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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 3, 2016 2:15am-2:46am MDT

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the fbi was sharply critical. >> she was careless in her handling of highly classified information. >> reporter: when you can't find any ed of intent to do wrong, there's no way to go forward with the case. >> reporter: she's acknowledged using a private server was a mistake. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. as for donald trump, he was in washington reaching out to a group he really needs, african-ic very little support if at all. it was on the heels that some controversial comments that trump surrogates made regarding minorities. halle jackson has the details. >> reporter: in the city of brotherly love, donald trump finding some, surrounded by african-american supporters. afterwards, attendees, peppered by protesters. a similar reaction expected in detroit
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to a black church. carefully choreographed with presubmitted questions from the pastor, the "new york times" publishing a leaked memo of trump's scripted memos targeted to an african-american audience. >> we're going to make things so good, we're going to help with crime and improve the schools. >> we have always said we need some light savier to come us. >> reporter: it may be intended for another audience. >> sit may be to prove to college educated white voters that he is able to relate better than he has to the african-american community. >> reporter: as he tries to win over more minorities, including hispanics, trump's getting help from supporters mike marco gutierrez, defending trump's immigration plan. >> if you don't do
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trucks every corner. >> reporter: our recent nbc polling shows 14% support among latino, about half of what mitt romney received is in 2012, and trump now has just 1% of support. >> halle jackson in new york. the world's largest smart phone maker has announced a massive recall on millions of its top rated phones for a potentially very dangerous flaw. samsung says the batters explode and catch fire. it's already happened dozens of times. >> reporter: burning and melting. samsung issuing an unprecidented recall of millions of new galaxy note smart phones. >> i wanted to post this and share what happened to my note 7. >> reporter: in this youtube video, ariel
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charging. so far at least 35 devices have burned or exploded soon after charging. 2.5 million have been sold worldwide. the problem, the lithium ion battery. the company saying we conducted a thorough investigation and found a battery cell issue, samsung immediately halting sales in ten countries. the explosions are a string of lithium ion battery dangers. the recall is a the tech world has called the samsung note galaxy 7 one of the best phones out there. samsung's sales starting to turn around after two years. >> if it takes a while for those phones to come back on the market, people might just buy a different phone. and that's going to have an affect, especialliry with apple coming online with it's own phone next month.
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wireless carriers to replace them in the coming weeks. but the only way to avoid this problem is to stop using this phoning. still ahead tonight, the new outrageous after a judge orders the early release of a former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexual assault after many thought the original sentence was already too light. also, he did it again, refusing to
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there is new public outrage after a former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexual assault was freed from jail. brock turner was freed after only serving three months of a six-month sentence that drew wide criticism when the judge first imposed it. we get the very latest this evening. >> reporter: with a hard push of the jailhouse door, former stanford swimmer brock turner was met by a crush of cameras. he spent only 90 days in jail for sexual assault. nbc news was given exclusive access to evidence in turner's case file, turner shown in a torn shirt, after another student saw him on top of another student. a calm turner responding to questions from a detective, saying my intentions were not to
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without her consent, i was just trying to hook up with a girl. when pressing turner about the victim, the detective asked, if you saw her again, would you recognize her? turner response, probably not. turner faced up to 14 years in prison for felony sexual assault, but the judge sentenced turner to only six months in jail, which in california meant only three months for good behavior. today protesters took to the jailhouse steps after outrage over what they called a lenient sentence. the judge sayiing justice is -- in front of the county jail, an excon, just out of lockup offered this perspective. >> i stole a purse from a shop in the mall and i got more time than he did. >> reporter: turner returns to his home state of ohio where he will serve out three years of probation, his name is already on
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that many people think is not punishment enough. gadi schwartz, nbc news, san jose.
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we are back now with a pair of scary accidents caught on camera involving school kids in austin, texas. now in one incident, a truck hit a middle schooler who was in the crosswalk, and in the other, a teen was hit while crossing the street. both victi j busses. now neither victim was seriously injured, both drivers were cited and police released the videos as a back to school warning for drivers out there to pay attention. now to the controversy growing around san francisco 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick in his final preseason game he once again refused to stand for the national anthem in protest over racial injustice and police brutality.
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but as miguel almaguer reports, others are now following his lead. ? and the rockets' red glare ? >> reporter: as the national anthem filled the stadium, colin kaepernick took a knee and got an earful. but this time he was joined by teammate jeremy reed. kaepernick says he protesting racial injustice and police brutality. >> we have a lot of issues in this country that we need to deal with. we have a lot of people that are oppressed. >> reporter: in san diego, kaepernick's protests came on salute to the military night, a stadium filled with veterans and their families. >> honestly, in my opinion, i think kaepernick is a dfool.
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that his protest is aimed at rogue cops. after an open letter to the army times, capper nick and boyer were side by side in the games. >> the right to stand or to sit, as much as people may hate that, that is what that flag is supposed to represent. >> reporter: tonight kaepernick says he'll donate a million doar organizations. the presidential debate commission announced today the moderators for a series of debates leading up to the fwhov election and our own lester holt is going to moderate the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. two additional presidential debates will be moderated by abc's martha raddatz, cnn's anderson cooper.
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the day, how one man is making a difference with kindness,
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finally tonight, as we head into this last unofficial weekend of summer, we meet a man who's been making a big difference in the lives of kids in buffalo, new york. while it begins with a cool treat, it really is about kindness and appreciation. >> reporter: on a hot day, this is the sound of a cool treat. >> this one. thank you. >> reporter: james is pedalling around buffalo, charging just a dollar for anything you want. and for kids in neighborhoods where there's not much pocket change to spare, james gives the ice cream away for free. >> what's up guys? i really remember not having a dollar sometimes, it's not a good feeling. >> can i get the watermelon bomb pop? >> yes. >> reporter: but it's not a good business plan.
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and we needed to find a solution. >> reporter: so james went online to raise donations, in just one month, he collected more than $34,000. >> we have had donations from all around the world. >> reporter: but the kids have to work too. >> what did you have to do to get the ice cream? >> i had to write a thank you card. >> so far more than 500 cards have been written and mailed to donors. >> a lot of other people like to come by the projects. he's a good guy. >> reporter: for james, it's not just about the bottom line. >> you can see it in their face that it really made their day. and by making their day, it makes my day. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: and that's the sweetest treat of all. rehema ellis, buffalo, new york. >> i'm thomas roberts
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have a safe holiday weekend.
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>> announcer: today on the meredith vieira show, we're talk why is a picture of jessica simpson's husband and mom have everyone talking and have you ever wondered how your doctor feels about you? the truth might shock you. and music legend rick springfield dishing about jesse's girl and a new song and it is all starting now on meredith. [applause]
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? feel real good. >> meredith: hey, everybody. we have a great show today, i am excited. my first guest is responsible for the top karoke song of all time. you have been somewhere listening to a drunken version of "jesse's girl". the man behind it is here. rick "what's hot now". [applause] >> megan: it is in my brain. >> meredith: careful we have to pay for it. >> megan: you get it. >> meredith: he's such a nice guy. i am sure you know him? >> lance: i do not. i would love to meet him. >> meredith: you will. he is fantastic.
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contact sports. and people are talking about what he and his parents did after the game. according to the school official its, the student was knocked unconscious in a playoff game. that meant he was required to sit out seven days to recover forcing him to miss the state championship game. and the lawyer court to let their son play in the title game. and the judge ruled in favor of the boy, and he was allowed to play. but ended up sitting on the bench. later the doctor said the parents were not totally not and she would not have approved had she known more. what about the parents arguing for the kid to play.
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and this is what happens. kids feel pressure from the parents, community and teammates to play in a championship game. they hype it up that this is the biggest opportunity. new mexico has a law that says you can't play for seven days. that is put in place to protect the children. my brother was a high school football coach and if one of his students suffer a mild in florida, new mexico and texas. >> meredith: protecting themselves. >> lilliana: the doctor said if she had known the facts, she would not have cleared him. >> meredith: the boy, said he did not suffer a concussion. >> yamaneika: what? >> meredith: he said he was never unconscious. >> megan: a child who wants to
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blame the parents maybe for putting pressure on him. >> meredith: we don't know that. >> megan: i applaud the school and they followed the guidelines and i applaud the trainer who is with him who said he had a concussion and the doctor was not with the team every day. >> lilliana: why would you put a child at risk? high school, college and proes. and people get into that? >> megan: that is sad. >> yamaneika: but people get competitive and involved and tell children like lilliana was saying this is your future. >> megan: but if you can't a, think for yourself and be a vegetable and c, not able. >> meredith: the schools are scared of lawsuits and the
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it, they will defy it. >> lance: it is in this case. >> lilliana: this is your son. you are the the one that pushed him to be in the game. you could never live with yourself. >> lance: the doctor cleared him and he's cleared to play. >> meredith: the team ended up winning. moving on. [applause] >> meredith: i mean, he went to the game and sat on the bench. clap if you a using cell phones in restaurants. are are you sick of it? i am sick, too. except for an emergency. i know you are going to argue with me. the owner of a japanese restaurant in the united kingdom banned the phones, he rants and embarrasses customers if they volunteer the phone rules. no sushi for you.
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>> megan: i have my phone here. it is today's book. i like to look through the book. and like a kindle. >> lance: i love this and when someone puts the rules in place. >> megan: you are not pulling out the phonement>> lance: i would respect the foreign restaurant. some restaurants are paying their employees more so you don't tip. it is better for the customer. >> lilliana: it is better for the person if you are not downing by yourself. it is frustrating when someone is having dinner with me and checking their phone. >> megan: you are telling me none of you ever took your phone?
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to go to to a space. >> megan: we put the cell phones in the middle of the table. and everyone don't take the phone. >> lilliana: everyone is instagraming pictures of the phone. like they are a professional food photographer. well, lance is. i saw this one girl get stood on her chair to get an over the shot. like a drone shot of her food. and she took like 30 photos. the the food is not moving. what are you trying to capture? >> meredith: what is the point. >> yamaneika: it is like food porn. i am in to food porn and i want to see it laid out.
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anything. >> lance: i appreciate food. it is doing that. >> meredith: why not just eat it. they have to capture it? >> lilliana: you infringe on my quickness. no, i am eating a french fry screw your picture. >> meredith: there is a hot steamy debate in into cane, washington speaking about food topless drive through coffee shops. [applause] take a look at the video. which shows the bar baristas in action and customer reaction. >> i have to say i would be leery to move here if i knew it was here. >> we don't want to encourage more of this business.
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money doing these things. >> meredith: my son moved from into cane and he never once mentioned this it. you go to extreme. some places you wear a hair net and other places nothing. >> yamaneika: the woman. these are the top of women who don't want to see no breast. and why not the men? there is a reason. >> medi >> yamaneika: why is there a drive through coffee place, that is number one. first of all, if i need coffee in the morning, last thing i want to look at is this? i would not pay attention to breasts. i don't see myself let alone a girl with breasts if i need coffee.


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