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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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suspect that shot him was shot and killed on 470. no one else injured. we are expecting an update from douglas county sheriff tony spurlock at 6:15 and we will bring it to you. governor john hickenlooper doesn't think think donald trump is serious about deporting all of the illegal immigrants. >> it is hard to imagine. in many cases that we wouldn't have a voice. >> would you consider a lawsuit or something like that or would you like to explore that as an avenue if this was the path we went down in the country? you have a few. >> i think a, it is unlikely
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think i think it is unlikely he will try that. >> would you like to stop that. >> i would like to explore that. >> do you view donald trump as a threat? >> yes. i think donald trump is unstable and he changes his mind. he is impulsive and that is serious. >> different than you would have viewed mitt romney? >> completely different. >> i got this question on twitter and i know others are interested. and it is simple. where are the aurora theater shootings? >> i can't tell you. i can tell you that they are connecting in terms of the legal faces. they are making themselves available. we have convicts from other states that were perceived as
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where they were and states swap the people and we keep those locations and we don't advertise them. >> to be clear, you cast tell me because you don't know or you can't tell me because you're not at liberty to share. >> i am not at liberty to share. >> brandon's discussion with the governor morning on power at 8:45. >> raise the bar is an effort to change the state constitution. it is headed by republican who ran to oppose hickenlooper. greg berber. >> changes to the constitution are darn near permanent like a tattoo. they are hard to get rid of. really hard to get rid of and it takes time so if there is something that you decide to get out of the constitution
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get it taken care of. >> voters will decide in november whether to require that constitutional ballot issues be changed. and no just racking up signatures and would raise the requirement to pass a change from 50 to five percent five percent. >> mail in elections like in colorado are paper 66 days out. the boulder county sheriff's office tweeted a photo of 66,000 reames of paper. of 66,000 pounds was delivered. each one is getting a two-page ballot in november. this will be the longest mail in ballot in the last decade. what gets printed won't be finalized for ten more days and there is a turn around to print
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abandoned police cars parked on i-75. we got viewer questions about the cars parked on the side of the road. they are not police cars, they are uniformed traffic cars. off-duty officers get paid to man the detours and the uniform officers n during paving and construction projects and most of the time they are just visuals to get us to slow down. if you have a question email us at it is weird. seeing empty sidewalks outside sports castle on broadway. annual ski and snowboard sale was a big deal. people would count out trying to get a great deal and news crews were all over them like white on rice each year.
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weekend, the sidewalk outside is empty. sports authority of course is out of business. dick's sporting goods brought the name but didn't bring back the sale at least not this year. garth properties a venture of the garth family still owns that beautiful white building. the denver post was considering using the iconic building for retail and residences but we don't have anything definitive. a busy travel day today. so is the a line working today. plane? yes. great news for everyone. it would appear that we are getting feedback about last night's story on the university of colorado, colorado springs professor that told students if they don't believe in climate change they should leave the science course. my view is it should be debated
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you disagreed. >> woody says i love your program but disagree with your response to the story about students being asked to leave class on the effects of climate change if they don't agree. there is a time to have their say but this is not one of them. >> peggy says you have no idea for the professor to end up in demanding arguments. as a normally teacher in colorado i can't tell you how much time got wasted from students in their points of vi it was exhausting and steve, enjoy your show but kyle you got the climate change all wrong. the class focuses on the effects of climate change. not a forum to debate whether it is happening. >> we are big our feedback. everyone out there watching is just as likely to learn something from you as they are from us. keep it coming and email us or get our attention with a # hey next. and perhaps you have noticed we also will cover
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everywhere else like the chicken swap in denver. not sure why that is not bigger news. in case one or two of you are unfamiliar with the poultry. you can buy chickens or goats. it is meant for urban homesteaders. they happen once a month saturday at earth dog 4th and cal la met? why would one swap a chicken or rooster. >> roosters are illegal in denver and also if your chick is not laying eggs, usually they lay for around 4 to 6 years old and the chicks will stop producing as many eggs and you can trade them for younger ones. >> trade your chicks in for a
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this is a buyer beware market. there is no veterinarian staff present. may i make a recommendation. this is something that we point you towards something awesome. there is an article in the new york times in the technology section. the title, when i mistakingly put on an email change should i put on a reply asking to be removed. there's the body of the article. just one word, no. and under that york times internal email section contributed and if you click on no it takes you to an article from dan victor about the apocalypse. again, do not reply all to be removed from an email chain. you should never reply all. next, metro state holds anchor auditions for the award winning campus newscast and they never specified you have to be a student.
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studio. >> there we go.
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z23egz zvpz y23egy yvpy star trek debuted 50 years ago
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some photos were on nasa astronauts. it was an inspiration to nasa. there is a written history of the relationship between the tv show and the folks that really explore space. hi there. i'm meteorologist sabonis and congratulations, you are lucky a three day holiday for you and what a holiday in the colorado high country. beauticl horizon and some of the higher peaks and reports of snow. tracking severe weather on the eastern plains with temperatures that are quite comfortable for this time of year. and the thunderstorms are falling apart as they roll east off of the foothills until they gather strength on the eastern plains where there is a tornado warning in effect until 6:30 for washington county and that cell north of ray tracking east has a history of one to three
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wind. more thunderstorms for southeast colorado. a trend that will continue for tomorrow. and after tomorrow a warming and drying trend that will see highs in the 90s for the second half of your holiday. isolated storms and a low of 56, not a bad friday night. tomorrow sunshine, 20% chance of rain from storms that develop in denver after 3:00. and a warm weather trend that will get us in the 90s on sunday and close to 90s on monday and a beautiful forecast shaping up as we move the first full week of september. denver public schools bragged about its standardized scores and there is criticism of the district's claims but not this year. that is significant. our nelson garcia took a look. >> we will learn the word giant. reporter: in this classroom and classrooms across denver something is happened that has people like vance perplexed.
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district results. >> he runs a nonprofit citizen's group focused on improving schools and for years, the progress made in classrooms across denver has been in question. >> in the past we have been very critical of the district in terms of the rate of progress. >> the schools in the bottom 20% of the district are in the middle of the state average. >> go check this word. >> considering all of the challenges in denver, he says that's amazing. >> in th have made some great progress. in fact more progress than almost any other district than we have seen nationally or here in colorado. >> i like how his eyes are on me. >> jessica says the difference is in individual attention. >> we teach to every student where they are at. >> she says technology and team teaching is essential. >> we have to collaborate to
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are at. >> and they want to know more. >> we are interested in trying to understand the mechanisms, how it has happened. >> how quick change has happened in classrooms across denver. >> for next, i'm nelson garcia. the school that nelson visited parker elementary is the fastest growing school academically in all of denver. we return now to our lead story tonight. the douglas county sheriff deputy shot is in critical nd which deputies say a man in an rv led them top area near sierra elementary where the suspect was killed. sheriff tony spurlock is speaking. >> there was a situation where shots were fired and my deputy was shot and critically injured. a short time later the suspect was shot and killed by another officer just a short time later.
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now is that i ask the community two things. one that you pray for my officer and i'm going to share his name in a moment and the power of prayer is important and i think it can help him. he is in critical condition and we need to do whatever we can. also the city of parker is great in helping us in this investigation. the city of parker is pretty much a gridlock in traffic so there is -- you don't need to come down to this part of the city of parker. roads are very clogged and there is a lot of problems with folks trying to get the kids out of school and moving around on a friday night. thank you very much for that. the detective that was shot and injured is detective dan bright. he has been with our office for two-and-a-half years. he is married to one of our
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unit of the sheriff's office. they are together at the hospital. and her children, their children together are there with family members, other family members are on their way to the location but they have all been notified. so i do ask again that you have thoughts and prayers for detective bright and his family and we will continue on with the investigation. we ve investigations going on, two separate shootings. and with the assistance of the colorado state patrol, parker police department and the district attorney's office, we sure feel that we will come to the conclusion of that and the most important part for me right now is that detective bright comes out of this okay and we can get him home with his family. i'll answer just a couple questions.
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bright, the deputy that at last check was in critical condition and in surgery we believe at parker a ven tis hospital, the suspect, the suicidal man that shot detective bright this afternoon was shot and killed
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>> we do try to own up to our mistakes. last night there was a phrase jumping the shark and if brandon's report got a grade it would not be an "a." the origin of a term. brandon tweeted back i think i meant to say jumping the gun. ?thanks, i need more coffee. we need good news today and every day considering what is happening in the world so we are continuing the friday tradition asking folks around town what is your good news? photo journalist tom cole took the question to washington park. >> it is not snowing yet. >> football season started last night. great college game last night
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around the corner. >> i moved in to a new apartment that is great. i found a place that is really can be a challenge in denver. and i didn't have to -- hired movers this time which was the best decision i have made. >> graduating nursing and i will be a nurse soon so i don't know, that's good news. i that. we have been to union station. >> our family was just on a family vacation. >> we were on our family boat and going to lunch and he ended up dropping down on one knee with everyone there. and it was really fun. it was a total surprise. i had no idea but everybody else had a clue and it is funny that everybody could keep it a
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life and it is so fun. you never know what the moment will feel like until you are in it and we couldn't be more
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sharing feedback from the last 30 minutes. alex writes on twitter so disappointed how could you not cover the situation in parker.
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carried the conference live and we didn't spend the ten intervening minutes speculating but we will keep you updated as things are happening during the 6:00 hour. margo writes can wait until you find each day and informative and love the casual format. we appreciate your feedback and
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? the 2-year-old caught up in the cot star lose his daughter because of the drama?e of the d? we're with the jilted bachelor luke, did being a diva prompt producers to drop him and switch toic? ? >> i do have a bitter taste in my mouth. plus our flashback friday with beyonce turning 35. we have a big birthday planned. then, marilu henner, fan-girlg over derek hough in their first dance rehearsal. >> i'm a rabid fan. >> do they have an unfair
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laugh into tte holiday weekend. >> when i come out i'm like whoa kevin frazier came here. >> now for september 2nd, 2016 this is "entertainment tonight." hi, thanks so much for joining us, let's get to the latest hollywood news in tonight's top story. in you details on chris brown's arrest could it launch a new custody battle over his little girl? nischell turner has the story. >> you mentioned his daughter, royalty. we know there's an ongoing and her mother. could this, what's going on with chris, could this make him lose custody of his daughter? >> do we have concern over custody? of course. i've got concern when somebody fabricates a story and when somebody falsely accuses somebody, that you then, that he then has to become a target. >> brown's accuser, baylee curran, who sat down with "e.t." this week, stands by her story. she claims brown threatened her with a gun in his home. he hasn't been charged.


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