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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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effective red light cameras is questionable. do they really make us safer? or do they make money? a december paper points different studies draw different conclusions so the cdc says it is premature to say they are a good thing. in denver, city council is deciding whether to sign a new contract for 5 more years of red light cameras and possibly expand the program. denver police captain mark chuck likes that idea. >> we are trying to change behavior. >> reporter: are these the denver public works data shows red light cameras are not at the sites with the most crashes, of the 4 intersections with red light cameras, only 1, 8th and speer boulevard is in the top 10. the other 3 intersections don't even crack the top 25. >> we would agree with you that, and that is part of the new contract is we would like to be able to use that technology where it is needed best. >> we know these, when they put
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the 4 highest accident intersection s, not by a long shot. >> reporter: denver city councilman, flin, supports them in general but won't vote yes until looking into yellow light times longer. >> 20-30,000 people are getting tickets they don't need to get. >> reporter: tickets range from $40 to $75. actually, much lower than the $300 fine if a cop catches you. >> our purpose isn't to try to get a fine. though, that photo enforcement makes at least some money. so far this year the city has taken in more than half a million in fines, more than $7 million since 2008. for next, this is whitney wild. >> we expect a decision from city council by the end of the month and will keep you updated. our next team to woke up to e maims from viewer-- e mails from viewers enrolled at itt tech, that were enrolled, the
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campuses in 38 states, including 2 in colorado. nationwide, 35,000 students and 8,000 employees. itt tech said it had to close because of sanctions, including $152 million fund to refund students in just this very scenario. students with credit that will transfer will still likely be responsible for their loans, students who lose all those credit hours have the best shot at a refund. people trashed our state this went to beautiful places and left them ugly. our steve staeger went to a national forest outside the metro area where some bad humans couldn't be bothered to behave. >> reporter: for years, we have heard people say we are loving our national forests and parks to death. >> this is pretty typical, i mean, granted we are coming off a holiday weekend. >> reporter: i may be no expert at affairs of the heart, but this ain't love. >> we spend, i can't tell you how much time, going around picking up after people.
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in the pike national forest and says this isn't just leftovers of a holiday weekend, it looks like this every week near the recreation area, there are 8 bear-proof dumpsters, complete with trash on top and next to them. >> designed to be bear resistant and this is the opposite. all we are doing is attracting bears. we have had to euthanize bears, we had horror stories up here. >> reporter: he and hisea >> i could write a book of what we have found out here being dumped. >> reporter: but, he says, it keeps getting worse. >> i keep telling all my crews not to take it personal, but it is hard not to. >> reporter: hard not to. >> we spent a lot of money and effort to provide perfectly good out houses, less than a half a mile away, yet they built their own. >> reporter: the rangers believe a squatter used this camp site last and left a bag of juicy trash behind. >> god knows what that is.
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worst part. >> what appears to be fishing line is strung across this trail, which is disturbing. >> reporter: why would someone do that? >> obviously to do harm to somebody. >> reporter: who treats our parks like this? not 95% of the people, says the ranger, they are the good ones, but... >> you always have the 5% that doesn't care or doesn't know. >> reporter: we love our wildlife, colorado, but if this is the we are going to be single a lot sooner than we think. for next, i am steve staeger. >> the forest service says the answer might be fewer dumpsters, not more, so the dumpsters, that forest will be pulled out thursday. everyone who brings something in is expected to bring it out. don't look now but donald trump might make a race of it in colorado, some of that is thanks to libertarian candidate, gary johnson.
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with an 11-point lead in various polls but a single poll put clinton's lead in colorado at just 2 points, and that is in a 2-way race. of course it is not a 2-way race. there are other candidates. that same poll found the johnson, libertarian nominee, pulling 16% in colorado, green party is jill stein at 6, and clinton's lead in colorado disappears. tough day at the polls for clinton, tougher day for colorado care, the universal health care ballot poll shows it getting smoked. magellan strategies, does work for republicans and conservative causes released a poll indicating a quarter of all coloradans support amendment 69, 7% is no surprise. but elected democrats are oppose tg and so is the democratic base. only 40% of the democrats polled said they would vote for colorado care. one last election note, we have been hearing from next
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mill levee, there are districts asking for both of them. >> mill levees are a property tax, and bonds are offered to outside investors, school districts keep asking voters for permission because they have to ask. districts can't raise property taxes or get outside money without voter approval. bonds and levy money are spent differently. bonds are used to fund infrastructure, new schools, renovating buildings or turning buildings into schools. the money from mill pay for thinginizeicide the classroom. the question posed to voters in denver would raise $628 million total. $572 million in bonds for fixing school buildings and $56 million in increased property taxes to put money into classrooms. that biker shut down of i-25 over the summer was supposed to raise awareness of motorcycle safety. it mainly just made people mad and sent police on a hunt for the riders who caused a real
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2 men from colorado springs have been arrested along with another from pueblo, more arrests and more seizures of bikes are expected. people are just now coming around to being outraged about c-dot's long ago decision to increase the passenger requirement for hov lanes on i-25 and u.s. 36. the change from 2 people ena car to 3 was-- in a car to 3 was announced months ago but it is blowing up now. you have until january to make a new friend to take with you in the hove money. c-dot acnologies increasing the requirements will result in more people paying tolls, that is the point to better fund road projects. broncos arrive thursday, music of their choice blasting and take the field for warm ups, stadium speakers on, music of their choice blasting. >> the broncos have an in-stadium dj, playing pre-game music and players sent requests
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it is pretty much song for song exactly what i am listening to these days. linebacker demarcus ware wants "we got the keys" by dj collin and j-z, von miller asked for ace hood. cj anderson picked "why you haten" and brandon marshal with "champions," by kanye. i am more of a country guy, peyton manning's list speed. the starting quarterback, trevor siemian has not turned in requests. who knows, maybe he is into thrash metal. >> just done know. next is going on hiatus, kind of a hiatus. i just like saying "hiatus." we won't be on tomorrow or thursday, tomorrow is commander in chief form 6:00 p.m., hillary clinton and donald trump taking questions on national security, military affairs and veterans issues and thursday, of course, is the nfl season opener,
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9 news. next will return following those epic face offs on friday. kyle dyer knows what some of you think when you hear her name. not her decades of anchoring colorado's favorite morning news program, nope, just the one moment when something terrible happened e. >> i think in many ways that changed things for me. shoo as she leaves 9 news, we look back and forward to what is next for her. another round of college freshman are coming to school and for once we are giving credit where credit is due. someone watching breckinridge's annual do they do with 16,000 rubber duckies every other day of the
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sun, and a decent warm up now that the front pushed south of the city. i am meteorologist kathy sabine, took all day to get to 84 degrees, it was cloudy, foggy, and cool today and now there are a couple of thunderstorms that are starting to pop up on the radar, tracking from the southwest to the northeast, nonsevere storms around the city, but they are close so we will keep an eye on those through the dinner hour. down south the storms are producing hail, severe thunderstorm warnings and heavy rain around la junta and lamar, storms in flash flood zone
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from hurricane newton, yep, all that moisture coming in and those slow-moving thunderstorms mean the flood threat will increase over southern colorado tomorrow. around here tonight, just isolated showers expected. there will be clearing later on and then the darn fog will redevelop for those of you that head out early tomorrow morning. i think tomorrow will be a warmer, drier day. low to mid 80s up and down the front range with a mix of clouds and sunshine. getting us into a beautiful thursday, those broncos will be taking the field right about 6:30-7:00, i think the degrees, should be a wonderful game time forecast, dry and mild, hopefully a winning forecast. leaves are changing in the high country and chang in there, it is tuesday and you have a short week ahead of you. we are saying goodbye to a friend, kyle dyer leaves 9 news after 20 years. she is off on a new adventure. >> i am going to start my own business, a story telling
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individuals, companies, non-and for-profit foundations and getting the word out about their programs making a positive impact and the why and be able to tell people why they should care about these programs and show them the difference they are making in the community. >> you have always gravitated toward positive stories. >> love it. >> uplifting stories. explain the difference between a positive story and a fluff story. >> okay, so a fluff story is fun to watch, right? there are feature stories that are fun. i think t show what people are doing. you show the positive difference people are making and hopefully through my stories, engaged audience, i didn't know that and advocate for the cause. maybe someone will share the word about it, or maybe it will inspire somebody to do something good in their life. >> some journalists see advocacy as a dirty word. i don't and you don't either. >> no, isn't that what we are all here for? to support one another? outreach?
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and help build it to make it a better place, i see nothing wrong with that. >> over the years you have told a lot of stories of people who refuse to be defined by one single bad thing that happened to them. >> yes. >> and that is your story too. >> sure is. um, with the bad things that happened, there is always good that comes out. yeah, i was bit and became the social media person, everyone saw me get bit by a dog on live tv. but, um, i think in many ways me. that made me stop and really reflect and pray and see what is really important in my life. that is kind of-- helped me decide i needed to leave the morning show to be more prizant for my fam-- present for my family. people go through stuff and it doesn't keep them down. >> lets talk about the morning of the aurora theater shooting. you were here alone for hours. >> right. >> for hours and hours. >> it was very surreal.
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happening. >> i am glad that you were here. i came in later that morning and we spent time together but i am dmrad you were here because-- glad you were here because i think the people who had woken up with you, for 15-20 years in denver, needed to see you on that morning. i think that was important to people. >> i am glad i was here. >> lets finish with something more fun. so, that was one of the 2 days we worked directly. >> doesn't happen much. >> in the 9 years we have been here since together twice on the morning show. the other morning, you would think somebody ahead of time would have figured both anchors are named kyle and as our stories go to the teleprompter that might create confusion. >> right, who reads the story that says "kyle" at the top. then they tried "kyle c, kyle d." >> it didn't help at all. it became kyle and kyle then by the end of the morning we got to
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for you because still not a fantastic system for me. >> thank you for having me here. on next to talk about my next. >> well, this is a place where we appreciate good stories and the people who tell them and the people who are willing to share them. so, for that, we have always admired your work. >> thanks, kyle. parents of college freshman are crying. tears of joy, they are out, they are finally out. >> i thing the kids are going to miss the dog more than they miss mom and dad. >> definitely.
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du students moved into their dorms today, the move-in day stories usually focus on the students, their goal, their dreams. photo journalist mike grady turned his lens in the other direction. now that the kids are out house, what do their parents have planned for life? >> a bitter sweet day today. >> move-in day. >> moving her in. freshman year. du. >> when you are a kid, it is like your parents are there to pick you up and take you places, you don't think they are actual people too. >> what are you going to do to be an empty nester? i said, well, we are going to discover now things to talk about. >> i don't know how i will fill
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rageers every night. >> they will have to cook less food. >> your whole life centers around kids and when they go away, it is a whole new chapter. >> i think it will get really bored, she will start talking to herself more and to the dog more and she like makes up like songs, she will start doing that more. she whistles a lot. it will all increase. >> thank you. >> i don't know how much he will need it but it nice to know somes baby, you know? >> yeah. >> you use your best judgment. >> don't get too crazy. >> no, i will be good, i promise i will be good. >> next question, where do they keep those thousands of rubber ducks used in the breckinridge duck race? for the rest of the year? got to admit, betsy horkovich, it is a great question, the
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all 16,000 of them, are kept at a warehouse, somewhere in the breckinridge area, they won't say exactly where because they don't want somebody stealing $60,000 of rubber ducks. dozens of volunteers put them away, 125 ducks to a bin, that is the race each labor day weekend. that race raised more than $100,000 for the summit foundation, and betsy, you raised an excellent question. if you are among those who coating the city with doo, denver parks and rec wants you to uperate the goosenator, a remote controlled boat that freaks out the geese and does the job in lieu of natural predators, the city wants to sign up volunteers to go out and goosenate6 hours a month, they will train you and give you information on the migratory bird act, there is a joke about running a foul of the law, we don't make bad jokes on this
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we are back with your feedback from the next half hour
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it is a sign, but i am not sure if i understand the point. ken wills spotted it at evergreen lake. yeah, i guess you should keep the gate closed, i mean, it is locked. don't get it. this could be some kind statement, i don't understand
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i am glad things were useful,lia says thanks on the piece on bonds verses levy. thanks to the report on kyle dyer, we will miss her. janice writes some nights are better than others but you usually have some interesting stuff, at some point. janice, you are saying there is
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tonight, sudden split. what we know about the report. taylor swift just called it quits. is oprah finally getting married? the new report said we have a message today. >> i'm excited to be able to announce -- >> then inside beyonce's birthday bash. why did she just cancel her concert. >> max's first dancing rehearsal
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on the dance floor? >> this is crazy. >> only we are with kevin hard. how he gave one fan the surprise of a lifetime. >> now for september 6th, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. so a new tabloid cover story breaks the news. oprah finally having a long awaited dream wedding and apparently it will be the wedding year, but there is something oprah wants you to know. >> i'm excited to be able to announce -- another book club selection. >> we love a good book, but this morning's announcement was not nearly as dramatic as this new tabloid headline. star magazine announcing oprah and steadman's wedding. it included juicy details like


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