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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 7, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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to part it's been ? ? a very long time you understand my frustration when i look up ? ? she is another a figure stripped and torn apart
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happy hour turns violent. in denver's highlands as a customer stabs another customer. they posted their motorcycle antics that of i-25. the video has now led to three arrests. >> jacob i'm so sorry. >> for 27 years, her son's disappearance remained a mystery. today she found out what happened from her son's killer. peyton manning comes through for a fan who asked him for help with his dying wish. and civic center park transforms for the biggest bronco party of the season.
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civic center park is one of the busiest places in denver tonight. crews are building a place that will be a home to the celebration of both the broncos super bowl celebration and the start of the new season. we'll check on the progress in just a few minutes. a popular bar and restaurant in the highlands is closed tonight after a stabbing. 9news reporter, noel brennan has been in and the restaurant's owner. >> reporter: kyle denver police say they're looking for a black man, 6'3", weighs 250 to 350 pounds. no one was expecting what happened behind these doors
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from bullock's barbershop. >> pretty safe. >> reporter: you see the usually sights of the highlands. >> ice cream, french fries, and the staff is amazing. >> reporter: business owners saw what they're not used to seeing. >> first, we saw the cop cars and the fire truck and then we saw probably a couple dozen police running down the street. >> it was just a very terrible random acts of violence, with a knife came up behind a customer at the bar. >> they honestly thought he was hugging the other customer and it turns out he had a knife in his hand, and cut his throat. >> denver police say the man has serious injuries, and they're still looking for the suspect. >> we just know the victim well. >> reporter: of the usual sights in the highlands, a closed restaurant and yellow
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and a sign on the meade street station says the restaurant is closed. the owner says his staff is shaken up, understandably, he is too after what happened this afternoon. kyle, he also says there's some sort of a benefit planned by this restaurant for the family and the victim. the victim i'm told is a regular at this bar and restaurant. >> noel brennan reporting from parts of colorado are the first to be arrested for a motorcycle incident that shut down i-25 in july. details on the arrest are also described in the stunts they shot that day and posted online. dozens of riders brought traffic to a standstill in the middle of an afternoon when they stopped on i-25. tire marks left witness to
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throttle on their bikes and put their feet on cars while going down the highway. police have been looking through facebook, youtube, and other media sites and were able to pull license plates. >> the risk is extreme. when you're doing stuff like this on a highway, there's no other place where people are driving faster. the faster people are driving, the less time they have to react. the less time they have to stop. >> reporter: in addition three taken into custody, please seized as least two bikes. denver police say to expect more arrests. it is the confession that people in minnesota across america have waited 27 years to hear. a bit of resolution in the case of a missing child that made headlines across the country. today, danny heinrich admitted he kidnapped and killed jacob wetterling. heinrich says he put a gun to jacob's head and put him in the car.
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what did i do wrong? heinrich went on to detail how he killed and buried the boy. >> because for us, jacob was alive until we found him. we need to heal, and we will speak. >> in exchange for confession and the guilty free, heinrich is expected to receive a 20 year sentence. a presidential candidate could face criminal charges over her role in a protest that's getting national attention. the sheriff in a county in north dakota says jill stein could be charged with both trespass and vandalism. stein demanded construction could stop on the dakota access pipeline. tribes say they were not
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and burial sites were disturbed, damaged, and destroyed. protests turned violent in the past two days, with at least 60 people claiming to be bitten by dogs. stein is accused of vandalizing a bulldozer. a spokesman for her campaign says activists invited her to spray paint. a nationally televised forum for an hour. the candidates will take questions, not at the me on national security, military affairs and veterans officials from moderator matt lauer and people in the audience. it's being called the commander in chief forum, and it takes place in new york city. it starts at 6:00 on nbc and 9news. the forum will be shown again repeated at 9:00 tomorrow night. a literally shocking sign of how far our politics have deteriorated. a trump supporter says his sign has been taken seven times so
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an electric fence. he has a security system that recorded the moment a woman tried to take his sign in the middle of the night. >> it's over three feet off the sidewalk. it's right here. if the parents did the job they should have i wouldn't have to be doing it right now. >> police say gilright as the right to protect his property. getting the vaccine might sting the american academy of pediatrics recommends getting a shot instead of flu mist. doctors advise that children older than 6 months get a flu shot. it was about 53% effective last year. even if a child does get sick, doctors say it will be less
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nationwide, we're talking 35,000 students and 8,000 employees. itt tech says it had to close because of sanctions by the u.s. department of education. the sanctions included a $152 million fund to refund students if just this thing happened. students will likely still be responsible for their loans. students who lose all of those credit hours will have shot at a refund. aaron guillagos was able to meet the former quarterback in denver. his family says even though he wasn't able to meet manning in person, hearing his voice clearly made an impact. thursday's broncos game won't just be the first of the
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the nfl officially starts its season at the home of the super bowl champs. the work begins to transform the park into kickoff village. dan grossman is there at the park. not a lot of time to get all of this stuff done. >> reporter: no, not at all. certainly not a small operation. yesterday, these roads were closed, and all this area was filled with tents. now all that has gone down, and all of this has gone up. we got a crane have who been working tirelessly, breaking down all of this stuff from yesterday, and building all this stuff up. they've only got a little less than 36 hours to make this into the nfl's first regular season game. >> we'd like to take the chance to get out here and do this kind of stuff. >> reporter: every game has its players. >> not too bad. >> reporter: from its movers and shakers. >> got a lot of movying parts. >> reporter: to it's timeless
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host the nfl 2016 kickoff. >> reporter: the ones that manage the lock on this hellacious timetable. >> dotting our i's, and crossing our t's. >> reporter: the city has 36 hours to turn this into the nfl's first impression of 2016. >> i'm a big broncos fan. >> reporter: a task that requires contracted broncos fans from 17 city agencies, as well as white house correspondence dinner. >> i'm on the forklift, but everything's good. >> reporter: the fans enjoyed it despite the deafening noise. >> this is what we've always hoped for. >> for many, many years i've been in love with tom brady. >> reporter: so too, did the enemy. >> make sure there's water for local 7's finist. >> reporter: as per this guy,
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the most fun. no matter whose team they were on. >> you guys stop hating on a niner fan. >> reporter: a lot of hard work, by a lot of hard working players. >> yeah, yeah, we do all the hard work. >> reporter: all for a game that couldn't happen without them. >> so we'll just keep humming along. >> reporter: so all this is expected to open up at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. this isn't just going to be a free concert, it's literally going to be an lill while ago, and i don't exactly know what they have planned, but a bunch of helmets that were probably yay big. it should be a good time. >> that's a big helmet. thanks so much. everybody becomes involved when it comes to showing team pride. four legged friends, and at least one two legged one, wearing the orange and blue.
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photo with the hashtag we are broncos. if you're holding a ticket, the broncos and the nfl want you in your seat by 6:00. pregame entertainment at the stadium starts at 6:20. those watching on 9news will get to watch the celebration with a kickoff at 6:40. parking lots at the stadium open at 1:30 thursday for tailgaters and early partyers. television celebration will begin at 5:30 on thursday. if you don't have a ticket and do want to go there are tickets available. prices on stubhub and the nfl ticket exchange are going for as little as $112. just a little while ago, tickets for 200. earlier today, the panthers returned about 200 of their tickets, and those did quickly disappear this morning. a new look at what happened to a spacecraft after it tried to land on a comet.
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search for that couple. >> vandals destroy a landmark that has stood for at least thousands of years. just hope a few seconds of video can help catch them. >> summer doesn't quite want to let go yet. the forecast that gives us a taste of autumn. >> how nervous would you be, if
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after 20 news at 9news, our good friend kyle dyer will air her last newscast this week. we sat down to talk about her best and worst moments. we talked about the early morning hours after the aurora theater shooting, when kyle anchored our coverage, alone for hours. it's up on our facebook page.
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spacecraft built in colorado. it's the first with a mission to go to an asteroid and bring back a sample. it's scheduled to return in 2023. tomorrow morning, the rocket moves to the launch pad. it is set to get underway just before everyone in town gets ready for the broncos game. the mystery of what happened to another spacecraft that landed on a comment has it bounced on landing, and while it's general area was known, it's precise location was just revealed by its mothership on a recent fly by. it ended up in a crack. the mother craft's mission ends in a few weeks. quite unceremoniously, as it will be intentionally crashed into the comet. a natural landmark that withstood the elements was destroyed by vandals in a few
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told stay away from the 7-foot tall formation known as the duck bill. now the video has been shared so someone can identify these fools. a stunning photograph of a couple on their weds day. it was taken by a tourist. he took the picture silhouetted against a spectacular sunset. he didn't know who they were, and posted the shot with he could find their names and get the picture to them. he did, although the couple is asking to remain anonymous. it's a bit sad to say goodbye to summer with the water parks and pools closing today. despite the temperatures in the 80s. water world was a ghost town. most pools stay closed until may 2017. it does seem crazy when we were almost 90 in some parts of eastern colorado today.
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conditions coming up in september and october. just a few days away from the autumnal equinox. tonight, we had just a spectacular sunset. leslie jordan with that beautiful orange shot. a little purple here in the gardener picture. in some areas, it was just vivid orange and yellow. so spectacular. it was a cloudy, cool day with temperatures 15 to 20 degrees cooler for much of the when the sun came out, we warmed right up. our height above average. now at the airport, we have wonderful conditions, it's pretty quiet, and other than the cloud cover some of you might see tomorrow morning, a little fog off to the east. winds are west at 9. but calm here in the afternoon. you know what, the storms were ferocious south and east of the city. look at these coming in from lamar.
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a lot of the storms were tracking northeast. we did have hail reports around la junta and lamar. all of this part of a tropical moisture flow coming in from hurricane newton. that system is going to push inland. check this out. we have video from a cabo san lucas area, where this category 1 hurricane made landfall with 90 le stranding tourists in their hotel. toppling at least a dozen palm trees. conditions in that area not a whole lot better tonight. let's go back to the forecast map, and we'll kind of show you what's happening. all of this tropical moisture coming in. the system moves inland, and some of it will be caught up in the flow and move into colorado. a lot of it will stay to the south. in these areas of orange and purple, up to a foot of rain is possible. that's going to be devastating. notice how we're just on the western fringe of that flow,
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the midwest. tomorrow highs in it's mid-80s again. we'll get sun out a little earlier. heat's building to the south, cool air north of us, and really, heavier thunderstorms will stay on i-76. fog and low cloud cover builds back in again tomorrow. we get that sun out earlier. nice day. winds out of the southwest, pushing that high cloud deck in the afternoon. i call it a mix of clouds and sunshine. mild temperatures on the pl tonight. temperatures back in the 90s for southeastern colorado again. we're starting a bit of a warming trend. in the foothills tomorrow, 71. blackhawk 70. and grand lake. in denver, calm, quiet, there will be fog later on, and the cloud cover for your morning drive. temperatures start in the mid- 50s, warm to the mid-70s by lunch. i think we're back into the mid- 80s. we get that sun out a bit sooner. almost 90 on thursday, and close to 80 when the guys take the field thursday night. cooler weather friday.
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but a taste of fall next week. 60s and rain on tuesday. but not on thursday night. dry. 80degrees when the guys take the field, with a few high clouds and a little winds. let's hope for a winning forecast. how lucky are we to live here? sports is next. we'll be back.
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hi everybody, broncos quarterback trevor siemian is probably more nervous than aly raisman's parents during her floor exercise, but he's somehow able to project pure confidence. siemian has got to be biting his fingernails, cracking his knuckles, twirling his hair and chain to convince everyone around him he's calm. >> still have a pulse, so, yeah, just got a lot of confidence, in the guys we've got in the huddle, and they've helped me out quite a bit. really fortunate to be able to lean on those guys when i've been out there. i think we're all excited. been waiting a long time to play, so really excited, looking forward to it. >> the only player perhaps with more confidence than siemian is wide receiver demareious
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pages of his notebook. >> reporter: what does it matter, cam newton is all that, and trevor siemian is an unknown? siemian still should have a big night thursday against carolina. why? because the panthers are starting not one, but two rookie cornerbacks. demareious thomas, and emmanuel sanders are going to feast on them. it's only the second time season with two rookie corners. it's incredible the contrast in cornerback philosophies. the broncos are paying $6 million combined for akeem talib and chris harris. the broncos left norman go for nothing rather than pay the franchise tag. why the difference? the bronco corners play in your face, man-to-man, track their guy all over the field.
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jimmy's and the joe's, and not the x's and o's, you have to like the chances of siemian, thomas, and sanders having a big game thursday night. 9news. the rockies lost to the coldest team in the major leagues tonight. the rocks were beaten by the slumping san francisco giants. my new favorite player is tapia. the dude is so fast, he scored all the way from second bas an infield single. but the game was tied in the 9th and daniel descalso made a throwing error on buster posey. he ended up scoring the winner run and the broncos lose 3-2. the still of the night comes from d.c. where swanson's first home run.
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paths in the still of the night. >> if your hair is that spectacular, not that i'm a credible source on the topic. as you're rounding second base, you accidentally smack your helmet off when your arms are swinging. the cool guys know how to do
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you're halfway through a short week tomorrow. and check out the forecast, yes, there may be a little fog
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quite as gloomy as it was today. a little cooler on friday, so it makes it interesting for me with all these numbers up and down. then we get into next week, really interesting. tuesday, very fall like, 60s and rain. that's right. but everybody is expected about the game day forecast. >> that's three for three. both preseason games and now this one. you nailed it. >> well it hasn't happened >> three good forecasts anyway. >> thank you. >> tonight show is next. jimmy's got clint eastwood, sitting next to an empty chair which may or may not contain the president.
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gretchen carlson's $20 million victory. >> her epic settlement with fox news and why greta van susteren is suddenly out, too. on "extra.? ? ? ? ? chaos at cable's number one
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breaking new details on gretchen carlson's mega payoff. greta van susteren's surprise exit. is she now planning to sue? and what the turmoil means for o'reilly and kelly. is hidel swift history? breaking reports taylor and tom broke up. we've got all of the latest details. the boss' hidden demons and bruce springsteen opening up to "vanity fair" about battling depression. inside her 35th birthday bash. joining me today is karrueche tran. >> we have kardashian couples news and bradley cooper's weekend with gaga. >> kevin hart's first interview about his wedding how his mini me stole the show. >> that's my best man and best friend. >> plus mariah dishing secrets about her guest role on "empire.? >> does that mean we'll see hood mariah come out?
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>> from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra.? i'm mario lopez. coming up, blake and gwen in matching shirts and how they spent the holiday weekend. >> also coming up, we reveal khloe kardashian's rumored new nba boyfriend. first, fox news forced to pay gretchen carlson $20 million for sexual harassment and that's just the tip of the iceberg. jerry goes inside the drama today. >> her reported eight-figure settlement and her sudden surprise exit. >> it's a special "on the record.? >> a seismic shake-up in fox news as "extra" breaks news on the sexual harassment scandal. >> two months to the day after gretchen carlson filed this lawsuit against then fox news is chief roger ailes. >> it is so important that we will not be silenced. >> the cable network's parent company issuing this unprecedented apology.
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apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve. ailes has denied her claims. carlson who has been on a croatian vacation speaking out today saying i'm ready to move on to the next chapter of my life and now so is greta van susteren who just hosted her final "on the record" last night. >> we'll see you right here on the fox news channel. >> the 14-year vet telling fans using a loophole in her contract and her husband hinted to "the new york times" she may file a lawsuit later. megyn kelly's multimillion dollar deals are set to be up for renewal last year she told mario. >> it's a fickle business and what if i say something stupid on the air and they fire my you know what. i have to keep my options open. breaking uncoupling news. it's over for taylor swift and tom hiddleston. us weekly saying she's called off the relationship after three months of dating.


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