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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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>> when people are trying to harvest peaches or, you know, any of the agrucultural harvests, they are on a in the edge of profitability. an awful lot of farmers in colorado will have a good plentiful crop and price will be so low they will not be able to break even. >> you think $12 makes sense, maybe metro-- >> it was kind of presented is a possible compromise that for whatever reason when this was g that. also the tip credit, in most restaurants, not fast food places, but restaurantwise waiters and wait-- restaurants with waiters, the highest paid, sometimes higher than managers is tips. they get tips, instead of allowing the tip cred toot grow the way it-- credit to grow the way it has, saying the tip credit will stay as it is. i haven't made up my mind on it
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>> the governor's conversation with brandon rittiman. whatever the wage, americans are working harder and longer according to sevroom surveys-- several surveys, 41% didn't take a single vacation day in 2014, those who did, 55% didn't use all of the paid time off last year. on top of that, we can't unplug, even when we do get off work. 35% adults say internet and cell phones make them work more. we hope you are off work this weekend, and unplugged. all right, time to again, is the a-line working today? you know the train to the plane sometimes, yes, today it is fully functional. great news on a day when we expect a lot of people to be returning from trips or leaving denver after the holiday weekend. absolutely no one should be surprised it was a busy day on i-70, especially earlier. everybody knew that today would be madness, looks that traffic is moving smoothly now. i love how we show traffic
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watching, you are clearly not up there and stuck. if you are waiting for someone stuck along i-saefblt, chances are they-- i-70, chances are they called or text you but everybody will show the same traffic video. colorado hasn't felt like a swing state, some polls have hillary clinton up 11 points on donald trump, a lead so big, clinton stopped advertising here. trump hasn't been spending money on ads in colorado until this week. our steve staeger did the numbers. >> reporter: the first according to fcc filings, for 3 denver tv stations, donald trump bought 420 spot s on air waves this week, 420. in denver, what a coincidence. trump spent $468,000 across 3 stations, 9 news, channel 4, and channel 7. channel 31 hasn't reported any trump ad buys. trump spent $37,000 on a
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broncos game coming up on thursday on 9 news. compare that to hillary clinton, who stopped buying ads at the end of july, she spent $450,000 on 300 plus ads on 9 news between june and july, all of this coming from fcc filings. for next, i am steve staeger. >> the bottom line, folks, the political ads you thought you escaped are back, at least for this week. trump will test the strength of clinton's lead in colorado. here is the thing about give it back, and that is why sol tribe tattoo on broadway wants your help finding the guy who walked out on a big bill. an artist from california spent 7 and a half hours working on a guy named ari chiaroscuro, and the art world, that means the treatment of light and shade and paintings, perhaps that is why he got paint brushes tattooed on
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he quickly tossed on his clothes and took off. what does 7 and a half hours of a skilled tattoo artist worth? $1100. >> it is a heavy hit to an artist who put that much time and effort and love into something and to be victimized like that. anger is involved. i think that is probably first and foremost because, you know, it is not a tangible item you can try to take back from this person. >> of course they did call police, shops alsoin the guy's id photo and name on facebook and from the looks of things there, the mob with pitch forks and torches is already assembling. next question, one we get almost every day, that irs scam is back, how do i report it? scam never goes away, it has been going around for years, more than a million people have been contacted by scammers posing as agents, they threaten to arrest you, say you haven't paid taxes. if you want to report the scam,
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that sounds like a lot of work to me. if i were you, i would ignore them. if you like standing in crowds looking at nature, then rocky mountain national park was your place today. it was over run, parking restrictions in effect at the park, the park and ride lot, at one point, was full part of the day. traffic jam at a national park, rockys coming off a record year for visitation and headed for another record. you can expect that september 24th will be crowded as well. mark you c to duck the crowds. the 24th is a free day for national public lands day. the broncos are about to begin the work of defending the super bowl championship, they beagain where they left off, with the carolina panthers. our broncos guy, mike klis, says brace yourself, broncos fans. >> there, of course, is always a lot of energy on opening day for the broncos, but there should be a little extra juice at sports authority field at mile high this time on thursday night.
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carolina panthers in a super bowl 50 rematch, but they will have a lot of circumstance, pre-game the lombardi 50 trophy, obviously you have peyton manning, he says he will come back, he might be involved in some way, form, or fashion. then you have the game itself, peyton manning will not be the quarterback for the denver broncos for the first time in, what? 18 years, peyton manning will not be an nfl quarterback, it cam newton, the reigning nfl mvp, that is why the canthers, i think-- panthers, i think, are favored in this game, even though the game is in den rr, the panthers-- denver, the panthers are favored because of the quarterback match up between newton, mvp, and trevor siemian, an unknown 7th round pick from
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which means you can get to the game early. in seats by 6:29 for the championship celebration, got to make denver look good on national tv, okay? no next, no excuse to get to the game late. this show is a month old, like most month olds we mostly sleep, eat, dirty diapers and listen to the world around us trying to absorb everything, your feedback sounds a lot tarhonda thomas. >> bob says he may be a cute little fellow but it is difficult to watch for him a full half hour, this kyle shows me nothing more than his white teeth and sarcasm. other stationerize gaining my interest---- stations are getting my interest. not being a millial or how to spell the word, i cannot relate to the person. aurora says "i like the format, positive news stories, touch of
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sasinacy." russell says "why not have kyle clark report the news rather than having him constantly use his position to pontificate on his political view? i will definitely change channels to hear the news due to his annoying newscasts." jim says "next is the best news show in a long, long time. keep it up." from bob, "really don't care much for the show." phil says "keep up the great willing to explore and comment on tough issues." if you squeeze one last barbecue and you don't want to get off your apps and check the forecast, we have it here. if there was a merit badge for earning merit badges, patrick has it, one final challenge. the most nervous i have been on television in years. >> it is hot up here. >> my audition for a new job,
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welcome back, i am not an app, i am chief meteorologist kathy sabine here to tell you
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holiday weekend, sunshine and 90s, guess what? change is afoot, tracking a weak front from the north dropping temperatures some 10 degrees tomorrow. the pictures coming in from the high country, are spectacular. perhaps a beautiful day on the river or on the lake with your best friend. the weather, pretty nice today. temperatures above average and the low 90s. as i mentioned with the cool front coming, late-day thunderstorms will increase in coverage across the eastern plains, we will have more great news for firefighters. we are tracking isolated storms in southeastern colorado tonight. you will have fog and low cloudiness if you need a flight in or out of dia early tomorrow. basically, another nice summer day coming up, just not as hot. temperatures tonight in the mid 50s with fair skies, nice warm-up initially tomorrow when the front arrives, though. temperatures will drop, lower 80s, we have a nice warming trend as we move through the next few days and when the broncos take the field thursday,
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on september 22. >> thanks. there are thousands of new freshman students at cu-boulder this year, one of them is particularly trustworthy, loyal, helpful, cheerful, thrifty, reverent. patrick gibbs is a boyscout and not afraid of hard work, he earned 141 merit badges, all 141. you only need 21 to become an eagle scout. patrick left one, in pcu >> amphibian studies, fly fishing, veterinary science, citizenship in the world, communication. >> we had done a search for how many kids, one website said only 297 had accomplished this and another 13 were pending approval and seeing that, you know, that is from 1910, that is-- he achieved something pretty
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lot of merit badges working towards my eagle scout. i earned 40-50. as the list got smaller bugling showed up. i was not interested in playing a musical instrument. i put it off as long as i could. now i have to bugle almost every day to practice and get the songs. >> luckily he does it when i am at work, so i don't have to put up with it. i have heard, you sister talk about it. you know, i have asked him to play a couple songs for me and, you can tell-- you can tell when he does it right and when he doesn't do it right. you know, it is an instrument that a 17-year-old boy is trying to learn and it is a learned instrument. when you don't play them right, you don't play them right. ?
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15 songs that are played by the military during their daily routine or throughout the week. so you can play it on a bugle or a trumpet. >> a lot of merit badges you can find merit badge counselors that can help you, not only do they have to sign off on you, but you can talk to them before hand and they can be a resource when you reach road blocks or something like that. well, he doesn't, you know, for bugling, there is not a lot of people >> i always try to push myself in everything i do. it is just something that, being raised, my dad has taught me to try to do as much as you can and have fun. i find doing these merit badges is very fun and i have-- i enjoy it . >> he passed the bugling test 3 weeks ago, has a fancy new
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tear it up at cu-boulder. award-winning campus newscast, they never specified you had to be a student to audition. >> kyle youshgs are all set in studio.
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lets be honest, there is no
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a smart idea. we heard a news team across town was holding open auditions. so i went. anchor auditions, metro state, nothing on the flier says you have to be a student. >> hi. kyle. >> i am here for the anchor audition. >> hi. >> is this the right room? >> yes. >> hi. >> hello, kyle. >> nice to meet you. how does this work? >> lets set you up over >> set me up? okay. hi. sorry to interrupt. hi. got to fill out paperwork? >> fill out this paperwork and you will choose a script. >> the audition is just one story? >> yes. if you mess up your first time on the prompter, you can do it over again. >> okay. there is a story about rtd a-line. have you done this before? >> no. >> first time? >> yeah. >> you nervous? >> i think i am okay. >> okay. not that hard, really.
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journalism is a dying business, right? have your professors told you that? >> no. boom, inner webs. changes in rtd bus route will effect your route to campus, starting sunday, bus route 15. do you say "root" or route? >> who people from the west coast? >> nerve-racking. a panel of people. ? they are in there live watching you? >> yeah they sit and stare at you. it was fun, i liked it a lot. >> what do you like about it? >> i liked, i guess i liked the attention. >> kyle, you are all set in studio. >> here we go. >> you guys have a nice studio. >> thank you. >> we are ready. >> any time?
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could be effecting your commute to campus, starting sunday bus route 15 will no longer serve, in place 6 and 43 will begin service to campus, changes come as rtd opens up the a-line to the airport, which is going well. has anybody been on the train? no? yes? a moving one or a stopped one? >> you said you are an anchor so you probably have lots of experience watching the news. if you could change one thing about the news, what would you xhachg? >> i don't like that the news news should be more than the 10 worst things that happened in denver today. i appreciate the chance to hang out with you today and we would love your help changing journalism. we need your new ideas, we need your unorthodox approaches. we need somebody to come in and say i don't want the news-- i don't watch the news but i want to work on the news. >> a lot of metro alums working here. they said they would get back to
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team and they tweeted "we have some bad news." perhaps next year. you voted on the jacket, whether we will ditch this thing, that the staff is not a big fan of. i promise to abide by the decision, i am told 67% of you said keep. that is why we are friends. thanks for being here. next, anode to summer-- an ode to summer from those in colorado
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the unofficial end of summer season means a lot of pools are closing tomorrow, kind of a bummer, our photo journalist, chris hansen, got straight talk from the straightest of talkers at a pool in broomfield. >> i am really looking forward to the seasons next. >> last few days we spent at the pool. >> a lot of kids are excited to come desk and they were all smiles. >> we are on the news! >> we are swimming and going down water slides. >> the holiday is labor day. >> there is no school today. >> yeah! >> do something before we have to go back. >> i have been here 6 years, i have been a manager almost 2 years now. >> it is the last day. >> it makes me feel a mixture of
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wanting it to reopen next year. >> yeah, i love the slides here. >> splashes. >> we want to enjoy a nice day at the bay because it is super hot. >> pure joy, jessica wells tweets "if you squint, it looks like you aren't wearing any clothes." i like it, though, making me
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it's "e.t.'s" labor day special. >> good for you. get ready. >> as hollywood says good-bye to summer, we show you vacation like a star. >> aloha. >> aloha. >> exotic trips and honeymoons. inside the amazing celeb getaways. >> look where we are. >> the couples overseas to the stars who are back home in the usa. plus, two diva vacation
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ciao, bell la. >> mariah's unbelievable getaway. >> paris. >> "e.t." >> now for september 5th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. thank you so much for joining us on this labor day which we all know means the end of summer. we certainly hope you had a great one. >> lavish vacations, exotic locations, sometimes, clothing optional. >> oh my. call me a included a beautiful bridal gown. >> can i ask you one question? what's your last name? >> all right, honey. h-a-r-t. >> from their wedding bands to custom gown, kevin hart's wedding to paris was elegant and picture-perfect. custom vera wang with applique


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