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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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hospital, and a dangerous suspect on the loose. police looking for a man who slashed a customer at a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon... political rivals each making the case that they're the right person to lead our country. the first ever commander-in-chief forum is tonight... it's the first time the candidates will speak back to back. something of a ritual -- september comes around and apple comes out with it's new iphone. a big announcement is scheduled for the tech giant today... whatever could they announce?... good morning everyone. i'm corey rose with gary shapiro and cheryl preheim. cloudy morning and it's likely going to continue throughout the day. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- a normally safe area turned violent
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someone stabbed a customer at a restaurant. the man stabbed the customer in the neck at mead street station in the
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neighboring business owners say they saw the victim holding his throat as he was loaded onto an ambulance. police say the victim, who hasn't been identified, was taken to the hospital with very serious injuries. they tell us the suspect is a six- feet-three tall black man, who weighs between 250 some homeowners in loveland ... woke up to the sounds of people inside their homes. now...those two suspected burglars are in jail. loveland police say several homeowners in the area of 23rd street southwest called for help early tuesday morning. when officers got there-- they saw a suspicious car driving in the area -- but when they caught up to it -- it was empty. a police dog eventually found two men - travis murray and jonathan shreeves -- hiding in the weeds near the good samaritan
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near the top of mcclure pass monday morning has been identidied as 49 year old matthew barz of longmont. the pitkin country coronor's office confirmed the identity but did not release how he died. we'll let you know when we learn more. it's a confession people in minnesota have waited 27 years to hear -- the mother of jacob wetterling finally knows what happened to her boy... when he was 11 years old. danny heinrich admitted he kidnapped and killed jacob in 1989. he says he watched jacob and hi who now lives in colorado -- while they rode their bikes. heinrich says he jumped out of his car put a gun to jacob's head and put him in his car. he went on to detail how he killed and buried the boy. following the admission - jacob's mother - patty wetterling - talked to reporters. heinrich is
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federal sentence. that means he could be freed when he turns 70. the wetterling family gave the plea agreement its blessing. both presidential candidates will be on the u-s-s intrepid tonight -- in the first ever commander-in-chief forum. they'll each make 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is looking ahead to what we can expect.. tarhonda, the candidates will be talking about a number of issues involving national security... yes, they will. and that's just the topic that the crowd at this event will want to hear more on. the audience will be filled with veterans and active military. clinton and trump will take questions back-to-back. they won't appear on stage at the same time. "that" won't happen until the first presidental debate-- later this month. clinton still finds herself defending her use of a private email server. this-- as a
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investigation. he wants to find out if clinton-- or her team-- played a role in deleting emails after they were asked to save them. clinton says it's just the latest "conspiracy theory." as for the "commander-in- chief forum.... the official coin toss-- yesterday-- has hillary clinton speaking first. donald trump will get the last word. the questions will be centered around national security.. .military affairs... veterans issues. trump tried to get a "head start"-- by hosting his own military-themed event. he got the endorsement of dozens of retired military chiefs. a colorado company is in the middle of clinton's
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an engineer with "platte river networks" deleted a group of emails after clinton's team was asked to keep them. according to the associated press-- that employee says he was told earlier to delete the emails... but forgot... and did it later.. in march of 2015. we'll see if officials think the latest request if worth investigating. crews will be lifting roadblocks this morning as they make progress in putting out the starwood fire. it's now 60-percent contained. crews say the fire in larimer county is also smaller than they thought -- 304 acres instead of 350. the wildfire began sunday near red feather lakes because of lightning. trash is piling up in the pike national forest -- and the forest service says it's not just because of the busy holiday weekend. they tell us it happens all the time. in the rampart range recreation area alone -- forest service crews built eight bear-proof dumpsters -- which they say they find overflowing after every weekend. the dumpsters specifically tell people to take their trash somewhere else if
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the whole goal is to make sure the trash doesn't attract bears -- and of course protect the surrounding environment. more people, more drivers, more traffic. there's no doubt colorado is growing. and starting january first - you need to have at least 3 people in your car to travel in the hov lane for free on the i25 and us 36 express lanes. cdot says putting more people in less cars should help
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cdot is expecting a tough transition for many people, used to usinth toll lanes for free with 2 people in the car. they have resources available for you on their website so you can begin bp looking for that extra passenger. we have a link to that on thousands of college students
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to class. not because of anything they did though -- because their college is shutting down campuses nationwide... who could be able that i-t-t tech is no more, still ahead. but first... the united states is taking on the responsibility of cleaning up the millions of tons of unexploded bombs dropped on the southeas t asian country in the vietnam war. just how much money that
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90-million dollars -- that's how much the united states is committing to laos -- to help clear the unexloded bombs the u-s dropped on the country during the vietnam war. president obama made that announcement during a speech tuesday. he said more than two-million tons of bombs were dropped in theco work to do to clean it up. president obama is the first sitting u-s president to visit the country. there's been an increased militarization in syria since march. that's according to the latest report from the u-s commission of inquiry. a lot of the violence is in aleppo -- where parties fight for control over the eastern part of the city. there's been an increase in deaths
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civilians have been unable to escape daily airstrikes. american airlines will fly its first scheduled flights from miami to cuba today. these first flights will only go to the cities of cienfuegos and holguin . service to havana won't happen until november. jetblue became the first commercial airline to fly to cuba last week -- the first u-s airline to fly there in more than half a century. ten u-s airlines are set to add a cuba route to their sc week. three nasa astronauts are back home from their adventure on the international space station. one of them is american -- astronaut jeff williams - a retired u-s army officer. the three men landed in kazakhastan last night. as they were landing the spacecraft ran into a haze and crews below couldn't see it. but it was all good -- the spacecraft landed safely. reserachers in australia have made an extraordinary discovery and captured it on
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right" whale calf. only one out of every twenty southern right calfs are born white. take a look... the researchers found the calf off the west coast of australia. they captured this while taking drone footage of the whales for a research project -- to better understand whales' breeding methods. they say babies who are born white don't stay white forever though -- within a year or so they start losing that color and become the same color as their mothers. it's that time of year -- the season that apple lovers always wait for. and no, we're not talking about fall or the fruit... the tech giant apple is making an announcement today as they do nearly every time this season. we'll tell you what experts are speculating, coming up. but first, lets check in with marty and amelia.
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hours away from a look at the new i-
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apple is making a major announcement in san francisco today -- speculation is that the tech giant will introduce an i- phone seven and updated apple watches. experts say the i- phone seven will likely have a greatly enhanced camera and many software upgrades the enisdulefor 2 this afternoon denver time. and anticipation for the event has many apple fans trading- in their phones to get the highest trade-in value. re-commerce site declutter-dot-com saysre surge in i-phone six trade-ins -- a 73- percent jump in the past month alone. the site predicts an influx of i-phone six and six-s models following apple's event today. current trade-in value on the site for phones in excellent conditions are between 300 and 400 dollars. i-t-t tech has gone under -- closing schools in 38 states today including colorado. that affects thousands of students and staff. the for-profit college says it had to close because of sanctions from
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thousand students are out of school -- and eight-thousand employees out of work. students with credits that will transfer will still likely be responsible for their loans -- but those who lose all those credit hours will ahve the best shot at a refund. the campuses being closed in colorado are in aurora and westminster. two things that
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your breath away -- sunsets and weddings. and one person captured them both... the one thing the photographer didn't capture though -- who the happy couple was. the picture that went viral and how the photographer found the newlyweds, next.
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viral sensation -- and has created quite a who's in the picture. a tourist captured this breathtaking picture of a newlywed couple standing on the cliffs in yostemite national park at sunset. he took the picture last week. the couple was gone before he even got their names. so the photographer turned to social media to help him solve the mystery. he posted the photo on instagram and facebook -- and eventually found the happy couple! the co wd to remain anomynous to share the photo with their family
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clinton and trump trading insults on clinton and trump trading insults on the campaign trail. today they will be able to do
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forum, both arguing why they should be president. we've had about a year to get used to the toll lanes on u.s. 36. how is it all shaking out? well, cdot says they're seeing faster traveling times. what do you say? we'll tell you more. >> only 48 hours separate you and football season. that's when the broncos face the panthers. it's going to be a repeat of the super bowl game, and denver is getting ready. good morning, everyone. th gary, cheryl, cory with you this morning. marty joins us as well. marty, we're looking at a decent day today, but a really nice day tomorrow for the football game. >> fantastic. it's going to be warm and dry, really both days. i know you will be going out today and asking, are we going to have rain? >> no. the answer is no. it's overcast now. you will see the clouds clear out later in the day. we had thunderstorms blowup to


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