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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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rain. >> it feels good to know that you're helping out. >> more kids are volunteering to referee youth sports leagues, why adults are becoming harder to find. >> the storm that hit florida as a hurricane last week is still causing major problems on the coast. >> and with two weeks of summer left some stores are stocking for christmas. is it too early? we'd like to hear what you think. 9news starts now. the larimer coun that's burned hundreds of acres there and prompted a voluntary evacuation of some residents. the starwood fire is burning near red feather lakes. it is now 350 acres and 35% contained up from 10% earlier today. more than 100 firefighters are working the fire while residents of mill creek wait for the all clear. 9news reporter victoria sanchez has the latest. >> reporter: larimer county sheriff's deputies do have a few roads closed off, but
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go in, although it's recommended that they stay out for now. the fire started after noon sunday and quickly grew from 3 acres to 300 by the strong winds, dry grass, trees and shrubs. officials say they've contacted 43 people for the voluntary evacuation. there are around 30 homes in the area, some thought to be vacation properties. >> at this point we're believing we're in pretty good shape with the fire. if the weather patterns change and the number of evacuations may increase. >> reporter: there were around 60 firefighters fighting the fire sunday. that number grew to 120 on the ground today. in larimer county victoria sanchez, 9news. >> the sheriff's office ere is asking drivers to stay off the roads in the area to clear the way for emergency traffic. that area of northern colorado is categorized as abnormally dry by the drought
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kathy joins us with more on that. >> the winds have been gusty ahead of a cool front. we're expecting a 10-degree temperature drop tomorrow and a little bit of moisture. it's call and quiet for now, the front north of us. the winds will be an issue overnight, low 90s today. we cooled off quite a bit and will be quite cool in some areas tomorrow. the winds have started to lie down a little bit shifting with the advance of that front to the north and notice the higher humidity values in northeastern colorado. some of you north an the city including dia, there may be areas of fog that could impact travel early tomorrow morning. the moisture is welcome. current drought monitor those northern and central colorado abnormally dry and right in and around this feather lakes area where the fire is burning we're seeing abnormally dry conditions tonight as well. dry lightning in southeastern colorado, hail producing storms around north platte. all the heavy rain is south of albuquerque for now. we're fair, but we do have that fog moving in between 2 a.m.
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back over to sunny skies, a nice afternoon coming up, but you'll certainly feel the cooldown, something we'll talk more about in our main weather segment, plus the storm outlook. you would think this time of year in september we wouldn't be talking about thunderstorms, but there's something to talk about there. >> the fall time of year is the most beautiful time in colorado. denver police are dealing with two new death investigations. one is champa, the second scene in the five points neighborhood. police have not said whether they believe the deaths are suspicious. in fact, they haven't said much at all. we'll provide updates when we have them. westminster police are still looking for 31-year-old jared strenge wanted in connection with second degree homicide. a woman was found shot to death. he has several warrants out and
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asked to call westminster police. douglas county detective dan brite is hospitalized still in critical condition. he was shot friday responding to a call about an armed suicidal man at a home in parker. yesterday doctors said they saw promising progress in their words, although his condition remains critical. deputies shot and killed the suspect identified as 40-year- old randall rodick. today rodick's family released a statement saying in part the rodick family would like to to detective brite and his family and to all who were caused pain and suffering from the events on friday. hermine is a stubborn storm. three days after coming ashore in florida the storm is now a post tropical cyclone which simply means it's weaker than it was. it is creating high waves, dangerous rip currents and high winds, beaches shut down across several states force manage to
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plans. it's been hard on businesses. >> this is our last hurrah, so to speak. this is our last big weekend to really make a lasting memory for our guests. >> the wind is coming from the north. when you're out on the beach, it's hard to keep your head up and look. >> hermine is blamed for at least three deaths. hundreds of thousands of people still have no power. forecasters expect the remnants of the storm to bound new england the next two days. police in nevada are looking for a murder suspect who somehow managed to escape to questioning. 25-year-old alonzo perez was taken into custody friday morning, handcuffed and questioned for two hours. when an investigator stepped out of the investigation room, perez got out of the cuffs, escaped and took a truck. he's accused of killing a man because he didn't hold a door for a customer at mcdonald's. the victim's sister doesn't understand how an escape like that can happen. >> don't have any more security than that? you're interviewing a murder
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have at least one extra person there? you need to just face what you did. you were wrong for what you did. they say you do the crime, you do the time. you need to pay for what you said. >> police have not said how perez managed to get out of the interrogation room. he still ha not been caught. -- has not been caught. the parents of a child killed at disney world talked ic been his birthday. >> happy birthday, laney, you're in our hearts today and every second of every other day. you will always be mommy's loving, sweet baby boy. >> lane graves died in june after an alligator attacked him outside a disney motel. this weekend the little boy from nebraska would have turned 3. his family and friends got together to form a giant heart wearing his favorite color blue. his parents struggled through
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gratitude. >> celebrate his first birthday in heaven with the community that has surrounded us with love and support. lane and ella used to say to their mommy and daddy that they loved them up to the sky and down to the grass. so i've taken the liberty as i close by saying lane, ella, we love you up to heaven and down to the grass. happy birthday, buddy. we miss you. >> the celebration of lane's birthday ended with the release of 5,000 balloons which were donated by one person in their community. a tense meeting, possibly the last between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. the two spoke privately for 90 minutes at the g20 summit in china. president obama described the conversation as candid and blunt. the topics included the crisis in syria and the possibility of a ceasefire. the leaders did not reach an agreement. they also talked about the recent hacking of u.s. websites which some blamed on russia. president obama did not go into
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after leaving china the president went to laos. it's the first time a sitting u.s. president has visited that asian country. the white house characterized the purpose of the trip as rebuilding trust. president obama was also supposed to neat with the new president -- meet with the new president of the philippines. that was called off after that leader threatened to curse on him if he brought up the topic of the war on drugs in that country. president obama said he did not think the meeting would be productive. imagine a job where everyone the people are screaming about how terrible you are. who wouldn't want to sign up for that? perhaps you can see why it's so hard to find referees for youth sports these days. here's dan grossman. >> brush your teeth. let's go. >> reporter: in may we brought you the story of shelly and shea, mother and daughter off the ref. >> any other ref would give her a yellow card for what she says to her mother during the game. >> reporter: what we didn't tell you --
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>> reporter: is neither had much choice. >> yesterday at one of my games the other team got so excited because they don't really get referees that much. >> we are really hard pressed to even fully field these competitive games. >> reporter: just take it from the coach's letter to parents before the start of the season. >> about a 1/3 of the time we showed up and there's no referee. >> they get on our case a lot. >> reporter: they say the problem abuse and a growing league without the gland to keep up. >> they're -- demand to keep up. >> they're desperate and we get e-mails. >> reporter: the leagues have tried to incentivized. this year the pay per game is 30 bucks up from 25 last year and 20 the year before that. but it's only attracting younger refs like shea who need to deal with the stigma of not knowing what they're doing. >> the more difficult coach
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and said man, they keep a in sing us these kids, these linemen. do you believe that? >> he was screaming at me and the kids. >> reporter: unfortunately the preseason letter can't even change that. >> the fact that i'm certified and have a badge shows that i do know what i'm doing. them just have to understand that. >> reporter: they are part of the colorado united soccer league. [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: this causes so many conflicts sometimes parents have taken on impromptu one side to scream at the other and everyone gets in a big fight. >> you're not screaming at a stranger. you're screaming at someone you think is in the tank for the other team. >> you would swear the parents take it more seriously than the kids playing the game. won't do it, won't talk about it, the stores putting up christmas decorations before the end of summer. adele can talk about it. >> thanks a lot. it is beginning to look a lot
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hobby lobby. the so-called christmas creep starting earlier and earlier each year does not sit well with anybody. >> let us know if you think it is too early for stores to have their christmas displays out. my understanding is if you vote against them, they will take them down tomorrow. if you are going to sent your ex's car on fire, be real sure that it actually is your ex's car. >> don't be a litter bug, that's one of many life lessons ki a 2-year-old heard it early thanks to a$75 citation in her name. >> summer storms could cool things off a little bit. >> and broncos star von miller wants his relationship with cam newton to get much closer this
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two people are dead, at least five others wounded after a series of shooting and stabbings during a new york city parade route marking west indian day in the city. last year a former aide to the state's governor was killed by a stray bullet during the same celebration. >> our hearts are heavy today. we never accept violence in that is fundamentalally unacceptable. >> the mayor -- fundamentally unacceptable. >> the mayor and police commissioner had promised the tightest security. despite the violence they say the parade will go on next year. labor day traffic in 10 continue was brought to a -- in tennessee was brought to a halt after a bus carrying a group of u.s. marines got fire. the bus was carrying about 40
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traveling for marine week. a woman in florida is facing charges for setting fire to a car she thought belonged to her ex-boyfriend, but sometimes it's tough to id a vehicle when you're burning inside with rage and when the car is burning inside with fire. police say 19-year-old carmen chamblee had the wrong vehicle and is facing charges of second degree arson. in new york city poce believe thieves have a sweet tooth making off with thousands of dollars from convenience stores stealing ice cream and energy drinks. apparently there's a large market for the merchandise. police haven't caught them yet. a tattoo artist can do little more than watch stunned as $1,100 worth of work walked out of the door of the shop. a guest artist was working with
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denver when a customer asked for an intricate tattoo of paintbrushes on his arm, took 7 1/2 hours to finish. the customer took issue with a couple details, but what happened next was unexpected. >> he decides to put his clothes on, get dressed and refuse to pay for the tattoo. it's a heavy hit to an artist who put that much time and effort and love into something and to be victimized like that. >> police are looking into it. the staff posted the shot on facebook hoping someone recognize the thief. a resident of washington d.c. was ordered to pay a fine for littering. the girl is only 2 years old. there was an envelope found lying in an alley behind the family's home, so the city sent harper a citation in the mail asking her to pay $75. her mom was none too pleased. >> just explained that she's not legally responsible for
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ticket and she basically said she wouldn't rescind the ticket. >> harper's parents think that the envelope fell out of their trash. they say this alley is often a mess and have called to complain about it a number of times. a city employee came out to the home and offered to cancel that citation and clean up the alley. sunshine and 90s for this labor day holiday, not touchable. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine. -- not too shab it was a beautiful day, wasn't it? we had summer sunflowers, bright blue skies, some fair weather cumulus clouds. hopefully you were somewhere peaceful with your best friend enjoying the sights. it's fall up high. leaves are starting to change there. it's such a great time of year to get into the colorado outdoors because the weather starts to shift calming down and cooling off, 93 in denver today, 100 in lamar, 67 in
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we look for highs close to 80 this year. we may see our season's first snowfall this month. we are welcoming higher humidity tonight, 69 degrees at dia and our temperature downtown close to that outside the studios. wind have been very gusty ahead of the advancing front approaching from the north. the winds will start to lie down a little bit. the severe weather threat remains east of us. the flash flood threat remains south of us. hail producing thunderstorms will move h range. we still have the tropical system hermine to talk about. it will affect much of the northeast and those traveling tomorrow. we do have winds now about 65 miles per hour. it's considered a post tropical system. it will create more rain, wind, high and heavy surf. the front coming in interacting with enough moisture for a few showers in the afternoon. you'll notice the 10-degree temperature cooloff. if we have another hurricane, newton, a category -- we have another hurricane, newton, a
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of baja and may impact colorado's weather later in the week bringing 2 to 4 inches of rain to areas like tucson in the middle of the week. we'll see if the jet stream carries that moisture our way thursday and friday. severe weather threat is between omaha and minneapolis tomorrow, coolest air to the north. we'll see a 10-degree temperature drop tomorrow and only high-based thunderstorms to track on the radar in southern colorado until the overnight period. a front comes in, so does the fog, a few sprinkles. those yo call ahead. skies will clearly, push up moisture, a couple thunderstorms out east, not overly stormy, just a few clouds, a little cooler and fog for those of you out early. this looks like a change of season. tomorrow it will take most of the day for the front to go down south. i think denver, arvada, fort collins in the low 80s and 60s in the high country.
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labor day night, fair skies. the winds die, low 58. you wake up to patchy fog north and east, sun comes out. we warm up and will be 10 degrees cooler. a late day storm not out of the question, similar scenario wednesday. when broncos take the field thursday, dry and warm, a winning forecast. that trend continues into the weekend with some of summer's finest coming up, temperatures seasonal, slightly above heading into next weekend and beyond. this picture made me but so did this one. adele, the leaves are changing in the high country. we got to plan our trip. >> there's some leaves changing down here. i've seen a few yellow leaves. i saw the paint, though. >> i told larry find out if he's for sale. hope my husband is not watching. >> you've got enough. >> never enough. some business owners in this case crafters say now is not too early to get started on
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wonder if early september is pushing it just a bit. >> so we asked you to weigh in. where the vote continues, but we'll let you know where your neighbors stand. 87% say way too early. >> forget it. used to be halloween was early. >> then there's the centrist position where it's fine in the craft stores only. >>nd it's no big deal live part time in the north pole.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. broncos linebacker von miller may have to reintroduce himself to panthers quarterback cam
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the two nfl superstars insist they don't know each other very well, which a few more strip sacks might change. >> i know him, but he's not like i get in my phone and text him and say what's up? do you want to come get lunch or something? it's not like that, but i got a mutual respect for cam. he's an elite player. i know him. i'm not on a relationship like where you could call him or invite him over for lunch or face time that. it's not like that. >> the panthers chose not to double team miller in the super bowl. if they make that stupid mistake again thursday, then the guy appearing on the pages of 9news insider mike klis' notebook tonight is going to have some fun. >> reporter: imagine a guy as imposing as demarcus ware playing quarterback, only ware says you don't need that kind of imagination. all you have to do is watch the
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carolina panthers thursday night. i sat down with ware today and asked him what he thinks of cam's look at me act. >> i think a person's personality is going to be a person's personality, but the play makes everything and he's one of those guys where he backs up. if you talk the talk, you got to walk the walk. you know that motto and he plays really well. he's one of one. he's one of those quarterbacks. he's my size, can run the ball, string plays out, throw it. so he's almost dimensional type guy. >> reporter: carolina will no doubt pay a lot of attention to von miller in this game, but newton should understand ware feels better than ever. all this time off this offseason helped demarcus put on 10 pounds of muscle and he says his back feels more flexible. the prevailing thinking is this opener will be different than super bowl 50, but maybe the biggest difference is cam will
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mike klis, 9news. chad bettis threw the rockies first shutout of the season today. rox beat the giants in lower downtown scoring all six of their runs in the 3rd inning. carlos gonzalez knocked in four of them with one bases loaded swing. grand slam. far more support than bettis needed, fabulous allowing only two base hits in his first career complete game, thrill of a lifetime for giants rookie ty block who grew up in and played at jesuit high school when weiss was an assistant coach, made his major league debut today and pitched three shutout innings. how wonderful. roccos win 6-0. >> it was real cool for me to see ty block make his debut at home. i'm sure that doesn't happen much, a guy gets to make his debut where he grew up. that was really, really cool, not a better kid. you'll never beat a better kid or a better family. i was really, really happy for
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against him, but that was really, really special for me, too. he's a great kid. tanks for nothing, an oakland athletics ball boy made an incredible diving efforts to protect the team's relief pitchers from the foul ball, but he missed it and chris smith got drilled in the back of the head anyway. >> ow. >> tanks for nothing. still of the from los angeles where former broncos quarterback peyton manning couldn't stop laughing as a celebrity guest on comedy central's roast of actor rob lowe in the still of the night. most of the show was pretty raunchy and unrepeatable, but manning did have one funny clean one. he said at one point that there's so many people up here on the stage with me that i don't recognize that i feared
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