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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm MDT

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this is 9news. >> we start with breaking news out of well county, police are
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days. the first one was last night when deputies attempted to arrest they wanted suspect, this man, he took off west on county road and then south on highway 60 to highway 85 and then this morning the sheriff's office responded to weld county road six where police say he took a silver chevy truck by force following a crash at the intersection. he then took off north miles per hour, deputies tried to use stop sticks on the county road to get him to stop but they were unsuccessful. and then the pursuit was called off near lasalle because of heavy traffic in the area. so, havens was last seen driving east in the chevy truck, sightings have been reported in evans and greeley, if you have any information call police right away.
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newsroom, officials say a fatal plane crash in western georgia was caused by two small aircraft colliding in midair. the ava said single-engine planes collided over the west georgia regional airport this morning in carroll county 45 miles west of atlanta. authorities tell media that three people have died. a 27-year-old man who was store in lakewood last week was returned to his family over the weekend. in this case, three men are under arrest but police are looking for a fourth, the men admitted to everything but it is not clear why they took andrews flores-parede. the crimes included four days of hostage negotiations, multiple ransom demands and eventually a money drop off of $200,000. there were guns and grenades involve, much more on the case
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let's talk about the weather because there may be a few twists and turns in that, we had some clouds and haze looks like it will clear up but danielle says it might clear up. lets check with her. >> you know what, i think they will, we just have to wait it out, a couple more hours before we get more sunshine. more likely around 2:30, 3:00. we can wait it out. overlooking downtown denver this morning, we were stuck with the clouds and the fog out there halting flights now this afternoon we will be watching for improvement, it might take a little time to get here. from our view looking at these cameras just a sliver of blue skies in the far-off distant and even out there there we go. there is the blue sky but
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a little blanket on top, temperatures are warming we are at 80 degrees in denver, 70s for the eastern plains, 60s and low 70s in the mountains, and extremely dry day on the calendar for today. a few fire concerns especially in parts of jackson, summit, grand counties we will have a red flag warning until 7:00 tonight just because of the winds being pretty gusty, 30 miles per hour, for now all is clear and dry in colorado. pushing up bringing some pretty torrential rains anywhere from 1 to 3 inches for some folks by late tomorrow night. i will be detailing the storm i will let you know if i think it will be pushing it to colorado, a huge day on our hands tomorrow, broncos game day forecast i will let you know if we will have sunshine and then a look at the weekend, and i will send you off with nothing with sunshine.
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something else to make you happy, a dog in westminster feeling lucky. look at this photo the fire department posted, crews say a man came to the firehouse because his dog had a bone stuck in her jaw, the westminster firefighters stepped in using a ring and a side cutter to break the bone in half. after the bone was free molly was as happy as she could be. just a happy good job. why wouldn't a vet be able to help out? you can always depend on firefighters. >> new information about the obama administration deal with iran the one that freed four american prisoners in january, the deal involved $1.7 billion. critics insist this amounts to a paid ransom, the administration says they were
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>> we do not pay ransom for hostages. >> critics of the deal say the administration has refused to reveal complete detail about when and how the cash was sent, they say hundreds of millions could end up in the hands of terrorist that iran backs. the administration says they had to use cash because of international sanctions. republicans on the hill have introduced legislation to ban all payments to iran and to compensate victims of terror. both presidential candidates are hoping to prove their worth today. answering questions from members of the military tonight during the first ever commander in chief for him. nbc news will host a forum the candidates will not be on stage together instead they will appear back to back with clinton going first. the audience will most likely
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as trump proposes an increase in military spending. yesterday he talked about the backing from a list of military leaders. 88 leaders are on the list but clinton says her list is bigger. today she released a list of 95 liters who support her. the form begins at 6:00 on nbc. walt disney world is cracking down on those who gh scanning the fingers of small children before entering the themepark. the finger spanning -- scanning policy was implemented for adults and kids older than 12 result. this one is for children under three. parents who feel uncomfortable with this can have their own finger scanned instead. >> they scan the finger and the ticket to see if they match up?
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coming to the u. s. 36 and i i 25 express lane. starting january 1, you have to have at least three people in your car to travel the express lanes for free, right now you only need two people. colleen ferreira is joining us. this is not a popular move but it has to be done? >> the decision was made years ago, in four months it will play out a lot of you commenting on the decision to say i don't travel on there anymore. this will get you prepared for the change, hov 3 starts january 1, 2017, this means driver and two more. your grace period to figure it out and find another passenger is right now, this will start the first of the year, colorado is expected to grow 47% by 2040
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existing traffic and provide reliable drive times travelers.>> the express lane came on hov 2 with the plan to go to hov 3 that was part of the plan to pay for the roads and express lanes. we will be moving as we grow in population as we meet the traffic needs and as we can pay off the infrastructure. >> cdot knows this will not be an easy transition they want to help you try to find the extra for those resources, i have put a link on our website. babies and kids are people so they count as passengers in your car. and there are a lot of cameras along the corridor so the big blowup toy, the manikins people have been asking about that. you will not get away with that. >> somebody tried that a couple of years ago and they got
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were put in there for the express lanes so they are watching you. >> thank you. it is dry for now, a little hazy, danielle says the game tomorrow night will be awesome. the weather will be perfect,
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welcome back, the clouds have been coming and going across the state. in the sand mons we are watching for a sliver of blue
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clouds. by the late afternoon i am anticipating more sunshine, what you see is what you get, the winds will be problematic for the foot hills and mountains right now we are looking at wind gusts between 20 and 20 miles per hour, once again watching for high fire concerns. the red flag warning in place until 7:00 tonight, jackson and summit and ground counties looking out in the metro area it should be warm, already in the low 80s, mid-80s for daytime eyes, a few spots in the mid-90s. we don't have any wet weather sttu, all of the storms pushing it across parts of the southwest where we
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us primarily keeping the wet weather into parts of the four corners. tonight in the metro those clouds will be thinning out watching daytime highs in the low 50s but the rest of the day the clouds are hanging tight across the southern tier of the state and by tomorrow morning we will wake up with a few spots of light sprinkles. nothing but sunshine here in denver everybody is her few clouds out there temper for kickoff the game winds ?7 upper 60s ?u?dit should tbe ple. where watching a cool ?ifront pushing in late thursday night intori the temperatures on friday?f?(, sti pleasant with winds picking up and temperatures warming up with more sunshine as we head
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firefighters are gaining ground on a fire that was sparked by lightning over the weekend. burning near red feather lakes it is now 60% contained it has burned over 300 acres since starting sunday. it is still threatening 30 homes in the area.>> here is some exciting news. most humpback whales are
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humpbacks as endangered in 1970, after commercial whaling reduced numbers. backs are divided into 14 populations. officials say the number 49 of the 14 populations have
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today is a bittersweet day for us, our coworker and colleague and friend kyle dyer is leaving after 20 years what an az >> this is so sad she is going to tell her own important positive stories for a multimedia company that she is starting. and while we know you will be so successful, we will miss you dearly. >> so much. >> a very special person, kyle dyer, when i think of kyle dyer
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positive. >> a friend she always finds a silver lining. >> a mentor, i think of the grand morning. i think she is the heart of the newsroom in many ways. >> she is a great journalist, but the thing is she is probably a better human being. >> kyle is part of the heart of 9news, makes us so special people like her. >> she is the newsroom sridhar. >> somebody who warms up the room. >> one of those people that is always looking for the good in things. >> the warmest most intelligent person a bright light you don't see a drop of negativity ever no matter what. >> kyle dyer is not only a very special person, but luckily my tv partner in the morning show
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over that time viewers learned what i have always known. >> it is a good day when she is part of it. first off, she is a pro. reported on the best and the worst of humanity. >> a gunman walked into the front of the theater number nine. >> when the news was bad, kyle comley and factually told us >> and then started shooting. >> with sincerity and compassion. a professional, not just a pro a wonderful storyteller. >> here is where the magnet is. >> kyle loves to tell stories about them she cares about and people she admires. >> each one is very special. >> she told us about than the 13-year-old brave young man who
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storyteller a true friend of the community whether it is her work on the race for the cure. or her reporting on health issues or introducing us to wonderful community projects like the little free library. her passion for colorado comes through. >> more than 133 of these libraries in colorado. >> but, not only a friend to the community, a friend to so many people, chances are, if you met her, she is your friend. not only a friend, but also a who. >> you may have been hearing about this. a great sense of humor never taking herself to serious. people are learning what we have known for a long time.
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>> she is the sweetest lady i have ever met. >> she brightens up every room she walks into. >> every time she comes in you want to put a smile on your face. >> always smiling, the best of the best and we will miss her so much. >> she brings out the best in all of us. she is the newsroom sweetheart. we love her so much. >> not only a very special person, a very special friend who we will truly miss. >> we will miss you so much. >> what a remarkable career you have had through the ups and downs you have made an amazing impact on the community. can i get up and walk over there? just to feel that love from everybody we all feel the same way. >> okay, i am walking over
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much. >> thank you. i will miss you. >> you will just be a couple blocks away, we will have coffee days.>> should we bring in my family who came? >> how about we do that after the break?
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we have got practically all of 9news to say goodby we wanted to give you a little gift before you left. >> we're going to miss you and we want you to tell us what you want to say. >> what i want to say. thank you so much to the friends here at 9news, you guys are family and everybody at home who has taken me into their home every day.
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befriended me. i can't believe this is my last day but i am excited to continue to tell great stories this is not goodbye by any means. i will be around. they are hiding. everything has happened here. i was just twentysomething when
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gretchen carlson's $20 million victory. >> her epic settlement with fox news and why greta van susteren is suddenly out, too. on "extra.? ? ? ? ? chaos at cable's number one news network. breaking new details on gretchen carlson's mega payoff. greta van susteren's surprise exit. is she now planning to sue? and what the turmoil means for o'reilly and kelly. is hidel swift history? breaking reports taylor and tom broke up. we've got all of the latest details.


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