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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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without a school. itt technical institutes suddenly shut down all of its campuses including the ones in aurora and westminster. vicky nguyen -- victoria sanchez went -- >> reporter: thousands of students registered for fall classes at the itt tech in 38 states including army veteran marshall almond. >> i was hoping to start school this coming monday. >> reporter: he planned to use his gi bill to get an as information technology at the aurora campus. but before starting the school shut down. empty cubicles, no employees, no one answering the phones. >> i had to change my plans. you know, it's all right. you know, i can adapt and move forward from this but i really would wish that schools like this would stay open. >> reporter: almond didn't lose any money but other students are worried about their student debt with no chance of a degree from itt tech. >> i have about $25,000 in
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was just months away from graduating from the westminster campus. >> on august 25th -- >> reporter: he received an e- mail early tuesday morning letting him know he would not finish his last two quarters there. >> we have made a very difficult decision to discontinue our operation effective immediately. >> reporter: just like the aurora campus, the building was empty. no one available to answer his questions. westbrook says faculty and staff used to be helpful. >> but there was just other getting furby over the -- fishy over the last few months, you know, them not accepting students all of a sudden, you know, them saying they are going to move and now they closed. >> reporter: he hoped to earn his degree in cyber security and get a job at lockheed martin. >> that was my goal and one of my dreams, you know. >> reporter: now those dreams are on hold until he finds out if he can transfer to another
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>> the u.s. secretary of education outlining two steps itt tech students with federal loans can take. get the loan debt wiped away and restart your education from the beginning somewhere else or keep paying the loans and continue to a different school if those credits transfer. >> neither one of those are ideal. >> they are not because for some of these people, you know, they have just a few months left on their education. why would they want to start over again. >> sure. >> but the key point here is if those credits are going transfer. >> exactly. >> and some of them won't. >> sure. victoria, thank you. after a warm holiday weekend, it cooled down a bit today with storms developing in the mountains, kathy sabine is in the weather center tracking if showers will make their way over the metro this evening. >> finally with sunshine and with that sunshine comes warmer air but also cooking up a few thunderstorms south and east of the metro area. outside right now we are finally at 84 at dia, 80 in denver, but still quite cool in the front range foothill areas.
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15 degrees cooler with the arrival of that mid-morning cool front which brought in enough low level moisture that some areas are still dealing with patchy fog this hour. a little convection south of monument out towards byers, limon, nonsevere storms but something worth tracking. there is a severe cell moving up toward la junta capable of hail and heavy rain and more heavy rain and that threat will increase across new mexico. the remnants well, actually a lot of moisture from that rr push that moisture threat into the four corners area and eventually southern colorado. isolated storms in denver yet tonight and then clearing, the fog returns tomorrow but we have a warming and drying trend that will kick off in the afternoon, drive tonight should be okay unless you're headed southeast of the city, something we will talk about coming up in just a few minutes. we will track the severe storm south and east of denver and then look ahead to that broncos game day forecast. this is going to be a big game on thursday and i think weather may be a factor.
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hear that. thank you. firefighters made steady progress battling the starwood fire near red feather lakes. they now have it 60% contained and they kept flames from spreading beyond 350 acres. investigators say lightning sparked the fire sunday afternoon. no damage or injuries have been reported. the larimer county sheriff's office says it will lift roadblocks in that area tomorrow morning. the crews that have battled the beaver creek fire since july now have it 60% contained as well. this fire burned more than kill areas. about 190 firefighters still assigned to this wildfire. late last month officials said the fire was likely started by a person. now they have revised it again and say the cause is under investigation. a man accused of robbing five banks in the metro area could also face charges of attempted murder. denver police arrested shawn scott yesterday near sixth avenue and osage. police say an officer fired his weapon during the arrest, no one was hit and not clear why
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because of scott's actions he's been held for investigation as well of attempted murder of a police officer. scott was wanted in connection with the five bank robberies that happened between late may and august 23rd. 26 years later, a family from central minnesota finally has answers about what happened to 11-year-old jacob wetterling. jacob's remains were just recently found after his disappearance in 1989. today the man who led investigators to those remains admitted in federal court that the boy and then shot him. 53-year-old danny heinrich was in court to plead guilty to separate federal child pornography charges when he made his confession. prosecutors are recommending 20 years for jacob's murder. jacob's mother says they held out hope for all these years. >> love to talk to you all. i'm just not ready yet because for us jacob was alive until we
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>> jacob's case led congress to pass the jacob wetterling act in 1994 which requires every state to keep a sex offender registry. cell phone shows an apparent act of vandalism that sent a popular sandstone formation tumbling on the oregon coast. oregon state police and parks department are reviewing the clip, shows three people for some reason destroying the popular rock formation known as duck bill. it was in a fenced off section of the park and before the department believed for a week that the formation had actually collapsed on its own. >> we don't have all of the facts with us yet. we have seen a video that media turned up over the weekend and that really is all we know about it. >> the man who recorded the video says he was helping a friend film the coast when they noticed several people trying to push the formation down. he started recording when he saw it wobbling. for the last five months protesters have been fighting
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dakota -- from north dakota to illinois. they cite environmental risk while the energy company insists it is the safest way to transport the oil. this weekend tensions were high as protesters and workers clashed once again. nelson garcia talked with a colorado woman who was there. >> here's one of the first videos that had happened. >> reporter: sarah wants everyone to see what she saw. >> and there's the bulldozer in the background. >> reporter: she drove from colorado to the sioux to join the protest against the pipeline designed to deliver 500,000 gallons of crude oil a day through four states to refineries in illinois. >> if we stand together that gives us more of a chance to beat the pipeline. >> reporter: she is worried about the water and the pipeline traveling underneath the missouri river. >> you move back. >> reporter: but she says
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burial ground prompting protesters to try to stop it. >> i was heart broken to see what was happening because all we are trying to do is protect our water. >> reporter: she says people did cross the fence but private security got aggressive. >> as you could see we don't have any weapons and they had guard dogs who were barking at everybody and basically they are letting the guard dogs loose to bite people. >> doug flanders with the colorado oil and gas association released a quote, pipelines are a safe and reliable way to ensure that oil and gas is delivered to homes, refineries and other markets throughout the united states protesting pipelines is nothing more than insuring that more roads will need to be built and more truck traffic will be required to get oil and gas to the american people. >> so i don't understand how it's the safest way to run it through a water source. >> reporter: she wants everyone to understand what's going on and see what she saw. >> of course i know this battle
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can only do so much to stop it on a daily basis. >> in westminster, nelson garcia, 9news. this afternoon a u.s. district judge ordered that construction temporarily stopped because of what happened over the weekend. the alleged destruction of burial grounds, a decision on the bigger project may be issued by the end of the week. a 63-year-old hiker had to spend the night on the summit of a -- after he got hurt on sunday. the san miguel sheriff's office helped rescue wilson. on twitter the sheriff's office says it was a difficult rescue for helicopter pilots on monday. we don't know many of the details including how the hiker was hurt and whether he was alone. they are not releasing his name. when a boy couldn't bring his dad to a father and son event, mom stepped in, the disguise didn't fool anybody, it won over a lot of support. and a study that found the
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conditions and medications on driving, how to navigate new road designs, colorado driving laws for older drivers. the number on your screen. scientists say they have found evidence of the zika virus in tears. the new study may help doctors learn more about how the virus affects eyes and vision. researchers at washington university school of medicine did their study on mice, still
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apply to us. there's no evidence to suggest zika can spread from one person to another through tears but of course it can be sexually transmitted or contracted through infected mosquitoes. it is national read a book day, and the pew research center wants to get the point across that picking up an actual book and reading it is not a thing of the past. it found more than 65% of americans have read a print book in the last year. that's more than double the number of e-book readers and four times the number who listen the survey found americans who read a book over the last 12 months have stayed steady since 2012 at about 73% who read books, i should say. a single mom in texas doubled as dad with a creative disguise for an event at her son's school, she put together her own dad costume that featured a mustache, a chain wallet, even cologne. the school hosted a doughnuts with dad event and mom fit right in. >> i think it's important to
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selves because they don't have a father or mother. you know, just i've been alone for a while doing it with my kids, but it hasn't been easy but it's a blessing. >> what a rock star, though. she says she admits she was nervous walking into school, other parents complimented her, though and some teachers even cheered for her. after 20 years at 9news, kyle dyer is ready to pursue a new opportunity. tomorrow kyle anchors her final newscast at 9news. she sat down with kyle clark. >> because i was going a mile a minute, going on four hours of sleep every night and trying to do it all because don't woe all, especially moms trying to do it all and that made me stop and really reflect and pray and see what's really important in my life and that's kind of helped me decided that i needed
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she talks about how she handled anchoring alone the morning of the aurora theater shooting and also she talks about her plans for the future. >> one of the kindest, most sincere people i have ever met. >> and we are so happy for her. our highs today dropped in the double digits compared to yesterday and milder conditions are here to stay. >> kathy says we could have fog rolling in by morning and she takes a look at the forecast for kickoff for thursday's
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hi. welcome back. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside of the 9 back yard. finally the sun, we had to wait all day for it to get here and you know what? if you weren't paying attention i bet you were caught off guard by the cloud cover and the fog this morning. we knew that cool front was coming and did it cool us off? let's look outside, though. it's so pretty off to the east and that's where we are tracking all the heavy thunderstorms. boulder has been kind of hazy all afternoo the air and good travel conditions for those getting off the weekend late and coming through the i-70 corridor and the tunnels this afternoon. how about 84 finally in denver, still 90s in southeastern colorado, took a while for that front to make it all the way down to the south. we should be in the low 80s this time of year and we are not too far off the mark there but the numbers are there. humidity is up, dew point is up, all the moisture available for thunderstorms to develop yet tonight. but here in the back yard it is a beautiful evening with 84
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for anything that you might have planned. although just in the last half hour, look at this, there's a little bit of thunderstorm activity starting to pop up out of here. we will watch it closely, we are watching the moisture push these storms from the southwest to the northeast and one cell has gone severe around la junta, that's a hail producer right there. and look at the lightning between la junta and lamar. the areas in green is a flash flood watch, does not include colorado yet but we have a hurricane that we are tracking around cabo san lucas, yes, going to bring all kinds of moisture up from the southwest, interacting with this front so the most active weather will be from el paso through albuquerque and into wichita and omaha. this system is a category 1 storm, winds to 70 miles per hour but look at this moisture plume coming into our region and may be a factor for us as we move through the next 48 hours. really the bull's-eye for that heavier rain, the flooding rain from the light steering winds aloft will be over the four
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colorado but we are dealing on the edge so i think tomorrow we will have fog in the morning, a mix of clouds and sunshine but we are back in the low 80s, the cool air to the north, the heat to the south and really the south is where we are tracking the heaviest thunderstorms tonight. these storms lingering between trinidad and lamar kind of blowing up later tonight around nebraska and kansas, they go late into the night and then watch the clouds and fog push back in on the easterly flow, yep, you will be dealing with the fog again in the morning but then it goes sunny, should be warmer, southwest winds with that high cloud deck should get us into a colorado some of the warmest temperatures today, the trend continues tomorrow, although these numbers climb and in denver, collins, your foothill numbers look too. 70 in idaho springs and 70 in grand lake tomorrow. tonight, still the chance of a shower in the city with more clouds than clearing and although it looks good out here right now, fog early and then a partly sunny, midday period, low 80s in the afternoon, enough moisture for a late day
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terrific football forecast, a cooler day on friday but a nice weekend warmup and then it looks like fall for the first few days the next week, highs in the 60s and 70s. our broncos take the field and we are going to cover that for you right here on 9news on thursday, 80 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy and mild. talk about a season opener. hopefully that is a winning forecast. >> shur's looks that -- sure looks that way because there's going to be plenty more with a lot of bad weather so enjoy this. >> it is amazing out here the best it's been all day. >> you stay out there. >> oh, what? >> sorry. >> thanks, kathy. fans attending tonight's rockies game have a chance to see a record for baseball futility. >> and peyton manning takes his turn as a celebrity roaster.
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stocks closed higher on wall street on news of a big energy acquisition. spectra energy agreed to be acquired inbridge for 28 billion. the dow rose 46, the s&p edged the dow rose 46, the s&p edged up six and the nasdaq ? ? ? you live life your way.
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from colorado's sports leader, here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. the broncos are planning a spectacular pre game show to celebrate the super bowl championship but don't want any of the players who earned that title to know it's happening. just prior to thursday night's regular season kickoff against the carolina panthers, both fans in the stadium and will be treated to a commemoration of the super bowl 50 title including a few surprises. however if the head coach gets his way the current team will be in the locker room. >> it's game one of this season, you know, and we get 16 shots and obviously it's a big game against a tremendous opponent. we are going to have to play special, you know, that's what it's all about. so obviously it's very exciting for denver, for our fans and everybody but we just really try to stay focused on one day,
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baseball history and lower -- in lower downtown this evening. the slumping san francisco giants could become the first major league team ever to be held to four hits or fewer in six consecutive games. rocks pitcher chad bettis blanked the giants with a two hitter yesterday, first complete game of bettis' career. colorado has never had two shutouts in a row. tyler anderson is on the mound tonight. this week's prep rally honor roll ends with a brick in the box. taor list them just in case you missed them. ?[ music ]? >> reporter: the defending 5a softball champs start us off at number 5. mountain range's trinity gallegos gets all of this and leaves the mustangs to
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-- arapahoe. she sprawls out to make the diving catch for the out. a perfect path is good for number 3, cherry creek's alex padilla puts it in the corner of the end zone and keeps inbounds for the touchdown. for the second straight week an 80-yard play makes our honor roll. this time it's brian campos. he will take it 80 yards down the field to the end opponent 26-0 for number 2. and this week's top play happens on the pitch. boulder with a penalty shot but mountain vista keeper christa reichert comes up with a monster save to keep the game within reach. we have ranked them, now it's your turn. go to to vote for your favorite play. strange but drew, former broncos quarterback peyton
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celebrity roast. all of the other panelists told raunchy jokes but manning kept it clean. >> i got to tell you, i have no idea who the rest of you guys up here are. i mean, i've been sitting up here tonight with all those folks that no one has ever heard of thinking to myself did i just get traded to the jacksonville jaguars? [ laughter ] [ cheering and applause ] >> that show was one hour long and those were the only 17 seconds we yeah. peyton is very funny and a great speaker but i still was shocked that he agreed to -- because they don't just rip the person being roasted. they rip each other so he got hammered pretty good himself, yeah. >> will we see him thursday? >> yes, you will. he will be there. >> that's awesome. nbc "nightly news" is next. we hope you -- if things get dicey -- >> you heard it here first.
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coming up at 4:00 a mother speaks after finally hearing a confession from the man who kidnapped and killed her 11 year old son in 1989. also - protecting you family from the flu. this year the kids need the shot, instead of the flumist. and a new chapter for ben brewer - the boy who chose to be radioactive to fight his
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breaking news tonight. one of america's most infamous cold case mysteries solved, a little boy vanished without a trace. a disappearance that gripped the nation. tonight a shocking confession finally answers for his anguished family. typing polls and triggering attacks, and donald trump saying that hillary clinton doesn't have a, quote, presidential look. $20 million settlement in a sexual harassment case that rocked fox news and triggered the downfall of its leader roger ailes. fighting the flu, a big change from doctors. parents listen up, it affects the way millions of kids get vabs natured. and national outrageous, a treasure that stood for a million years is destroyed in seconds, a hunt for the vandals caught on camera. "nightly news" begins


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