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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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eastern boulder, a guy enjoying kayaking over the course of the weekend. a lot of people out and about today. taste of colorado going on right down the road at civic center park. topping out near 90, late this afternoon. so a lot of those snow cone stands and cool drinks should be pretty popular today. rain and thunderstorms have moved to the north and east of us today. upper midwest is where we're going to see most of the severe weather, however, southeastern colorado, may see a few thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening, especially towards lamar, east, and surrounding areas, not a tremendous amount of rain anticipated, but some strong wind is possible with these storms and some locally large hail. the highest risk for severe thunderstorms will be in northeastern nebraska, up through the midwest, but we do have the marginal risk that stretches down from burlington through cheyenne, wells and all
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we will be watching that through the afternoon. there will not be any thunderstorms around here today. a sunny day for you. a rapid assent into the upper 80s, we will spend most of the afternoon tomorrow, cooler air is on the way. and a chance for storms returns. i'll detail that in a few moment, but i just mentioned the taste of colorado and that's where amelia is this morning. >> yes, it will be busy out here, thanks, marty. over the course of the labor day weekend, ove people are expected to head down here to civic center park, and with 30,000 parking spots available to everyone in the area, right downtown, those numbers don't always work out, consider some at nalt options, ride a bike down and lock it up for free. or use public transportation. buses and light rail as well as that 316 street mall ride can get you closer. the street closures across our side streets, we will see
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down. colfax and bannock. the side streets are going to load up fast. doors open at 10:30. the rest of the drive, quiet for now, but incredibly busy later on. of course, a lot of folks use labor day as an opportunity to get up to the mountains and you know, get out and enjo i the slightly cooler -- enjoy the slightly cooler weather. expected to get incredibly heavy as we head back towards 3:00 this afternoon, we should be just past the peak, so plan ahead, and make sure to try and avoihe long holiday weekend. hey, good morning, everybody. i'm out here at taste of colorado, it's still dark out here, isn't it, amelia and i hanging out. but it will be packed with people later on today. i want to bring in the downtown
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much for waking up early with us. >> it's labor day. >> one last day to get to the family out here and enjoy. a lot of people have the day off. what's on tap for today? >> we have great things on tap for today. we have shepherd and grainger smith, so two awesome bands that you don't want to miss. but today is a lot about families, we're in the kids zone. >>reporter: we are in the kids zone. >> they aren't here yet. >>reporti today. you guys are focused on family-friendly activities. >> we have the carnival rides and the kids love that. we have crafts. >>reporter: come out here and get your arts on. >> absolutely, enjoy free activities. there are over 50 bands, something for everyone. 50 -- 50 restaurants, good for the kids. but we have great opportunities to try out some instruments, some big oversized instruments.
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those to people later on. those are cool. >> kids will love it. there's all types of entertainment. >>reporter: you can learn how to juggle, beat box, you can make your own little guitar here. seriously. >> who knew? >>reporter: whether it's music, crafts, whether it is food, because the kids are kind of picky when it comes to that. so tour around all of the different booths and see what your kids like. maybe spoil them a bit today. >> the weather will be amazing and it's a great crowd and a friendly activitys and great food. >>reporter: how do you keep this going every year, it's this huge production that gets better and better. >> well, every year, it gets better and better because the community loves it and it's a great way for families to come and spend a way, not have to spend a lot of money, there's so many things that they can do that don't cost anything. so you know, we just keep building on what the community is calling for. >>reporter: you guys are doing a
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we come every year. corey, the next half hour, we might get the beat box on, i don't know how to beat box, i think somebody will teach he how to do that. again, we're the only ones out here now, but you know it will get so busy in just a few hours. >> going to be a great day for taste of colorado for sure. colleen, thank you. it's 5:35 now, new this morning, a woman is dead after e shfs hit by a truck in aurora. police say a truck slammed into the woman and then drove off. police say when they got to the scene, they found the road. she was rushed to the hospital where she later died. colfax avenue is back open after the denver police were investigating a fatal accident there. the police tell us that that crash did involve a motorcycle. our photographer who was on the scene could only get near, the accident further down the street, we don't have any information right now on exactly what happened, but we will let you know. the police do want your help
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calling extremely dangerous. police in westminster are looking for 31-year-old jared strang, he is wanted in connection to a murder on saturday night, when officers say they found a woman shot to death in the 4200 block of 70th place. he has several warrants out for his arrest, anyone with information is asked to call westminster police, you can also leave an anonymous tip with "crime stoppers" and could earn a reward. doctors say they're making promising progress in treetsing a police officer -- treating a police officer after in the line of duty, he is in critical condition this morning. the douglas county sheriff's office says 40-year-old randall -- fired at detective dan bright in parker on friday. they tell us that the deputies were responding to call about an armed suicidal man. he fled in an rv. the deputies caught up and shot and killed him. the douglas county sheriff's office says they have seen an outpouring of support for his
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are planning fundraisers to support and help his family pay some bills, people who want to help can send donations to the fallen officers found or a gofundme site that has been set up by the bright family. you can check out links to both of those at as hillary clinton heads to ohio today, her former opponent is holding his first solo event campaign for her, bernie sanders will speak about clinton's economic plan at high school in new hampshire. make sure that donald trump does not become president. >> either hillary clinton or donald trump is going to become president of the united states and there is no question to my mind, that hillary clinton is far and away the superior candidate. >> the e-mail controversy is overshadowing, the majority of americans disagree where the fbi's decision not to indict
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today. he is still trailing clinton in most polls, even further among black voter, trump up by 1 point nationwide. he made his first campaign visit to an african-american church this weekend, in an effort to try to get more minority votes. >> i fully understand that the african-american community is suffering from discrimination. and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. >> but donald trump is also having problemsai are trying to clarify his stance on immigration. advisor rudie giuliani says sit actually migrants with criminal records and then, the nominee will look at other options for others who are in the country illegally. and his running mate mike pence says their plan so the immediately suspend immigration from any country that has been compromised by terrorism.
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fact, with the dry august that we had, still abnormally dry for the front range, stretching down towards liamen and worse when you get into western south dakota they have moderate to extreme drought there. i want to focus in northern colorado, we do have the star wood fire, up near the red feathered lakes area, and it's going to be extremely windy in that part of the state today. 25-45 mile an hour s. high terrain, dropping down into the 20s, so that's a challenging day for firefighters battling that fire. it's over 300 acres. >> spreads so fast. >> yeah. all right. thank you. we all learned that in science class, earthquakes happen on fault lines, why is there an increased number of quakes in oklahoma? experts say it's huzen caused. -- human caused. still ahead. and to be the youngest kid to climb the highest points in all 50 states.
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breaking a record isn't his own
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right now, the denver police department says they're working on a crash involving a car and a pedestrian at 19th and chestnut, this is a live look at the area as the photographer just got on the scene there. right now, the police are describing it as serious, but they haven't released any other details. you can see a lot of police activity still in the area with crime scene tape there. we will update you more about this situation. right away, you can tell this was something different. >> it was the biggest one i've ever felt. >> it was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake, that was centered in oklahoma. but felt across several states. including eastern colorado. the question is if fracking caused that quake to hit the center of the country? 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas has been looking into this.
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in earthquakes in that region. >>reporter: oklahoma saw 2 quakes a year that were larger than a 3.0 magnitude and last year that number was up to 890 quakes. north-central oklahoma is on this map, right here, as the high risk area. and that's where the quake hit. the reason the usgs blames fracking is because of inapologeticing waste water into the earth. in oklahoma, hit that area they identified as high risk. they mapped out the areas in march of this year, the first time they have included human induced earthquakes in the earthquake outlook. oklahoma ordered a cut back of waste water injecting site this
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since saturday's quake. the american petroleum institute released a report saying there is a low risk. this weekend's earthquake in oklahoma is renewing that debate. corey. >> i'm sure. tarhonda, thank you. tropical storm hermine continues to cause problems on the east coast, including new jersey, long and southern new england, the storm is crawling up the atlantic. it could produce surges and the winds have already started to erode some beaches. beach goers have been told to stay out of the water. >> w our granddaughter and everything was flat. and now, today, there's a couple already. >> we're here for another week, so what are we going to do now for another week? we have no beach. >> look at the winds, hermine will move out of the area on tuesday night. you have just one more day to make the drive up to mount evan, they will close the top five mile segment on tuesday. from summit lake the day after
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october. >> it seeps like that just opened. this 9-year-old is climbing his way to a new record. he's climbing the highest peak in every state. turner thought of the idea himself. and he's doing it with his dad. but he's also doing it for a good cause. >> i like climbing a lot and it's super fun, and i get to see nature and hang out with my family. and for cancer research, too. >> yeah. absolutely. turn d nosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma a year and a half ago. david is cancer-free. but that hadn't stopped the pair from climbing to help others out. >> i don't take anything for granted anymore. every day is very important. every day is special. >> that's so great, for a great cause and also giving them a lot of time together. >> that's a goal, awesome. colin kaepernick said he didn't stand for the national
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minorities. >> another athlete is joining his cause, fighting injustices for another group that is oppressed. we'll talk about who is joining colin kaepernick, taking a knee, coming up. let's check in with marty. >> we had good sized thunderstorms around the area yesterday. especially northeastern colorado. and the area identified as a potential r severe weather spot. fort morgan, some moderate to heavy hail there. and there is color see that. the ground cover in summit county, we will have the usually -- folks ask me this, when will the aspens peak this year, it's the 3-4 week of september. it varies by 3-4 day, but not that much. in the 50s and 60s, pushing 90 degrees by later this afternoon.
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minority oppression came to public notice when he stayed seat against green bay. sxhe safety eric reid kneeled during the anthem during a game against the charger. the broncos have voted and named their captain, were demaryius thomas on offense, outside linebacker, demarcus ware on defense and corner bake webster as the special teams captain. the next game is this thursday's regular season openersu carolina panthers, a super bowl rematch, marty, everyone looking forward to the first game. >> you know what? i'm going to look up as soon as i'm done doing this, i'm going to look up the forecast for down there, get an away forecast for thursday evening. thunderstorms going on in the upper midwest, nothing doing in colorado yet, we could see some storms in the southeast corner of the state, dry around here through the day, it is hazy and humid from greeley to the north and east, it will burn off, we
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day, especially -- windy day, especially in and near foothills. a holiday bike ride, lit be gust di -- it will gusty at the base of the foothills. especially this afternoon, the wind is going to kick up between 10-22 miles per hour. so very gusty day for us with 80s to near 90 degrees today with 70s in for mountains and foothills. burn off the haze over the northeast early this morning, have a chance for thunderstorms in the southeast in and then also, for the nebraska panhandle, especially along and north of interstate 80 during the day. watch out for a bit of haze and gusty wind in southeastern colorado afteren extremely warm day, the afternoon storms. 80s to 90 around here with 70s and 80s in the mountains today. along and east of the continental divide, windy, including here, over 20 miles per hour, with a high near 09, the wind calms down, drops down into the low 50s tonight. there's a front coming through
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small chance for a storm tomorrow, high closer to 80. after some morning fog, we jump back into the mid and upper 80s for two days before a late weak frofrt comes back in on -- front comes back in on friday. amelia, you and a half a million of your closest friends will be downtown today. >>reporter: there's a traffic forecast. cdot as well as the projects of the go i-70 project, only through downtown and the i 70 corridor. this is one of the last heavy pushes of traffic before we head into the holiday season, as well as out to the west. so we're going to start out by talking about the i-70 drive, peak hours today across to cdot, stretch between 11:30 in the morning until 4:00 p.m. and all of the traffic delays should taper off by 9:00 tonight. so as you plan your day, think
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though the express lanes will are functioning and they're a great way to help avoid the delays, they don't eliminate the slow downs. back here in the city, a look to the taste of colorado map. down throughout the weekend, we're talking friday, saturday, sunday, and today, being monday, the major street closures are broadway, lincoln, kol fox, 14th fun, so many different ways to enjoy the wrap-up of the labor day weekend. so if you are headed down, corey, it will be a busy one. you may want to bike, walk, or take that very much free 16th street mall ride down across town. >> we all know it gets very crowded, very quickly out there. all right. amelia, thank you. crowded day on the roads and a crowded down on the boulder creek, not with people, crowded with rubber duckys.
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ies. what's going on in boulder today, still ahead. it is 5:56, it's a race like no other, the rubber ducky race at the hometown festival in boulder today. they let thousands of rubber ducks go swimming down the creek at 4:00 this afternoon, video from last year. the race benefits the park and
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it's a nice, calm swim for the ducks down the river. >> it was memorial day when they were supposed to be released. >> it's always fun. check out the duck race. that's it for 9 news at 5:00
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this is 9 news. from 3 acres to 300 ache ners just a -- acres in just a day, a fast-growing mild fire in larimer county. trying to protect nearly 3 dozen hopes. >> keeping the controversy in
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kneels down during the national anthem. good morning, the taste of colorado continues on this labor day, so many people are going to be out here, and this modern, i'm giving you a taste of what it's all about. and thank you much, right now, the denver police are on the scene of a hit-and-run downtown, at 19th and chestnut, this is a live look from that scene right now. it left at least one person with very serious injuries. and at this of what the suspect vehicle may look like, or the condition of the person who was hit, but obviously, we'll try to get an update and bring you that information as soon as we can. well, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, gary, corey, marty, in 29 news backyard, a -- the 9 news backyard, a pleasant morning. >> the lack of light. >> i'm never out this early, outside, at least, i was surprised it is still dark. >> we have another almost 30 minutes to wait before it starts


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