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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm MDT

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hope. >> at the denver post today o'connor's co-workers are remembering a respected and skilled reporter. she joined the post in 2004 and was known for her sensitive approach in covering difficult stories. friends and colleagues remembered her with flowers and cards. the post business editor said the team is just in shock, but they do hope o'connor was in peace in her final minutes. police say it will be up to the d.a. will face hit and run charges in the case. they are not investigating him for that because he called police and stopped a few blocks from that crash. denver police say a suspect was killed trying to steal a gun from an officer during a struggle. officers were called to a home east of federal yesterday afternoon. a man inside the home had several warrants, a stolen car he was associated with parked out front. officers were let into the house, but the suspect identified as 20-year-old
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he did not get far because officers were also outside of the home. the suspect took off running trying to get into the stolen car, but officers had him blocked in with their vehicles. at that point he tried to steal an officer's car. when that didn't work, he took off running again and was tackled by an officer which led to a struggle. >> the struggle then became very aggressive on the suspect's part when he grabbed one of the officer's guns and tried to remove it from the holster. they aggressively struggled with this suspect who was trying very hard to remove the at that point our witness statements and our evidence are suggesting that the gun was discharged during the struggle. >> another officer then shot the suspect. police say the officer who shot him has been with the department for more than 10 years and is on routine administrative leave. two officers were hurt in the struggle and treated and released from the hospital. the aurora theater shooting victims have been offered an ultimatum, no court costs if they drop an appeal of the
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named in allot to pay court costs that resulted from -- a lawsuit to pay court costs that resulted in a failed civil suit against the company that totaled close to $700,000. now cinemark is offering to settle with the plaintiffs if they drop their appeals. the judge issued an order yesterday saying the parties must come to an agreement in the next 14 days. no storms across the metro area this afternoon is but might not last long. meteorologist danielle grant is in the 9news backyard. danielle, might see more rain >> yeah, absolutely, jonathan. there's always something cooking out there. we will be watching for scattered showers and thunderstorms around the metro area tomorrow. this evening it's beautiful as we're welcoming in the first day of september. a few clouds sitting over downtown denver, a far cry from what a lot of folks woke up to. man, we were stuck in thick fog through early morning and midmorning and finally it's pushing off. we're seeing blue skies, but those storms creeping into southwestern colorado tapping
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toward florida as we're watching hurricane hermine. right now it's a cat 1 still anticipated to make landfall in northern florida throughout the next couple hours as it inches closer and actually gains some strength. we have a tornado watch in place as that will be one factor we're watching. storm surge as well as very high wind gusts and, of course, the obvious the flooding rains with the flash flood watch in place for the carolinas as well. back here in colorado we're just winds bringing back in a few more showers and thunderstorms, few and far between mainly staying out across the western slope, the mountains and some foothill locales picking up on a couple light little showers, but really i think that's it. we're finally starting to dry out here. in eastern colorado futurecast indicates maybe one or two little storms by 7:00 over boulder and broomfield. if anything, i think you guys
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winds. 86 now in denver, greeley, low 80s in sterling and southeastern colorado 70s, 80s, 60s in leadville, close to 90 in grand junction. coming up we'll look at the september outlook as far as precipitation and temperature- wise. we'll be above average or below average or right smack dab in the middle. we'll keep a close eye on the tropics in the eastern pacific, the atlantic, how much rainfall we're anticipating from hermine and i'll let you know if the thunderstorms are going to stick around for the weekend or if we'll get some sunshine around here for labor day weekend. >> we can't complain all things considered, looks like we can do a lot of things this weekend at least. >> it looks really nice leading up through monday. >> thank you. not so for folks in florida because florida is on track to have its first hurricane to make landfall in 11 years. hermine is expected to arrive tonight, early tomorrow.
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says the storm has strengthened to a hurricane with maximum sustained winds increasing to nearly 75 miles per hour. 51 florida counties are under a state of emergency. the florida highway patrol has closed the sunshine skyway bridge on the gulf coasts because of high winds. the bridge spans tampa bay between st. petersburg and manatee county. >> reporter: with rough surf, gray skies and empty beaches residents living along bracing for tropical storm hermine. it's forecasted to land as a category 1 hurricane overnight. >> get rid of debris, strap thing down, move things inside. >> reporter: rex and cindy whiteman are ignoring the mandatory evacuation order for apalachicola, their town in the big band at the center of the storm's cone. >> it's going to be 70-mile an hour winds. we've done everything we can to prepare. >> reporter: floridians in 51 counties in a state of
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backs to keep water out, but in some parts of the tampa bay area it wasn't enough. pictures from the airshow just some of the flooding. >> this storm, hurricane, is life threatening. >> reporter: today florida governor rick scott closed all state offices to give people more time to prepare. his message echos that of forecasters warning of potential dangers, high winds, downed trees and power lines to name a few. >> the danger of life threatening storm surge, this already dealing with a mess to clean up, others are bearing down prepared for what's to come. >> anyone choosing to ignore the mandatory evacuation orders will not get help if they call 911. local officials don't want to endanger lives of first responders. so they won't get help if they stay. there are new concerns about the zika virus with that storm moving in. authorities in florida say they found the virus in trapped mosquitoes. it is the first time this
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mosquitoes from miami beach tested positive. the state agricultural commissioner calls the development disappointing but not surprising. there are 47 confirmed zika infections in miami-dade county that are not travel related. the florida department of agriculture and consumer services says 90s 5 more trapped mosquitoes have tested negative since those three were found. florida's governor says with the storms expected over the next few days it's important to remember that the fight against zika cannot stop. >> we want to continue th to zika, we've got to be very diligent as soon as this storm's over and we can safely get rid of standing water. >> the first human cases of the virus in florida surfaced earlier last month in an area known as wynwood just north of miami, a popular destination for locals and tourists coming from latin american countries where the virus has already spread. the bulk of more than 2,200 cases of the virus in the u.s.
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a satellite that facebook was hoping to use to get the internet to remote parts of africa was destroyed today in an explosion at cape canaveral. spacex says it was conducting a test firing of the unmanned falcon rocket when the explosion happened. the test was one of the initial steps before a launch this saturday. it was ninth launch of the year. no one was hurt as bad as this looks. about $100 million of equipment, though, was destroyed. >> wow. we do want to get to some breaking news now. sky9 is over the scene trying to get video of -- there it is, sky9 over the scene of a dry cleaner's where apparently a black ford suv crashed into the building, unclear what time this happened and if anyone was injured, if anyone was inside,
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>> doesn't look like we see any yet. this may have just happened. just yesterday we saw this where a vehicle crashed through a daycare center in aurora and miraculously no one hurt. it was such an enormous relief and the cribs were right by there. so we really don't know any details. it was hard to wonder what in the world happened here. sometimes there's a confusion of pedals, some problems with the brakes or someone was >> this was at 9200 east hampden, a car into a dry cleaner's. there appears to be someone inside the building, but again we don't have much information. we don't know if anyone was inside, not unusual sky9 may have gotten there before any emergency personnel, but we'll follow this and get you more information. here we have some people now exiting the building. >> that's encouraging. >> appear to be fine, unclear if anyone else was hurt in
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>> yes. it looks like that is an officer. >> yes, it does. >> there doesn't seem to be an emergency response as in ambulances and things like, that but we'll wait and see and determine if there are any injuries, but obviously significant damage to this dry cleaner's. >> we'll continue to follow this and get you as much information as we can. hail is causing problems for one farm in southern colorado. for the first time in decades there will be no pumpkins this the farm usually gives their pumpkins to school children, anywhere from 6 to 10,000 kids pick them up each year. they're also the namesake ingredient in their pumpkin ale. the brewery hopes to brew the pumpkin beer while staying true to its purpose of supporting that local farm. all beer proceeds always go back to the farm. >> beer just like the pumpkins, they're both kind of a vehicle
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them about sustainable agriculture. >> the farm is still encouraging teachers to bring students to come learn about the farm. they're also planning a community day along with the annual pumpkin run october 8th. u.s. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor is in colorado for a two day visit talking about her life story. she was in colorado springs at a judicial conference this morning. she addressed students and faculty at me tomorrow they'll be at colorado law school. sotomayor is the first hispanic and third woman to serve on the supreme court. she was nominated to the supreme court in 2009 by president obama. mother theresa was known for her kindness, humility and devotion to the poor, called a living saint before she died in 1997. 19 years later the catholic title will make that title official. here's 9news reporter victoria sanchez.
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>> reporter: coloradans might remember mother teresa's two ?? visits to denver in the late 1980s, but those memories don't come close to this woman's. >> i got to meet her, see her, talk to her, get a blessing from her and i got to get a big hug from her. >> reporter: the 85-year-old devoted catholic lights up a room with her smile when she talks about the soon to be assault who passed away 19 years ago -- soon to be saint who passed away 19 she thought the small woman with the giant heart should have been canonized years ago, still the process to name mother teresa saint theresa of calcutta was a speedy one. >> a canonization process can take 50 to 100 years or even more. >> reporter: a request for canonization, the church's acceptance for the process to start, the person's life studied in depth, beautification, then canonization both with miracles
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are the steps. >> he loves each one of us. >> reporter: mother teresa was known as a humble woman with tremendous love of the poor who people didn't just read about, but witnessed acts of kindness. >> we've seen her, we know her and now recognize her as a saint. >> reporter: in 1989onofrio and her sister were given the task of preparing the prayer room for mother teresa during her denver trip. an altar was set up in a small arena. >> we were waiting for her and she came up and she introduced herself. she gave my sister and i a blessing and then she gave us each a big hug. i can almost now feel it. >> reporter: her rug never made it back to the living room
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closet nearly three decades. >> when i thought about the canonization, oh, my gosh, i have the rug. >> reporter: onofrio donated the rug to her church st. rose of lima so more people can see it and touch it. >> it was the biggest honor and experience that i'll never forget. >> there are a number of events around denver in honor of mother teresa becoming a saint. sunday at st. joseph church there will be 5:00. on our website there is a list of events with the story on you might be able to consider a trip to the moon for your next vacation. >> sure, why not? broncos fans are stoked. it's the last game of the
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stocks ended the day mixed to start the new month. the dow edged up 18 points, the s&p down a fraction, nasdaq rising 14. the army is spending millions of dollars to destroy mustard agent in colorado. mustard agent is a chemical gas that causes large blisters on the skin and lungs.
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billion plant to destroy the nation's largest remaining stockpile of mustard agent. this is happening at the pueblo chemical depot in southern colorado. the work is expected to start next week. it's an effort to stay in compliance with the international treaty that bans chemical weapons. the army says about 780,000 chemical filled artillery shells have to be destroyed. the plant can destroy an average of 500 shells a day. the project will be mid-2020. wal-mart is cutting thousands of jobs across the country. the big box giant is eliminating 7,000 jobs the next few months. the cuts will mostly affect employees in accounting and invoicing positions at about 500 locations across the country. the company is trying to increase the number of employees on the sales floor and invest in better employee training. wal-mart has been increasing wages for workers, workers who complete a minimum six month training program being boosted
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the company employs roughly 1.5 million in the u.s. we have no idea where the cuts are going to happen. they suspect in the accounting and invoicing areas. it could be a dream come true for some people. you still have a few more hours to be part of the denver art museum's latest exhibit star wars and the power of the costume. denver art museum is hiring for a variety of positions during the run of the exhibit ranging from keeping artwork and people safe to helping tickets and selling star wars merchandise. apply on the application closes midnight tonight. if you are a star wars fan, go do it. the exhibit opens november 13th. >> the fans would make the best people to do that. they're obsessed and know every little detail and quill learn a lot more. -- and will learn a lot more. maybe if star wars isn't your thing, but you're still interested in travel and travel to the moon -- >> it sounds fun and far.
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development of private space travel. >> reporter: in the middle of nowhere, new mexico, is a $220 million bet that the commercial space age will be profitable. >> this place is space port, america, new mexico, planet earth and our zip code is 876543210. >> reporter: space port, america is a vast 27 square mile state taxpayer hundred dollared facility which has operated -- funded facility and had two dozen launches but is still waiting for its biggest customers to take off. this is where virgin galactic wants to launch space tours, something he thought would happen in 2009, but it hasn't and a fatal crash in 2014 pushed everything back. spacex has also moved in, but its launch pad is quiet here. >> virgin has not done a launch, nor has spacex.
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point yet. we have done 28 vertical launches so far. >> reporter: yet in the last year there has been remarkable positive momentum. elon musk's spacex has experienced a stunning record of successes especially in recovering boosters which the company considers key to bringing down the cost of space. jeff bezos' blue origin has had similar success in a series of tests in texas. musk, bezos deep pockets are patient and well funded. for the space port sprouting up training hoping to provide the necessary infrastructure, patience will also be required. >> that would be required. >> of course, patience. you got to prep for that one, a little bit of packing. the space port is currently operating at a deficit and is hoping to be cash flow positive in a couple of years. families working through a concussion lawsuit with the nfl
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is also one that is usually
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we are having a supplement 9 line today. volunteers are here from the cu school of pharmacy to answer your questions. they can talk about different supplements, what's safe, what you're taking, what you should probably talk to your doctor about. the number to call be -- 303- 698-0999. to be busy. supplements are a big deal. several retired nfl players will have to wait longer for payouts in concussion cases. a last minute appeal pushed the settlement to the supreme court. an appeal of cookie gilcrest filed with the family involves cte. the appeal means the $1 billion class action settlement deal
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20,000 former players will go much slower. as the seasons change and students head back to school, people are getting an unusual sickness spreading at cu boulder, hand, foot and mouth disease. the school posted on its website several cases have been diagnosed in the last week. the viral illness causes painful sores and rashes. it's common in more younger children but can be contracted by adults. september is ovarian cancer awareness month. the best defense is to recognize the symptoms, track about them. the cancer is serious and often found in advanced stages. 22,000 women are diagnosed every year. 14,000 of them die. medical reporter dr. john torres says it's really important to be aware of these symptoms because they're often fairly vague. >> ovarian cancer is one of those things that's fairly serious because it's one of those diseases we don't catch until it's late, advanced and at a stage where it's spread throughout the body and is very hard to treat. the a man symptom that women
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abdomen. so if you start getting belly bloating and it feels like you bloat and doesn't want to go away, that's when you need to talk to your doctor about it and say is there something we need to check? we need to make sure this isn't happening. >> so a little reminder, a lot of us are wearing teal today. technically tomorrow is wear teal day, if yocan remember that. teal is the color that they symbolize with ovarian cancer. so to increase awar wear your teal when you can tomorrow or just talk to somebody about it in the month of september. >> absolutely. if you are making plans for the long weekend, probably try to get in some time outside. >> danielle is back next and she's got a great teal dress
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hey, we made it. >> yeah. we just wanted to get your attention, get everyone to focus on the weather, the most important thing. why not? >> yeah. >> it's important right now because -- >> you know what else is important today? we're still like weeks away from fall officially, but not unless you walk into a starbucks. >> no. >> pumpkin spiced lattes are back. >> it's that time.
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pumpkin candles, pumpkin things in september. the pumpkins are growing. this is good weather for pumpkin growing i would think. they need a little sunshine near the end when they really get big, right, danielle? >> absolutely, 100%. we'll be picking pumpkins in a hot second. how did this happen? how is this already september 1st? here we are welcoming in this new month with certainly some fog early this morning, some sunshine and blue skies this afternoon, but what about the rest of the month? the climate prediction center comes out and lets us know kind of what they're thing. so far for the western side of the country above average temperatures. that does include parts of western colorado and also across parts of the southeast and the gulf coast. now precipitationwise going to be below average for the pacific northwest and the gulf coast states yet again. for us pretty much equal chances for seeing above or below average rain and maybe a
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coming and going, a little blue sky, but still the dark daunting skies ahead and some blue skies in boulder and the flatirons looking fantastic, a great afternoon to go up, do some quick hiking before our seasons change in a heartbeat and we'll be watching snowfall piling up. 86 this afternoon at the airport, same in greeley, upper 70s in ray, 67 in leadville, close to 90 in grand junction. out at dia 86, sunshine, winds southeast about 15 miles per the evening and overnight. here in the 9news backyard feels good especially from the air conditioning from the newsroom outside, it's pleasant. we're now at around 85 degrees, a very warm afternoon, the temperatures only continuing to tick up. on hd doppler 9 we are monitoring a couple showers and thunderstorms, most of those in southwestern colorado toward lake city, telluride a couple light showers, a few isolated thundershowers also across parts of the sangre de cristos
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darker clouds and gusty winds, but you can see a line of showers forming along the continental divide. i think it will be too dry for those storms to really hold together on the plains. about 58 tonight, partly cloudy. we'll watch for a little fog overnight into tomorrow morning. so temperature-wise overnight mid- to upper 50s, 40s in winter park and leadville and it should be a mild one out west. this rest of this evening the showers and thunderstorms stay to the midnight tonight, showers off and on and once again we'll watch them push in from the southwest, another round of the monsoon flow and in time around by tomorrow afternoon we could find one or two moving into the metro area. of course, the rocky mountain showdown going on tomorrow. so we'll keep a close eye on these thunderstorms and exactly where they'll form. just keep in find we have a good chance in town to -- mind we have a good chance in town to see some of those. by 10:00 thing start to fizzle
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we've been watching the showers and thunderstorms out to the west. the entire eastern seaboard is focusing in on hurricane hermine. now it looks like it will be taking this track through the northern section of florida through the carolinas. now it's a cat 1. we'll see if it intensifies a little bit more. it's interacting with this cold front that's swooping in. we'll watch a lot of different weather elements coming together. we'll see how it responds and reacts and then as it pushes off onto the sea into better idea of exactly the track it will take, whether it will reintensify once it hits those warmer waters. this was a shot taken earlier this morning from nasa, spectacular as far as the structure goes. this was snapped when it was a tropical storm, now a cat 1 out there. this is kind of the nuts and bolts we'll look at. within the next several hours i anticipate that eye to push onshore into the big bend area
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be a problem, high surf. it spreads into the carolinas tomorrow and saturday where they also will deal with very heavy rainfall and we could potentially have some impacts on the mid-atlantic into the northeast. you can see it's kind of taking this northeasterly turn, but as it drops down to an area of low pressure we still might have some interaction in the new york, boston area as we head toward labor day. it should be interesting. if you have friends, family across the eastern seaboard, it will be a very soggy labor day weekend. maybe you're heading to the west, all the way out to the hawaiian island, madeline just a tropical storm now steered south of the big island. now all eyes on hurricane lester, amid to drop down to a cat 1 and basically just graze to the north of the hawaiian islands. we hope that it stays that way and hope all those vacationers don't have to deal with any of the crazy weather these hurricanes are providing.
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will be really nice in comparison. we will watch for those showers and thunderstorms pushing in by about 3:00, 4:00. everyone is getting down to mile high. we'll see exactly where mother nature sets up these showers and the thunderstorms. we stay in the 80s for the eastern plains, seasonal for this time of year. the mountains will be cooler, 60s for a lot of folks, aspen, frisco, grand lake and hope 80s to the west of perhaps a little early morning fog again comes out and helps pump up our temperatures to the 80s for a lot of folks around the area. then we'll watch that monsoon flow again bring in a few scattered showers and thunderstorm. at kickoff for the rocky mountain showdown we might have one or two, but temperatures look extremely comfortable. more isolated storms on saturday. we are watching for very toasty
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looks fantastic, warm and dry and that's going to be the tone that we set for that first full week of september. this is kind of the september we all know and love, kind of the quieter weather. the monsoon has kind of quit for us. so we'll see if this holds true in that ex -- extended forecast, guys, a lot to look forward to. >> it is consistent. they always say if you have to pick a outside or be reliable, pick september. >> and heading up to the high country the next couple weeks checking out the leaves changing like that. >> my favorite time of the year. >> it's spectacular and then sometime it snows in september, -- sometimes it snows in 70 but let's not go there. people on the french island of reunion got to see a partial solar eclipse today as the moon moved between the sun and the earth.
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a ring of fire because unlike a norm -- normal eclipse you get that awesome glow of sunlight. the eclipse lasts only three minutes every 18 months or, so but beautiful sight nevertheless. it's an unintended consequence of trying to control the spread of zika, the repellant used in south carolina is also wiping out honeybees. >> local offici about scheduled mosquito sprays until entire bee colonies started dying out. farmers say more than 2 million bees have been killed off. scientists are going to collect honey samples and soil samples to see if the insecticide is actually to blame. >> 46 hives of bees, i did have, now i have boxes. >> that same day they sprayed we sent our kids out in the backyard to play. >> so families also have expressed concerns about spraying during certain times
4:39 pm
close and can ingest the fumes. consumer reports recommends using bug sprays that don't exceed 30% concentration of deet and the other chemicals that are used as the active ingredients in bug sprays. some birthdays obviously bigger than others, no question, especially after you're 100 and anything of that pretty cool. >> 105, kind of a big deal.
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bear with us, we do have some bugs. we're working on them. there is a new exhibit going on at the national september 11th memorial museum that features artwork in response to the terrorist attacks called rendering the unthinkable, artists respond to 9/11. there's a bronze sculpture on display called the tumbling
4:43 pm
acrylic paint. it officially opens september 12th. this weekend amc theaters nationwide are bringing several of gene wilder's most beloved films back to the big screen. willy wonka and the chocolate factory and blazing saddles will be shown saturday and sunday night for 5 bucks per showing. gene wilder died sunday from complication earlier this year purple rain came back to the they'res after prince's death and many of those showings sold out quickly. why not take the family and expose the films to a new generation. >> and see the films on the big screen. a lot can happen in a year, even a day, over 100 years and history is constantly made. >> a woman in carbondale is seeing a whole lot of it. she's turning 105 today.
4:44 pm
her great, great niece says vera just loves to be around her family and friends and when she was younger, she loved herding cattle on her ranch. that's a good life. >> yes, it is. there she is. >> she also tells us when vera is with her family, she has always been there for him even when they faced tragedy. she's always had words that really resonated with her friend and entire family. >> vera said if you'll be my everybody should try to get along. there's a lot of sadness and life is very, very short. that is a beautiful mentality to have. >> to support people in the best of times and worst of times. happy birthday, vera! >> happy birthday! joined now by slacker and steve, you you doing, guys? >> hello. >> yeah, guys. >> we're pretty sure neither of us will live to maybe even half that long. we're tackling a huge issue today and i know you guys can
4:45 pm
there's a national like facebook post going around of a woman whose mother-in-law has bought a white dress to wear to their wedding and steve has had a friend where somebody showed up at the wedding. >> blatantly the brightest white you could possibly find. she did it on purpose. this mother in law, is this a white dress? >> as pure as the driven what? >> so, kim, would you have been upset if somebody else showed up at your wedding wearing white? >> i don't know. you don't even look. come on, you're really busy. >> true. >> however, this is a family thing and i'm with you on this. this is like not setting up for a good beginning. >> fulfilling the stereotype of
4:46 pm
>> we both have white dresses we're going to throw on later. >> yup. >> we got to go try those on. >> awesome. >> i hope they're really sculpted and look good on you. thanks, guys. look at him. he's ready, yeah, nice white dress, screaming white, why not? if you put a little orange with it, you're perfect now because it's broncos last preseason game. i'm just thinking. then we're getting ready for the carolina panthers, of season game, but we have one more preseason game left. the broncos are taking on the cardinals in phoenix. we're back live from university
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right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry, ends monday! know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. what about the rest of the team? there are still questions about okay. we've locked up the biggest part. we have a starting quarterback. what about the rest of the
4:50 pm
the roster as the broncos head into their final preseason game in arizona. >> some running backs and other things and the backup quarterbacks. 9news sports anchor rod mackey 9news broncos insider mike klis are in the coolest place we know, in arizona, right? >> reporter: this air conditioning feels so nice. >> reporter: it does. >> reporter: mike talked me into running outside today. it was 145 degrees. >> reporter: i had to pull up. >> reporter: it was a little toasty so much tonight. >> reporter: no. >> reporter: what matters is guys playing for job because 22 of them will be out of work after tonight. what other reasons can you give us to be excited about the fourth preseason game? >> reporter: yeah. paxton lynch will play every snap. this fourth preseason game used to be brock osweiler's game. he's the all time career leader i think in broncos preseason game no. 4. so last year i think you had 11, 12, 15 guys that were in
4:51 pm
game no. 4, wound up helping this team win the super bowl. so there is going to be a lot of players that you're going to see during the season, maybe in backup roles to start, but during the season that will contribute to the broncos. so this is a big game for them, big game for paxton because he actually gets the rhythm of an entire game. >> reporter: he said how excited he is to not be coming off the bench but to start this thing. >> reporter: first career start. >> reporter: we know he'll be starter so now you get a glimpse into the broncos future tonight, see what this kid looks like. will ronnie hillman, kapri bibbs be part of the broncos future? a lot of scenarios with the broncos running backs. >> reporter: there sure are. i can see a scenario where they keep four tailbacks and one fullback, maybe both kapri bibbs and ronnie hillman when would mean juwan is out. then you keep juwan and it's a
4:52 pm
bibbs. so you -- hillman and bibbs. so you do have a lot of different ways it could go. i think tonight's game will decide the final one, if not two spots on that unking back position. >> reporter: gary -- running back position. >> reporter: it's tough, 46 to 53 there's a lot of positions that could change. there's a couple guys that are in. some guys think they're in and may not be in. >> reporter: spots that don't dress on game day. jordan taylor i think is battling for a spot. >> reporter: he'll be battling tonight. >> reporter: on the defensive side a big battle between henry melton the veteran and kick peckhold. i think those two are competing head -- and kent peckhold. i think those two are competing
4:53 pm
someone because of a suspension who ordinarily wouldn't make the 53 man roster because cale's job is available. >> reporter: the game is on 720, kickoff at 7:30. >> reporter: brock osweiler in houston and now paxton lynch takes over your fourth preseason game. >> people are excited to see them. we're glad you the pool. we know it was a good pool day until you got inside. >> reporter: they didn't buy our running story. >> reporter: you got a good tan. it is tomorrow colorado versus colorado state, rocky mountain showdown. >> it is also college colors day. so we want to see your cu and csu spirit. starting tomorrow morning send us your best photos showing off your pride for the buffs, the
4:54 pm
use the #beon9 to be featured in our coverage tomorrow morning and afternoon leading up to the game. >> so i should wear green? >> no. you might want to balance. i'll be wearing my black and gold. if you want good balance, wear some green. >> 9news at 4:00 will be at the rocky mountain showdown. we'll look at the impact both schools have in our state. it will be fun. >> very proud of both institutions. they're fabulous.
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welcome back, everyone. petline 9 time and i have just a sweetheart with me of please meet dino. he is 1 year old. he is an adorable chihuahua and he has not met a lap that he has not enjoyed. he is the perfect lap dog and he just adores everyone that he meet. being just 1 year old he hasn't been taught a ton. so he's totally willing to learn and for a treat, that
4:58 pm
dino would do great in a home with children. he loves to go outside maybe phenomenon are so walks and play time and i -- for some walks and play time and i am told he is a fantastic traveler. he can't wait to find his forever family hoping maybe they'll be able to teach him a few tricks. you can find him at the denver animal shelter. he is such a little sweetheart, almost 7 pounds of him. yes, you are, sir is a stray on the streets, denver animal shelter picked him up and now he's searching for that home that will make him part of the family and take him in and teach him a few things. he is such a great little dog, kind of mild mannered and sniffing around in the backyard and oh, yeah, give me a treat like any dog would do, dino
4:59 pm
up today, guys. >> wearing the teal color. >> perfect, what a beautiful dog, deserves a good home. >> danielle and dino. >> don't get her started. >> no. she's got walter. that's going to do it for us. 9news at 5:00 is next. next at 5:00 storms on the east coast over labor day weekend. >> also ahead co-workers at the denver post mourn the loss of a reporter hit and killed by a car as she crossed the street. >> how the efforts to prevent the spread of zika may have inadvertently killed millions of honey bees next on 9news. >> this is 9news. an apparent explosion at a home in grand county seriously
5:00 pm
office says the people who lived at the home on fur drive in winter park did report a gas leak. a short time later there was an explosion. we're told one person has critical injuries. they have been blown to university of colorado hospital in aurora. a spokesperson for xcel energy says it appears the explosion happened inside the house. we're also trying to learn more about a possible injury and extent of damage at the scene of a crash in southeast denver this afternoon. from sky9 we could see an suv business not far from hampden and yosemite. when we find out how this happened and if anyone was hurt, we will pass that information along to you. hurricane hermine is expected to hit florida's gulf coast tonight or early tomorrow. the governor there is warning people who live in the areas along the coast this could be a life threatening storm. it will be the first hurricane to hit florida in almost 11 years. most of the state is under a state of emergency and tropical


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