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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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statement. >> talking about president obama defending colin kaepernick's refusing to stand for the national anthem. >> and fighting for your child to get playing time might be a lost cause. some say coaches, parents, and fans could be the underlying problem. >> could be. 5:30 now the start of the workweek for meteorologist marty coniglio joining us now. >> yeah, and back on the referee thing i spent ten years in youth soccer. that's not a could be. the coaches and parents. >> i saw it on the sidelines. >> for us today we're looking at cloudy conditions around here. cold front is through. humidity levels are up for us today. we have cloudy conditions right now over the front range and northeastern colorado.
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has been the last few days. so you're going to see some clouds here for the last two to three hours. then we will break things up around the middle of the day. thunderstorms continue in southeastern colorado. moving out of kim now towards springfield. and it's harder to see the rain in the san juans because the mountains of course block the radar beam but the lightning strikes tell you that it's very active. it looks like creed and lake city getting some new storms for us during the morning this early afternoon then after 4:00 a round of thunderstorms here that will move out onto the eastern plains during the evening. a few downpours of heavy rain here and some hail possible. stronger storms as they go farther and farther to the east later into the afternoon. we have a risk of severe weather today especially 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. here in the front range. it will go to midnight and even beyond over the northeastern plains and east central colorado
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through the afternoon and kathy will track those storms for you after 4:00. that's when we begin to see the storms go. before that it's really a very nice day. and amelia hopefully we keep the clouds in. >> yeah, that sure would be nice. when you said 4:00 to 7:00 that's right in the afternoon rush. so if you're planning ahead i would say keep an eye in the sky. as marty mentioned things could get a little dicey. we'll watch closely along i-76. gorgeous start. as cars come around the curve and head closer towards colfax. keeping speeds towards 60 miles an hour. checking out our two routes that lead up towards our cu campus. we've got great conditions there across highway 93. we're also clear on u.s. 36
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hour. down across side streets we've been pretty clear and calm. a minor crash in the clearing stages and this will be one of the first corridors to clear southbound i-25. >> all right amelia thank you. the last year of a former sheriff's 10-year mark. due on multiple charges all crimes xhilted as sheriff. the three of them will be in court this afternoon. it's a case we have been following for quite some time. the former el paso county sheriff will be charged with official misconduct and kidnapping. former sheriff's commander will be in court today. some of the things they're accused of. threatening to terminate a contract with the company if the
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and coercing a woman if she did not take back her story. we're working to find out more about two death investigations in the hands of the denver police. they haven't said much about the two deaths. denver police say one happened around 30th and champa the other about a mile away in 22nd and north washington. we'll update you when we know more. it is tattoo artists around denver together are banning a man they say got about $1000 worth of work done and never paid up. an $1100-piece that took seven and a half hours to complete. the client angerly, quote, nitpicked a couple of details then he just got dressed and left without paying. the shop owner hopes that the
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help track him down. >> it's a heavy hit to an artist who has put that much time and effort and love into something and to be victimized like that. we are tight knit and we do support each other and to at least make sure this guy never gets tattooed again in denver. >> officers have not found the tattoo thief. it is 5:35 now. deputies say lightning started a wild fire that has burned hundreds of acres. crews say it is now at 350 acres and 35% contained. it's grown about 50 acres since this time yesterday and firefighters have made some progress on building the line around it. more than 100 firefighters are working it while people who live in the mill creek area wait for the all-clear. >> at this point we're believing that the fire we're in pretty good shape with the fire.
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and it becomes hotter, drier, windier and the fire does modify, the number of evacuations may increase. >> this fire has burned 30 structures but so far there have been no reports of damage or injury. park rangers believe they found a body of a climber in denver who went missing. they found a body that matches the description of 21-year-old rainy dreling on the north side. he had tea time lodge company and was reported missing on friday. rangers will try to recover the body as long as the weather cooperates. 5:36 two boys are back with their family after they spent a whole night in the wilderness. the 9 and 12-year-old boys were reported missing at 9:30 sunday
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a helicopter spotted them three miles from where they were last seen. hillary clinton's campaign has stopped buying ads in colorado. not the case for donald trump. 9 news reporter tarronda thomas. >> now trump is hoping to gain message on the airways. his campaign brought $468,000 in colorado. that one prime time commercial cost his campaign $37,000. hillary clinton's campaign spent $350,000 in ads on our state between june and july.
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300 spots on 9 news. donald trump is spreading his money around. his ads will be airing on 9 news and cbs. now if the polls show a tighter race in colorado hillary clinton may start spending again especially as we get closer to election day and the weeks before when people start turning in those mail-in ballots. >> i know you did the count. >> 62 >> yes. >> thanks. around here i want to focus on tropical weather just for a brief moment. cabo san lucas being affected by hurricane newton. we're going to see that move up into sections of arizona by later in the week. now the moderate to heavy rain will start down around cabo move up through central baja then cut
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into southern arizona. we could see upwards of 6", 7", 8" of rain. it will reform into a category one hurricane. this is a very powerful storm and then there's post-tropical hermine. not a tropical storm anymore but still with 65 miles per hour winds it's just rotating in a circle off the coast of long island and connecticut. we'll see upwards of me. 1/2" to up to a couple inches of rain. so hurricane hermine is just circling around up there. >> she may not have the title but she's still got some force. >> that's right. so we're going to talk more about hermine and what it's doing coming up. and it won't be making landfall but they are still feeling the effects. look at those pictures.
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based on what i've heard.
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hermine now a tropical cyclone has stalled about 200 miles off the east coast. it still managed to ruin labor day holiday. several state beaches closed their beaches because of it. a tropical storm warning is in effect in parts of massachusetts. hermine is expected to weaken but may stay off the northeastern sea board through wednesday. a hurricane in the pacific is causing even more stormy weather than hermine is. hurricane newton sub mexico's western coast with heavy rain
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twin resort. newton's winds did get up to 85 miles an hour by early evening. about 3700 shelters are now available for people living or staying in those coastal states. people in hawaii are relieved to be able to say they've dodged two close calls. you remember how they were facing that double hurricane last week. lester is still creating huge waves. the department of transportation has brought in truckloads of bolders to protect the coastal roadways. surfers they love it. others of course chose to admire from a safe distance. >> the surf is definitely up there. actor chevy chase is off the wagon. former saturday night live star checked into rehab in minnesota for what he called a tune-up in his recovery. chevy chase has struggled with
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his career. there's many ways people try to get out of a ticket. flirting, crying, maybe even flattery. one guy in louisiana claimed it was a sofrn from immune from arrest. not having a driver's license, a license plate or insurance. they asked him for his paper work. that's when he wrote down he was, quote, a free traveler and officers had no over him. officers say they noticed web grabbing for something. later found out he was reaching for a gun. web was arrested on multiple charges including resisting arrest. >> i'll bet he was. that could have not ended well. >> i know. we are launching into the fall sports season for kids and some have already started actually. some might not even get the chance to play. some of them because of a referee shortage. first let's get you ready
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amelia. >> clouds overhead right now because of the high humidity levels. we'll break those up for a brief break this afternoon. that's when we'll get to the 70s and low 80s. after 3:00 we'll begin to see some thunderstorms develop over here. much more so just east of the border into kansas and nebraska. much of new mexico and arizona both looking at flash flood watches and here in colorado still have some high fire dr grant and jackson county west along the colorado river. we have a red flag warning 1:00 to 6:00 through the afternoon for gusty winds and dry conditions. and again you have cabo san lucas being hammered right now by category 1 newton. thank you marty. we're looking outside to a nice
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potentially wet roads later this afternoon as we do have that potential for severe weather right between 4:00 and 7:00. we're looking now at a beautiful start across 225 and your speeds across your pena boulevard looking great. i want you to keep this in mind. i checked out your estimated waits and the highest we found 32 minutes and that could
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welcome back. it's 5:48 right now. exercising his constitutional right. that's what president obama says that san francisco 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick was doing. while he was at the g20 summit in china the president says kaepernick is the latest is a long line of pro highlight social issues but he did acknowledge that the silent protest is tough for the american military to accept and he doesn't doubt the quarterback's sincerity. >> i think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about and, you know, if nothing else what he's done is he's generated, you know, more conversation around
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talked about. >> kaepernick has always said that his stance is not an anti-american gesture but a means to bring attention to racial injustice. sarina williams did not win any medals in the olympics but she's now the winningest player matching her 308th career win. after winning that match monday night she'll halif. here in colorado sports groups are struggling to deal with a shortage of referees especially for soccer. a number of games have been cancelled or re-scheduled because there weren't enough officials. their highest priority they say is recruiting new referees but
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and fans' behavior. they are upping the pay for referees to about $30 a game up from $25 last year. marty, you and i, boy, we've both been at those games for years and it's a brutal job. >> it is a brutal job especially for young individuals doing that. that's a lot of pressure to have on them. for us today we're looking there as hurricane newton now affecting cabo san lucas. in the southeast right now. we have clouds over us this morning. they break up a bit by noon. by 4:00 to 5:00 we see thunderstorms here. we may not get widespread heavy rain. we'll get pockets of moderate to heavy storms progressive moving
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in the 70s and low 80s. a solid 10 degrees cooler than they were yesterday. statewide high humidity over northeastern and east central colorado will fuel some really heavy thunderstorms later in the afternoon and during the evening. in fact midnight tonight would not shock me if we still have some very heavy storms going from sterling all the way down toward lieman tonight. we do have that risk of severe weather here. so be aware of the weather 90s down south. 70s and 80s here. let's go 81 here. late day storms severe weather is possible. hail, downpours, strong winds going to be your three main threats today. evening storms do move out by 7:00 but we stay cloudy and foggy tomorrow morning. it breaks up tomorrow afternoon ending up looking like a pretty good day tomorrow afternoon. then it turns cooler again for friday and saturday.
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wake up. it is now 5:52 and we're seeing more cars hit the road. we're seeing i-70 near kipling. we had a couple early side street crashes and we are looking nice. so far speeds downtown in the tech center about 15 minutes and speeds are still close to 70. after an earlier reck that one got moved out quickly this just a couple of things to keep in mind. we do have that chance of storm afternoon right around 4:00 through 7:00 p.m. as marty mentioned that could happen right during the afternoon rush. heading through to thursday we're going to plan ahead for broncos traffic. here's just a little something a little further out you may want to start planning ahead to winterize your car. thank you much.
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>> always. >> we decided to invite the sunday night football bus down
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today is national read a book day. a day to share the books you love with the family. studies show reading improves
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reduces stress. reading from a print book is still more popular than an ebook. the pew research center found that 65% of people read a paper book. so some book lovers might not find that surprising at all. but nearly four in ten people just read print books. they want to hold i use both. >> yeah. >> there's something about taking a book with you. holding a book. >> but it is more expensive. but sometimes worth it. >> kind of like the whole newspaper thing. i'd rather hold a newspaper. no days off for the denver fire department or even on labor day. good thing too because a curious pup needed some help from crews over the holiday. we're going to have that story
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this is 9 news. he's accused of running his department with threats and intimidation. a former sheriff will be in court today. >> no rest on labor day for members of the fire department. denver fire they had to get their hands dirty t this pup. >> a woman out for revenge against an ex-boyfriend. only problem is she got the wrong. >> bad idea. don't start things on fire. >> wow. it's 6:00 everybody. good morning a lot of you going back to work. meteorologist marty coniglio is in the back. we appreciate this weather as a


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