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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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good morning - happy wednesday.. i'm cheryl preheim -- here with gary, corey and marty... marty - what does
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a popular bar and restaurant in the highlands will reopen today -- while denver police continue to look for a man they say -- stabbed a customer.. police say - the victim was taken to the hospital with "very serious" injuries.
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it happened tuesday afternoon at "mead street station". police are still looking for a suspect this morning. the owner of mead street station says some of his bartenders had seen the suspect before -- and that the victim was a regular customer. investigators are looking for a black man -- who's 6 feet three...250 to 300 pounds.... he was last seen weg shorts. loveland police have two men in custody -- after they say several homeowners called about suspicious people in their neighborhood. police say the calls came from the area of 23rd street southwest. when they arrived -- they saw a suspicious car driving around -- but when they found it later -- the car was empty. a police k-9 eventually found two men -- travis murray and jonathan shreeves -- hiding in the weeds near a retirement village. three men from
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-- after taking part in a motorcycle demonstration that shut down parts of i-25. clinton hawkins and richard patton are from colorado springs. the third man - ryan easton - is from pueblo. you may remember back in july -- a group of bikers blocked i-25 near university boulevard -- all in the name of "biker safety and awareness." court records show that several bikers posted videos on social media -- and police used those to track down the suspects. dpd took the trio's bikes...and all three face reckless driving and spee exhibition charges. i-t-t tech -- the for-profit college chain -- is shutting its doors. the closure includes two colorado campuses -- one in aurora and one in westminster. nationwide - 35- thousand students and 8 thousand employees will be affected. i-t-t tech says sanctions by the u-s department of education forced the closure. those sanctions included a 152 million dollar budget to refund students -- in the
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27 years after their son - and brother - was kidnapped while out riding his bike in a small minnesota town -- jacob wetterling's family finally got answers. on tuesday -- danny heinrich admitted he kidnapped and killed jacob. he said he watched jacob and his brother trevor -- who now lives in colorado while they rode their bikes. he said he later took jacob at gunpoint. heinrich's confession was part of a plea deal. in exchange for a guilty plea and a confession - he is expected to receive a 20 year federal sentence.
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the wetterling family. bill cosby will go to trial - starting next summer. this week - a pennsylvania judge set a trial date -- june 5, 20-17 -- for the sexual assault case against the comedian. this case includes accusations by andrea constand -- who says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her when she was a temple university employee in 2004. dozens of women have accused cosby of similar assaults...he has denied all of the accusations. the presidential candidates are looking ahead hillary clinton and donald trump are set to take the stage -- where they will answer questions on national security, military affairs and veterans issues. it's part of the "commander in chief forum" -- hosted by matt lauer in new york... the candidates won't be on stage together -- they'll appear back to back -- and answer questions from lauer -- and from the audience -- which will be made up of service members and veterans. you can catch that
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also on the campaign trail -- one presidential candidate could face criminal charges... green party candidate jill stein was in morton county, north dakota -- joining protesters and demanding that construction stop - along the dakota access pipeline. tribes there - say they were not consulted about the project and that sacred land is being disturbed, damaged, and destroyed. stein is accused of vandalizing a bulldozer. a spokeswoman for her campaign says activists - invited her to spray paint a message on the equipment. center in laos today.. the center treats those who were injured by u-s bombs dropped during the vietnam war.... president obama is the first sitting president to visit laos -- which borders vietnam and thailand. later - the president said the united states has a "profound moral and humanitarian obligation" to prevent more bloodshed from any remaining bombs. an estimated 80 million unexploded
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there's still plenty of action in rio de janeiro... the paralympics start today -- and colorado will be well represented. more on that -- coming up...
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starwood fire. it's 60 percent contained right now... crews also say -- its smaller than they thought - at 304 acres - instead of 350. lightning started the blaze on sunday - near red feather lakes. crews will lift roadblocks this morning. anyone who has been stuck in rush hour lately can tell you -- colorado has some crowded freeways. c-dot says -- about
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but they also say -- those express toll lanes aren't going to waste -- and are actually making your commute a little faster -- even if you can't really tell. later this morning -- colleen ferreira will have an update on some big changes -- coming to some major freeways. they are athletes that smash boundries of sport and inspire people to dream beyond limitations. the paralympic games start today in rio for athletes overcoming physical challenges. course of 11 days of competition they will run through september 18th.. some of the events include - powerlifting, wheelchair fencing, and a triathlon. colorado will be well-represented... denver native lacey henderson will hit the track for two events -- the women's 100 meter and women's long jump. the long jump will be this weekend -- and she'll run the 100 meter later in the games. in 19-99 -- henderson lost her right leg to cancer at just 9 years old- but says she plans on turning her
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and here's some paralympic trivia for you -- michael phelps -- meet trischa zorn... the american swimmer tops the all-time paralympics medal count... she has 55 -- 41 are gold. zorn stopped competing in 2004 -- and was inducted into the paralympic hall of fame in 20-12. making smart, healthy meals can take a lot of dedication... and a new study shows that even if we know it's bad -- people can be easily convinced to make dinner plans easy -- and very unhealthy. and today's the today -- apple is
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rumors have been swirling for a while -- but the tech company has been quiet -- until now.
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but at a slower pace. a new survery shows -- in the first few months of 20- 16...about 1.3 million people signed up under president obama's health care law. it's a small number compared to 20-14 -- when 9 million people signed up. still - the survery shows that the uninsured rate is at
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later today -- apple is making an announcement. many expect the tech company to introduce a new i- phone -- and possibly updated apple watches -- but so far - they've been quiet about their plans. apple is scheduled to reveal their plans around 11 this morning.. ahead of all that apple craze -- retailers say a lot of people are trading in their old i-phones. one "re-commerce" site says -- they've seen 73 percent more trade-ins -- in just the last month. right now -- an i- phone 6 in excellent condition -- is worth an average convenience could be causing us to pack on the pounds... the average american eats out -- 3 times a week...and that impulse comes at a price. dieticians say -- grab and go eating -- can cause us to eat twice the
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some of the best things you can do -- include -- making a detailed grocery list.... meal-prepping ahead of time...and using fresh ingredients. we have a promising update on ben brewer.. you might remember him as "radioactive boy"... ben had liquid radiation injected into his body to o cancer.....and now he's starting a new, ground-breaking chapter in his fight... ben has fought neuroblastoma five times since he
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freshman now...and about to start a clinical trial for a vaccine - that could keep his cancer from coming back -- ever again. for the next year -- he will go back and forth to new york -- and ultimately says -- he just wants to be a "normal" high school kid. he even has aspirations to one day join the wrestling team.. ok -- the newsroom has seen a lot of sneezing this morning -- time to start thinking about those flu shots! but if you -- or your kids -- don't like needles -- this year won't be fun. doctors say a flu shot -- is better than the flu mist nasal spray. a panel of experts found that the "mist" has not been effective for the past three seasons -- however- they don't know exactly why. so the experts say kids over six months should get the shot. last year -- it was about 63 percent effective in protecting against the flu.
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unpredictable q-b race -- the broncos have had a busy off-season. but tomorrow it all pays off - when the broncos take the field once again. but first -- denver is busy getting ready for the big game -- and all the celebrations that
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broncos game won't just be the first of the season for the orange and blue. the nfl - officially starts the season - at the home of the super bowl champs - with a party in civic center park. work began tuesday to convert the park from taste of colorado.... to the n-f-l kickoff village... something the city only has 36 hours to complete. kickoff village will of trophy... meet some n-f-l legends... and a whole lot more. there's also a free dierks bentley and one-republic concert tomorrow at 4-30. . nbc sports is bringing its sunday night football bus to denver for the game. it features an interactive replica of sunday night
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replica of the "football night in america" desk. fans can take a photo with the signed player-of- the-game ball. to celebrate the n-f-l kickoff, the bus will be at civic center park today, from 3 to 8 p.m. it will then go to mile high where fans can see it from one to six on thursday afternoon. enough to have a ticket to the season opener -- the broncos and the n-f-l want you in your seat by six p-m. pre game entertainment at the stadium starts at 6:20 -- then those in the stands and those watching on 9news will get to watch the celebration right at 6:30 before the kickoff. also -- if you're looking to start the celebration early -- maybe do some tailgating -- all parking lots at the stadium will open at 1:30 on
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we'll get the party started early with a special edition of 9news mornings tomorrow. we'll be live from mile high with a preview of the days festivities... and analysis of the game ahead... we'll have special guests... including ron zappolo... and an appearance by a broncos ring of fame member. it all starts at 9news 4-30 tomorrow morning. that's all leading up to the big game.... coverage begins with 9news at four p-m... n-b-c's coverage--includin g of the concerts-- will start at 5-30... and goes all the
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tuesday night, caroline wozniacki's best shot came -after
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autographed tennis balls into the seats after each match. and this girl -- scored...with an awesome one handed catch... and her reaction is priceless! wozniacki goes to the semifinals -- this girl takes home a souvenir - and a cool story. this wedding snapshot might just put other couple's photos to shame. it wasn't even planned, and wasn't even taken by someone they knew... the story behind the viral image caught at the right place at the right time, coming up at 5-25. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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hospital, and a dangerous suspect on the loose. police looking for a man who slashed a customer at a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon... political rivals each making the case that they're the right person to lead our country. the first ever commander-in-chief forum is tonight... it's the first time the candidates will speak back to back. something of a ritual -- september comes around and apple comes out with it's new iphone. a big announcement is scheduled for the tech giant today... whatever could they announce?... good morning everyone. i'm corey rose with gary shapiro and cheryl preheim. cloudy morning and it's likely going to continue throughout the day. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- a normally safe area turned violent


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