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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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--adlib headline-- --adlib headline-- good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- should people be packing their gold and black or green and white rain jackets tonight?
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lost his life much too soon- while in a bike lane with friends in denver in july. now- the community is finding a special way to remember him. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is live at yale and
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from police officer
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murderer. the former rocky ford police officer convicted of shooting a man in the back wants a re-trial or acquittal. ashby was found guilty of second degree murder for the shooting in 2014. james ashby's lawyers filed motions yesterday- saying there wasn't enough evidence to convict him. they also say there were court errors and juror misconduct during
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the victims of the aurora theater shooting have two options: pay nearly 700 thousand dollars or don't appeal. some of the shooting survivors and the victims' families tried suing the theater... saying it should have done more to prevent the shooting... a judge sided with the theater. because of the court loss- the victims were asked to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in trial costs. thursday- cinemark said it wouldn't make them pay if they agree not to appeal and keep the court battle going. college football- is on the biggest stage in denver this weekend... it's the rocky mountain showdown... the battle between colorado state and c-u boulder for a whole year of bragging rights. kickoff is tonight at 6- but there's a lot to know before that. 9news reporter vida urbonas is live at mile high stadium this morning- with some tips before the game. we found some interesting history
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in boulder. it is named after legendary university of colorado coach frederick folsom. it opened for the 19-24 season and has been the football team's home field ever since. the stadium was dedicated on october 11, 19-24, as colorado defeated regis college, 39-0. and now there are
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ones at colorado state are just some of what we'll talking about this afternoon on 9news at four p-m. there are still tickets available for tonight. you can get them from cu or csu. there are also tickets available on stub hub. they start around $55-dollars. last year, tickets sales were at a four-year high. football isn't the only thing going on downtown this labor day weekend. the taste of colorado starts today at civic it lasts all weekend- and includes musical performances from acts like boyz two men and blues traveler. organizers say getting all the vendors and
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denver police will handle security- while extra crews will be ready to help with cleanup. it's free to get into the park- but things like food and activities require paid tickets. expect to see a lot of people around there- including our own belen deleon there tomorrow. there are a lot of lo get around this weekend... amelia is here with some tips to avoid some of the travel problems you might encounter.
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started their last preseason game the same way they want to start their first regular season game: strong. unfortunately- the game didn't end that way. they lost to the arizona cardinals last night 38 to 17. but there were a few rays of "sunshine" in the game. jordan "sunshine"
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touchdown passes ... including this one where he shakes off a cardinals defender--and galloped into the end zone. every drop of blood donatd in the u-s needs a new test. every drop of blood donatd in the u-s needs a new test. why the f-d-a is concerned about what could be
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in need. and- exploding phones. the carrier calling back all of one product because of a major charging
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assaulted an unconscious woman is scheduled to be released from prison today brock turner's case brought a lot of attention... with many who thought his sentence was too lenient. turner is being let out early on good behavior. turner was also sentenced to three years' probation and has to register as a sex offender the rest of his life. he will be required to attend drug and alcohol counseling in addition to being randomly tested. the dallas police chief is retiring. there's no specific reason, but the decision comes just weeks after dallas police officers
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has led the department for more than six years... the longest run in recent history. earlier this year... police unions called for his resignation, after chief brown added new schedule changes, to fight a rising homicide rate. in his announcement... he mentioned more information will be released to the public next week. all donated blood in the u-s will now be tested for the zika virus. the fda made the decision.. so now preparations are underway. blood donor centers has about three months to make the changes... such as tweaking the questions asked to donors. computer changes have to be made as well... making sure the computers in the donation centers can recognize the new zika test. right now, florida is the only place with locally- transmitted cases. but there has also been an estimated 25-hundred other travel-related cases in the u-s. donald trump says- his critics just don't get it. how he seems to be backing off his immigration plan-
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check in with marty and amelia.
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immigration speech- it seemed he was holding fast to plans to deport
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he said quote "no one would be immune"... and quote "from day one, my first hour in office, those people are gone." and that there would be no path to amnesty. but now he's saying his critics misunderstood his speech... last night he told bill o'reilly he said he wants to get rid of the "bad players" like gang members and drug dealers. he said he would decide on everyone else- after strengthening the border security. in direct response to trump's immigration speech in phoenix... hillary clinton is ready to shell out push back in arizona. her campaign plans to spend triple digits to air a t-v ad starting today. they are targeting the growing latino population. arizona has voted for a republican in every presidential cycle since 19-48... except 19-96 while the state voted to re-elect bill clinton. recent polls in the state show trump
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of its galaxy note seven smartphones back- because their battery might explode. the south korean company is recalling the devices and stopping sales. some buyers reported their phones caught fire or exploded while charging- samsung has confirmed 35 cases. customers who already bought one can swap them out- no matter when they bought the phones.
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apple did not pay in europe. the european union recently decided apple needed to pay 14 and a half billion dollars in back taxes- plus interest. president obama plans to address the issue while at the g-20 summit in china tomorrow. but... don't expect much to come out of the meeting... they aren't expecting any major solutions because of the complexity of the business deals. hermine is swirling over florida right now... it made history today as the first hurricane to hit florida's west coast in a decade... now it's weakening as it countines to dump a lot of rain. we'll look at where the storm is
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in the same state as, like, i want to win, you know.
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mountain show at the high school high. we'll have all the details you need to know for tonight's big game. >> just pound the turf a little bit. getting around town this labor day weekend requires the brakes, planning, and patient. we -- patience. we'll help you navigate all of it. >> it can be busy downtown. hermine is flooding the area. we'll look at the storm that's moving up the east coast. >> it's finally friday. meteorologist marty coniglio has the forecast for you. >> we have a lot of periods of nice weather. today it gets stormy for lunchtime and beyond during the early afternoon. it's already raining in western colorado. we have clouds over us all night that's kept temperatures up a little bit. if you're sniffling or itching or sneezing more than normal,


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