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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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the colorado/wyoming border. it spread to 300 acres since yesterday afternoon near red feather lakes in larimer county. crews do have it 10% contained. the sheriff's office sent voluntary evacuation notices to dozens of people living in the mill creek subdivision. >> approximately 30 structures were threatened. thankfully there been no reports of damage and no reports of injuries. >> deputies are asking that people who decide to evacuate put a towel or sheet on their house that's road. tonight at 6:30 the sheriff's office will update the community at a meeting at the livermore community church. that area of colorado is considered abnormally dry by the u.s. drought monitor. higher humidity did help them today. the fire is slowly moving toward the northwest. park rangers believe they found the body of a hiker from denver who went missing in grand teton national park in wyoming. during a flight last night they discovered a body matching the description of 21-year-old rene
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mount owen. dreiling had a summer job at the grand teton company and was reported missing friday when he didn't show up for work. over the weekend about 100 people helped search the area where dreiling said he planned to climb early in the week. rangers will try to recover the body if the weather coopts. a douglas county -- cooperates. a douglas county detective was shot responding to a call about an armed suicidal man at a parker home. promising progress in brite. however, his progress has not changed. the suspect was shot and killed. the rodick family said they would like to extend their deepest sympathies to the detective dan brite and his family and all those who experienced pain and suffering caused by the events in parker on friday. on we have a story about ways people can donate to the detective's family. breathe's wife also works for the sheriff's office -- brite's
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sheriff's office. last night the focus was put on a new ncaa rule la allows replay officials to review -- that allows replay officials to review helmet to helmet hits. the purpose is to protect players from concussions and possible permanent brain damage. in this case no penalty was called and no player was ejected. 9news reporter whitney wild now. >> with all the emphasis on player safety, it's a surprise they didn't give this a look. as you said, the new rule is meant to enhance player safety and to give officials more flexibility in reviewing what's really a very dangerous play, but the failure to take even a second look has experts surprised and notre dame's coach pretty upset. even from afar this helmet to helmet hit looked brutal. the bell ringer sent notre dame wide receiver torii hunter, jr. out of sunday's game in the 3rd quarter. officials were silent on the
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>> had lost torii hunter to a blow to the head, you know, it wasn't even reviewed which just doesn't make any sense to me. >> starting this year the ncaa is allowing replay officials to take a second look at targeting if the onfield officials miss it. targeting means a 15-yard penalty and the offending player gets tossed. >> it's unfortunate that it wasn't officiated or reviewed in a manner that i thought it should have been. >> reporter: what kind of discussions did you have the officials? >> heated. >> usa today reporter steve berkowitz says targeting is a tough call in such a fast game. >> it could be missed by the onfield refs, but now that they introduced this additional player into it, i think it's surprising they didn't look at it. >> reporter: players were ejected for targeting over the weekend. he said there are several reasons behind the new rule, foremost player safety, making it all the more strange officials didn't at least
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>> it questions the credibility of the refs and how well they're doing their jobs. >> that will be the big question. today notre dame coach brian kelly told reporters he sent that clip to the acc. that conference provided the officials on the field. the conference confirmed that likely probably should have been a targeting call. the replay official was from the big 12. so the acc and big 12 will have to work out between berkowitz says an official can be glynned for bad or missed call -- disciplined for bad or missed calls. president obama arrived in laos this morning for a historic visit as the first sitting u.s. president to visit the asian country. the president plans to acknowledge damage caused by a u.s. bombing campaign across the border during the vietnam war.
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killings of u.s. drug dealers. the president did not think their meeting would be productive. earlier today the president was asked to weigh in on colin kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem. >> my understanding is at least he's examiner sizing his constitutional right to make a statement. i think there's a long history of sports figures doing so. i think there are a lot of ways >> kaepernick has been facing heavy criticism because of his decision to silent protest. he says it's not anti-american but a way to bring attention to racial injustice and police brutality. a police union in santa clara, california, said officers may boycott patrolling the 49ers stadium because it creates a hostile work environment. soccer player megan rapinoe is in kaepernick's camp. tweets last night showed she took a knee when the anthem
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she said as a gay american she know s what it is to look at the flag -- knows what it is to look at the flag and have it not protect all of her liberties. both presidential candidates were in the state of ohio. from there donald trump headed to a local fair to talk about job growth with supporters and told reporters that will primary message from here on out. hillary clinton attacked trump's immigration speech in arizona last week while speaking to her supporters at a picnic. she had to deal with a coughing fit. both candidates left journalists under their private planes which was a first for clinton's camp. three weeks from tonight nbc news will host the first of three presidential debates. from delaware to massachusetts people are feeling the effects of tropical storm hermine. high waves, rip tides, strong gusts. this labor day some people
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from the shores. as the storm moves north new york and rhode island could see rain and flooding. since hermine made landfall in florida friday it has now been blamed for three deaths. yesterday mother teresa was declared a saint. today marks the 19th anniversary of her death. more than 100,000 people filled st. peter's square for sunday's canonization mass. celebrations continued today with the st. teresa of calcutta feast. mother teresa will also be referred gutters for her work with the destitute and dying in india, the poorest of the poor as she would call them. in western colorado cdot closed i-70 in both directions between rulison and parachute because of a wildfire just west of rifle. we don't know when cdot will reonly the road. there will be traffic delays for drivers headed back from the front range. a steady stream of cars began making their way back
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afternoon. 30 minute delays on eastbound i- 70 from the johnson eisenhower tunnel in denver. tomorrow cdot will close the road to the top of mount evans. every year after labor day cdot typically closes the top 5-mile segment, mount evans highway to summit lake from the top. the road from echo to summit lake will stay open the rest of the month. scientists from colorado have a role could help prevent a doomsday situation. >> when a little girl began
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a labor day tradition got off to a late start today in colorado springs. wind delayed the final day of the labor day liftoff. the balloons got up about an hour later. the event kicked off saturday with balloon launches every morning through today. earthlings landed the first unmanned spaceship on mars back in 1971. now nasa is about to try something completely different. th an astroid to bring part of it back to earth. the ocyrus x spacecraft launched and has a team of scientists including cu researchers. >> reporter: this spacecraft is about to undertake a mission never attempted before by nasa, travel to an astroid, collect a sample and bring it back to
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three seconds where we collect our sample and then go back into orbit around the astroid and steal that sample and bring it home. >> reporter: that astroid is this one discovered back in 1999. every six years it makes a close approach to earth which the ocirus rex spacecraft will use to its advantage. it will launch towards venu in hopes of learning more about it and in the beginnings of solar system. >> people are very excited and actually getting a sample of such a primitive astroid. >> reporter: dan sharra head up the working group for ocyrus x. >> we send radio signals to the spacecraft wherever it is in the solar system. >> reporter: venu is about the
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in the year 2150. the sample collected by ocyrus rex could help determine what it's made of and how strong it is and if a police station to deflect venu might be needed. >> those are crucial bits of information if we actually needed to carry out a mission to try to push it out of the way. >> reporter: answers the spacecraft might be able to provide when it eventually returns toette. maya rodriguez, 9news. >> ocyrus rex will cot earth and drop a capsule with the astroid sample in the utah desert by 2023. by then the spacecraft will have traveled 4.4 billion miles. a new study suggests doctors are spending more screen time at a computer than face time with patients. they found every hour doctors spend with a patient they spend nearly two hours on electronic health records and clerical work. researchers from the american medical association tracked the
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physicians spent another one to two hours each night of personal time catching up on clerical work. researchers are working on ways to reduce the administrative end of the job. mother did know best in the case of a boy whose mom encouraged him to take a cpr test. 12-year-old kyle crider said he wasn't too excited about the class at first. a few weeks later he knew exactly what to do when his 9- year-old sister started ch car. >> i turned to my mom and said i got this and then i pulled my sister out of her seat and performed the heimlich maneuver. >> kyle will receive commendation from the ambulance district that offered the free cpr class. he also gets to be an honorary heimlich instructor. don't know what that entails, but he is one. >> absolutely incredible story. after a warm holiday weekend a bit of a cooldown is on the way. >> how much cooler and the
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forecast for the workweek. >> reporter: ahead tonight millions under a crops warning as hermine stalls off the -- tropical storm warning as hermine stalls off the northeast bringing high wind. >> the unofficial summer also the beginning of weeks of frenzied campaigning before election day. both hillary clinton and donald trump taking aim in battleground ohio today and taking questions. >> and their mother worried every day that her two grown sons would die from their addiio years later, all when we see
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hi. welcome back. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine in the 9news backyard enjoying a beautiful summer day on this labor day where we got to enjoy a taste of summer, temperatures in the 90s and quiet weather for us on this holiday monday. how about th i'm tracking a cool front that will be here tomorrow, time for back to work and school, changes in the weather but not tonight other than the wind. pretty nice out there, close to 90. we'll trend downward a bit heading into the 7:00 hour. if you have an outdoor barbecue planned, looking good for you. signs in the high country the leaves are beginning to change. 92 today in denver, 98 pueblo, 99 degrees in lamar. winds have been kicking up, a
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concerns -- a little erratic this afternoon, concerns of high fire danger, low humidity values and 90s. where we sit now at dia winds gusty out of the south and 11% humidity value. it is awful nice in downtown denver. here in the 9news backyard 90 degrees, hard to complain about that. there is not a lot to show you for change on the radar. we're tracking some heavy thunderstorms across the southwest where a flash flood watch has been posted, a little motu and that darn hermine is still creating issues. they had to close some beaches with the outer bands creating issues and now post tropical hermine has winds 70 and 80 miles per hour. there's more wind and rain for those trying to travel in and out of boston, new york, philadelphia, can be kind of nasty in the next24 hours. here we have a weak front
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spark an isolated storm tomorrow. omaha and minneapolis is where the hail and wind and real travel issues will be tomorrow and this cool pool of air to the north of us, we'll look for temperatures close to 80 tomorrow along the front range. tonight we're tracking a couple high-based storms in the southeast corner of the state, but quiet till midmorning. those of you heading out i-76 tomorrow morning will head into that. i don't think it makes it into denver. you play want to you have an early morning flight because of the fog issue. then we go sunny. a little push of moisture on the southwest flow tomorrow. the big friend is really less wind and cooler. 34 in kremmling tonight, 56 grand junction, 57 in denver. high temperatures tomorrow will be toasty. the red flag warning may be reinstated after it cancels out tonight at 7:00 because the numbers are starting to creep up again especially in southeastern colorado. it took all day for that front
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cooling trend. so in the metro area tonight a little wind, not a bad night, our low at 57. tomorrow sunshine, a quick warm- up, but that front comes rolling in and we'll be about 10 degrees cooler in the afternoon. isolated thunderstorms use and wednesday, but a wonderful forecast when our broncos take the field sday, a little cooler friday and a good looking forecast coming up for next weekend. hey, on a monday, even a holiday, who isn't thinking about next weekend? >> we do on sunday. that starts the new right? so that's when you start thinking about the next weekend. broncos star linebacker von miller explains why he might look a little different this year. >> and the giants decide to intentionally walk nolan
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. broncos linebacker von miller
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want different? what if we want the exact same von? miller only played a few snaps in the entire preseason, but that was more than enough to see he's still the most dominant player on the best defense in the nfl. however, the super bowl mvp said you might notice something different about him when the carolina panthers come to town thursday. >> just a different type of fun. it's just a different focus than what i had last year. my role ha from what it was last y accountable to my teammates and coaching stuff. i'm not dropping everything, but my focus is on carolina. >> broncos are listed as three- point underdogs. >> what? >> we're live. 9news broncos insider mike klis is at team headquarters. let's play klis and tell. got to be the first time the defending super bowl champs aren't favored opening the season at home. how do you figure? >> reporter: well, it's all
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mvp, against trevor siemian, an unknown. the oddsmakers don't know what to make of trevor siemian. the broncos opened as the favorites and really all this changed since then was that mark sanchez was struggling and might get beat out and that's when the line changed from the broncos being a favorite to three-point underdog. remember again last year peyton manning fading, cam newton a great year. the panthers were favored. in 2013 the broncos were seahawks. defense is never the reason to be favored. it's always about the quarterback and the offense. >> seems like the nfl always tries to kick off the season with a super bowl rematch, but it hasn't happened in 46 years. >> reporter: yeah. and i'm proud to say th i watched that game 46 years ago, the minnesota vikings did beat the kansas city chiefs to
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look at the broncos schedule, it's kind of how it fell. they always rotate divisions of the opposite conference who you can play. really the only other choice would have been houston and brock osweiler, but that would have been more about what the broncos lost, not what the broncos won which was super bowl 50. >> good point. maybe that's why the broncos are underdogs because the vikings won that rematch 46 years ago. thanks, mike. the san francisco giants intentionally walked n carlos gonzalez today. [ laughter ] as you might imagine imagine, that didn't turn out so well. >> high back in center field, way back and gone. >> that's what i'm talking about, cargo's sixth career grand slam busted the game wide open. former jesuit pitcher ty block
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denver and tossed three shutout innings. roccos win 6-0. panthers quarterback cam newton is already in mid-season form which is terrible news for reporters in carolina. miller has been grumpy ever since he got embarrassed by the broncos in super bowl 50 and even though that was seven months ago cam's mood hasn't changed all this much. >> schedule came out. you heard you're opening up on thursday night and it's going to be at denver. what did you think? >> thursday night game at denver. >> that's where your game >> does it really matter? >> versus this week. >> i don't think it does. >> denver on thursday night take some of the sting out of the super bowl? >> no. we'll just be 1-0. >> in that moment new season ahead what's going to be going through your mind? >> i really can't wait. we get 60 minutes. we don't get to see you guys. >> so he started you might recall last year, the whole happy i'm just the most joyous
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care what anyone else thinks and when he lost and walked out of his postgame press conference of the super bowl, he was a self-proclaimed sore loser. i guess if you're a panthers fan, you're happy he's still acting like a jerk because he's a fantastic player. i think the whole joy happy thing is a total act. it's not a genuine joy like magic johnson, for instance. >> kind of like i felt when the
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tonight, holiday storm warnings. millions still at risk as powerful winds and life threatening rip currents from hermine close beaches on much of the east coast. and the new hurricane threat forming tonight. close encounter, donald trump and hillary clinton's planes within yards of ground and kick off a unofficial homestretch of the campaign. . speaking out thparents of a toddler speaking out after their child was killed at disney world. speaking out on a day filled with emotion. president obama warns of a potential cyber arms race after a meeting with


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