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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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brought in to help fight a wildfire burning in larimer county. it only took a few hours for the starwood fire to spread to 300 acres by sunday afternoon. the fire is burning northwest of fort collins near red feather lakes. flames threaten around 30 structures - and one subdivision was their own will. crews have the fire ten percent contained. the cause is under investigation. good morning.... im corey rose here with gary this morning. marty- we're expecting some windy weather that could cause the starwood fire to spread?
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increasing concern over what caused saturday's earthquake in oklahoma. the quake matched the strongest-ever to hit that state. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with more. tarhonda-- some are blaming this all on "fracking." that's right. the u-s geological survey released "this" map-- in march. "it" shows areas that their experts say are more prone to earthquakes-- because of fracking. and-- look-- right here... one of those high-risk areas... north-central oklahoma... right where saturday's earthquake struck. the five-point-six magnitak hit the small town of pawnee, oklahoma.. destroying several buildings. but reports say the quake could be felt as far-away as illinois. fracking is seen as a more efficient drilling technique-- but not without its controversy. now that the u-s- g-s has linked fracking to earthquakes... you can bet there will be even more debate. in fracking-- wastewater is pumped into the ground at high pressure to extract oil. today-- oklahoma regulators have shut down 37 wastewater wells connected to oil and gas
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according to our partners at u-s-a today-- some parts of oklahoma are now as earthquake-prone as northern california. one region in oklahoas chance of damaging earthquakes ub 20- 16. new this morning a woman is dead after getting hit by a truck in aurora. police say a truck slammed into the victim near montview boulevard and north dayton street and drove off. police say when they got to the scene they found her laying in the road in the middle of the intersection. the woman was rushed to the hospital where she later died. the driver was eventually caught and taken into custody. colfax is back open this morning after a deadly motorcycle crash. the accident shut down colfax at i-25. we're checking to find out who died in the crash. d-p-d is investigating. a man accused of murdering a woman
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westminster police are looking for this man... 31- year-old jarred strenge. he is wanted for second degree homicide in connection with a murder saturday night. police found a woman shot to death on 70-th place. strenge has several warrants out for his arrest - and police say he should be considered dangerous. anyone with information is asked to call westminster police. you can also leave an anonymous tip with crime stoppers. morgan county deputies say a body that was found just north of wiggins is being investigated as a homicide. the victim was found around 8:30 sunday morning... in the area of road 4 and highway 34. his body was in a row of trees. investigators aren't releasing any other details at this time and have said they don't believe anyone in the area is in any danger. c c-u boulder police are warning students to be on alert after two sexual asasults in boulder this weekend. on sunday, a woman says she was walking in the underpass near broadway and college avenue. that's when she
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the woman says the accused attacker was a heavy set man with curly dark hair and was wearing a baggie hoodie. if you know anything about this, please call9 c-u boulder police the other attack in boulder happened on saturday. boulder police say a man who resembles this sketch broke into a woman's home near c-u on colorado avenue. the woman says she was asleep on a couch and woke up to a man trying to sexually assult her. the suspect was possibly wearing glasses, and could've taken off in a gold or silver s-u-v. police have increased patrols in the area. if you recognize this man, call police or crime stoppers. the douglas county sheriff's office says a detective shot in the line of duty is showing signs of progress in his recovery.. detective dan brite was responding to a call about an armed suicidal man near sierra middle school. investigators say randall rodick shot brite - and fled in an r-v - while continuing to fire at deputies. detective brite is in critical condition. rodick was shot
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officer near parker adventist hospital. if you want to help naon the also nd fallen officers fund - or a gofundme set up by brite's family. we have information for both - with this story - on 9news dot com. new this morning. the mesa county sheriff's office is investigating an officer involved shooting that left a man in grand junction dead. police tell us, a woman called 9-1-1 saying her husband had several knives and she was scared for the safety of her children. officers showed mobile home park. some sort confrontation broke out and shots were fired. the man died. no one else was hurt. they were once rivals in the race for the white house. but today, bernie sanders will be out rallying voters for hillary clinton in new hampshire. it's the first time he's hitting the campaign trail for the democratic nominee. donald trump was out attempting to woo african american voters this week. this as clinton is
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nb-c-'s tracie potts explains. a model of holiness. mother teresa is now saint teresa. this just 19 years after her death. mother teresa was canonized by pope francis in front of a crowd of thousands in rome. although she might always be known as
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holiness. mother teresa is now saint teresa. this just 19 years after her death. mother teresa was canonized by pope francis in front of a crowd of thousands in rome. although she might always be known as "mother" her newly bestowed title is saint teresa of calcutta. for those unable to make the trip to the vatican ... the denver archdiocese held a special celebration for the newest saint. every pew and every aisle at st. joseph's church in denver were filled with people honoring the new saint.. st. teresa of
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late 1980s and announced she would send nuns to colorado from the missionaries of charity --- the order she founded. four nuns from india are currently living in denver and working with homeless women in the area.
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creeping up on us. but some think the jackolanterns and the christmas trees are out in stores way too early. so what's the rush? we'll have the meaning behind the
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it may be labor day
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out.... every year seems like the holidays come earlier than the last. n-b-c's chris clackkum explains why this christmas creep keeps happening. healing old wounds. history oks te us that some
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us that some settlers in america did horrible things to are struggling just to survive. we'll talk about the 350-mile journey these riders are doing in hopes of making a difference. drive about six hours northeast
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hours northeast of denver and you'll reach one of the poorest places in the country. it's the pine ridge indian reservation in south dakota --a wounded place where families struggle to survive poverty, unemployment and alcoholism. in our storytellers segment... 9news reporter noel brennan and photojournalist mike grady take us on a ride to the reservation. a place of hardship, trust and hope.
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organized the horseback ride from boulder to pine ridge. they recently dropped off donations of clothing, kitchen appliances, building materials and more. the belt family
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zoo atlanta has announced that giant panda lun lun gave birth to twins saturday morning. it is the panda's second pair of twins... and the cubs are the sixth and seventh giant pandas born at the zoo. officials say the public will be able to meet the cubs in either december of this year or january of next year.
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can you eat? how about scarfing down 188-wings in 12 minutes? champion, over- eater joey chestnut did it at the15-th annual national chicken wing festival. and it's seems fitting the competition was held in buffalo on sunday. the festival got spicy when it came down to the last bite. chestnut only won by 11-wings. this made it his closest win in recent years. here's what's coming up at 5-am 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick isn't the only athlete taking a knee during the national anthem ... the soccer star that is now also saying the american flag does not protect her liberties... coming up. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover this morning.
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road and kills the rider. what police know about the crash so far... fast moving flames near red feather lakes... as a fire continues to spread... structures are threatened and evacuations are in place. and a fun day at civic center park -- but not so fun for drivers trying to get around the area. traffic reports live fth of colorado... good morning and happy monday- hope youre enjoying your labor day holiday. i'm corey rose with gary shapiro meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- for anyone that has today off... it's going to be a nice hot one. denver weather is looking great


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