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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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the stigma of marijuana use in america seems to be lessening. research conducted showed a majority shift in attitude toward the drug. >> a virus spreading has health officials reminding students make sure you wash your hands. >> a brand new baby gorilla at the philadelphia zoo, they decided to have a naming contest which could turn out to be a very bad idea. >> we'll check that out. good morning, everyone. happy september 1st. >> still is summer. >> it is. he we should see some pretty nice weather today. we're joined from the 9 news backyard. happy september. >> i like september of september averages for you average daily temperature in the low 60s, not that much rain off and on during the course of the month and we do have snow occasionally in
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august had some pretty good rain in the area especially down south that was mostly tuesday night, dia 8th dry east but not representative of a lot of the metro area with a total that was much lower than a lot of folks got. dry on hd doppler going for us now. a few clouds over eastern colorado this morning. we're really seeing some haze and fog in that part of the state. that will start to burn off by lunchtime. thunderstorms nc and foothills during the day today especially from the mount evans area west towards summit county then curving down into the northeastern san juans as well. many few storms forming in the plains and around here i don't think we'll see all that much at all. in the mid-80s today. tomorrow into the mid-80s with a better chance for an afternoon storm and an
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right in the middle of our holiday. good morning. we're taking a look at sky 9 up and over broadway and broken could he road and looking at an accident where fire an police are on scene. this is close to broadway and u.s. 36. sky 9 just took off from the airport. we're trying to see what's going on. it's a little dark. it looks like we're seeing crewo we'll check in in just a few minutes. problem or denver drive is very quiet. it our fort collins area that has the issues. here's the first northbound i-25 crash near the harmony road exit and this view is the backup we're talking at least a mile here as you head back towards cross roads boulevard and exits further to the south. as these delays grow we're going to be able to show you how far they extend. the
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metro area. so much green so we'll focus on fort collins and throughout the day we'll get you those alternates you but 392 to 5 and then prospect back over to i-25. >> all right. lots of. denver police spent part of the night working to find out more about a deadly crash a pedestrian was hit. police say that a car hit a person at 1st and downing. they later say that the car was found 7 blocks witnesses say the person that was hit was a woman. the which dough was completely smashed in and air bag deployed in the car. we don't know if the driver was found or arrested and police have not released any more information by the victim at this time. the teenager who admitted to killing his e girlfriend because he was upset about their break
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he faces murder and kidnaping charges. the 18-year old went missing on june 9th. 3 denver police officers are on administrative leave this morning after a suspect was shot and killed. they were trying to serve a warrant to a man at a home. he took off out the back window of the officers ran after him and there was a struggle and the man tried to take one of the officer's's all 3 were hurt in the struggle. a pet shop owner will spend the neck year on probation after pleading guilty to animal cruelty. she'll have to complete 100 hours of community service. animals at the store were confined in conditions without food, water and veterinary care. some of them had to be put down. her husband
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serving probation for animal cruelty charges. hand foot and mouth disease is starting to pop up on campus. several classmates have been diagnosed over the last week of the illness causes painful sores and rashes. it's usually spread through direct contact with fluids from the infected person. cherry creek trail is a big problem and denver parks and rec is doing something about it. it's rolling out a new plan to ban people from city parks caught directing selling or using drugs. the aclu says people should have the right to ask for help even if some people see that as a nuisance. the union is
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communities asking for an end to bans on panhandling. the evident has worked in the past. last year the aclu blocked a law in grand junction that limited when people and where people could ask for money. the aclu says the panhandling laws make it illegal to ask for charity anywhere at any time. more adults across the country are using marijuana that is a word from a new survey this morning. the study shows tha risky. >> yes, this new survey reveals more american adults using marijuana today. fewer consider it to be harmful. overall marijuana use increased from 10 and a half percent to 2002 to 13.3% in 2014. it finds the previous lance of daily use nearly doubled during the same time period. the percent tapping of people who believed pot was harmful dropped from 50 to 33%. now, the study did not
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after the rocky mountain high intensity drug trafficking area released a report on the impact after 3 years of legalized marijuana in colorado. here's what it found, it found that marijuana related traffic deaths have increased 48%. it found 20% of all traffic deaths were marijuana related compared to only 10% about 6 years ago. it also found marijuana related calls to the poison center increased about 100%. ugly veggies need some love too. the state is pushing for wal-mart to sell produce at a discount. they're sold at reduced prices in some states but so far that program isn't available at colorado wal-marts. after more operational problems and delays with rtd's a line yesterday we decided to take a deeper look with what's
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when. a few months ago we were told that the department didn't see any issues with the a line during testing that caused them any concern. we learned that is not entirely accurate. we found records from the 5 weeks of testing showing the train didn't even come close to the testing score goals. they wanted 21 consecutive days of a score of 95 or better. instead they got 6 days total not consecutive, just 6 days somewhere in that a spokesperson says the goal was a lofty one. >> we knew that going in that it was going to be almost impossible to hit that. you just kind of you know, shoot for the stars and still reach the moon scenario. and so i think that the exactly what we did on this. >> rtd insists the testing phase revealed no problems when it comes to safety that would have had a delay in opening. visibility is good but not
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do have clouds in and around fort collins, loveland and greeley this morning. at least 5 miles plus. a little better here around metro denver. you'll run into haze and fog traveling east on i-70 in the next 90 minutes or so. most of the monsoon has shifted south and east but plenty of storms for folks working outside today going to get toasty for a couple hours this afternoon with highs moving into the mid-80s. may not an cat but a florida puppy recently showed he may have 9 lives >> we're going to tell you where firefighters found the little guy after a nasty crash. . >> oh my gosh this is my first time i've ever been through anything like this.
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there is a hurricane warning for northwestern florida as tropical storm highlands ranch approaches. >> it's expected to continue to strengthen today and be near the coast by tonight.
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state. this is video from overnight. the national hurricane center says some areas can expect almost 2 feet of rain, some people's homes are already under water. can you imagine 2 more feet. >> oh my gosh this is my first time i've ever been through anything like that. i heard my apartment is under water and i come home to get my animals. >> yeah, people are being told to stay inside until the storm passes. and roads are being blocked getting stuck in high water. in hawaii as one hurricane weakens another is right behind it. hurricane madeline has been downgraded to a tropical storm now but hurricane lester is behind it expected to hit hawaii over the weekend. how powerful is lester looking this morning? category ii right few will weaken to a category i. looking at between 70 and 80-mile per hour winds. rain is going to be
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6 inches and the hawaiian island chain again this from lester, madeline is actually south of the big island now. highlands ranch is going to be a big big issue in the southeastern united states as you guys mentioned, the heavy rain in florida well, that's going to track right up through georgia and the carolinas over the weekend. so rain and flooding will be the big problems for the southeastern u.s. for us this morning it is quiet on hd doppler. we have the clouds north and northern colorado and weld county those are going to burn off. thunderstorms confined mainly to foothills areas and heavy rain possible today from the mountain evans area and then stretching through summit county and down along. temperatures in the 80s, doesn't really look like the storms are going to have much success getting off the foothills but if you live on the west or south side of town you might get just
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storms. very limited storm development on the plains today. most everything is going to be in the central mountains and valleys of colorado stretching all the way from rocky mountain national park through south park. that's where we'll have some of the heavier rain around the tunnel an then dropping down through the central part of the state as you can see more limited storms over the plains, the clouds are going to keep temperatures down in the 70s today with hazy conditions over eastern colorado we're a little milder here a cloudy conditions keeping those storms mostly in the mountains and foothills today. that allows us to clear tonight. mid-50s for you. tomorrow i do think the storms make it off the foothills nice a well organized system moves through some afternoon storms more in the traditional 2 to 5:30, 6 p.m. time frame. we'll push that later on saturday and then dry things from sunday through the early part of next week. so the tail end of the holiday weekend
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looks great. >> all right. we're getting us along with our sky 9 view of our drive. you can see that cloud cover. they're up north along southbound 25 coming in near 104th and 120th you'll see delays. a quick crash in the far left lane. we'll show you where that previous sat. we also have a traffic light malfunction on the exit ramp from i-70 eastbound leading onto washington. sounds like they're treating it as a 4 way stop. i-25 southbound we had a the express lane that's all cleared out. up to the north now, we've got a big back up because of 2 separate wrecks northbound near harmony. the option is highway 287 in the northbound direction. here's what we're dealing with. the first crash leadsing up to harmony, this wreck we seen a rolled semi truck. here's a
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itself and guys, as you inch back i expect delays to get even worse. we're watching it for you but all in all i would say 287 to the west far superior. >> that is a mess. >> or work from home if at all possible. >> yes. local hero or police
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check this guy out, this dog in florida out of harm's way. firefighters jumped into action when the dog got trapped in a truck. the crash happened just outside of miami. investigators say at least one car went up in flames after the crash. and that's when firefighters saw this dog under the floor board and debris in one of the vehicles. so crews were able appears to be just fine. >> just hiding there probably scared to death. >> there you go. maine's governor has threatened a lawmaker and made racially inflamed comment but says it the media's fault. he said he's never going to talk to a reporter again. the governor apologized for threaten ago
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called him a racist. the governor told him quote i'm after you. he said he isn't going to resign. he did offer an apology for making the threat but did not say he was sorry for the statement that started the whole controversy. earlier this year he flamed african americans and hispanics for maine's heroin epidemic. >> anyone who sells poison and kills a person. >> now, as far as never talking to the media again the governor says he blames the media for creating an fuelling this controversy. a man may have just made himself a hero in louisiana. he paid for a billboard. it warns people of several different speed traps in the area. the man who paid for it says it's not intended to be a negative reflection on law enforcement.
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he says use speed traps to generate revenue. there's a new baby gorilla at the philadelphia zoo and the internet is loving it, the reason, well the zoo is having a naming contest, and of course the internet being the internet everyone wants to name it harambe, the gorilla that was shot. now, this new gorilla the zoo says the names will be choose from a predetermined list that they're going to put out but a lot of people are really are pushing for the zoo to name it junior. >> i have a feeling they'll back away from that. >> they want to stay away from that controversy, right. >> yeah, the video the little arms clinging onto mom is so cute. right now so donald trump is
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not because of his controversial statements about issues like immigration, but because of a statue that leaves little to the imagination. we've got to tell you how this statue could end up helping immigrants. . let's focus on a couple of our favorite towns in colorado today. first in boulder temperatures in the 50s, 60s and 70s this morning because it's right up against the foothills i cannot rule out a thunderstorm. clouds morning begin to burn off leaving a fairly nice afternoon with a little build up later in the day and we're going to get everybody together tomorrow night at mile high stadium for the rocky mountain show down early early in that game it might even be before kick off a couple of thunderstorms in the area. by the second quarter i think things are looking good. it going to be busy, rockies are playing in town and this going on too.
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in the meantime we've got to get through this work week. it's been a tough drive already. here's a live view of our fort collins come commute northbound 25 crash leading up to the exit harmony. northbound 25 the left lanes blocked backups extend for over a mile and they've not quite reached cross roads but today the alternate that i would suggest is going to be 287. we just checked very light a closer alternate if you're stuck in the delays 392
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t apparent worth a lot of money. the life sized naked trump statue will soon be auctioned off. it will be worth at least 10 grand. a portion of the proceeds will benefit the immigration forum. >> how did you do that? >> we had to blur out one area. >> we had to blur that out. how
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>>. it is the final cut day for
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there are nearly are 2-dozen zika cases in the state of colorado. federal authorities are trying to keep that virus from spreading. this week one of the experts in prevention has
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mustard gas are sitting right here in colorado. so what's going to happen with the nation's largest remaining stockpile of chemical weapons? good morning. more than 500 plants have been stolen from denver city parks so far this year and now some are asking if they can eat some of this stuff. i'll have a lesson of what not to do when enjoying your city park. it should be a nice pleasant friday eve area today. any storms today? >> i do think there will be storms mostly in mountains foothills and not a lot of action for us here through the mile high city. just now seeing the sun come up, beautiful morning here. it is still cloudy in fort collins visibility is good but we do have overcast that the going to burn off by 9:30 at the latest this morning. we head into the
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storms in down here. i don't think they'll make it very far off the foothills. there will be some clouds around and anybody who lives right next to the foothills especially in golden along highway 93 may get a few light rain showers on the outer edges as some of those storms. taste of colorado going on this weekend temperatures in the mid to upper 80s during evening storm on saturday. big event on sunday the broncos health and wellness event going on and a big feature is the 7k run. we are going to be warm by the time we hit noon temperatures will already be in the low 80s on sunday. we're checking in with sky 9 over 25 and colorado and boy what a great start here. loving the central portion of our drive, but outlying areas are
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look. the north side we're talking i-25 leading up towards fort collins the left lane is blocked on the approach. here's the first crash, here's the second there's a semi just laying on its side. previously the left lane was blocked here as well. they've moved out of the far left lane. 2 lanes get by. backups pretty intense. they stretch for about a mile. alternates i would take 287. if you're starting out further toth straight shot to the north but if you're maybe closer to the harmony exit 392 over to 5 is looking pretty nice. stopping the spread of zika virus it's a concern around the world and this week one of the experts on the topic came to colorado to talk about what the federal government is doing. we spoke with that expert and first off, what did he have to say by
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still a year away which is the fast track version of it. that's the update i got at this event in colorado springs. sdmree can a is certainly considered a health emergency. it has shown up in just about every state of the country now though most of the cases have been travel related. they have partnered with companies to they're being handed out in puerto rico and other countries now, through the cdc they are sending lists of the products in those kits and discounting rates for them to state health departments including colorado. the kits include information, and condoms to prevent sexual transmission of the virus. the cdc says its top priorities are women and infants. babies can have developmental problems
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work with another partner the march of dimes. >> they're doing lots of trainings for providers, nurses, and for physicians and we hope to continue partnering with them in the future as they develop more of these programs. >> she also told me that the cdc has what it calls zika action days focussing on informing people about the virus. it is 6:35 right now. 4 and a half billion dollars and starting next week the army says it's going to start destroying the nation's largest remaining stockpile of mustard agent. this is all happening in southern colorado. >> it certainly it. we're talking about the depot. they're trying to get it in compliance with the treaty banning chemical weapons of the
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that has been built will start destroying about 780,000 chemical filled shells. the defense department worked with the community to choose a technology to destroy this agent. even though it was never used by the u.s. chemical weapons were stockpiled boot army at a number of basis during and after world war ii. i did a little research how the process will work. equipment will remove explosives from the weapon and it will use water and bacteria to neutralizehe heated to 1,000 degrees. it has already destroyed about 560 shells. and those did have some problems that made them unsuitable for the plants. that's why they came up with this whole idea. at full capacity the plant can now destroy an average of 500 shells daily, it's expected to be finished by mid 2020.
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that caused a deadly accident in golden is going to answer to the careless driving charge against him. police say he was heading west on i-70 in june and did not see traffic slowing down in front of him and slammed into 3 vehicles. a 55-year old died in that crash. the drivers of both the other cars were injured. parts of i-70 were closed for more than 4 hours. the driver is expected in court later today. 3 people including 2 children are recovering this morning after somebody trying into the day care center they were in. the driver was a suspect in a hit and run and employed into bright star's child care. it went through a window hitting the infant rooms and cribs which were empty. 2 children and an employee were hurt though. they were taken to the hospital but they'll be okay. the driver is under arrest. after months of not knowing his fate the family of a boyd
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heal. authorities have found the remains of the 28-year old fast. he was speed flying when he disappeared. they run or ski down slopes that use parachutes. the family organized a large scale search for him using drones to fly over danger are you saying terrain. in a statement on facebook the family saddened. doctors have a warping for epipen users don't buy them off of craigslists. it illegal to buy or sell precipitation meds unless it is through a licensed pharmacy and then of course there's a safety issue. >> secondly, there may be a safety concern with the pen may not contain the active medication that's used for a life-threatening allergic response. and third, we may
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since it's being sold outside of a licensed pharmacy without a valid legal precipitation. >> they have been in the news a lot lately after their prices skyrocketed. the maker of fudge broken knees may be recalling. they say the problem stems from a manufacturing contract bakery in illinois. the affected products were distributed to stores in the last 2 weeks. one injury has been reported. they have a best buy date of october 8th. to politics after several weeks of back and for the on what his stance is going to be donald trump made it clear wednesday he says people living in the u.s. illegally have got
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vowing to deport millions of people living in the u.s. illegally if he becomes president. it came just hours after he met with mexican president. the 2 men discussed trump's border wall proposal. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. they don't know it yet but they're doing to pay for the wall. >> yeah, both men the president and trump have differing accounts of what they discussed about the wall. trump says he never talked about who was going president says he made it clear to trump there is zero chance mexico will pay for that wall. meanwhile clinton's campaign has already responded with a new web with video claiming the great negotiator choked and lied about it and says he failed his first foreign policy test. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults by dropping in on our
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then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> several of donald trump's latino surrogates quit after his speech last night. one tweeted that he felt disappointed and misled. she was inspired to go to law school after watching the perry mason series on tv when she was a little girl. sotomeyer will share her today. the justice will be speaking this evening and will talk to students, staff and community members about her life growing up in the bronx. the free event is already sold out. it's at 6:30. let's talk tropical weather a bit. this is earlier in the week when both madeline and lester were hurricanes in the pacific ocean. madeline has been downgraded to a tropical storm.
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for the hawaiian island chain anticipated to move over the hawaiian islands over the weekend a as a category i hurricane anywhere from 1 to 6 inches of rain in some mountain areas even more than that. bigger issue for us is going to be tropical storm hermine anticipated to be a category i hurricane as it makes impact with the gulf coast of florida late tomorrow night but the real problem is going to be rain an ton afternoon -- during the weekend not only in florida but all the way through the carolinas it is going to be intense, intense flooding in that part of the country. >> sure looks like it. 6:42 right now before you get dressed today put that teal back in your drawer. save it for tomorrow. today we're wearing teal to remind you to do it tomorrow. >> thank you. i have a bracelet. >> put your n .
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it looks good. >> thank you. >> thering you go. . the symptoms of early stage ovarian cancer can be hard to detect. they include boating abdominal pain sometimes it difficult to eat or you feel very full quickly once you do. >> according to the dies of ovarian cancer every 40 hours. 330 women are diagnosed each year. it basically one a day. so tomorrow where you're teal an remember to talk to your doctor about your risks. >> i'll let you borrow this scarf. >> if you catch it early your
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early detection is so important. >> thanks. not all artichokes are for eating. . >> also, also -- i forgot, sorry. >> rockies rocky celebrated his
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more than 500 plants have been stolen from denver city property this year. city crews planted more than 200,000 plants in may and some of them didn't last very long. people have been harvesting artichokeses from washington park. you first were telling us about this in may and it's played out just as they feared. >> exactly. you know what in may i told you about people harvesting artichokeses, any of those vegetables from flower beds just like this. and we kind of think does that really happen? yeah, we're seeing it playing out right now and what the interesting is that just this week somebody tweeted
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there was a list of edible fruits and vegetables in city parks. here's the thing nothing is edible or for human consumption. i want to bring in park raping er ranger jen. we're going to show people a pia crab apple tree. not only is it against city code tell me why people just don't want to eat them. >> it's something that's found in the important thing is we're out here for public safety and resource protection and it's just not safe to eat something that we're irrigating maybe with potable water officer you never know what's in the air. say someone was spraying. we usually have permits and post when we do stuff like that to treat an area but you don't want to be putting anything like that in your mouth.
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>> okay so take that note, i know that there's $100 fine if you are caught physical digging something up. how do you go about enforcing this? >> so it's kind of a tough situation. you have to be in the right place at the right time. as you mentioned it can be a hundred dollars fine. your second offense can go up to 250 and third offense can $500. so $500 i feel like is a lot for you know, some kale or crab apple or pears. >> right. >> whatever you want to do it's a lot safer to go out to the local grocery store and pick up that stuff there. as for enforcement i can say right place right time. we can get witness statements if a park staff sees it or maybe even just a visitor to the park. we can get a statement from them. and from there we can build a case.
6:50 am
out in any you have one of these parks maybe go and see a park ranger or call parks and rec and say hey i see people digging up flowers. you really have seen everything. >> yes. >> thank you for all that you do to try to enforce this. we know that some city parks have cameras and they can track things through there. they do tell me that you know, they're not at the point yet where they need to have a guard standing in front of every flower bed a because these are our beautiful city parks nice to have freedom walking around but it's the few bad apples that are spoiling this for some people. just remember there are fines in you get caught and just don't dig anything up. it's not cool. >> they're going to have to take artichokes off the list. >> when it cops to removing
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gives you a permit for it. if you're caught there it could be up to a $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail. we start a new month and my favorite month of the year september it is a -- a month where the temperature starts to drop again. that afternoon daily temperatures the afternoon of the high and low put together not a ton of rain during the month and it does occasional very few of the storms sneaking off onto the machine knewment hill area by later in the day today. very heavy rain possible from mountain evans to the south and west all the way through summit county and toward the high terrain this afternoon. around here looks pretty nice. sky can 9 we would check in
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because the fog was so dense they need today set down before the visibility closed in. we've got a new crash reported on i-76 on the exit ramp. backups have stretched to about 84th avenue so not too bad. we have a traffic light malfunction on the exit ramp from eastbound i-70 heading off to washington. folks getting backed up and now starting affect the mousetrap. great news we're all clear northbound i-25 after 2 separate wrecks at the harmony exit. . >> good to hear. all right. thank you. it is the final s rehearsal before things start to count. the broncos have their final preseason game today taking on the arizona cardinals all eyes will be on the quarterback.
6:53 am
get most or all of reps in tonight's game. the team wants to rest the starter. you can catch all the action on channel 20. coverage begins tonight at 6:30 with kick off at 7:30. okay tonight be the last time we see hillman in a broncos uniform? he lead in rushing last season and is in danger of being cut tonight. they have come down to hillman for that third spot. 22 guys will be cut after tonight's game. rockies rookie cardulo doesn't have to celebrate his birthday any more. he turned 29 hit his first major league home run in his first game of a double header begins the dodgers. then in the second
6:54 am
first career grand slam. happy birthday. >> yeah, the rocky would end up splitting the double header lost that second game but still man, that guy -- >> i like that a lot. >> you're right i don't think he'll ever top that. >> you're right. >> so happy friday eve. >> yes, ma'am.
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around here today it is
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fog up to fort collins. those will be taking care of themselves and getting out of here. thunderstorms during the afternoon right along the foothills and then into the front range mountain stretching down all the way through the ledville area to the south and best. so if you live near the foothills you might get a light shower this afternoon. most of us get shut out from the rain in mountain areas south and west of mountain evans some very heavy downpours ar p that allows us to pop up into the 80s, morning clouds notwithstanding we're going to clear out and get very warm with 70s in the foothills. high humidity conditions on the plains. that's doing to help keep temperatures down a little bit but it's pretty stable on the plains so i'm not really looking for many storms there. most everything is really lining up on the high terrain running down be from the front range. so moderate to heavy rain in the
6:58 am
over the monument hill area the rest of us generally stay dry. upper 80s out west 70s out over the plains with 80s around here. temperatures in the low 80s today partly cloudy skies storms in and near the foothills wrap things up late tonight and clear out. tomorrow an arch storm is possible. we hope to get it done before the rocky mountain show down at 6 p.m.ment we'll push storms later in the day on saturday. least by my estimation. it does appear that we're going to be dry next week and this dry weather is just such a hall mark of september. sky 9 landed for the morning so they're back safe at the airport. we check our cameras though. southbound 25 right around 76, 3 cars right shoulder delays go back to 104th. here's
6:59 am
as you see that southbound approach you'll run into it and then 76. south of there you've got typical delays coming into downtown including your slow downs near 20th. up north so much good news we're finally clear after 2 separate crash northbound 25 at harmony one car is gone but there is still a semi truck over on its side it's in the median. it's are really starting break down there pretty quickly. drive times they're on the light stack up just a bit southbound 2519 minutes between downtown and the denver tech center. 9 patties of meat, cheese, how fast could you eat all that? real fast. coming up on channel 20 the burger challenge that will either have your stomach growling or hurting. >> just add some bacon to it and it will be perfect. >> there you go. >> all right. that's it for us this morning if you're staying
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20. we'll see you then. good morning.>> state of emergency. florida braces for the worst with tropical storm hermine expected to become a hurricane as it bears down on the gulf coast. evacuations now under way there and then it's set to slam nearly the entire eastern seaboard. we're tracking it all live. who's telling the truth? donald trump meets with the president of mexico and then says this about that wall he wants to build. >> we didn't discuss payment of the wall. >> but the mexican president says it not only came up, you told trump mexico isn't paying for any wall. back in the states, trump is back to his biggest applause line. >> mexico will pay for the wall.


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