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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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forum, both arguing why they should be president. we've had about a year to get used to the toll lanes on u.s. 36. how is it all shaking out? well, cdot says they're seeing faster traveling times. what do you say? we'll tell you more. >> only 48 hours separate you and football season. that's when the broncos face the panthers. it's going to be a repeat of the super bowl game, and denver is getting ready. good morning, everyone. th gary, cheryl, cory with you this morning. marty joins us as well. marty, we're looking at a decent day today, but a really nice day tomorrow for the football game. >> fantastic. it's going to be warm and dry, really both days. i know you will be going out today and asking, are we going to have rain? >> no. the answer is no. it's overcast now. you will see the clouds clear out later in the day. we had thunderstorms blowup to
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only inches of rain in arapaho county. those storms are now cleared. moved up into nebraska and kansas. we continue to see rain and thunderstorms in arizona and new mexico. flash flooding is going to be an issue in those two states because of tropical storm newton. the high clouds over the area are not limiting visibility. so, if you are getting out and about on the roads, i think you will be able to see fine here. not so the farther north and east you go. in the wake of last night, visibility is less than a mile in northeast colorado. so we start with clouds, start to break them up in the middle of the morn and through lunchtime. by late this afternoon, it looks pretty much sunny around here to me with no thunderstorms forecast around here during the day today. the risk of severe weather is up in the midwest and cutting from iowa over toward chicago late in the day. we can just kind of kick back and do whatever we want this
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we'll take a look out to the east, as marty mentioned. lower visibility across the eastern plains. limon is your view as we take a peak. great conditions exist if you're headed to dia. we have a great start in pena. estimated security wait time, top, about 25 minutes. overall, not too bad. if you're going to hop on the train to the plane, rtd is off to a minutes, right on time for the a-line. views across the city, just gorgeous this morning. southbound 25 coming down toward 20th. we're enjoying these great speeds. 6th avenue looks pretty good as you make your way out to golden. >> good to hear, especially after yesterday was such a mess. hillary clinton or donald trump, who would be better as your metroplex commander in chief. both will be answering that question tonight at the first
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the two candidates are going to fa similat statement. >> they won't be ?the stage at the time. th good given how contentious it's been. that won't happen until the debate. and then they will be on the same stage. tonight will be vet rain -- veteran affairs issues. there will be a lot of veterans on hand to hear those issues. they audience. they held the official coin toss and a hillary clinton will get to speak first. donald trump will wrap up the event. this week he's been taking jabs as clinton's availability to be president. the latest controversy comes from a utah representative who wants aol investigation into clinton's e-mails. he wants to know if her company instructed a team to delete certain e-mails after they were asked to delete them.
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she's out campaigning. both candidates are claiming victy. a poll puts trump ahead and another poll puts clinton ahead by six. it's still anybody's game. that's why tonight's forum could hold extra weight. the commander in chief forum is tonight at 6:00. it will be right here on 9news. >> we saw three polls come out yesterday. they were all different. they were all over the place. >> sure. >> and those polls ahead of this, i think, will make a lot >> people want to hear what each candidate has to say, especially on military issue. that's such an important part of our country's infrastructure that people want to know what each campaign is planning. look for the poll to shift again tomorrow. >> that's true. >> all right. thank you much. >> thank you. it is 5:34 right now. a presidential candidate could face criminal charges over her role in a protest that's
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stein could be charged with trespassing and vandalism. she joined the protest, demanding that construction stop on the pipeline. tribes say they were not consulted about the pipeline. they say the project, that their burial sites and other significant cultural locations were disturbed, damaged, or destroyed. protests got out of hand the past couple of days with at least six people claiming to have been bitten by dogs used by security do a bulldozer. activists invited her to spray paint a message on the blade of equipment. it was just a very terrible round of violence, from what we could tell. >> random and violent. somebody walked up to a man sitting in a highlands restaurant and started cutting his neck in the middle of the day. witnesses saw the victim taken
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he was holding his throat as he was loaded into an ambulance. they're just hoping he's okay. >> we just know the victim very well. our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family right now. >> police officers don't know who the suspect is, but they say he's a 6'3", tall black man that weighs between 250 and 300 pounds. we now know the name of the man who police say came close to being shot by an aurora police officer. aurora police tell us office when the suspect pulled out a weapon tuesday afternoon. the officer fired his gun but missed. the suspect was 31-year-old michael smith. she was taken to the hospital with injuries unrelated to the shooting. he was wanted on parole violations. the investigation is standard procedure. remember that huge closure of i-25 in july? when a crowd of bikers shut down the road?
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go. officers say dozens of riders brought traffic to a standstill between university and colorado boulevard in denver. some of the riders stood on their bikes going at highway speeds. others put their feet on cars while going to do the going -- going down the highway. police looked at video. from there they were able to pull license plates. expect more arrests to come. it's 5:37 now. how did the city help create more jobs for coloradans? the denver chamber of commerce is having a business rally today to talk about it. there are 13 -- it's their 132 132nd annual meeting. they're going to talk about the past year and the strategies to continue putting more people to work. it will be from 11:00 to 11:00 to1:00 this afternoon.
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about a year into the express lanes. travel times on u.s. 36 are getting faster for everyone on the corridor. they tracked peak morning and afternoon rush hours on a random day last september. people are getting around 20- 29% faster right now than before construction on u.s. 36. we spoke to several drivers to say no matter the way you slice it, rush hour is rush hour. some are finding that extra >> it's helpful when the traffic is backed up. i will jump it on, and it makes it a lot easier. >> i would suffer through the little choke points than pay it. >> coming up at 6:30 this morning. 9news reporter colleen ferreira has numbers on how many drivers are actually using the lanes. denver city council members will soon decide if they want toed a five more years to the red light camera program. they could also expand as part
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xerox. right now there are red light cameras at four different intersections in denver, including 8th and spear. 36th and quebec. those are not the intersections with the most crashes. so denver police say they kind of like the idea of expanding the program to help exchange behaviors and reduce crashes. >> on the back side of the storm clouds, we have phenomenal color. kevin henderson with that shot for us. high humidity levels for extremely dry conditions during the afternoon today. that combined with some gusty winds, especially in northern and central colorado resulting in high fire danger conditions for parts of grand county and jackson county through the afternoon today. from noon to 7:00, red flag warnings are out. we also have flash flood watches to the south. arizona and new mexico will be swamped by tropical storm newton while high fire danger
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colorado through much of southern and eastern wyoming. it's going to be a wild day. >> it what an effect on wyoming and colorado. >> yes. it was nice to watch the olympics, but even more impressive, the special olympics. that trust has
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bill cosby's trial date is set. june 5th, 2017. it's the trial for the sexual assault case involving accusations from a woman he mentored at temple university in 2004. she says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her. this is one of dozens of
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denied all of them. , the prosecutors hope to call some of those accusers as witnesses. >> we've spent a lot of time talking to a lot of people all over the country. we're working very hard to make sure that we're comparing the evidence we need in this case. >> cosby's attorney is warning people not the accusations. he says it's unfair cosby has already been found guilty in the court of public opinion. >> the media has championed the causes of his accusers with little thought to investigation or exposing the motive behind any accusations. >> if convicted, bill cosby can be sentenced for up to ten years in prison. >> a man dressed as a clown was trying to lure kids.
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carolina. now police say that trend has moved to north carolina. families in the winston salem area says the clown was offering kids treats to lure them into the woods. officers searched the area. they couldn't find him. then they got a second report of a clown in a different area and couldn't find him either. it's scaring families. >> i love a 4-year-old granddaughter e loves candy and colorful things. if that would have been her go in there and i couldened find her, that's heartbreaking. >> this clown needs to be caught. >> yeah, police say they're stepping up patrols in the area to try and keep people safe. >> that's what nightmares are made of. >> it's so scary. >> 5:44 right now. one more day until the broncos take to the field in a super
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see the game. let's take a look with the maty and amelia. the clouds are due to tropical storm newton, but we won't get any rain from that system today. in fact, we'll get more and more sun as we go through the day. the storm has made landfall in mainland, mexico. still has incredibly strong winds and up to 60 mile-per- hour winds as it moves toward the border with the u.s. into the usa little bit later this morning before noon and then cut up through tucson, arizona. rain with that system. anywhere from three to six inches in arizona and new mexico. you can see why they have flash flood watches out there. just talking about the broncos- panthers. can't imagine a better night for football around here. kickoff temperature around 70 degrees. partly cloudy skies. a little bit of a breeze.
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football. all right. doesn't get any better than this. your wednesday starts pretty calm and clear across your aurora drive. if you're headed out to the east, though, do plan ahead for low visibility. we're talking about 85 near our greeley commute. both directions flowing smoothly and the fog around the i-70 drive, especially toward limon, continuing out toward the colorado state line. as marty told us, that will lift in a bit, but in the meantime, we'll look ahead to the dark, dark start. we have a right around downtown. i can check those out in a few. your sixth avenue dry, no
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welcome back at 5:49. every athlete who earns the title olympian puts in an enormous amount of time and heart to get there. the paraolympics start today in rio. organizers held up a torch next to christ the redeemer statue. now, lacy henderson is someone you're going to want to look for. she's a track and field athlete. we met her in elementary school. she was amputated at the knee.
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100-meter sprint and the long jump. tomorrow the broncos first game. work began tuesday to convert the civic center park from the taste of colorado. kickoff opens at 3:00 today. you can pose with the lombardi trophy, meet nfl legends, a whole lot more. there's a free at 4:30. so that's all leading up to the big game. of course, tonight, coverage begins with 9news at 4:00. nbc coverage starts at 5:30. that goes right up to kickoff. so i say turn the tv on at 4:00. leave it on. you don't have to remember all those numbers. we'll get the party started with a special edition of 9news mornings. we'll be live with a preview of the games ahead.
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tomorrow morning we're planning on orange and blue. wear the broncos uniform. around here today. we have high clouds this morning. see how it's spinning off from tropical storm newton. these are way too far up to developing any storms there. last night storms that cut up through the area are down in kansas and nebraska. they're not going to be we'll see clouds around the area this morning. it will look stormy. it's not going to be that way. we'll clear later in the day. it's going to be windy. we can see some winds between 20 and 30 miles per hour in the mounce and foothills later in the day today. 80s for us today. a warm, dry day, and the later you go in the day, the more sunshine you will get. look for 70s in the mountains. overnight storms move out of
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really to be replaced by anything at all. we'll see thinner and thinner clouds, more and more sun throughout the day. 80s west, 80s northeast. another warm day in southern colorado with 60s and 70s and breezy conditions in the mountains. the clouds are around this morning. clears out this afternoon. it is a warm day. 85 downtown. tonight, stays clear. the wind dies down. we'll go into the lower 50s. nice cool start to the day. we vip right back up into the upper 80s tomorrow. colder air on accompanied by any rain. we have some low clouds and fog saturday morning that move out saturday afternoon. a sunny day sunday and then a small chance for evening thundershowers. a much better chance of rain sunday afternoon. sounds good. 5:52. we're just about to see sky 9. give us that view from above. cdot cameras are showing that we're waking up and hitting
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city. right around 58th avenue, it's heavier as usual. can't put my finger on what's going on here. we'll see if there's anything happening in that part of town. in the meantime, a couple mu problems. we have a -- a couple new problems. we have an accident around sheridan, boulevard. we've got a crash at california and park avenue, not to to worry about there. if you're jumping on the train to the plane today, enjoy the ride. no delays between union station and the airport. searchers looking for a body in utah. a missing elderly man was found
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all of a sudden i went, you have to be kidding me. as we came along, he happened to stand up and have enough
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were able to see him. >> so i'm not sure what is more amazing that the pilot found the hiker or that the hiker survived six days on his own. >> that's incredible. >> pretty good story. that's for sure. >> all right. let's take a look at sky 9 as the sun is coming up this morning. just a little bit. that's a great shot over the city. still a little dark out there this morning. sky 9 just launched. going to help you get through the morning drive. that is nothing like tomorrow. we're going to check in with amelia in just a couple of minutes. >> and the bronco's season
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good morning. enjoy hov 2 for now. starting january1st, 2017, it moves to hov 3 and cdot is going to explain why this is happening. tonight a u.s. battleship will see a war of words as the two candidates square off over their credentials to lead this country. and proud mommy alert. that's the caption of this picture of a young boy outside picture and should have you smiling this morning. >> a good way to start your wednesday morning. good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us. we're halfway through the shortened work week. marty coniglio, it should be a little warmer today? >> it's going to be quite warm around here. yesterday storms blew up just to the south and east of town and really accelerated over the plains. we had up to an inch and a third of rain in arapaho county and adams county.


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