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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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that area, so we could see the problem become spread out. >> it's a wonderful bicycle trail. >> for those who use the trail for its intended purpose. >> i'm about 7 miles from home right now. >> it's been a summer full of transformation. >> it's not pleasant to watch people shoot up and not off. >> the heroin problem has been here for a few year, but recently it got out of control. >> they were real bad in the spring and in recovering ng your speed up a little bit. >> cyclists sped up and so did the city. police a made 120 drug felony arrests this year. the parks department collected 125 spent needles from the creek banks and introduced a temporary directive forcing anyone found using drugs to stay out of the area for 90 days. >> law enforcement knows they can't arrest their way out of this heroin epidemic. right now this has driven folks more underground and made the epidemic truly dangerous.
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the executive director of the harm reduction action center. while the creek crackdown fixes the immediate problem she doesn't believe it addresses the bigger issue. >> we're in the midst of ant opioid and overdose -- of an opioid and overdose epidemic. >> reporter: naloxone has saved 421 lives. that and increased assistance she says should be the focus. >> they'll probably be in industrial areas and in a neighborhood near you. >> reporter: for now. >> i have seen a drop. trail is noticeably cleaner. >> since july, august many, many fewer people hanging out cruising around. >> reporter: as we wait to see where those suffering from addiction go next. the city is monitoring the efficiency of their tack tacks on the trail very close -- tactics on the trail very closely right now tracking arrests and number of needles found. the city always reiterates they dooring what they can to
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drug users with treatment. police in north glenn are searching for a man they have linked to two carjackings in the last few hours. they believe he's armed with a knife and a 2015 dodge truck was the last vehicle they believe he took. police say the man tried to break into several cars, 9news reporter noel brennan joining us now. >> reporter: they say he was spotted at best buy parking lot near 124th get into several cars right here in the parking lot. he was confronted by people and ran off to 104th and bannock where he carjacked a kia. there he sped down 104th and quickly crashed that van sending debris everywhere. he hit the driver of a silver sedan trying to turn left. we spoke to that woman as she was cleaning out her car about to be towed away. she cut her arm and banged her head but was otherwise okay. she did not know the suspect
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car from a nearby mcdonald's and took off from there. >> did he? oh, great. they'll catch him. i hope they catch him. i just have a feeling he was either inebriated or on drugs to be driving that fast. >> a white dodge truck qwm516. northglenn police say they're also looking for that driver who they describe as a white or hispanic guy who is about 6 feet tall, 150 pounds and they say he has a mohawk. here hoping he's easy to spot and when we get that license plate information out there, too others might be able to recognize that car and call police. >> that is the hope, absolutely terrifying. 9news reporter noel brennan reportg, thank you. it is a kidnapping plot that reads like a movie script. a denver man was kidnapped from
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hostage and his family was forced to pay $200,000 in ransom. the man was safely recovered as well as some of the money. three people are in custody facing kidnapping charges. the fourth is on the run. police say 27-year-old andres flores-paredes was shopping in lakewood when four masked gunmen tied him up and kidnapped him and called the victim's father demanding $500,000 for his son's return. the next day they settled on be dropped off at the side of the road in bennett. the alleged kidnappers couldn't find the bag, then asked for a change in the dropoff location to the family's home in commerce city. >> we don't see very many kidnappings. they're very rare, particularly ransom kidnappings about. >> certainly is an unusual circumstance in jefferson county. >> the victim was returned to the family ranch five days
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john than reymundo salgado and his mother are charged with kidnapping and investigators are still looking for marco taraura who is armed and dangerous. yesterday at montview bar and grill on east long view boulevard, 31 michael smith was wanted for parole violation after a kidnapping and car theft conviction. two officers were trying to take him into the scene and showed a weapon. an officer fired. no one was hit. officers used a stun gun on smith. he was taken to the hospital for injuries caused by the use of the stun gun. new charges are pendingagainst him. yesterday at meade street station near 32nd avenue and level. police are looking for a -- and lowell. police are looking for a man
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restaurant's most frequent customers. he started cutting his neck as he walked in. he's a 6' 3 tall black man weighing between 250 and 300 pounds last seen in a green shirt and khaki shorts. in the race for the white house hillary clinton and donald trump take tough questions on their abilities to be commander in chief tonight and today trump laid out his military plan calling for a larger military but not trump said intervention. nbc's steve handelsman is live where tonight's forum will take place. >> reporter: in philadelphia donald trump detailed how he would boost military spending by tens of millions of dollars. >> peace through strength. >> reporter: on global jihad trump said he would order generals to have a plan in 30
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plan for more warship and warplanes, step up cyber defense and offense but not be quick to fight, trump said. >> unlike my opponent, my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy, not destruction. >> reporter: hillary clinton who got the endorsement of 95 retired admirals and generals slammed trump's approach yesterday. >> we're going to work with our allies, not insult them. we're going to stand up to our adversaries, not cozy up to them. >> candidates headed to the intrepid aircraft carrier in new york tonight for back to back q and a on the defense issues at the commander in chief forum on nbc, trump leads clinton 55-36 in the nbc surveymonkey poll among military voters, active duty and retired like vietnam vet richard van. >> i think trump would be the better one militarily.
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tonight, iranian gave 4.1 billion in cash. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news new york. first is said to be a tough issue with isis and china and russia all on the rise. the forum airs live tonight here on 9news at 6:00. another foggy and cloudy start to the day has given way to clear skies, warm temperatures next to no chance for rain in the denver this evening. parts of the high country gusty winds are an issue where dry conditions have elf sainted the fire danger. meteorologist -- have elevated the fire danger. meteorologist belen deleon is joining us now. >> really mother nature could not have come through as a more opportune time as we're watching for mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures. nice to see sunshine this afternoon. earlier today we were stuck with all those clouds.
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pushing in. on our web camera over the cheesman park area you'll notice a little blue sky starting to pop through with some clouds as well. maybe we don't quite have that camera, but i can tell you it has been a fantastic afternoon, mid-80s around the front range, kind of right where we should be for this time of year. the storms have held off quite a bit around town. most of the action is across parts of the desert southwest wh tropical storm newton ushering in the blanket of clouds across the step but keeping us nice and dry -- city but keeping us nice and dry, 80 degrees in the metro, 80 on the plains, 60s and 70s in the mountains. it's been extremely dry around here. red flag warning are in place this evening in the high country till about 7:00. it's been a bit breezy up there. of course, we'll look ahead to the broncos game, talk about some of the tropical systems out there and even looking more ahead, warm weekend in store
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>> already sounds good, thanks. this is like christmas eve for football fans, the 2016 nfl season kicks off in denver tomorrow night with a rematch of super bowl 50, the carolina panthers against the broncos at mile high. the panthers are back with most of last year's team intact. denver got a few new people here and there like a quarterback trevor siemian who replaces retired peyton manning. >> we have to give him freedom. we've got to let him play. obviously you're talking about a may be a little bit bigger, but trevor is a smart kid. that's one of the reasons he's got himself in this position, too because he's able to handle a lot. he's going to get us in the right situations and we got to help him to keep him in the right situations. >> i think. so he's a smart game. the nfl is a little different. a lot of guys on the offensive side of the ball and even the defensive side of ball that's got his back. we trust him to make the right
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our ability to make it work. >> our coverage begins tomorrow afternoon on 9news at 4:00 and 5:00 live at civic center park to talk about the celebrations which include a concert with dierks bentley and one republic. the season officially opens an hour later at mile high. 9news, of course, will be first in the locker room after the game with live interviews and highlights. if you're going to the game, you lucky dog, you, the team is asking you get in your seats a special super bowl championship celebration will start things off at 6:20. the kickoff is 6:40. if you can't go, just sit on the sofa and turn on 9news. >> can't miss that. the nfl is throwing a party in denver to celebrate the return of football. the league with the broncos and city have set up a kickoff village that officially opened this afternoon. 9news reporter nick mcgill has been waiting for this day for months and football is finally
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it is back. gates have been open here about an hour or so, but already we are seeing a flood of orange and blue come through and it is awesome, i got to till you, guys. i'm here with one of the guys who helped make that happen, matt shapiro of the nfl. now are you? >> doing great. >> reporter: i'm someone from home. why should i come down? what is here for me? >> there's a lot of reasons whether you're an avid fan or just want to celebrate the there's autograph signings, vince lombardi trophy to take your picture with and it's all free and open to the public. >> reporter: anyone can come down. it's all free and open to the public. of course, with all you said tomorrow the real fun starts. >> it does. today is really exciting. we're open 3:00 to 8:00. tomorrow the gates open at 10:00 and that will lead into
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dierks bentley concert. gates open at 3 p.m. >> reporter: i suggest you come early because they will fill up quickly. gates are open till 8:00 tonight. tomorrow the village opens at 10 a.m. going till 6:00. concert starts at 4:30. come on down. guys, we're having a great time out here. >> nick, be sure to save me a spot to see that trophy. >> reporter: yeah. i'm sleeping here overnight. so you guys just find me in the morning and we can work something out. >> sounds good. nick thanks. all week we've challenged you to accepted in your best broncos photos and today -- send in your best broncos for the owes and today we asked you for your babies. e-mail us at keep checking to see if your baby makes it at >> starting early. some of them leave the hospital in their bronco gear. the biggest change is
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>> also ahead why more americans are choosing a gluten free diet even if they don't
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stocks closed nearly flat on wall street. the dow slipped 12.
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the nasdaq gained eight points. today's panel of lawline 9 volunteer attorneys from the denver bar association specialize in bankruptcy and credit problems. hopefully see them in a moment. their advice is free. call 303-698-0999. they're available till 5:30 this afternoon. >> they're there. trust us. >> yeah, they're there. call the number. well, new research shows the number of americans on a gluten free diet has tripled in the last five years. >> however, need to avoid gluten. the number of americans diagnosed with celiac disease hasn't moved much in the last five years. celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where when people eat gluten, their immune system attacks their small intestine. gluten is a protein found naturally in things like wheat, grain, barley and rye. dr. john torres joins us now.
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why do they choose to go gluten free? >> this is an interesting question because the people with actual celiac's disease hasn't. so that shows you a lot of people are going on it for a variety of reasons. group no. 1 have celiac disease. if they eat gluten, they get intestinal inflammation and can't absorb the nutrients from their food. it's a serious disease usuall newspaper no. 2 have gluten sensitive it i. they get side effects -- sensitivity. they get side effects, headaches, fatigue, abdominal discomfort. group no. 3 thinks by avoiding gluten can increase energy and lose some weight and group no. 4 is because everybody seems to be going on a diet. >> is there a harm going gluten free if you don't have any of those top four things you
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it's healthy and it can be a healthy diet, if it's done correctly. the problem is where people don't go completely gluten free or go on a hard core gluten free diet. that problem is vitamins, minerals, fiber, they're missing those in their diet. if they do that, they need to switch to lots of fruits and vegetables. again, this diet if not done correctly, could cause some health consequences. so you have to be >> good advice. be aware. apple took the wrapping off of its newest incarnation of the iphone today and confirmed a development that was wildly anticipated. now it's widely debated. nbc's mark barger has details. >> this is iphone 7. >> reporter: apple executives beat the drum for the company's newest iphone today. >> this truly is a super computer for photos.
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camera and flash for iphone 7 and dual cameras for iphone plus, but it's the absence of a traditional headphone jack that main cause the biggest stir. >> it really comes down to one word, courage. the courage to move on, do something new that betters all of us. >> reporter: the phone's lightning connector will accommodate new wire earbuds that are included along with an adapter for connecting old ones. >> we're just at the beginning of >> reporter: but wireless earbuds called air pods will be an option for $159. >> i think it definitely will be a hump. people will have a hard time getting over this. as with all these technologies, eventually we'll probably adjust. >> reporter: with iphone 7 prices starting at 649 and orders beginning friday, consumers will decide just how quickly they're ready for change.
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new iphones, but industry observers expect bigger dramatic changes next year because that's when iphone marks its 10th anniversary. also today apple introduced new editions of the apple watch including one co-branded biunique and designed specifically for runners. -- by nike and designed specifically for runners and the debut of the super mario gaming app. >> that's what i'm waiting for, that's okay. approval came today. colorado is now home to one of the nation's superfund clean-up sites. >> also ahead a colorado couple facing a very rare and risky
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a southwest colorado mine that spilled 3 million gallons of contaminated wastewater in three states has been declared a superfund site. it clears the way for a multimillion dollars federal
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the federal crew that inadvertently triggered the spill in august last year releasing arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel and zinc into the rivers. the superfund negotiations comes after months of negotiation -- the superfund designation comes after months of negotiations with the town. a couple in colorado is awaiting a rare set of twins, a the babies share both the same placenta and appear by ambiotic sac -- ambiotic sac. >> reporter: they are going through their first pregnancy, two babies soon to be introduced into the world. >> there's both their little
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rare. doctors say mono mono twins occur only once in every 10,000 pregnancies. >> they're in the same sac right now. they'll be identical. >> reporter: typically with twins an egg splits in two unique embryos, but in this case the egg splits late. the babies have their own umbilical cord and are in the same amniotic sac. >> just floating around in there d it's like right in front of her face. >> she monitor her three times a day. >> because they're sharing the same sac there's an increased risk of cord entanglement, so the babies getting tangled in each other's cords. >> reporter: creating a 20% risk of mortality for the babies during the pregnancy. >> it's outside of my control which is the thing that kind of scared me a lot. >> reporter: while it poses extra risks -- >> she kicked me up here.
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>> i don't know how i'm going to be able to hold two of these. >> reporter: -- are preparing for two little bundles of joy. >> they're always together and cuddling and touching. >> reporter: knowing while it hasn't been the easiest road it's been a blessing that will change their lives. >> the babies were originally due november 4th, but that date was just moved up to september 22nd because of the high risk. doctors don't want towa long. >> i think dad will figure out how to hold both of them. that was a cute moment. >> we wish them the very best. it looks like more sunny and dry conditions will accompany fans at tomorrow's broncos game. >> the cooldown in the days and nights after the game is next
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taking a live look over lower downtown, kind of cloudy out there. >> pretty nice, a little cooler. >> it is. we enjoy the cooler weather. >> more of that is coming up pretty soon. we've got one more hot day in time for the broncos game. we're turning up the heat as we look at tomorrow's forecast. it's going to be fantastic. tonight is a perfect summer evening. across our cameras the blue looking downtown, we love it. up there in boulder we've been watching those clouds coming and going. the winds have been a bit on the breezy side especially in the mountains and foothills between 15 to 25 miles per hour. in the mountains they're picking up a bit. in limon around 30 miles per hour. red flag warning is still in place for parts of jackson, summit and grand counties till at least 7:00 when the winds start to die down.
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afternoon. temps high here at 86 degrees. look at that. it's been quite warm, mid- to upper 80s across the eastern plains, mid-60s in leadville with more 80s out to the western slope. right now out at the airport we're still looking good hanging onto those clouds, though, winds east, northeast at 7 miles per hour, but those temperatures stay steady in the mid-80s, should be a beautiful evening. here, too around 86 degrees this afternoon in the backyard. you know what tapping into that monsoon flow, but we haven't picked up quite the moisture we have seen in the past couple days. you can see post tropical storm newton downgraded to an area of low pressure, but it's still churning in parts of arizona and new mexico. it's keeping the moisture down there, but all that cloud cover is directly into our back yard as it pushes north and east. you can see on hd doppler 9 not a lot to talk about.
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across the southwest they've been watching rain showers, 1 to 3-inch in some areas in the desert. 53 tonight, clear, quiet, call conditions around here. 50s and 60s along the eastern plains, cooler in greeley, 49, 40s in vail, winter park, 30s in gunnison. the rest of tonight looks pretty quiet and calm, clouds staying mainly across the southern tier of the state. by 11:00 tonight a few clouds may try and sneak through. tomorrow morning again we'll watch an area developing across the far eastern plains, perhaps a couple sprinkles, but if you're waking up in denver on a thursday morning, the broncos play in the afternoon, it looks good. rock that blue and orange and we'll look just fine. 4:00, 5:00, maybe a few sprinkles along the eastern plains, but that's about it. overall the entire state is a little sunnier and tomorrow's temperatures will be a little warmer, too. we'll be back to the upper 80s, sunshine in the morning, few
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we'll be in the low 90s in lamar, pueblo, a hot afternoon, 70s in rtgh country and another pretty warm day to the west in grand junction. we'll stick with the 70s, nederland, blackhawk, idaho springs and crank up the dial along the i-25 corridor. it really will be warm with all this sunshine, quiet, not a lot of rain expected around here, the eastern plains a bit of a different story. so that big season opener we're getting all pumped up for, we'll be watching for mostly sunny skies, 6:00, 7:00, out there down town low 80s and by the time the game is winding down i think upper 60s, low 70s, light little breeze out there. it should be really just a perfect summer evening. everything starts to change, though, on friday as we do have a front that pushes through. this one will be a dry front just stirring up the winds around here knocking down our temperatures just a bit, but then we recover just in time for the weekend. we return to the 80s, close to
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another system pushes in for the start of next week, upper 60s, low 70s and it does look like tuesday will be our best shot for seeing some rain around here. so still a little taste of summer, a little taste of fall, we got it all. >> i love it. best time of the year. >> we'll take it. >> tomorrow should be fun, too. every year 250,000 people lose their live to sepsis, an infection of the blood often following a medical procedure that can be mistaken for the flu symptoms. a colorado woman who nearly lost her life to sepsis is now she spoke with 9news reporter christine noel. >> reporter: for 4 1/2 decades -- >> i'm big into running and skiing. >> reporter: -- life as christine lance knew it was full, happy, a mother of three boys. >> we're very active. we are a big skiing family. >> reporter: -- she was always on the go always moving, that is, until three years ago. >> i started to feel a little
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stopped her in her tracks. in november, 2013 christine had a routine procedure done. it was successful. a few weeks later she started feeling sick. >> i went to see the doctor and was diagnosed with the flu. >> reporter: four days later christine's health took a turn for the worse. >> completely down and out and was diagnosed with septic shock. >> reporter: septic shock, a result of sepsis, an infection in the bloodstream that had spread through her entire body. her organs were shutting down. >> she was very ill. >> reporter: doctors at presbyterian st. luke's put her on antibiotics, drugs that ultimately saved her life. >> they took one at a time. >> reporter: but not her major limbs. >> i'm amputated below the knee and elbow which has retaped my functionality greatly. >> reporter: after a seven month hospital stay and years of rehab christine was grateful her life was spared from a
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well known. christine's goal now, to spread the word. >> that's my mission. not to be angry but to take my energy forward into awareness and prevention. >> reporter: but in the meantime. >> i appreciate life a lot more. >> reporter: get back to that active life with her family. >> i'm building up my strength and endurance to continue doing that. >> reporter: she's always christine noel, 9news. >> older people are more susceptible to developing sepsis, but anyone can get it. governor hickenlooper named november 18th sepsis day. former denver bronco quarterback brian greasy makes denver his home where he founded judy's house in his mother's famer. today he talked with a hall of
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son when he was coaching the colts. bob costas lost his dad as a senior in high school. both talked about the importance of grief and finding strength in sadness. judy's house supports children who are grieving. hospice applauds the work in our community. >> brian is such an admirable guy and he's done such good work, not just judy's house, although that's the centerpiece, but in other areas and i go back far enough that partners was his dad, bob. so there's a connection and it's a worthwhile cause and it was just a matter of working it out schedulewise and here are the broncos hosting the thursday night game, pretty hard to say no. >> it's not necessarily anything you did wrong. >> when bob costas and bob greasy and archie manning and tony dungy tell their story, kids can see that, that they aren't so alone, they aren't so different than these icons that
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on tv and that's a big piece of it. >> so today's luncheon offered an open conversation with the men about their professional journeys and as husbands and dads. brian and his wife are still doing great work well after they started that 10 years ago. >> our community is better for it. how the nfl is getting local school kids ready for a new season. >> also ahea z23eoz zvpz
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best film producer tj jacobs appeared on the today show this morning to preview his talk show tj jakes. today he talked to kathie lee and hoda about his plans to use honest conversations to cover a wide range of topics like personal relationship, news and even pop culture. >> the thing about it i think is most important is authenticity to, bring your
4:43 pm
conversations. what is a privilege and unique about the show is it's not just about faith. it's about life, politics, health. i get to talk about all kind of stuff because when people see you as a preacher, they forget you're a person. >> i love his voice. it's so intense. the new talk show tj jakes premiers monday. the hour long show will air weekdays at 1:00. the nfl ishelping kids and communities fuel up for greatness this fall. they hometown grant program today at allendale elementary school in arvada. it's called the play 60 initiative that provides grants. the nfl, denver broncos fuel up to play of 60 and the national foundation hope to encourage -- play 60 and the national foundation hope to encourage kids to be fit. >> the national foundation
4:44 pm
that's more money. you guys like to run around and have a good time, yes? yes? [ cheering yes ] >> they gave the jeffco school district a $10,000 grant, a hometown grant, and an additional $30,000 in equipment and resources to let the kids live a healthier life and they already have the enthusiasm going for them. >> you know who are really healthy people that i know? slacker and steve. >> i know. they're doing up downs every time they take break, no? no, no, no, no. we are kind of healthy, but we are not healthy wordwise. has come out with words people mispronounce all the time. say this word right there. >> that's prerogative. >> prerogative is incorrect. it's prerogative. >> i've been saying that wrong
4:45 pm
say coupon wrong. it's coupon. >> my parents did the coupon thing. >> we've got a whole list, but we've complained enough. you guys, what are your pet peeves mispronounced words? >> we had this discussion recently about maple syrup. i say syrup. >> some people say syrup. >> syrup is correct. >> it is something. >> the other one that gets me
4:46 pm
about. >> prerogative. local big name coaches are taking on cancer. >> also ahead we say good-bye
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talk sports and enjoy pizza for the coaches vs. cancer fun over 20 colorado coaches came together today to talk sports, enjoy pizza for the coaches versus cancer fundraiser. big bill's new york pizza helps raise money for fighting cancer in colorado through the b. thicky foundation. bill thicky and his son dan started the foundation in 2009 to honor their beloved joanne they lost to cancer. september 11th customers donate their dinner check and staff their salary for the day. this fundraiser has donated more than $840,000 since it started. >> over the last couple years we average about $120,000 a day on 9/11. everything is donated.
4:50 pm
cancer foundations. there's no expenses with our foundation and the people see this and they really support us and it's a day like today that gets it started. >> i've been told the pizza is solid. the fundraiser takes place sunday at big bill's new york pizza in centennial. today is a sad one at 9news. our co-worker and friend kyle dyer is leaving us after 20 years. >> she's venturing out on positive stories in our community for a multi-media company she is stting. we know she'll be very successful. around here we'll miss seeing her face every day. here is her long time co-anchor gary shapiro. >> reporter: a very special person. >> kyle dyer, when i think of kyle dyer, i think of pleasant, positive. >> a friend. >> she always finds that silver
4:51 pm
>> a mentor. >> i think of the grand-am of mornings at 9news. >> she's got more than half my hair. >> i think she is the heart of newsroom in my ways. >> i love her. >> the newsroom mom. >> kyle say great journalist, but she's -- is a great journalist, but she's probably even a better human being. >> i think kyle is the heart of 9news. it's one of the things that makes us so special is our people like kyle. >> kyle is the ea she walks in. >> kyle is always looking for the good in things, the warmest, most intelligent woman, a bright light in the news. >> you don't see a drop of negativity ever from kyle no matter what. >> kyle dyer is not only a very special person but luckily my tv partner on the morning show for nearly two decades. over that time viewers learned
4:52 pm
part of it. ? get on your traveling shoes ? ?. >> first off she's a pro. we reported on the best and worst of humanity. >> a gunman walked into the theater no. 9. >> when the news was bad, kyle factually told us about it. >> throwing a canister on the ground and started showing. >> with sincy >> we'll hypogea, jonathan. >> -- we'll help you, jonathan. >> not only a pro but a wonderful storyteller, too. kyle loves to tell stories about things she cares about and people she admires. for instance, she told us about ben, a 13-year-old very brave young man who has been fighting cancer since he was 2, a storyteller, but a true friend of the community, too.
4:53 pm
>> it's great to have a lot of your friends' names on our backs today. >> -- or her reporting on health issues and introducing us to community projects like the little free library. kyle's passion for colorado comes through. >> there are more than 133 of these little free libraries in colorado and more are going up every day. >> a friend of the community but not only a friend of the community, a friend to so people, too. chances are if you met her, she is your friend. not only a friend, but also a hoot. >> you might have been hearing about this on your cb. >> yes, kyle has a great sense of humor, never takes herself too seriously. yes, people are always learning what we've known for a long time. >> kyle is good. >> she's just someone you can always count on. >> oh, she is the sweetest lady that i have ever met. >> she's been everything to me.
4:54 pm
she walks into. >> every time she comes in you just want to put a smile on your face. >> she's always smiling. >> she's the best of the best around here and we'll miss her so much. >> she brings out the best in all of us. >> she is the newsroom sweetheart. we just love her, so so very, very much. >> not only a very special person, a very special friend who we will truly miss. >> yes, we will. >> all of you in the community will still get the chance than us which will make us sad. we'll make appointments to see her. we know her family was here today, her husband chris and her daughters. they're so excited. >> we wish her the best of luck going forward. >> a new venture. we love you, kyle. we'll be seeing her around, a big part of all of us. >> wipe the tear away. highlight from the u.s. open last night involved one of the fans. >> video of her improbable
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the best shot was after the match. check this catch out. one handed by the woman in the yellow shirt. wozniak whose forehand landed right past the lights into her hands, pretty sweet one hander. reaction, priceless. here's another look right into her hand. wozniak is on to the semifinals in flushing meadows. the girl takes home a souvenir, win/win. >> she makes it look easy, talk that's fine. you're going to 9news at 5:00 right now. go grab it. >> i'm out of here. bye, kim. >> see you. next at 5:00 three men face
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after his family pays a $200,000 ransom. police are still looking for another person. >> donald trump begins running a 30 second commercial in colorado. brandon rittiman puts the ad through a truth test. >> fans have already started to celebrate the broncos new season at the kickoff village at civic center park next on 9news. >> this is 9news. metro, west metro and littleton fire department are trying to put out a brushfire near roxborough state park in littleton. right now it's about 20 acres. no buildings or other structures are threatened. that area is mostly open space. a cause has not been determined yet. northglenn police are looking for a man linked to two carjackings in the past few hours first spotted in the best buy parking lot near 104th and melody trying to get into cars.
5:00 pm
confronted him. he carjacked a kia stopped at 104th and bannock and crashed that car and carjacked another car at a nearby mcdonald's. northglenn police are looking for a white dodge truck qwm516 is the plate. the truck also has rms cranes marked on it. the man is armed with a knife. it is seen by people who run, jog and bike the cher we've reported of open drug use specifically heroin along the trail. denver police have made 128 arrests along the trail this year. parks and rec collected 135 used needles along the creek. people caught using drugs will be banned from the area for 90 days. there are signs the efforts are paying off. cyclists and runners say they've seen a drop in open drug use.


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