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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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after the -- out of the operating room. radio calls between officers yesterday give insight into the a tense situation deputies and parker police officers faced. >> shots were fired in the house or he is shooting at you? >> outside of the house. >> ready and willing to have a shoot out with us. >> shots fired! shots fired! shots fired! man down! >> we have a man down. >> nearly 24 hours after that incident near porter adventist hospital the evidence search was wrapped up which extended
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crashed. there was a domestic violence standoff friday afternoon. we also found that the identity of the suspect to killed -- who shot detective dan brite. randall rodick was spotted yesterday walking your sierra middle school with a gun. he was believed to have been suicidal and police were called to that area. the douglas county sheriff said the suspect was highly armed and extremely dangerous. he also said it was clear to him that the officers likely prevented a larger scale incident with their actions on friday. when we get any more information on detective dan brite's condition we will keep you up. this led to changes across the country after all this time, the revelation that a person of interest led investigators to the remains of this boy in minnesota. nelson garcia has more on the
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for solving some colorado cases. >> reporter: sometimes a crime is never solved. trevor lives in centennial. trevor and his family finally found out what they suspected all along, after years of wondering. from st. joseph, minnesota to across the state lines, the kidnapping of jacob wetterling gripped the nation in 1989. taken home in front of his brother and friend, the kidnapping remained unsolved for years with little evidence a nobody. there were no solid leads but they did have a suspect, danny heinrich, they just didn't have a strong enough case. >> reporter: instead of retreating into their sorrow, they pushed for changes nationwide to create better
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until last summer when dna evidence linked him to the abduction of another boy which led to the search of heinrichs home and -- heinrich's home and a break in the case. he finally told investigators the location of jacob's body. wetterling's cases unlike -- not unlike the case of an aurora girl. death but her body was never found. it's also similar to the case of jonbenet ramsey. the boulder police department even released a video about it last week asked him if we have not and will not give up. -- last week. >> we have not and will not give up. we won't rest until we find justice for jonbenet ramsey. >> reporter: this is still unsolved.
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these colorado children, perhaps there will be answers such as with wetterling. jim guy tried to contact trevor wetterling today but the family did issue a statement saying their hearts are broken. >> this seems to just lead to more questions. >> there are more questions and not a lot of information. maybe we will find out more after this holiday weekend. this elsewhere across the country. some people here in colorado say they felt the earth shake under their feet thanks to an earthquake in oklahoma. the powerful earthquake was felt across seven states. the ground moved near pawnee oklahoma a magnitude of 5.6, one of the strongest to ever hit oklahoma. the sooner state only has had a
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it increased in the last few years however. the number of fracking sites had been reduced in order to reduce the number of earthquakes. >> they are shutting down 40 wells within a 5 mile rippey's -- five-mile radius of the epicenter. >>they have to be turned off individually because it could set off another quake if they did them altogether. we aftershocks today. this was along a fault line that was unknown until today. people felt the oklahoma earthquake across many states. the blue-and-white ones indicate a leak -- a week motion in the ground. there were only a couple across the eastern plains the colorado metacarpal came in from the denver area along with places in texas and as far away as the dakotas and illinois.
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season kicks off thursday night. you will notice that mark sanchez is not part of this group he was released today by the broncos. coming up a little bit later, ron he will have more on what john elke -- john elway had to say about the final preseason cuts. we also tell you more about the third quarterback who was picked up this afternoon. we had some severe weather on the eastern plains, tornado warnings in some areas. large hail, up to tennis moravec coming up in a few minutes. we did have some strong winds blow through the city and some of the outdoor events going on this weekend. 20 to 35 mile an hour gusts were reported let's afternoon and were felt -- this afternoon and were felt by people at taser colorado and write fast. -- taste of colorado and riot fest.
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to 60 minutes on the interstate this morning between idaho springs and the eisenhower johnson tunnels. by tomorrow through monday, that traffic is expected to shift over to the eastbound lanes as we get to back half of the holiday weekend. a stabbing near a busy intersection downtown this afternoon. broadway and curtis. the injuries were serious. there's only a vague description of the suspect. a drive-by shooting in the parking lot of the state fair grounds in pueblo lefty young man dead the pueblo county coroner says 19-year-old danielle gonzales died from gunshot wounds. his body was found between parked cars around midnight. detectives are looking for two vehicles that were seen in the area around that time. the state fair says at this point no changes will be made as a result of this incident.
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strong winds to several states along the east coast. the storm is gaining strength once again and is expected to move off the coast of virginia to new york over the next couple of days. it's expected to bring dangerous flooding along the coast although the impact is not expected to be as bad as superstorm sandy. tropical storm warnings are out for north carolina all the way to massachusetts tonight. while the storm is bringing harsh conditions to some areas it is also providing just the right mix of clouds for a be nearly empty over the next two days due to the storm over what is the next -- the last weekend over the summer. thousands of pilgrims started to gather today for what is being referred to as the jubilee of mercy, more than 100,000 people expected to be in st. peter's square for the canonization ceremony for
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police officers in rome will keep a close watch on the mass. this is expected to begin at 2:30 a.m. our time. still ahead, the goat, yes, i said the goat that helped two horses escape from a ranch. severe weather strikes the eastern plains tonight. kathy shows you where the hail is and what is in store for the rest of the weekend. the broncos much -- most
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a breakout from a barnyard by a couple of clydesdales and it was another animal that set them free. it turns out it was a billy goat named sir lancelot that kept
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but it take -- it took five days to find buddy, whose name is short for, what else, budweiser. >> we thought, did he break a leg or fallen to the water. two-pack of coyotes get him. >> those who helped with the -- did a pack of coyotes get him. >> those who helped with this are keeping a closer eye on that goat, sir lancelot. they should make a out of that. cruise ships normally go to tropical ports. the crystal serenity is currently taking passengers through the icy northwest passage. most of that journey is above the arctic circle. passenger say they have already seen polar bears. that's pretty cool. the ship left and is halfway through its voyage.
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they will be making the trip again next year. one of the most colorful events taking place in colorado springs right now, dozens of hot air balloons taking part is -- in what is known as the labor day rip off -- liftoff. this is really cool. a night glow is taking place. they will take to the sky two more times, first tomorrow morning and then monday morning. it's all happening at memorial park in colorado springs. those are beautiful pictures. >> the word on the street is monday is beautiful holiday. tomorrow doesn't look bad either. >> that's nice. >> we did great today with the weather in denver, a beautiful september day. our friends to the east are saying hold the phone, we've had severe, tornadic thunderstorms all day. look at the hail, the rain, the wind. harbor of our shared this with us from the fort morgan area. you think that was bad. look at this. that's not the kind of golfing
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clouds outside of akron. a little bit of thunder and lightning as well, temperatures in the 80s and the high country, 90s along the front range, close to 100 at the colorado state fair in pueblo going on all weekend long. it's going to be hot there is a beautiful night in the city. great weather tomorrow morning for those of you up and about early. look for temperatures warming to 70 my 9:00 with lots of sunshine per cuy southeast ethics. just me and the bugs -- southeast at 6 miles an hour. just me and the bugs here. watch out for burlington in these areas that received several inches of rain last night. somebody's county roads could
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there was one-inch diameter hail here and 2 inch diameter hail in other areas. the big storm, remember hurricane hermine emma then it was tropical -- hermine, then it was tropical depression hermine, now it is going up the eastern seaboard. folks are trying to enjoy time on the beach but it's going to be a problem. storms stay northeast and we will have warm desert air heading and. severe weather is knocking on the door. i think the best chance for storms would be rapid city, bismarck in minneapolis, probably the worst travel area tomorrow. cool air in the northwest and hot air in the southwest. we are back in the low 90s here in denver, a trend that will continue through monday. scattered storms diminishing in the northern mountains and a little bit of low cloud cover
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around here tomorrow. those hiking and biking hopefully won't have to worry about the lightning which is something we always have to think about at this time of year. 60 in grand junction, 59 in denver. height one -- a hot one tomorrow in the metro area. 80 in evergreen and 70 in grand lake. hiking and biking, keep an eye n at develop. there's a possibility of lightning. you have a good chance however of getting some outdoor activities in tomorrow without any problems. sunny and 81 at lunchtime, low 90s in the afternoon. it's almost a carbon copy for monday.
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can call it that. a 20% chance of rain and storms on tuesday and wednesday. the first full week of september looks spectacular. no record high temperatures there. the colorado state fair is all weekend long, temperatures in the 90s. guess what! the leaves are starting -- guess what? the leaves are starting to change in the high country. please be very careful, no fires . >> monday looks fantastic. i'm super happy about that. thank you. the broncos took home the super bowl title last season, as you know. >> many disagree on who will -- ron zappolo and sam adams disagree on who will win the division this year and who will win the super bowl.
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we have to give our picks. you know i'm always right so i will go let you go first -- i will let you go first part >> the broncos are going to finish first and they are going to go 10-6 and win the division. what i don't get is no one is picking the broncos nationally. isn't this still the best defense? defense wins. what have we learned? i will take the broncos. >> you talked about the inconsistent play that the quarterback peyton manning one -- won a bunch of games that were important. >> how many did he lose? >> give him a break. he got into the super bowl. i'm going to go with 10-6. i want to say nine 10-6. i want to say 9-7 so bad. i think kansas city chiefs are going to win this division.
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chiefs, they always die. alex smith is better than trevor siemian but not by that much. >> but his trevor siemian going to be there i the end of the season? in he may not be but it may be -- >> it may not be but it may be paxton lynch would be even better. was good when the super bowl? >> green bay packers. -- who is going to win the super bowl? >> cmac i think the arizona cardinals --
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and then there were 53, the
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the deepest cuts of all were ronnie hillman, mark sanchez. denver would've been better with both still aboard but you can't keep everyone. hillman had more rushing attempts and more touchdowns than any broncos last season but he doesn't play special teams. mark sanchez with a short but bumpy roller coaster career and now he didn't stay unemployed very long, dallas picked him up right after denver letting go. here is john elway on all of those cuts. >>ronnie was a guy who did a lot of good things for us. we just thought we were in better shape with what others could do an special teams. it's always tough and they are all close. >> sanchez from the gun takes
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i know he is disappointed. he wanted to stay here. we just thought that with where we are, it would be best for us to go different ways at this point in time. please stand by for real-time captions. so we now know who will be the 53 to face the panthers in the super bowl rematch. at least they are the 53 for now . >> for now it's all set, the 53 man roster the browi title prickett starts with von miller who will make $25 million this year. it ends with undrafted rookie kyle heckel who will draw a salary of $161,000. there's no mark sanchez with $1.5 million. he's going to dallas. there's no ronnie hillman with his $1.8 million salary. he is just one. there's a new quarterback, austin davis who played some for the rams and browns.
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though. to show how difficult it is to put together a 53 man roster, how about this. they called in heckel and then cut him and then change their minds again. >> he was very happy. we changed our minds. [ laughter ] >> a special congratulations to kapri bibbs and jordan taylor. it looks like a made it. after all of the players were cut and then kept, it looks like the broncos are great on defense and questionable on offense. you didn't need the final roster to tell you that though. my clips -- mike class 9news. the longest tenured bronco also had offers from the packers. what a start to the college football season with two top five teams, oklahoma and lsu
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thing in sports except if you are air force taking on our bulling christian. this was a give me gain for the falcons. nate romoland through for 2 as they won 37-21. >> you could tell everyone was decided slight. winning is great but everyone knew we didn't do as good as we could. everyone saw us not perform our best. a team we hold ourselves to higher standard than everyone else does. >> wyoming with a late, late night game against northern illinois. they just kicked off about 1 minute ago, lightning delay in laramie. this game will go well into the night. play of the day comes from matt houston -- comes from out of houston, watch this upset. brandon wilson catches it deep
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160 yards -- 106 yards, the biggest played for sure. houston and a shocker against the sooners as number 3 goes down 33-23. wow! since the start of the football season, the rockies figure they order -- date had better put up pigskin kind of numbers. they scored 14 last night. they didn't have quite so much firepower tonight. arizona did. six runs in innings against tyler chatwood. jack lamb makes it 6-0. the rockies lose with a final score of 9-4. bad news for the rapids as well as good news for the bed is they lost their last game in the good is they always bounce back. almost always, against the revolution they were not able to do so. colorado has now lost back-to- back games for the first time, the final score 2-0. >> you need to bring me better news.
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>> that's true. [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] >> he is ready. [ laughter ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> that's too cool. think it's very gq.
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tomorrow is sunday. you might be thinking next. hopefully monday is a holiday for you. look at that forecast. only a 20% chance of rain. we have a whole 'nother week for rod who asked for a nine day planner. it's not 100% for sure they'll. >> i am focused on the season opener. >> look at you, always focused on your job. >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> let's barbecue and have some fun on the day off.
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laughter ] >> i'm confused. >> we will update you tomorrow morning starting at 6 am. thanks for watching.
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