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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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gary and cheryl and marty. hope you have a nice labor day holiday.... marty, how's the weather looking? firefighters are getting a better handle on the
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it's about 35- percent contained now. that's up from 10- percent since sunday night. lightning sparked the flames that spread to more than 350-acres. additional crews were brought in to help fight the fire. but at the end of the day, efforts to control the fire all lay in the hands of mother nature. the larimer county sheriff's office is
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in that area - to clear the way for emergency traffic. a former el paso county sheriff and his two collegues will be in court today. terry maketa is accused of running his departments on ths intimidation. one example - accusations he and his undersheriff paula presley, pulled a multi- million dollar contract if a company didn't fire an employee he didn't like. maketa faces several charges including extortion, witness tampering, and kidnapping. presley and a former sheriff's commander juan san agustin also face charges. denver police are
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different death investigations this morning. one is centered around 30th and champa e second scene is about a mile away at 22nd and north washington in the five points neighborhood. police have not said whether the deaths are suspicious. in fact - they haven't said much of anything at all about these cases. we'll provide updates as soon as we have them. a sad outcome to the search for a missing hiker who vanished in grand teton national park in wyoming. during an aerial search they discovered a body that matches pt year old rene dreiling. the remains were discovered on the north side of mount owen. dreiling was last seen on august 31- st. he was reported missing when he didn't show up for work at grand teton lodge company. there's a thief walking around with the proof of the crime in ink - on his arm. an artist in denver is out of 11-hundred bucks after someone walked out without payin the bill. a guest artist from california was working with clients at the sol
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when the customer ari chia- ros-curo asked for an intricate tattoo of paintbrushes - on his arm. it took 7 and a half hours to finish. the shop says the customer, was nit picking about a couple of details and all of a sudden just walked out. the shop posted a picture of him on facebook in hopes someone would recognize him. police are also investigating. there's no escaping them: political ads. and-- now that we're getting closer to election day... you can bet you'll be seeing more of them. tarhonda thomas is here with a breakdown. tarhonda-- people may be surprised by "who's buying what." yes, corey. colorado's been
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seem to be much of a "battle" on the airwaves. currently-- only one presidential candidate is buying up commercials in colorado. and that is... donald trump. according to filings with the "federal communications commission"-- trump has purchased 420 commercial spots in denver, this week. he bought commercial time on our channel, c-b-c and a-b-c. ad buys reported by fox, yet. trump's campaign is spending 468- thousand dollars on those ads... so expect to see a lot of his campaign message. hillary clinton, however, currently has no colorado. she hasn't purchased any airtime. she did buy commercials earlier in the summer, though. clinton's last ad purchase was at the end of july. she spent 350- thousand dollars on more than 300 commercials. but-- with some polls showing her having "as much as" an eleven-point lead in our state... clinton seems to feel comfortable enough to not keep ads running in colorado. we'll see if that changes... as we get closer to election day. gary we're only 62
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phillippine president rodrigo duterte says he regrets using vulgar language toward president obama. duterte made what he calls strong comments monday before flying to loas to attend a summit. we can't repeat his remark... but the phillipine president says he regrets that his words came across a personal attack against our president. even though it's a bit shy of an apology... it's a rare move for known for being outspoken. president obama's planned meeting with the phillipine president was postponed, because of the comments. sometimes
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get a little heated. this woman wanted to get back at her boyfriend. but it was a misfire...the story
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find out his trail date in the sexual assault case against him. his lawyers are fighting hard to toss out nearly a thousand pages of evidence. the 79-year-old is accused of drugging and molesting a woman in 20-04. she is one of dozens of women who came forward accusing him of similar crimes. the documents his lawyers are
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testimony where cosby said he was told he'd never face charges. however, a judge ruled he was never given immunity. there's many ways people try to get out of a ticket... flirting, crying, maybe even flat but one guy in lousiana claimed he was a sovereign citizen who was "immune" from arrest. james webb was pulled over for several violations including not having a drivers license, a license plate, or insurance. slidell officers say they asked him wrote down that he was a "free traveler" and officers had no legal authority over him. officers say they noticed webb grabbing for something and later found out it was a gun. webb was arrested on multiple charges including resisting arrest. this woman in florida is facing charges for trying to set her boyfriends car on fire... in the video you can see 19-year-old
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white car. but the target for her revenge was a little off. according to clearwater police, that wasn't her boyfriends car! her criminal record is what's on fire now. she's facing second degree arson charges. you may think being a referee is all fun and games. not many people want to make those tough calls these days. the way youth sports are getting kicked to the curb because of how some refs are
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right now, there's a serious issue with a lack of qualified referees for youth sp. the referee shortage is so bad it's causing some games to get cancelled. the leagues have tried to offer incentives. this year the pay per game is 30- dollars. that's up from 25 last year and 20 the year before that. but this is also attracting younger refs and coaches aren't happy about it. shelley and shae are with the littleton soccer club. they say the way younger refs are treated is a embarassing. shelley and shae say in some cases parent have tried
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they believe this has only led to more disagreements with parents from both sides. the first unmanned 1971. now nasa is about to try something completely different - get close enough to an asteroid to bring part of it back to earth. the osiris-rex spacecraft will launch from cape canaveral thursday. it's a colorado native, so to speak built by lockheed martin in jefferson county. as 9news reporter maya rodriguez tells us - this asteroid holds special interest here on earth - for more than one
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general motors is
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adventourous thrill seeking folks. might not want to eat before getting on this bad boy. well show you what's dubbed as the fastest wooden roller coaster. love the fastest
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rollercoaster you can find? then you'll want to try this one out in tenneessee. reporter kevin tibbles braves
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a book. it's national read a book day! and just because technology flipped the script doesnt mean people are doing away with print copies. 65-percent of americans read a print novel. the survey found the total share of americans who read a book over the last twelve months has remained
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craving an ice cream treat today? dairy queen is having a special end-of-summer giveaway. d-q is offering a small ultimate oreo frappe for free. it's available from two p-m to five tonight.. a pup in denver is out of a tight spot this morning. thanks to firete somehow the dog got stuck in this manhole. that's when crews reached in and pulled the pooch out. and as you can see from the tail wagging... that dog was just fine, and happy to be out. so kudos to denver fire for a dog-gone great rescue during the dog days of summer. a long weekend
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as you wake up this morning. back to the work grind following labor day -- the holiday dedicated to work. so how much does the united states actually work? ...and how much does the u-s work compared to other countries? more or less... we have that coming up at 5 a-m. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover this morning. out on bond -- but not out of trouble.
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prosecutors say he committed while he was leading the department... and the home stretch in the fight to lead our country. both candidates kicking off the fall campaign as they race to the finish... meanwhile-- the new season means
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never to early to get the vaccine -- but make sure you're getting the right one this year... good morning. it's tuesday but likely feeling like monday for many after the holiday. i'm corey rose with gary shapiro and cheryl preheim. meteorologist marty coniglio


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