried about it. we're breaking down the risks and concerns. and a deadly crash- outside of denver's country club... the latest on what policce found overnight. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- today will be nice and calm but it's tomorrow's gameday we're a


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