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tv   9 News at 5PM  NBC  September 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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when the broncos open the season this thursday, you won't see mark sanchez on the field. today the team released the quarterback, a move many anticipated after trevor
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quarterback earlier this week. the cowboys will be taking him next. sanchez wasn't even the biggest fish let go today. today investigators in douglas county returned to the scene where a detective was shot yesterday afternoon. the sheriff's office identified 40-year-old randall rodick as a man who shot and critically injured a detective. the shooter was then killed by other officers. >> reporter: 2:30 p.m., the first calls come in. >> he's in the basement now, loading his ak-47. >> reporter: moments later deputies respond saying they're on their way.
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deputies say they spot the man, identified as 40-year-old randall rodick. dispatchers ask if they should lock down a nearby middle school. >> reporter: less than 10 minutes later, deputies say rodick fires a single shot. the deputies are warned to >> reporter: almost 20 minutes later, deputies say rodick gets into his rv and starts to leave
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>> reporter: less than two minutes later, rodick starts firing at deputies. detective dan bright is hit. >> reporter: now, immedly sheriff's office says rodick led police on a chase where he was shot and killed. to give you an idea of how small of an area we're talking about, take a look at this map. this is the home where dan bright is shot. that is the hospital. because of that short distance, bright was able to be transported immediately to the hospital where he was on an operating table mere minutes after being shot. that's time that was no doubt
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now detective bright is still listed in critical condition. >> nick, to listen to that police radio chatter is, it's har owing. any more information about the suspect? >> reporter: unfortunately there is not. he only has one misdemeanor we found. a hit-and-run suspect led denver police on a foot ch heavy police presence to the area. just before 9:00 this morning it happened near steele and 5th avenue. the arrest was arrested five blocks away. he was armed but no one was hurt. a 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook north central oklahoma earlier this morning and sent tremors through the region. so far, one person reported
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no other damage was reported. people in six surrounding states also reported feeling this quake. shortly after oklahoma regulators ordered a shutdown of wastewater wells. they cited links made by -- the long holiday weekend got off to a warm and sunny start. we could see a storm roll through in the metro area is meteorologist kathy sabine. >> one of the better days we've seen, especially this past week with the severe weather, the heavy rain coming off the foothills, flooding concerns. there is some weather to worry about, but it's all east of the metro area. here downtown beautiful. there are some clouds lingering off to the north and the west and they may produce a brief rumble of thunder and wind. had reports of wind as well. low to mid-80s this hour. comfortable conditions. the winds which were an issue
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and the like, my goodness, it was very blustery earlier. but the wind has started to die down, with the exception of the thunderstorm outflow boundaries on the far eastern plains. flash flood watch zone in green we had about 1 to 4 inches of rain last night, and additional rain on top of the saturated soils will create issues tonight. 1 inch diameter hail, that storm no longer severe. moisture limited today, even more so tomorrow. our live on denver camera, it is so pretty out there now. even the flags outside the station not blowing a whole lot. enjoy your evening. isolated storms here, and stronger storms on the eastern plains. nice warmup tomorrow, one that will last for not only sunday afternoon, but monday as well. back in the 90s for those longing for a taste of summer
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weekend of summer. so many swimming pools closed this weekend, and some of the best weather is yet to come in september and early october. >> it's my favorite time of year. leaves are starting to change in the high country. >> i have cameras coming up in the high country and i'll show you those leaves are starting to change. deputies in pueblo county are investigating a fatal shooting at the parking lot in the denver state fair. a man was killed in a drive-by witnesses herd gunshots and saw vehicles fleeing the area. officers were on patrol at the fairgrounds and found the victim. a spokesman at the denver zoo says dolly the elephant was euthanized today. she was believed to be at least
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years. three other elephants are at the zoo. the douglas county sheriff's office wants to warn residents about car break-ins. thieves are also targeting state parks. >> beautiful colorado day. >> reporter: you couldn't ask for a beautiful day. >> it is a little bit busier. >> repor rangers will keep a close eye on things over the next few days. people may have their eyes set on the sights, but officials say thieves could have an eye on your car. it's a trend douglas county investigators have noticed this summer. car break-ins are up in several cities, the highest in highlands ramp and -- ranch and parker. >> i didn't give it a second thought.
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>> reporter: says say people aren't locking their doors. >> absolutely. i had my truck stole in february. >> reporter: james day learned a lesson the hard way. >> do be careful. lock your car. avoid crimes of opportunity and keep valuables out of sight. >> investigators did not say how many break-ins had been reported this summer. they're following leads hoping suspect. on you can find a list of prevention tips provided by the douglas county sheriff's office. about a dozen barbers will help children in the metro area start the school year with a fresh haircut. and they're free for kids 12 and under. they hope to give families one less thing to worry about. the free cut-a-thon as they call it is tomorrow afternoon from 2:00 in the afternoon until 7:00.
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it's at centennial lodge number 4. also adults can get free health screenings. >> looking fresh heading to school. my mom would cut my bangs and they would be lopsided. thanks, mom. >> did she use a bowl? >> just cut it straight across. a survey find most americans agree they're getting too much screen time and the desire to unplug is fueling a growing trend. what it means to digitally detox. says a new glass bottom bridge
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f0 well, we probably saw this coming. another busy travel day for anyone heading up mountains. about noon today cdot reported hour-long delays in the westbound lanes of i-70 to the tunnel. very backed up. we have seen busy records on the -- roads on the mountain corridor since thursday. you can expect some pretty heavy company headed that way. >> everybody heading out for the weekend. if you find yourself checking your phone every five
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people say they want to unplug during vacation, but they can't. mark barger has more about a new trend. >> reporter: our daily connection with digital devices can be obsessive for many, addicting for others. >> 66% of us suffer from a fear of being, losing your phone or not having access to your phone. >> reporter: this is leading to a trend of more people making time to disconnect. going through a withdrawal from access to your device and information. >> reporter: for those without the will power to do it on their own, there are retreats that structure time away from tech. >> it's a beautiful and sunny day. >> reporter: more than 100 people came to camp grounded in north carolina for four days of play. >> i'm already having anxiety about it, but that's why i'm here. >> phone these days is like a safety blanket.
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which is tech heavy. >> i am freaking out. >> reporter: campers went through a tech check. trading in their digital devices for analog activities. >> let go of some of the patterns of their daily lives, like keeping track of time and schedule and being glued to their technology. >> reporter: the detox has physical, psychological benefits they say. >> we're not saying that technology is bad everything is neutral, canning a medicine -- can be a medicine or poison. >> reporter: taking time to smell the roses, instead of instagramming them. >> it has a few benefits, including being more active, since we're often sitting when using those devices. and better sleep, because the blue light from the screens can interfere with our sleep pattern. it can potentially reduce anxiety, because studies show
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from information overload. i think we both can deal with that. >> ever seen me running and trying to text? i'm going like this. no, i can never put it down. >> that day i saw you run into a wall. >> this actually happened. we'll talk about that more later. good to detox. we heat up over the next few days, including a return to the 90s. >> kathy sabine breaks down our
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so here's pretty cool stuff, yeah. this was a light show over finland last night. the aurora borealis. it's the result of between the earth's gaseous particles and rays released by the sun. >> whenever i see video like this, it's like something you'd see in a movie. >> it's amazing. i was fortunate enough to see the lights way up in alaska. my mom lived up there for a time. just an amazing sight in the sky. looks like a watercolor painting. >> yeah. truly, truly unbelievable.
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see them here too often. >> our views aren't too shabby here. >> true. it is a beautiful evening in the 9 back yard. it's a warm, dry day here. you won't know there are heavy thunderstorms east of the metro area on the plains. clouds are starting to build on the front range foothills. potential we may see thunder, lightning or brief shower yet tonight. on the peak to the leaves are starting to change. may be time to start think about that september or october foilage outing. pueblo temperatures running warm this weekend, and that bodes well for anybody with outdoor activities. above average. warmer tomorrow. pretty dry, humidity at 25%. winds are northwest at 17. light breeze in the back yard
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but it's comfortable. 81 in the shade. nice evening coming up in the city. we're coming off one of our drier months. typically august is our monsoon month. we had the eighth driest august in denver's recorded history. we're seeing slow moving storms roll-off the foothills. really the big threat has been the hail so far this afternoon. the national weather service putting out a flash flood watch for these areas that saw 1 to 4 inches of couple of severe cells moving north of sterling and southwestern wyoming. we'll monitor those as they track quickly northeast. lot of thunder, lightning, moisture fairly limited today coming in. and we continue to track posttropical hermine. still bringing a lot of rain in the carolinas. even with the system offshore and onshore again, heavy rain, wind and surf a factor, and
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into colorado, but limited so only isolated gusty storms tonight and tomorrow. front and low pressure stays to the north. heat guilds back into -- builds back into colorado. we have a cool pool of air that stays put for tomorrow. triple digit highs in the southwest. low 90s forecast for denver sunday and holiday monday. tonight the heaviest storms appear to be north and east of us, ki blowing up outside of lamar overnight. hail and damaging wind a big threat. skies clear, but notice that east to southeast push. low level moisture means fog for those beyond the plains in the morning, 4:00 a.m. and thunderstorms already i-70, that corridor to grand junction tomorrow, you'll see showers and storms early in the day. they don't make it into denver. they fall apart. with a warming and drying trend like that temperatures will
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59 greeley. a low of 62 in trinidad. highs hot, toasty in southeastern colorado. mid-90s pueblo. low 90s denver, greeley and fort collins. mid-70s in the high country. lightning after 3:00, those hiking and biking. moisture more limited moving into sunday afternoon, which is nice. 69 the high in grand lake tomorrow and 71 at red feather lakes. in denver tonight maybe a brief shower before skies clear completely. so far it's quiet and dr hit 81 by lunchtime. top out at 90. i think both sunday and for the holiday monday we'll be close to 90 degrees. moisture very limited until tuesday with the arrival of a weak front, brings in scattered storms tuesday and wednesday, 20% chance of rain mid-week. and a slight cool down, but seasonal temperatures for tuesday and wednesday. we get you into the first full week of september with temperatures that are just lovely. nowhere near record territory,
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colorado state fair in pueblo tomorrow, low to mid-90s. if you're looking for summer sunflowers or daisies, get a picture and send those in to me. so much green on the hill side, often highlighted by the mostly cloudy skies we've had all week long. in the back yard now, doesn't get any better than this. >> 91 and sunny on monday. that's a perfect forecast for the labor day holiday. >> it's wonderful, no humidity. no after. >> that's fine. >> back to work by tuesday, right? >> perfect. >> for the holiday, that's good. we're happy. >> kathy, soak it up out there for us. >> i will. just a few weeks after opening, china's glass bottom bridge is closed. it's such a hit, that the management committee says massive crowds caused software and hardware problems. the bridge is 1400 feet long
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it's broken 10 world records and its makers tested the glass by driving a car across it and let some take a sledge hammer to a panel. it's not clear when it will open. i know you're excited to test this out. >> not anymore. >> just software issues. that's fine. >> i'll let them figure that out. when a couple of farm animals got on the loose there was no scapegoat to blame, just an actual
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when a mother of five in north carolina needed limbs amputated after barely surviving sepsis, she was told she wasn't eligible for disability payments. it came down to her decision to leave the workforce more than a decade ago to be a >> it's kind of crazy. >> oh, my gosh! >> i'm not going to lie. >> it's my turn. >> reporter: there are five kids -- >> come on, ben. >> reporter: mom, christine, spent more than a decade as a stay at home mom. her husband got a full grasp on what that meant. >> i had no idea.
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her. >> reporter: he had to bring in help after kristin almost died three years ago. >> my mom was laying down on the floor, and we had to call the ambulance. >> reporter: she had the flu, that turned into sepsis and doctors had to amputate one leg, foot of another and one arm. an attorney helped them apply for social security benefits. he said he was blind sided the government denied her claims. >> this is one of those situations you shake your head and go, this is just wrong. >> reporter: kristen spent nine years working before deciding to stay at home with the kids, but because she hadn't paid into the system in the last 10 years, she's not eligible for help. >> i think frankly that that is stupid. >> social security act is meant to give security. if you've paid into the system in the past and you make the
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your spouse works, you're not protected. so where is the security in that? >> it made me feel like i was worthless, that i wasn't worth anything. >> pretty much i think everybody out there should know she's worth a lot. >> reporter: she said she chose to be a stay-at-home mom to heav penalized. >> most of the lawing governing social security, including the one dealing with stay-at-home moms has been in place for decades. there is always concern the money will run out. a pair of clydesdale horses that went on the lamb had help from a goat. that goat banged his head against the gate, loosened the latch and set the horses, harry
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went. this happened earlier this week in central california. it took a day to track down harry and five days to find buddy. fellow animal loves volunteered to help and reached out to the owner on social media. >> driving 50 miles to help me look. >> what? they came home finally. some of the volunteers say they're putting together a task force so next time a group will be ready to help search right away. darn it, that he just wants to have fun. >> got the horses free and off they went. rio ramps up its preps for the paralympic. what action a police union
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right now denver police say they're looking for a stabbing suspect in downtown.
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this afternoon near broadway and curtis. the victim's condition is not known at this time. police don't have many details about the suspect. we'll keep you updated on as we learn more. a family in minnesota is finally getting closure about the decades old disappearance of an 11-year-old boy. a person of interest led authorities to the remains belonging to brother and a friend. a masked man approached the boys and told the other two to run and never look back. last fall authorities declared a 53-year-old danny himerick as a person of interested. while he faces child pornography charges, he has not been charged in jacob's case.
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florida. state officials reported a homeless man was killed when a tree fell on him during the storm. it's also being blamed for a second death in north carolina. high winds tipped over an 18- wheeler, killing the driver. hermine became a tropical storm once it moved past florida and made its way up the atlantic coast. it's nearing hurricane strength again. new jersey's governor chris christie issued a state of emergency. louisiana's governor it will take at least $8.7 billion to recover from last month's flood damage. most of the homes didn't have flood insurance because they were outside the flood plane. flooding in baton rouge and southern louisiana killed 13 people and displaced thousands of others. some schools have been closed for weeks and plan to reopen
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colin kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem has some police officers saying they'll boycott the game. they say if the team won't discipline him, it could lead to them not working at the games. a union rep says they create a hostile work environment for officers at the stadium. >> i'm week, next week on monday night football, some officers are not going to work. >> kaepernick has refused to stand for the anthem as a protest against racial injustice and police brutality. so far, the 49ers are standing by a statement made earlier this week saying it respects his right to freedom of expression. his protest has a lot of people divided. >> sam and ron agree with his
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method. >> sam, the big story of the week, colin kaepernick has sat for the national anthem, objecting police brutality against people of color in this country. do you agree with him? >> i agree with his reasoning, but not with how he protested. >> we're agreeing. for the national anthem, i always think of guys that served the country when i'm standing. however, there's a caveat here. for me, i sat here with you all the time and i complain about professional athletes don't use their fame, wealth and platform to speak out about social issues and complain. i commend colin kaepernick for taking a stand. i don't like the form, and i
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>> right. >> okay. and i commend what he's doing. when i read he's giving a million dollars of his salary to causes that he wants to support, i commend him. >> we talked about this a few weeks ago when lebron james and chris paul and dwyane wade, guys at the espy's spoke up, talking about it in the conversation colin kaepernick wants that. i don't so much feel bad for him, because when you protest something, it's your right, you open yourself up to the criticism. but i feel bad that the conversation hasn't been about what he wants people to have the conversation about, the oppression and police brutality. it's been more about him. >> i think as this goes on and the other night more players joined him. this may gain a little steam. >> maybe this will sound
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whole situation as it unfolded, the power the professional athlete has to grab attention, and particularly with the media, sitting down and kneeling for the national anthem is one thing. i really would like to see professional athletes who believe in a cause, whether it's this cause or something similar. say, you know what, we're not going to play this game today. we're going to sit it out. >> how far do you want to go? >> yeah. that will make the conversation even stronger. >> it will. but people will you're a distraction to your team, you're hurting your employer. >> but the player isn't -- in this case, colin kaepernick isn't bigger than the flag, and i think he's finding that out. and the game is not bigger than the country. even though some people seem to think it is. >> it's not. >> and maybe it needs to stop so people can understand there are more important things. >> i'm glad the 49ers and nfl at least to now haven't said anything.
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wallet. that's when i know he's serious about this. >> putting his money where his thoughts are, but more work to be done. that's it for us. i'm a. >> a lot more work to be done, but at least it's a start. i'm z. in less than a week the paralympics begin in rio. the largest u.s. delegation will be there, 13 representing colorado. spacex is scouring for includes that led to the explosion of a rocket. they're reviewing 3,000 channels of video data to find out what went wrong before the
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damaged. the company has two other pads in florida and in california. vatican city is stepping up security ahead of the ceremony to declare mother teresa a saint. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to crowd saint peter's square tomorrow. she won a nobel peace prize for her work caring for the dying in india. a man in indonesia says he is the oldest man alive and claims he's, get this, 146 years old. what? he says he has his identity card and memories going back to the 19th century to prove it all. local officials don't buy it. they say while the card is real, it's impossible to verify his age. but they will help him apply for the guinness world book of records for record status. the man claims he's outlived
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his children. his secret he says to a long life is to relax and take it easy. 146? >> regardless of his age, that's a good way to live. relax, take it easy. clearly doing well. >> i'm trying to get over 146. >> we'll see. >> i don't know if they can prove it. with so many heading outdoors for the holiday weekend, kathy is tracking our chance for evening showers. >> even an approaching tropical storm couldn't dampen wedding
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tropical storm hermine became the backdrop for a pair of newlyweds in north carolina. they went ahead and took their with waves kicking up. the couple is from arizona and planned a destination wedding on the beach in the carolinas. they changed their ceremony plans, but figured they might as well get pictures while they're there with all those waves and that storm moving in. some of the pictures and video, it's unbelievable. >> they can make it through anything, that's what they're trying to prove. >> looks like they were on the right side of the storm before it gets too back. sometimes those pictures can be unusual and dramatic.
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>> they have the story. our weather story looks amazing, you guys. it is so beautiful outside now. we're looking east and that's where all the heavy weather is. all the severe storms tracking east of akron and limon. bright sunshine in fort collins. dark cloud cover over the divide. look how well travel is going through that corridor through the tunnel. everything is still so green. mid-80s in the city today. i think we're heading into the 90 the next couple of days. the winds were gusty downtown a somewhat now, because a lot of people are outdoors enjoying the patio or downtown area, and you do not want damaging winds in that situation. there's a little thunderstorm that's moving through winter park. severe cell near sterling and blue box on the eastern plains is a severe thunderstorm watch and flash flood watch area, because many in that zone saw 4 inches of rain.
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west to sterling. those storms are moving to the northeast and will move into the night in nebraska and kansas. moisture is limited in our state. that's terrific as we move through the rest of this saturday evening and get you into your sunday and monday, the holiday. so in the denver metro area for the early evening temperatures close to 90. that's why i think we'll get there tomorrow. really just beautiful conditions if you're out and about. i think the best chance for a storm if it's going to happen is between now and which is around 7:30. tomorrow, 59 degrees. we jump into the 90s and any storms that develop will stay west of i-25 both sunday and monday, with a weak front i'm tracking mid-week and maybe a better chance of thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday. we're at the point in the season now where the monsoon moisture should start to shift. we should have less thunderstorm activity every day and really get into those beautiful crisp, cool, clear days every day, where the weather is just perfect. >> can't wait for that.
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>> i'm so excited. we've been needing the moisture. >> we do. >> now ready to see the fall colors. >> this will be my first fall here. >> so much to see. >> the aspens, you don't know when you're in for. >> kathy, thank you. it's the first saturday of college football. rod mackey will have highlights from a huge upset coming up next in sports.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. i'm not going to be too nervous. whatever happens, happens. i'll be playing football somewhere. >> won't be in denver. ronnie hillman, a bronco runningback no more. that was our interview with ronnie after the preseason finale in arizona. as it turns out, his last game as a bronco. hillman had more rushing attempts and touchdowns than
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but he was also going to make too much. so now he's gone. as is mark sanchez. the quarterback among the final cuts to get the team from 75 to 53, from starter to backup, to former bronco. but sanchez isn't unemployed anymore. cowboys picked him up. >> ronnie was a guy that did a lot of good things for us. thought we'd be in better shape with what he could do on special teams. that was close. had a long talk with mark today, and he handled it with great class and i know he was disappointed. he wanted to stay here, you know, we thought from where we are, best for us to go different ways at this point in
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landed on his feet. the longest tenured bronco is now a cleveland brown. he signed a one-year deal to play in cleveland. the bears and packers also showed interest. cut a bunch of guys and add one. one quarterback. the broncos late this afternoon signed a number 3 qb, austin davis. he played five years in the nfl with the rams and browns. sam bradford is viking. the vikings sent a first and fourth pick to get the quarterback. air force opening up with a give me game against abilene christian. cleveland rushed for a touchdown, caught another. the falcons won the opener, 37- 21, but they say it could have been better.
5:52 pm
win. like, winning is great and all, but everyone knew we didn't do as good as we could and everybody saw us not perform our best. and i think it's important that as a team we hold ourselves to a higher standard than everyone else does. last night's rocky mountain showdown was over soon after it started. cu dismantled csu by more than witness the blowout. >> reporter: 44-7, and it wasn't that close. >> this going to last forever. i'm a senior, so this is my last year. i'm happy we ended out with a victory. >> crushed them. >> that's what you got to do. >> reporter: the buffs could have one the game with one hand tied behind their backs. >> how did he catch that ball?
5:53 pm
first in a -- my first in a game. >> reporter: much of the game the rams couldn't manage a first down, much less a touchdown. >> this was our test. we studied hard for it and bombed it. >> picked from behind. ball loose. >> reporter: a rocky mountain beatdown. >> it's embarrassing. we totally embarrassed our name. but there's only one way that we got to do it, we got to go back to work. we can talk about a lot of things and what ifs, but bottom li whipped tonight. >> i don't think anybody here would ever want to lose by 40 points in anything and think they came out and aren't embarrassed. it is embarrassing. >> reporter: so much blip, so much -- buildup, so much talk. >> this is the best team we've had since i've been here. we have to keep them healthy and working in the right direction. they're focused.
5:54 pm
while the rams will do their best to forget it ever happened. aaron matas, 9news. thank you. wyoming will host northern illinois tonight. and wrapping up, unc beat rocky mountain. we finished with one of the big national games today, oklahoma and houston. brandon wilson catches it deep in his own end zone and takes it all the way 109-yard. biggest play of the game. houston in a shocker against the sooners, number 3 goes
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we sure hope you have a wonderful saturday evening. we appreciate you watching. we are back at 9:00 and 10:00.
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narrator: one day-- over 700 shelters across the country. one goal-- finding thousands of animals loving homes. she adopted me. i didn't adopt her. she's going to a good home. there's no reason why not to adopt. narrator: this is clear the shelters. i'm natalie morales. and today we're going to share some amazing stories that are sure to warm your heart. we're also sitting down with some famous faces and the shelter pets that have changed their lives forever. plus we'll introduce you to two brothers who say adopting their rescue has helped bring their family together. i too have had my own life changed. meet zara. our family rescued her five years ago.
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have celebrated clear the shelters, an amazing initiative to help animals across the country find new homes by cutting the costs of adoptions. here are some of the highlights of the incredible day. narrator: it was a day filled with so much love. that's puppy kisses, right? yeah. narrator: for the third year in a row, shelters across the country joined forces to literally it's hot outside. but there's nothing cooler than adopting a shelter pet like aurora who's looking for a forever home. i'm hetty chang at the long beach animal shelter. this is utah. and he is going home today. narrator: with over 45 thousand animals being adopted. this is cleo. she's just so small and i like small kitties. when i was getting ready to leave, she followed me and hit her head on the wall. she was looking at me like, take me home. we just moved in together.


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