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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  September 4, 2016 10:30pm-11:01pm MDT

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a nine-year-old set out to summit colorado's highest peak this morning. >> but mount elber is only a fraction of what the intoi trying to accomplish. >> it was an had a venture. >> reporter: turner's adventure -- >> it just popped into my head.
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>> set a record. to be the youngest kid to climb the highest points in all 50 states. >> reporter: he came up with the lofty goal of standing on top of the world with dad. >> i am so proud of him. >> in every state. >> i like climbing a lot, and it's super fun. i get to see nature and hang out with my family and for cancer research, too. >> reporter: yeah, nine-year- old turner has a purpose pqfor weathering the storms of nebraska. >> a storm happens or something happens, we >> reporter: and the tremors in oklahoma kind of. >> it was a bad one. >> reporter: turner is doing this to raise awareness. >> i was diagnosed with non- hodgkin's lymphoma about a year and a half ago. >> reporter: it's a symbolic gesture of sorts. >> i didn't know what cancer was at the time. i thought it was a certain kind of -- like a long, long, very long flu or bug.
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the many peaks life throws at you. >> coming one a goal like that is something most nine-year- olds don't come up with. >> reporter: a year 1/2 later, david is cancer free, back doing what he loves with a son who clearly shares his passion for exploring and spreading awareness about lymphoma. >> yeah, and help other people, too. so they don't have to like lose a family member or like that. >> reporter: another day, another summit. on to the next for the family reminding us all how precious every step and every minute is. >> i don't take anything for granted any more. every day is very important. every day is special. >> reporter: in denver, ryan haarer, 9news. >> certainly quite the pair. the current record for the youngest and fastest to reach the highest peak on all 50
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moniz. he made the climb in 43 days. >> they say the big test will be alaska, more than 20,000 feet. good luck to them. >> absolutely. 9news does continue next with our broncos tonight
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wide open, touchdown denver! >> touchdown denver. >> it's a denver touchdown. >> taylor 35, 30. the big receiver to the 20, 15, 10, 5, touchdown! >> hi everybody and welcome to broncos tonight. drew soicher, rod mackey, mike klis and chad brown on the verge of a super bowl rematch to open the regular season. let's get right to it.
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option for now? >> why don't we go all of the above. i mean, i think that's what he is. time will tell if he is leggett, but he is the best option. that's why mark sanchez is now a dallas cowboy. that's why paxton lynch is watching. that's why they did bring a veteran backup in just in case to help these guys, because between the two of them, no one is throwing an nfl pass. but i think what we've seen so far is this guy is a best option. his teammates love rivera said, i can see why they went with him. >> in some ways he's just the bridge to paxton lynch. but in other ways, siemian, i think his accuracy is better than better than paxton lynch will ever be. i'm not sure paxton lynch will ever be as accurate as trevor siemian. he's more athletic, but siemian can throw with accuracy.
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>> he struggled in that role. >> there are not 32 starting quality quarterbacks in the nfl. so this guy is simply a bridge until paxton lynch is ready halfway through the season. >> so contrasting styles sometimes make for t6the best match-ups. so maybe siemian ancmncam newto are the next tom brady and peyton manning, the next great quarterback rival. they sure do seem like total opposites. >> in siemian you do have a little bit of brady, and tom brady was a sixth round draft pick, didn't play at all his rookie year. no one knew who tom brady was when he went in, in 2001. >> corrects. >> maybe no one knows who trevor siemian. i know i went there, and i shouldn't have gone there, but there is a 7th round draft pick versus a 6th rounder. >> this is not brady-manning. this will be cam newton versus the den very broncos, and trevor siemian happens to be
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will last as quarterback. paxton is waiting in the wings. but maybe we have a rivalry between the broncos and panthers. >> first time in 46 years the same two teams which met in the super bowl kick off the regular season against each other. in what way, if any, that significant, chad? >> as much as coaches love to tell you it's a new '84, a new team, the media, the fans, we all want to go back to last year and talk about last year. so you think panther fans aren't excited about it's significant for us. for the teams, they want to start a new year. they still want to go through last season and see how this rematch turns out. >> what i like is the way the super bowl champion usually starts the season. they always win that first game except of course when the ravens played the broncos but they didn't have home field advantage. >> 46 years ago i'm the only one here who watched that game between, and the rematch, first of all, i watched the super
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then in the opener the next year the vikings pounded the chiefs 27-10. i think the panthers are going to come out hungry in this game. the broncos are going to have that big celebration. i think the panthers are going to be in the locker room when they do all the celebrating, but still, the broncos have what the panthers want. >> so you know, the other three of us are old enough to see that game, too, but only if the crib was pointed in the right direction. >> no, i was there. i can't remember who i was rooting for, but i good that day. >> good stuff. 213 days of waiting. are you ready to kick off the season? the broncos sure are. and after prepping for the panthers for two weeks back in february, they will be more than ready for the super bowl rematch. >> denver broncos are world champions. they have just won super bowl 50. >> seven months. that's how long it's been between the end of the 2015
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the same two teams but despite the fact that they have the rings, the broncos are again the underdog against the panthers. >> i mean, we just thank y'all, the media, espn. it keeps giving us extra motivation. we love that. senate's not surprising but we were pretty much underdogs every game last year, and we walked away with the trophy. so it makes no matter. >> underdog in a super bowl, too. >> yeah. so, you know, i think we work well as underdogs. >> the biggest trevor siemian moving from spectator to starter. >> it's good. i think we're all ex side. we've been waiting a long time to play, so really excited, looking forward to it. it's going to be a great challenge for us. we know how good carolina is and how good they can be, so we'll have our hands full. >> while siemian didn't know for a long time he would start this game, aqib talib didn't know if he would play in it, but he's recovered from that
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>> i'm blessed. i definitely continue to say my prayers every morning and every night. it's definitely a blessing to be able to suit up for this game. >> having been gone for awhile, does it make it more exciting for you? >> just the situation that went on, to be able to put the shoulder pads and the helmet on and run out there with my teammates, it's definitely a blessing. >> broncos released longtime punter britton colquitt in favor of the much cheaper rookie riley dixon this week. of made, might this be the most dangerous one? >> no. bottom line, he's still a punter. so he's not going to affect the game as much. the sanchez one is still interesting, because if siemian does go down and out right off the bat, i don't think paxton is ready. but it's too bad colquitt is gone. he's better than dixon, but it comes down to the mighty dollar. >> dixon made the fans squirm. >> i don't think it's the most dangerous roster move, butts a dangerous one. not the most. if you are going to win the
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your special teams becomes important. if you had 8-yard punts or 18- yard punts to put the team in bad field position, that's going to hurt. you want to win with your defense. field position is important. therefore the punter is very important. >> he's a shoulder, too. >> the broncos have that analytics that we've done some packages on. their analytics say a punter is not worth x amount of salary. so they believe it should be a low salary, one of the lowest on the team, because it doesn't affect the game that much. your offense is one that is going to have some three and outs, i think it's dangerous to back up two basically rookie quarterbacks with a rookie punter. now you have no experience downs one, two, and three, and you have no experience on 4th down, either. so that's why i think it's really dangerous. >> analytics also say that we need to take a commercial break. the last bronco to score a touchdown in the super bowl
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there's an interesting reason why broncos running back c.j. anderson wears the jersey number did he. it's a catch-22 next on broncos
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i like it but i'm not so sure the panthers are actually scared of the broncos. perhaps they should be.
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dominant while c.j. anderson and the rest of the offense expects to be better. game week. been awhile since it's been a real game week for you. you've got to be fired up. >> always fun. we're playing a good team, a really, really good team. it's a good way to kick off the season. it was a good way toned the season, now it's a good way to kick off the season. >> you guys love playing with a chip on yo you've got to believe the panthers are the ones with a chip on their shoulder. >> that's what happens. i think they have a chip on their shoulder to get back to where they want to get to. we still have goals at the end of the day, but the biggest goal is taking care of the biggest game at the time, and that's what this is right now. >> why is it always that teams, players, everyone wants to play with that chip on their shoulder? they don't want to be patted on the back. they would rather be told, you can't do something. why is that? >> i have no idea.
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so used to being told, you can't do it. when you're a kid and you hear about the statistics of making it to the nfl, and you're told, a lot of you ain't going to make it. >> you guys are being told you can't right now, according to vegas. the visitors at mile high more than a field goal favorite in this game. >> there you go. put that chip on your shoulder again. >> hey, that's what it is. vegas knows. that's what they say. we're going to have fun on thursday. >> it was weird seeing davon day out there -- devontae out there today wearing 23. >> he said that was his old ?? college number and he wanted to go back to his old college number. i was number 39 when i got in. 22 running backs was in front of me so when 22 opened up, it was ideal. >> is that why you took 22? >> that's why i took 22. fought anybody i fell in love with. it was because 22 running backs were out there in front of me. >> it goes back to that chip on
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>> trevor siemian is going to be in the huddle. this is a rookie quarterback for the most part. he was here last year but he was behind broc, behind peyton. but it seems like you guys after ton of confidence. >> that's because he has a ton of confidence in himself. when you see him carry himself, the way he prepares, he can spin the ball, he can also throw. it's not like he can't throw. but the confidence he has in himself. >> there's even more shoulders this year. devontae has been good, but he's still a rookie. capri, he's been on the practice scwaw.d lot more on 22. >> i just want to have fun. i feel like i approached training camp in the correct way. i'm not going to put no more pressure on myself. the goal is to play well. and everybody should feel that way. now the fact that things changes and people say, hey, more on you or more on this,
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with me that i can count object. i can count on devontae. i can count on cody. i can count on benny. i can count on my teammates. there's no one out there having more fun and doing what i do best. >> go get them. >> i eel put some pressure on him. i think c.j. anderson has to be much more productive for the broncos to have a chance at repeating. >> i think if this team is going to come back and repeat as super bowl champs it has to be not quite historically good agn be top five good on defense. and trevor siemian will have to play better than most of the national people would don't know him, have to play better than people think. >> he will also have to do what they have emphasized all preseason and that is not make turnovers. i know that defense is great. and they were timely. i think the defense is going to be close to would they were, but they made the big plays at the big times, and i think that's going to be tough. >> coach kubiak's mantra is
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you can't live on what did you last year. you can't just fast forward through the season and find yourself back in the super sphwhee. the season begins on thursday on 9 news. thanks for staying up late. 9news at 10:00 continues rate after a photo finish.
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a replica of the city, anyway. today is the 350th anniversary of the great fire. it was the grand finale of the festival commemorating the great fire. >> the fire raged for four days and destroyed much of the city of london at the time. only six people are reported to have lost their lives, but apparently over 80,000 people were made homeless. >> it took more and 90 people to build london 1666. and up close it almost looks so real. >> absolutely. so tomorrow a big holiday. lots of people have plans outdoors. >> go for it. it's going to be such a great afternoon. >> barbecues, yeah. >> it will be perfect. dry skies is what we're expecting. if you live in southeast colorado you may see an isolated storm or two, but highs near 90. we'll get a little cooler as
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we will take it. becky, thank you. we'll be back with 9news
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