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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  KUSA  September 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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remember yesterday at this time we were in the lower 90s. so about 15 to 20 degrees cooler this afternoon than yesterday, compliments of the mid-morning cool front, all the moisture out there, you can see it, you can feel t the -- feel t the fog, the low cloud cover in place for many areas tonight. although the radar not active as of yet. i'm monitoring the situation closely and there's a potential for a few storms but so far, so good and that includes southeastern colorado but you're looking at stronger thunderstorms down that way. burlington and south of the trinidad area and that's where we are seeing some of the slower moving storms and the potential for that heavy flooding rain. that's because there's a hurricane off the coast of baja that's pushing all the moisture back up into colorado. our evening futurecast does show clearing and the lack of cloud cover which may keep a lot of that heavy rain off to the east of us, which would be nice and we will monitor the area for fog overnight again which was certainly an issue for the morning drive. this evening we've got partly cloudy skies with temperatures very comfortable, right around
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and coming up in our main weather segment we will talk about the potential for rain this evening, sun is back in full force tomorrow along with a nice warming trend which is terrific because our broncos take the field. there's a football game on thursday soy want to detail -- so i want to detail that but i hope our viewers enjoyed that "ellen" show because it was a good one today. >> darn it, man. i want to get it rewound or something, okay. >> it was fun. and her mom was in the audience enjoying the show as well. >> thank after blocking i-25 in denver with their motorcycles bikers are in trouble with police. demonstration involving hundreds of people in july. 9 wants to know reporter jeremy jojola was the first to break this news. so far only three men have been arrested. are there more to come? >> reporter: police say they are still tracking down bikers, not only police arresting people now, they are seizing their bikes too.
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and -- these three men face reckless driving and speed exhibition charges. those are misdemeanors. you will remember it was quite a scene back in july, loads of bikers suddenly blocking i-25 in denver right near the university exit. the group behind the demonstration claimed the blockage was a form of protest to call attention to biker awareness these guys and hundreds of other bikers caused extreme danger to the public when they suddenly blocked the highway. >> there's no other place where people are driving faster and the faster people are driving, the less time they have to react, the less time they have to stop. >> and police say they are looking for more bikers to arrest, thanks to social media videos they uploaded
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jonathan, can mean up to 90 degrees in jail. >> jeremy jojola reporting. thank you, jeremy. police say they have arrested a suspect linked to five bank robberies in the denver area. we told you about this incident yesterday near sixth and osage. 39-year-old shawn scott was wanted on three counts of armed robbery and failure to appear for possessing a weapon after conviction. when an officer tried to serve those warrants to scott, police say the officer's weapon discharged. no one was hit by the bullet. in addition to the pr held for investigation of attempted murder of a police officer and two additional armed robberies. dpd is not providing information for the reason for that attempted murder charge. a national for profit college chain is shutting down its campuses days after the u.s. department of education banned it from enrolling new students to use federal financial aid. itt educational services operates the campuses of itt technical institute. the company announced in a statement this morning that it
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at all of its campus locations in dozens of states including colorado. the closures expected to have an impact on hundreds of thousands of students and alumni as well as more than 8000 employees. sanctions by the u.s. department of education and over recruiting and accounting practices. itt tech has been ordered to pay $152 million to cover student refunds and other liabilities. a man's dying wish to meet peyton manning has come partially true given the limitations of he is on the western slope and been diagnosed with terminal cancer. the nbc affiliate in grand junction says peyton manning did call him and aaron sante said he immediately perked up when he got that call. the family has been offered the opportunity to meet the former quarterback in denver. however, aaron's doctors say he won't be able to make that trip due to his health. his family says even though they are not able to meet manning in person, hearing his voice has made a big impact.
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fire in larimer county, not far from the wyoming state line. it's about 35% contained. fire managers now believe lightning was what started the fire sunday. so far the fire started about 350 acres near red feather lakes. additional crews brought in to help fight that fire. police in oregon are looking for a group of tourists who destroyed an ancient rock formation in a state park. the formation known as the duck bill was destroyed after the group pushed it over and a that video now viral. experts here in colorado say it's up to you to make sure vandalism like that doesn't happen here. >> it's the video now seen thousands of times across the internet, tourists at oregon's cape quadranta natural -- quawnda -- at one of the most popular national parks in t country -- >> we are really fortunate -- >> reporter: vandalism isn't unheard of but fortunately it's
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and most people take care of it. >> reporter: incidents of vandalism are pretty rare which is good news when you consider that more than 4 million people visited the park last year. there have been some cases, however, of people mistreating the park. earlier this year casey nockett was sentenced to two years probation and two hours of community service for vandalizing rocky and other parks across the country. >> extremely unfortunate because that area vandalized will never be the same. our park staff would like to be spending their time on other things rather than going up and cleaning vandalism. >> reporter: patterson says the millions who visit the park are actually its greatest asset, oftentimes acting as eyes and ears for park ranges who can't be in all places at all times. in the case of casey nockett park goers helped catch her after she posted photos of the vandalism on social media. patterson says ultimately that's how it has to work.
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all of society to make a decision that all of these places are worth taking really good care of and not vandalizing and there will be punishment for people who do vandalize areas like this. >> reporter: in denver, nick mcgill, 9news. oregon state police say they are considering criminal charges for those tourists who destroyed that rock formation. hurricane newton this morning slammed into the southern tip of mexico's baja, california pennsylvania la knocking out power. newton made landfall as a category 1 storm, pelting the area of cabo san lucas with heavy rain and blowing down at least half a dozen palm trees. it then moved inland retaining most of its power. the u.s. national hurricane center predicts newton could cross peninsula as a hurricane and reenter the gulf. stunning development today in the kidnapping and killing of 11-year-old jacob wetterling. wetterling was murdered in minnesota in 1989.
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today. his killer, danny heinrich confessed to the crime in court detailing every disturbing detail. he admitted abducting, sexually assaulting and shooting jacob in 1989, a crime that horrified and mystified minnesotans for more than 25 years. hine rec was -- heinrich was in a court on a child pornography charge when he made the admission. >> what i really wanted to say today is about jacob, he's taught us all how to live, how to love, how to be fair, how to be kind. he speaks to the world that he knew, that we all believe in and it is a world that's worth fighting for. his legacy will go on. i want to say jacob, i'm so sorry. it's incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last minutes. we love you, jacob. we will continue to fight our hearts are hurting. we will try and pull -- i would
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just not ready for yet because for us, jacob was alive until we found him. we need to heal and we will speak with you. there's a lot of lessons learned and there's a lot more work to do to protect all of our world's children. >> a plea deal for the killer calls for no charges in the boy's death. he faces the statutory maximum of 20 years on the child pornography count. heinrich led authorities to jacob's body last week after he initially denied involvement in his murder. two u.s. senators are asking the federal trade commission to investigate whether the maker of epipen violated antitrust laws that provide a program that provides the life saving devices to schools. democrats from connecticut and minnesota are calling on the ftc to investigate mylan's epipen for schools program after allegations that the company required some schools
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wouldn't purchase competing products for a year. if true, that might violent antitrust laws. a recent spike in the price of epipens which deliver epinephrine in a life saving emergency situation, that's angered a lot of doctors, families and lawmakers. with exactly nine weeks until election day, donald trump and hillary clinton are talking to veterans with one new poll showing trump taking the lead nationally. trump is talking up his two- point lead in the cnn poll. clinton claims she is another -- that in other surveys she is still dominant. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: hillary clinton still has a big lead over donald trump in potentially electoral votes and a six-point popular lead in today's nbc news survey monkey poll but today's cnn poll puts trump ahead by two, when two independent candidates are included.
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her e-mails proves they don't pay attention to voters and says the rise of trump proves it. >> why did someone come from the outside and seize their nomination who had never been in public service before? >> reporter: her new tv ad shows veterans disapproving of trump, her new superpact ad -- >> i'm really good at war, i love war in a certaiwaas eager to use nuclear weapons, a theme clinton herself hit today with veterans in tampa. >> he's very loose in about nukes. he says he doesn't care if other countries get them, doesn't know why they haven't been used already. >> reporter: trump in virginia beach, newly endorsed, saying clinton is not tough enough. >> hillary likes to play tough at russia. putin looks at her and he laughs. look how bad her decisions have
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look presidential. i'm steve handelsman, nbc washington. >> the candidates' ability to run the u.s. military is the focus tomorrow night in new york city at the commander in chief forum. clinton and trump will be back to back live on nbc. a popular flu vaccine option for kids may not be effective this season. >> kids aren't going to like that. we have a fly. we are dealing with something here. >> making my crazy today. a look inside this season's courtesy of nbc sports.
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stocks closed higher on wall street. spectra energy jumped 13% after agreeing to be acquired by another company. s&p rose 6 1/2, 26. experts from cdot, the colorado visiting nurses association, seniors resource center and the colorado department of revenue were here today to answer questions about the effects of health conditions and medications on driving, how to navigate new road designs, colorado's driving laws for older drivers, how to identify travel alternatives. the lines are open until 5:30 this afternoon. the number to call for free advice is on your screen. time to break the news to the kids and anyone else who is
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shot this year instead of the nasal spray. >> it's so quick, it doesn't even hurt. >> yes, it does. >> no, it doesn't. >> nope, you're right. kids, it doesn't hurt. erika edwards explains why. >> reporter: it's been the flu vaccine preference among many children for years, the nasal spray flumist. now the american academy of pediatrics says kids should not get it this year. the move comes after a panel of experts found the nasal spray has not been three seasons. it's unclear why. >> it's still a scientific mystery, but we can't go on giving a vaccine that's ineffective. >> reporter: the aap recommends instead that all kids over six months get the flu shot, which experts say was about 63% effective in protecting against the flu last year. even if you do become infected after vaccination, doctors say you're far less likely to have a severe case.
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healthy child or even adult and put them into the emergency room in 24 hours. this is a serious infection. >> reporter: kids we talked to said they will toughen up for the shot this year. >> i hold my breath and close my eyes. >> reporter: public health officials will continue to review data on the nasal spray and it's possible the mist could be back next year. erika edwards, nbc news. >> i'm that kid. you see that kid? that's me. >> i would rather have a than have something stuck up my nose. >> doctors say getting the flu vaccine now should offer protection through the spring. kids younger than eight who have never had the vaccine, in two doses, one month apart. >> could save your life. that's why you do it. >> i know. >> don't cry. nbc sports has sent its sunday night football bus to denver for thursday's broncos game against the panthers. after all we are the world champs, folks. this morning the 45-foot long bus stopped at 9news, this is
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inside the bus brings fans from the field to the studio. it offers an interactive replica of sunday night football's control room, a replica of the football night in america desk, a life sized photo bomb wall. fans can take a photo with the signed player of the game ball to celebrate the 2016 nfl kickoff. the bus will be at civic center park tomorrow from 3:00 until 8:00 p.m. and then travel to sports authority field at mile high where fans can see to -- 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. on thursday. >> so the sunday night football bus is really way for the fans to connect aside from the game. it's an experience outside of the stadium, so if you're going to a game, look out for the bus, get there before the game, get there early, want to hop on and see all the stuff that we got this year. >> get on the bus, folks. the bus will stop at 22 more games after thursday's nfl season kickoff in denver. it will travel more than 23,000
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night football games. of course we were chosen. >> i'm so happy football is back. >> i know. people can't wait. it's awesome. >> go broncos. >> yes. a local teen has been battling cancer since he was a toddler getting closer to overcoming it all. the conversation with him next. also ahead, cheers and compliments for a single mom who said, all right, let's do
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a single mom in ft. worth, texas is getting a lot of attention for dressing up like dad to fill in for her son's father. the included a mustache, she says her son helped her put it together, complete with a chain on her pocket and men's cologne so she could fit in at a doughnuts with dads event at her son's school. >> it's important to teach our kids to not have any excuses or feel bad for themselves because they don't have a father or mother. i've been alone for a while doing it with my kids but it hasn't been easy, but it's a
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mom, vasquez says she was a bit nervous walking into the school, however, other parents complimented her efforts and teachers cheered accordingly. it's cool. selfless. it's awesome. >> a lot of good stories out there about people stepping up for somebody that they know maybe doesn't have the muffins with mom or doughnuts with dad and a lot of great people step up, grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends and that's the way it should be. >> it's a great story. we have a promising update on knew about as radioactive boy. you might remember we had liquid radiation injected into him to wipe out his cancer. >> a lot has happened since then and a new chapter in his cancer fight is unfolding right now. here is kyle dyer. >> reporter: we all watched ben brewer munch on his doritos and play video games as he became radioactive in order to wipe out his cancer. we waited along with his family for the news.
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neuroblastoma is a persistent cancer and we have found ourselves rooting for this young survivor. ben has fought neuroblastoma five times since he was two. >> it's unfortunate that we have been at this for 12 1/2 years but at the same time we are fortunate that we have been at this for 12 1/2 years because a lot of kiddos do not make it this far and ben is tenacious and he keeps on going and >> reporter: just this year ben went through five rounds of chemo because the cancer came back and he beat it again. now ben is about to start a clinical trial for a vaccine that would keep neuroblastoma from coming back, ever again. >> i'm very happy and excited. i'm just -- there's always that -- there's always that fear of
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scared it might happen again. >> i hope it doesn't. this has got to be your time, don't you think? >> yeah. >> reporter: ben leaves for new york sunday and will travel back and forth for the trial's year long run, which is kind of interfering with his high school freshman plans at school. >> i want to try and join a wrestling team. >> reporter: yes, ben might be smaller than most 15-year-olds right now but he has proven he is a tough opponent. he has no and he is ready to take on what he hopes is his best defense against neuroblast toma -- >> neuroblast toma. >> when i heard from the family that he is finally getting a shot at this vaccine, they have been waiting for two years, i'm like i need to share that because so many people have fallen in love with ben over
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adorable, although he is older now with a deeper voice, but his strength is something you don't see in a child. >> you connected with him so long ago. it was so great that ben and his mom are willing to open up and tell you the story because it has been a brutal fight. >> it has, it's been tough on everybody. flying back and forth every month to new york, it's hard. the school district is working with him. it's hard. i've written more about that on but the generosity d community showed to them, ben is like, oh, yeah, i feel it. >> and he's ambitious. he wants to be a wrestler. >> i know, right? >> what a rock star. >> his mother is like, he's working out these days. and i'm like why are you working out? because the tryout is in november and he wants to do it. he will do it. and he also gets his permit soon too. >> there he goes. >> he's got a lot to plan for. >> you just think what in the world in life, one day i think ben is going to -- there's just so many big things that he's
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of times over. great things planned for him and he knows it. >> we so appreciate you sticking with this story. >> yes, of course. >> and we know -- well, we are -- >> do you want me to say it? >> kimberly. >> i'm sorry. >> i will say this. >> i'm sorry to see that kyle is not -- tomorrow is her last day. >> i know. >> kyle was one of the kindest people to me when i got here, teasing me about the fact that i had never driven in the snow. >> california boy. >> she was up on -- she did a weekend show when i was still on weekends and koebrich were out there teasing me and making fun of me. >> you have become such a big part of our community too. >> i know and you're going to be doing great things and we just love the connection you've had to so many great families, the children in other places and to share that update with us. >> i had to. i had to have my last story be more positive news for this kid. >> very fitting. >> yeah, right? don't cry. >> i know. you know -- >> i love you, kim.
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i love you, kyle. >> i want to jump over and give you a hug. >> kyle, you will be missed around here. >> best of luck to ben and you just keep us posted, for sure, as things go along. >> i will. >> i want to see him on the mat. i don't think anybody is going to be able to take his wrestling. >> right? >> that would be quite the story. >> wouldn't it? >> got a lot more fight than most kids. thank you, kyle. >> uh-huh. we expect to see a few more storms and tears develop along the front range this evening. >> coming from the from the sky. >> a radar update next in
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taking a kind of hazy look over the flatirons in boulder. still nice out there. >> you know, it's funny. i was driving and all this cloud and then all of a sudden the further north i got today the sun came out and it was
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really cloudy. just depended where, little pockets of sunshine. >> it's really gray this morning, kathy. >> it really was and if you weren't paying attention or you didn't watch 9news last night, you did not see this coming, right? >> right. but we listened last night. >> thank you. yeah. i knew it was going to be a shock for folks when we had, you know, 90s on sunday and monday and it was just pristine, blue sky, very little thunderstorm activity. front comes in, we woke up and it was dark. when that alarm went off at 6:15 to get the little ones off to elementary school this morning, it's like wow, it dark, it is foggy and it is drizzly and some of you may experience that again tomorrow. we've got these east-northeast winds keeping that low level moisture in. you can see it. you can feel it and temperatures today reflecting that front. 15 to 20 degrees cooler. now, up high down lgsouth, goodness, that is beautiful in areas like ridgeway, our web camera network showing us a beautiful day and another great reminder of how lucky we are to live here. 79 at the airport, i still
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will see. front didn't make it all the way into southeastern colorado clearly but in the high country it was chilly, 64 in leadville. the average this time of year is 82 so we are not too far off the mark there and i think we will be just a few degrees warmer tomorrow but humidity high, dew point, available moisture is there, winds are right, we are waiting to see if we get warm enough to get the thunderstorms going and so far it's quiet and i don't know if you're like me, maybe you don't mind it's quiet today. back to work, back to school. 80 in the 9 numbers are pretty mild for this time of year. look at the radar with the heating and the moisture, not a lot happening yet but we've got to watch these little speckles that are kind of showing up on the radar screen because they could turn into strong storms yet tonight. the front is dropping to the south and that's where we are seeing some of the heavier convection, the lightning, the heavy rain, flash flood watch areas outside our state's border, firefighters in the north and central mountains are pleased with this return of moisture to cooler air, less wind today, red flag warning
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but notice the green here, this flash flood area, there is a hurricane down by cabo san lucas and this is newton, that moisture is going to get caught up in the jet stream flow and these storms are going to be moving slowly, the steering winds aloft are pretty weak so any that make them into -- make it into southern colorado are heavy rain producers. i think we are going to be drier today, the yeah, the low cloud deck again, but with the wind shift in the afternoon, the heth with a mix of clouds and sunshine it should be a milder day and not such a dark and gloomy start to your day. this is newton and newton is a stinker because sitting there trying to decide if it wants to strengthen or not, winds to 75 miles an hour moving inland and the models cannot decide if they are going to keep the moisture south of colorado or bring it into our state. if you're headed to tucson and phoenix, you better brace for two to 4 inches of rain if you're headed there and look at the heavy rain potential and some of these red and purple areas there's going to be flooding issues, the stream of
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albuquerque to where the low is sitting around omaha and minneapolis. i think we have beautiful day coming up tomorrow once we get the sun out, we will do low 80s here, cool air to the north of us and notice the heat building across the southern plain states and the southwest as well. southwest is quiet in colorado right now, the heaviest convection is in southeastern colorado, tracking from the southwest to the northeast, notice here our model is not overly enthusiastic about strong storms tonight so we hope that holds true. it's simply been cloudy and cool today and kind of tough get that atmosphere kind of unstable enough to get that convection going but you will deal with fog out on i-76 late tonight into tomorrow, foggy, cloudy, call dia if you have a flight, some issues there. 11:00 in the morning, beautiful, southwest winds push moisture up ahead of newton into southern colorado but doesn't look like an overly stormy day. cool, though, in the mountains, back in the 30s there. 50s out west. mid-50s in denver and these lows are quite mild in southeastern colorado where
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right back there again tomorrow but we are starting to see the numbers creep back up again. this is the time of year that it's just pristine weather in colorado, september and october should be mild and dry every day, we are not there yet but i think that pattern shift is coming. and so 79 in evergreen, 69 the high in at any rateland tomorrow -- nederland tomorrow and you're halfway through your week and a decent looking forecast coming up for you. in denver tonight there's still the chance for rain. don'ting fooled -- don't be fooled by the sun. a low at 55. tomorrow the fog and cloud cover is back, burns off quicker, warmer day as a result, 74 by noon, 83 in the afternoon. smidge, an isolated thunderstorm in because you have moisture and any heating of the day you're going to get one or two that pop up. the thursday forecast looks great and that's great news because there's a little football game here in town on thursday night and then we are cooler friday, warmer for the weekend and then we have a fall like change coming in next week with temperatures in the 60s and 70s and overnight low
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well. broncos take the field thursday night. it looks mild, it looks dry, it looks breezy, looks like a winning forecast to me and it looks like an interesting game right here on 9news. in the high country leaves are changing, might be time to start planning that fall foliage outing. chris weber with that shot there. ba linda showing -- belinda ivory showing us the leaves are changing this time of year. you can't beat it. jonathan, you need to plan that trip and get up there. >> we are going. >> are we? >> all right. >> by the way, kathy, all of your forecasts are winning forecasts. >> it's getting thick in here. >> can you write that down? we have a witness. [ laughter ] >> just speaking the truth. >> that may be the first time anyone has ever said that to me so thank you. >> thanks, kathy. finned land is your spot -- finland is your spot if you want to witness the aurora borealis. in the finnish city the heavens
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evening, occasionally exploding into rolling waves of color that light up the night. it is unbelievable. it's the eighth time in just 10 days that the northern lights have been witnessed in that area. pretty cool. rage does not allow for rational thinking, case in point, the woman in florida who is facing criminal charges after trying to set her ex- boyfriend's car on fire. in surveillance video you see 19-year-old carmen chamblee feeding flames into the trunk of a white vehicle. according to police in her former boyfriend. as it turns out she had the wrong car. witnesses say they saw the 19- year-old leaving the scene on a bicycle. the incident took place back on august 28th. police have since released this video and identified chamblee. she has been arrested, placed in a county jail and faces second degree arson charges. more than a dozen women have volunteered to testify against bill cosby at his sex assault trial. also ahead, more about the mission for president obama
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a man is in custody and an officer on leave after shots were fired during an arrest
4:42 pm
view boulevard about 1:00 p.m. according to aurora police, two officers were trying to take a suspect into custody when the suspect showed a weapon. at that time an officer fired his weapon. no one was hit. police say officers used a stun gun on the suspect and he was taken to the hospital for injuries resulting from the use of that stun gun. police have not yet released the name of the suspect or the officers involved and there's no news as to what they were interested in serving the arrest warrant on president obama is on a historic visit to laos to heal war wounds with a country with highing strategic importance to the u.s. nbc's ron allen reports. a historic morning in laos as president obama becomes the first of the u.s. presidents to visit this tiny landlocked nation of 6 million people, that america bombed so heavily during the vietnam war. >> whatever the cause, whatever
4:43 pm
innocent men, women and children. >> reporter: the president announcing the u.s. will spend $90 million over three years to help clear millions of bombs that did not explode. the president here as laos hosts a summit of southeast asian nations where mr. obama abruptly cancelled a meeting with philippine president after a vulgar insult when he thought mr. obama would criticize him for thousands of killings of drug lords since he came to power. today through a sp apol described -- apologized. >> regret it came across as a personal attack on the u.s. president. >> reporter: that after more diplomatic drama for the president in china where he locked horns with vladimir putin, perhaps their last while obama is in office, the two unable to agree on a cease fire. here in laos president obama while attending the summit will also visit a relief agency that helps victims of the bombings. the government in laos said it will step up efforts to help
4:44 pm
troops. now back to you. >> prosecutors say 13 women accusing bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them over a span of four decades are willing to testify at his sex assault trial in pennsylvania. they include aspiring actresses, a flight attendant, a waitress and a masseuse who said cosby used his celebrity to win their trust before drugging and assaulting them. prosecutors asked a judge today to allow the women to testify as witnesses to a pattern of criminal behavior began in 1964. cosby has only been criminally charged in one case. cosby's attorneys say their client is being treated unfairly. >> to accept the assumption of guilty by numbers or guilt by volume is really the same thing as accepting the assumption of guilt before innocence. >> the judge hasn't ruled yet as to whether the women will be
4:45 pm
june 5th of next year. changing gears now to slacker and steve and, guys, we understand that you had the latest in technology regarding steering wheels? >> yes. >> we do want to talk about busted rides. there is this guy out there in australia who literally got pulled over and he had a bit of a defective vehicle. his steering wheel had fallen off but he replaced it with a frying pan. >> he did. it's round. >> >> got the handle on it to make it easier -- >> it's like -- >> what's this? >> so it's going to lead us to talking about the busted rides we had when i was young, i had a pinto, which i don't know if you guys know what that is but it explodes if you -- if it gets hit from behind. >> yes. >> and mine was green with wood paneling and then a brown hood and then a blue quarter panel up here. >> custom is -- >> yeah. and you had a what? >> mine was -- my first car was
4:46 pm
i can relate to the rest of you guys but we will see -- >> did you have busted rides? >> my best friend, denise, who will be horrified when i say this, had a pinto and it had no front seat, a passenger seat and i used to pretend there was a passenger seat and sit on my knees which is just so dangerous, i can't even believe i'm confessing to this. we didn't go far. but i didn't want to sit in the back seat and look like a fool riding as her passenger in the back seat. >> i have been lucky with my cars but i will say when i was a kid, my dad torino that did not go in reverse. that was fun. it gets tricky. >> it gets tricky. and i have -- >> those are nice friends, guys. >> we all have a story. >> there it is. >> thank you, slacker and steve. >> thanks, guys. politics this election year, it's getting ugly, even at the grassroots level. we will show you. also ahead, some of the people who will represent colorado at the opening
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donald trump supporter is so fed up with thieves taking his political signs that he is fighting back. he has rigged up his signs to deliver what he calls a surprise to anyone who tries to touch them. reporter alisa hong of her sister station has this story from washington. >> reporter: bellingham known to be a liberal city but this homeowner was shocked when thieves started so he decided to shock them back. seven times over the last few months someone has stolen donald trump signs off of ray gillwide's property. his security system has captured it so he decided to get creative. >> and then we run copper wire all the way around the outside. >> reporter: he wired an electric fence unit, enough to deliver a zap to anyone who tries stealing the sign, like this woman who grabbed his sign in the middle of the night. >> my property.
4:51 pm
if the parents did the job they should have been, i wouldn't have to be taking care of it now. >> reporter: bellingham police say as long as he isn't injuring anybody he has the right to protect his property. in bellingham, alyssa hon, king 5 news. tomorrow the 2016 paralympic games will start in rio and as we saw in the olympics, colorado residents will be well represented at the opening ceremonies. 9news reporter matt renoux says a coach and winter medalist will be a part of the show. >> reporter: at studio b assistance center in silverthorne, lauren hitchle has been busy. >> yes, very busy. >> reporter: they just opened for business -- >> august 17th. >> reporter: and the only way lauren is able to work with her partner, jess bellflower. >> trying to stay communicating with everybody. >> reporter: is over social media, because jess is 6000
4:52 pm
the 2016 paralympic opening ceremony. >> doing this really cool thing like -- >> reporter: playing a big part of the event by coaching another summit county colorado resident. >> i've been working with amy purdy. >> reporter: paralympic snowboarding bronze medalist and "dancing with the stars" contestant amy purdy. >> i am memorizing the dance moves and trying to look graceful. >> reporter: who spent 45 days training for a tr style five minute samba dance. >> the brazilian theme and life to the dance so amy actually learned how to samba. >> reporter: that will be featured during opening ceremony. >> it's really one of the highlights of the entire ceremony. >> reporter: work that's kept jess in rio for about a month. >> been a really cool experience. >> reporter: dancing and enjoying the beauty of brazil. >> we went to see like sugarloaf and the christ and things like that. >> reporter: ready now to see the ceremony she worked hard on
4:53 pm
>> makes me realize we live in a really beautiful place too. >> reporter: and much to lauren's delight -- >> it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for jess. >> reporter: all the work that's waiting at their new dance studio. in silverthorne, matt renoux. >> when jess gets back we will have a full schedule. >> reporter: 9news mountain newsroom. there is a secret surprise with amy purdy's dance at the opening ceremonies. the incredible partner remains a secret. all we k renown artist. >> makes me want to watch, tune in, find out. makes you want to dance. >> see what you did there. miniature models of one of denver's most recognizable
4:54 pm
4:56 pm
there is a project going on worldwide today in denver -- and denver no exception. >> for the second year in a row denver arts and venues is participating in the dropping of the art. world art drop is about artists in the world leaving art in public places leaving clues online so you can go find it.
4:57 pm
you mean." they hid one at red rocks, another one in the hilltop neighborhood and another one at a tie company in town. tweeted out the clues with the hashtag art drop denver. >> really the concept is that the world is really disconnected, there's ways that we can spread some joy to people. there is so much going on with art and with culture in denver. it's a great time to live here. >> denver arts and venues tweeted out this afternoon that a kid had library. >> nice. >> each bear is finders keepers and each get their own mini gifts, like this kid got a book. >> i love that story. >> get the little blue bears and -- >> what a greaidea. >> and artists are supposed to be putting out their own types of art around the city and tweeting it out so it's neat. it's fun. >> speaking of blue, the blue bear and now blue sky, we have been waiting all day for it. >> yeah, we have. >> what we haven't been waiting for are the thunderstorms which
4:58 pm
we are at 84 at dia, you guys. it did not feel that warm, did it? >> no. >> it was like 15, 20 degrees cooler. that cool front caught people off guard. they weren't watching 9news last night. they had no idea about the fog bank coming in and now, look, the radar suddenly, uh-oh, there's some action around byers and limon. we will track the storm because the moisture is there, the heating is there, the front is dropping south. that cell north-northeast of trinidad just went re there. so we got to track that for you as we move into the 5:00 hour which is something that i will do. this hour, though, i think we are partly sunny, temperatures in the mid-70s, not too shabby at all and those isolated storms will hopefully stay under severe limits but be prepared. there's a chance for showers tonight, a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow and some of you will be dealing with that nasty fog again. sorry about that. but you guys can hang on one second, here comes the broncos forecast. the guys take the field with
4:59 pm
>> see, another winning forecast. >> oh, look at you. >> see, unbelievable. >> i love working on this show with you guys. so fun. >> yea! winner, winner. that's going to do it for us. 9news at 5:00 is coming up next. next at 5:00, itt technical closes all its campuses including the two in the metro area. students are stuc this coming monday. also ahead, a confession in a decade's old kidnapping case that paved the way for laws designed to keep children safe. and what was first believed to be nature's progression turns out to be a blatant act of vandalism of a sandstone formation that had stood for thousands ofs, xt on 9news. this is 9news.
5:00 pm
without a school. itt technical institutes suddenly shut down all of its campuses including the ones in aurora and westminster. vicky nguyen -- victoria sanchez went -- >> reporter: thousands of students registered for fall classes at the itt tech in 38 states including army veteran marshall almond. >> i was hoping to start school this coming monday. >> reporter: he planned to use his gi bill to get an as information technology at the aurora campus. but before starting the school shut down. empty cubicles, no employees, no one answering the phones. >> i had to change my plans. you know, it's all right. you know, i can adapt and move forward from this but i really would wish that schools like this would stay open. >> reporter: almond didn't lose any money but other students are worried about their student debt with no chance of a degree from itt tech. >> i have about $25,000 in


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