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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MDT

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of a new wildfire is burning in colorado. it spans hundreds of acres. crews have a lot of work to do if you see this man, keep your distance but call police. they say he's wanted for murder. i actually had i read the facebook post. >> posts threatening a massacre like the one in orlando. the good news, police have made an arrest. and denver celebrates the sainthood of mother teresa. >> she helped so many people, even of different religions. we begin with breaking news. denver police are on the scene of a fatal crash at i-25 and colfax. the department says the crash
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until further notice. also tonight, i-70 westbound near the eisenhower tunnel is closed because of this. lake dillon fire and rescue says a moving van had a mechanical malfunction and burst into flames. crews shut down the westbound lanes at mile-marker 209. no one was hurt but the truck and everything in it was destroyed. it only took a few hours for the starwood fire in larimer county to spread to 300 acres. the fire began this afternoon and is burning northwest fort collins near red feather lake. flames threatened around 30 structures. one subdivision was advised to evacuate. crews have the fire 10% contained. they will be work on that all evening. >> the fire will be staffed this evening in a patrol status. tomorrow morning we have additional resources coming in. and then we will continue with operations and direct suppression tomorrow morning. >> roads are still open though crews have placed roadblocks in areas so firefighters can freely access the fire.
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under investigation. and winds certainly caused a lot of problems for firefighters along the front lines. let's bring in meteorologist becky ditchfield. the winds have died down some. >> they have. still expect it to be breezy from time to time. christine as the night goes on, right now partly cloudy skies. the storms that were impacting the front range have shifted further to the east. so now gusts up at 33 miles per hour at dove valley, 21 miles per hour no gusts near estes park, fort collins, and even up around the red feather lake. we are expecting to see those gusts to continue to stay at that 0 to 10 miles per hour range as we head into tonight. all of our storms are now out of the state. they will continue to push into parts of nebraska and kansas, and we have a fairly calm and quiet night ahead of us. tomorrow afternoon we are going to see more showers start to pop up so the chance for rain will return. we're out of the general
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rain returns. we will have a couple of breezes out there but we will talk a lot more about that in a few minutes. >> sounds good becky. thank you. >> you bet. westminster police want to find a 31-year-old wanted for second-degree homicide in connection with a murder last night. police found a woman shot to death in the 4200 block of 70th place. the suspect has several warrants out for his arrest and police say he should be considered dangs. asked to call westminster police. morgan county sheriff's deputies believe a body discovered in a row of trees was a homicide victim in another county. the man's body was found yesterday morning just north of wiggins off highway 34. deputies aren't saying why they believe he is a homicide victim or where the original crime happened. they don't believe anyone in the area is in danger. we are getting our first look at detective dan brunt, the douglas county detective
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quote, promising progress today. late this afternoon the sheriff's office released more information about the shooting. deputies were responding to a call about an armed suicidal man. investigators say the suspect shot bright and fled. the suspect was shot and killed less than a mile away near a middle school in parker. he has been identified as 40- year-old ron dale roddick. the sheriff's office has seen detective bright's family. some businesses are planning fundraisers to support his family. people who want to help can send donations to fallen officers fund or go fund me set up by bright's family. we have information for both of those with those stories posted on-line at two people are in critical condition after a crash at 84th and pecos. police say a car went into oncoming traffic where it
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the driver in the passenger of the white car were thrown out on impact. police think that alcohol was involved. and in westminster a motorcyclist is in critical condition after he was hit by a car. police say he was heading north on federal when he tried to turn left onto 74th and traffic was heavy. a car hit him when he tried to turn in front of cars. he was not wearing a helmet. police do not think drugs or alcohol were involved in the driver's part. poli massacre similar to the one in orlando. the fbi got tips from police about a 50-year-old because of a pest on facebook. it reads in part, "if you losers thought the shooting at pulse nightclub was bad, wait until you see what i'm planning for labor day." he has been charged with transmitting threatening
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mother teresa a saint this morning in front of a crowd of thousands in rome. although she might always be known as mother, her newly bestowed title is saint teresa of calcutta. here is 9 news reporter victoria sanchez. >> reporter: it's not something you see on many sundays any more. lines to get inside long before the church bells ring. all in honor of humble as they come. >> our love for each other. >> to celebrate the mass for the canonization of saint mother teresa. >> it was like heaven on earth. >> reporter: this woman met her in the late 1980s and proudly shows off the photo of the two women smiling. >> she would be completely embarrassed by all the goings
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every aisle filled. this sister worked with mother trees zane calcutta, and -- worked with mother teresa in calcutta. what she did know, the woman she looked up to asked a grit deal of the nuns. >> mother always told us, if you are not going to be holy, it's a waste of time. better go home. >> it's something that >> reporter: the archbishop saw mother teresa many times. like most of us, on the news. and although it was for just a few minutes, spoke with her once in rome. >> there was a real gentleness about her, a real goodness about her and a real joy and peace about her when one could sense her holiness and her goodness. >> reporter: that goodness not just for christians, but anyone she could help.
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different religions, admire her. >> in india the people say she's a living saint. >> saint teresa of calcutta visited denver in the late ?2 1980s. four nuns from india are currently living in denver and working with homeless women. >> i'm sure they have spectacular stories. i'm not surprised to see that the church was overflowing as i'm sure they were around the world. how cool that so many of us lived during a time that she s wonderful work. >> that was one of the reasons many team told me why they were so excited, because they actually saw her good deeds throughout the years. this isn't something where we just read about in a back. this is something that we witnessed because, you know, she was around here in our time. >> it will be difficult to make the shift from mother teresa for so long, that's would we've been calling her. >> if the will be tough for the poarntion it will be tough fore all of us. >> absolutely. thank you. next on 9news at 10:00. >> around 350 miles north of
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but mared in extreme poverty and addiction. >> so we're out here suffering and just trying to do whatever we can to help ourselves. >> in tonight's story tellers, follow the journey of a colorado man trying to bring change to the reservation. a few more storms out east tonight but a dry and warm end to the holiday weekend. i will have your forecast. and martin truex jr. wins the nascar event wearing the
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drive six hours north and will you reach one of the poorest places in the country. the pine ridge indian reservation in south dakota where families struggle with poverty, unemployment, and alcoholism. and tonight's story tellers, 9news reporter noel brennan and our photojournalist take us on
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hope. >> reporter: life on the reservation is filled with so much beauty, so little hope for these families. >> to me camping is what you guys do on weekends, something like this. we're living it every day. >> reporter: he traded a tv this tiny home. >> that's where we sleep. us three sleep back there, then the two boys sleep up here on the floor. there. now we're in our boys bedroom. >> reporter: no running water, no electricity. >> they said everything in here works, but we don't have a generator strong enough to work everything in here. >> reporter: the kids are growing. >> he is going to be three this september. >> reporter: a small trailer just won't do.
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because right now we're so cramped up in here. >> reporter: from cramped spaces to the wide open range, hope is on horseback. >> fema turned me down. i asked the tribe. the tribe won't help me. this is my last resort. >> reporter: day after day, mile after mile, waylon and his nine-year-old son ride down another long road, a journey that's part of a promise. >> it's hard to put into words. >> intends to keep. >> it's been an epic trip. >> reporter: dave is leading this 350-mile trip from boulder, colorado, to the pine ridge indian reservation in south dakota. >> a whole lot closer than we were three weeks ago. >> reporter: this ride is for people like waylon. >> whoever clicks their tongue, i'm going to be dancing. >> it's the beginning of a new relationship.
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>> reporter: lilly sets up shop a couple times a week. >> i'm just out here trying to provide. >> reporter: more than 40,000 tribal members live and struggle here on a reservation where a tattered american flag flies over people who need help. >> so we're out here suffering and just tieing to do whatever we can to help ourselves. >> reporter: two miles down the road, it has a face. white clay, nebraska, a town of 12 people and four liquor stores. >> alcoholism has taken so much out of my life, out of my childhood and my grown hood. it's taken everything. >> reporter: there are no easy solution to problems that have festered this long. some are still wary of outsiders offering help. >> we tried to wipe the native americans out. that's left deep wounds.
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each other, for me that's what makes the most sense. >> we've got a semitruck coming up the hill. >> reporter: trust and hope are tied together on horseback. the riders collected $60,000 worth of donations to help families like waylon's, proving a promise can be kept. >> it's not a magic promise but i think people say, da actually followed through. >> reporter: a 350-mile journey is a start. >> i see a lot of hope. >> reporter: hope that life on the reservation can match the beauty that surrounds it. >> my culture starts here, and that by itself is something special. >> reporter: with photojournalist mike grady, noel brennan, 9news. >> the tepee raisers nonprofit
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ridge. they recently dropped off donations of appliances, building materials and more. >> waylon now has a job and offer to work on a ranch in pine ridge. if you would like to help we do have a link on-line at so outside this evening we've got partly cloudy skies for a lot of locations here across the front range including up over fort collins where earlier today some showers and storms were awfully close to the city. one, in fa city of gradually lee. despite that, still a warm day with highs reaching 90 here in town. that's well above our average high of 83 and well below our record high of 98. that one still holds strong, set back in 1995. we've dropped into the lower to middle 60s. 70s on the eastern plains with 40s and 50s up through the mountains. we're fairly dry here all across the statement out to our east is where that severe
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parts of nebraska. all storms have exited the eastern plains from earlier today. there were some strong storms including one possible tornado pushed through parts of morgan county then out through phillips and sedgwick county before drying everything out. they've also contained a lot of wind. that's been a big problem for folks around the red feather lake although right now calm wind gusts are up there. that's the good news. our strongest gusts are well out on hours or so, we are going to see gusty winds from time to time. we have seen them out in the backyard. we've got -- or we're expecting 12-mile-per-hour gusts around the red feather lakes at 1:00 in the morning. they will calm down again as we get into sunrise. by 2:30 in the afternoon we may see breezy conditions here in denver and some gusty winds up through our foothills. so certainly as we see firefighters face that wildfire
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going to be watching those winds very carefully. we are also going to be watching out for a chance for rain. southeast colorado could see some showers tomorrow. everybody else is going to be dry. 8:00 in the morning, we are looking at partly cloudy skies here in the denver metro area. as we get closer to 2:00 and 3:00, isolated storms will start to form up through la marks springfield, and holly. one or two of those storms could also pop up in northeast colorado, and there we actually have a very small chance the strong side. there is a marginal risk of severe weather in northeast colorado tomorrow. the biggest threats there are going to be for large hail and damaging winds. overnight tonight we will see lows in the lower to middle 50s, 50s and 60 for our friends on the eastern plains, 30s and 40s for the mountains, middle 50s across the western slope. winds tonight are going to be out of the southwest, 10 to 20 miles per hour so a couple of gusts mere and there. tomorrow, back up to a high of
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off as you head back to work on tuesday. 83 the high with a small chance for an isolated store. we will be in the middle 80s wednesday and thursday with
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martin truex jr. wore a fire ta tonight's nascar race and drove like he was in a hurry to get to abs meeting. steering a throw-back teal ?oao toyota in honor of the 100th anniversary of his sponsor truex passed ryan newman d krauseed to the checke win th darlington, south carolina. it's th?fe second s marty's sui
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>> couldn't rely tehg
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insider mike klis explains on the pages of his notebook, there's no need to fear, underdog is here. &4z= >> reporter: it was one thing fothto be underdogs against carolina in super bowl 50. the panthers were a 17-1 league mvp. cam newton s th the game waws site. but explain to me how the erf?i? >> reporter: s' defense beat cam's the ?vr bowl 24-10. von miller was the mvp, not cam. the game thursday is here in denv?jer. i think brandon pithe it's an a goes. you know what defense wins championship when the media and looks at the offensthoh my god,
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going to beat the kfnumber one defense. that's usually not the se. >> reporter: defense may prevail but the ?f?(marslieve o special teams captain. carlos gonzalez bobblehead day at the rockies. i believe that's called live imitating art. cargo made a spectacular diving catch. the doll can't do. that every time he hit the msba right at rocks lose 8-5. the still of the night comes from darlington where martin truex jr.'s funny insurance salesman racing suit
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the still of the night. >> love it. >> don't they say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. he doesn't want to be the racecar driver. he wants to own the racecar team. >> he just nts to be at the party. he wants to be everywhere. there we go. >> number 78. >> n?kwzy? o. es? >> i don't think so. >> very
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a nine-year-old set out to summit colorado's highest peak this morning. >> but mount elber is only a fraction of what the intoi trying to accomplish. >> it was an had a venture. >> reporter: turner's adventure -- >> it just popped into my head.


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