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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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confronted him. he carjacked a kia stopped at 104th and bannock and crashed that car and carjacked another car at a nearby mcdonald's. northglenn police are looking for a white dodge truck qwm516 is the plate. the truck also has rms cranes marked on it. the man is armed with a knife. it is seen by people who run, jog and bike the cher we've reported of open drug use specifically heroin along the trail. denver police have made 128 arrests along the trail this year. parks and rec collected 135 used needles along the creek. people caught using drugs will be banned from the area for 90 days. there are signs the efforts are paying off. cyclists and runners say they've seen a drop in open drug use.
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naloxone to drug users says more needs to be done for this deeper addiction. >> right now what this has done is displaced folks, placed them more underground and made the epidemic truly dangerous. i'm disappointed with the efforts. i think there's some alternatives that we could talk about as a city. >> the center has trained approximately 1,000 users how to properly use naloxone to prevent overdoses. they lives. a bizarre and complicated story involving kidnapping and ransom. four men are accused of kidnapping a man from a sex store and holding him captive while asking his family for hundreds of thousands of dollars for his safe return. the man is safe. three of the four suspects have been arrested. 9news reporter victoria sanchez is covering the story. >> armed kidnapping, burned phones, multiple cast drops and
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script. one of the suspects told police the plan was years in the making. >> we don't see many kidnappings. they're very rare, particularly ransom kidnappings. >> lakewood police knew they had a big case when a woman who works at crystal's adult entertainment shop called saying a customer at the alameda location was tied up and abducted by men with rifles. 27-year-old andres flores paredes saw the men, ran back inside the business and used the employee as a shield when the four him. >> they were increased in such a way with weapons that led him to believe they were after him. >> reporter: police say -- dressed in such a way with weapons that led him to believe they were after him. >> reporter: police say the kidnappers called the man's family and asked for $500,000 and then lowered it to $200,000. >> this was a major investigation with hundreds of law enforcement officers
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demanded the victim'ser if put the ransom money in -- victim's father put the ransom money in a trash bag and drop it at i-70 near bennett, but they couldn't find it on the side of the road. fbi agents brought the money here to the family ranch in commerce city. after 12:30 saturday morning an suv pulled up to the gate. a suspect got out and grabbed the bag of cash. the then then returned to the ranch with the victim, dropped him off and drove away. on labor day law enforcement arrested three of the four suspects. po victim and kidnappers knew each other, only that there is a link between them. >> they have a common industry with the horse industry. >> reporter: investigators say they found some of the ransom money but not all of it. they're also looking for the fourth suspect they say is armed and dangerous. the three men in custody are facing custody which could mean
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was not hurt and has not returned to work. folks in delta county cannot use 911 service right now. police believe a line may have been cut and it's impacting many communities in that area. services went down around 10:30 this morning until around 7:00 tonight. dispatchers were sent to fire stations, so those who live in the area are asked to call fire stations with an emergency. tomorrow about this time the regular season for the broncos officially begins. fans celebrating early enjoying the fun at civic center park in denver. 9news reporter nick mcgill is there. we understand it did open to the public this afternoon. nick? >> reporter: that's right, adele. already we've seen the gates only open about two hours, but lots of excitement going on. in fact, in the past few minutes we've seen a flood of orange and blue go through those gates. now today kicked off with the renaming of the street now to be called broncos boulevard the
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inside the park you can call it an nfl fan's dream, lots of things to do, taking a photo with the lombardi trophy, meeting broncos cheerleaders and legends and a mock draft where fans get to put on a jersey of their favorite team and take pictures on stage. of course, tomorrow is when the real fun starts, a concert featuring dierks bentley and one republic at around 4:30. earlier today we spoke with an organizer with the nfl who says if those aren't engh down, maybe this will be. >> the game played on thursdays and sundays obviously a big part of who we have are, but also thinking of other events around the games that attract fans of all ages and again i think the key here is that it's free, very accessible and free for kids, families whomever. >> reporter: i don't know about you guys, but any time i hear something is free, i'm more likely to do something. gates are open until 8:00
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concert lines open at 3:00. if you want to catch the concert, you might want to get here early. if you're coming down here, there is the nfl bag policy that applies here, but we have a link for that on >> sounds good. i didn't see any postings on social media with your head on the 16. no? >> reporter: yeah. there is just so much to do here i was telling you earlier i'm going to sleep down here tonight and have a so you guys join me if you want. >> that was a little too much information, nick, but thanks. >> more coverage of the broncos season kickoff begins with 9news at 4:00 and 5:00tomorrow live from civic center park to talk about the celebrations there. nbc's coverage starts at 5:30 with a concert and preview of the game. the season officially kicks off an hour later as the broncos take on the panthers. 9news will be first in the locker room with live
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seats early at 6 p.m. a special super bowl championship celebration will start things off at 6:20. kickoff is set for 6:40. if you can't go, you can see the game here on 9news. >> steer clear of the guy near the theporta-potty in the tent, though. some positive news about americans and insurance. >> also ahead donald trump's first tv ad in colorado >> donald trump and hillary
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we have attorneys with us this afternoon here to give free legal advice. today's panel of lawline 9 volunteer attorneys from the denver bar association specialize in bankruptcy and credit card problems. you can call them 303-698-0999 until 5:30 this afternoon. donald trump is on the air with his first colorado tv ad saying that he would be better for the economy than hillary clinton. 9news political reporter brandon rittiman puts his ad to a truth test. >> how you view this ad depends a lot how the economy works and plenty of the claims in it would require a working crystal ball to verify. >> in hillary clinton's america the middle class gets crushed. >> this claim is unprovable. it's worth pointing out the ad isn't basing this claim on any sort of analysis of hillary clinton's policy proposals. instead it looks at a study from the pew research center. the study shows a shrinking
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from 2000 to 2014 which includes the obama administration, but also all eight years of the george w. bush presidency and the great recession in between. there are a lot of factors that play into the trend of a shrinking middle class as this ad shows it. the ad goes on about what hillary clinton might mean for the economy. >> spending goes up. >> this 1 is true, at least if clinton gets her way. the trump campaign points to studies of clinton's actual policy proposals by pointed to clinton's own words. clinton has said she'd like to provide universal pre-k, more government coverage of college tuition, 12 of paid family leave following the birth of a child and $2 billion annually for alzheimer's research. those all come with hefty price tags. the question for voters is whether they think these are worthwhile investments and whether they agree with how clinton proposes to pay for
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the ad might lead you to believe everybody's taxes would go up, but clinton has been very specific about who she thinks out to pay more taxes and proposes tax increases on individuals who earn over $200,000 a year and couples who earn over $250,000 a year. >> hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. >> this is also unprovable. the trump camp points to conservative economists who predict job losses under disagree. in any event, presidents only have so much control over the job market. they'd all like to see more jobs. it's good politics, but other factors from global markets to new technologies that make some jobs obsolete can have a bigger impact than a president. the ad argues trump would be better for the economy. we have more detail on those claims on bottom line, this ad doesn't spin any outright falsehoods, but it does pretend to know the
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policies you agree with before you vote, but the economy since as simple to predict as this ad might have you believe. with your truth test brandon rittiman, 9news. >> you can see all of our truth tests on each with links to our research. we will continue to hold campaigns accountable for what they say. both donald trump and hillary clinton get a chance tonight to show how they'd lead the united states armed forces as commander in chief. trump and clinton will both take questions about national security, military affairs veterans issues. the questions will be from nbc news and the audience which will be full of military veterans and active service members. they'll be on stage back to back but not together, clinton first followed by trump. both have laid out their military plans in the past 24 hours. >> peace through strength. unlike my opponent, my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy, not destruction.
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allies, not insult them. we'll stand up to our adversaries, not cozy up to them. >> the forum is four hours long and will take place on the intrepid aircraft carrier in new york city here on 9news at 6:00. seven in 10 americans plan to work after retirement age in a new study released today by when asked why, 27% said they like to work. 25% said they need the money. the survey also found about retired are very worried or somewhat worried about outliving their retirement savings. a new government report says more americans have health insurance than ever before. 8.6% of the population was unshaled the beginning of -- uninsured the beginning of this year, a major drop from 2010 when 16% of americans were uninsured. 75% surveyed had private insurance, 20% with public.
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insured. these warm summer temperatures will stick around for the broncos game tomorrow. >> cooler temperatures are on
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arizona is preparing for the remnants of hurricane newton to arrive. those who live in the tucson area are loading up sand backs because some areas could see
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especially in such a desert climate. the storm made landfall in southern baja county yesterday morning as a category 1 hurricane. it is expected, however, to weaken quickly. >> then it went over cabo, lot of rain there. kathy, you know about southern arizona they have the places that go underneath like an overpass and have it measured by feet so you know how deep the water is. >> and this one was a gully washer to be some brings washed out across arizona due to the heavy flooding rain which still falls around tucson and phoenix tonight. we may tap into a little bit of that tropical storm in colorado, but for the most part it's just these high cirrus clouds going by, really nice in boulder with a few high clouds coming over the foothills, 86 degrees in denver, 93 in pueblo, 89 in lamar. for your early evening forecast temperatures will trend between
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sun sets around 7:30 tonight. 86 degrees at the airport, win east, northeast at 10, falling air pressure and humidity 13%. in the 9news backyard outside the studios close to 90s, a nice night to walk to dinner or walk the dog. up in the high country signs that the leaves are indeed starting to change up there on the peak to peak highway, beautiful conditions. not a lot to show you on the radar this afternoon. we have a few light showers tr moisture picking up from the remnants of newton. we've had reports of rotating storms outside phoenix and heavy flooding rain and even some wind damage there. a lot of that moisture will be carried by the jet stream south of us right up around an area of low pressure in the midwest. there is a cool front on the way for friday, but tomorrow we have a sunny, warm, dry day with a few thin high cirrus clouds about. the severe weather threat
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-- clouds. this severe weather threat shifts off to the east of us. temperatures tomorrow will be warm, 88 in denver. the cool air from the north begins to move in here on friday and other than some high clouds moving into southern colorado tonight, isolated showers in the southeast, a beautiful evening. there will be areas of fog. i don't think it will push back into denver, but patchy fog for those of you headed into fort morgan or east into limon tomorrow morning. beautiful day shaping up, it. in the 30s and 40s in the high country, mild lows on the plains with temperatures rebounding nicely, 90 grand junction, 91 pueblo, close to 90 in denver. some of the foothill temperatures will be comfortable as well, 73 in blackhawk, 72 in grand lake. in the denver metro area for tonight, high clouds, cool, dry, low 54. a bit of patchy fog to the east should not move into the metro area, impact travel in or out of dia tonight or tomorrow.
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tomorrow afternoon, a beautiful day ahead of a dry cool front friday, a taste of fall on friday with a warming trend for saturday and sunday, good chance of rain coming in monday night into tuesday along with cooler temperatures, highs in the 60s. it's definitely going to feel like the new season which the autumnal equinox begins the 22nd. nfl season open are tomorrow night, kick -- opener tomorrow night, kickoff temperature 82 and warm. keep those picks coming. we'll show more of those -- pictures coming. we'll show more of those tonight on 9news at. coming up in sports the broncos open up their checkbook to keep a fan favorite in town. >> and we'll show you why what appears to be an incredible soccer goal was not surprising
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stocks finished pretty much investors focus on a mix of new complex data and their implications for a possible federal reserve rate hike. dow fell 12 points.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. broncos wide receive emmanuel sanders snatched a contract extension midair today one handed like a football near the goal line. on the eve of re million deal that will keep him in denver through the 2019 season. 9news broncos insider mike klis explains why the timing was right. >> reporter: the reason is the season is upon them. they didn't want it as a distraction, but they ultimately did reach an agreement. sanders will get a three year extension on top of the one year $5.6 million deal he'll get this year. he'll get $11 million a year over the following three years.
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season is upon us. it's the same two teams from the super bowl, but carolina panthers quarterback cam newton insists it is not a rematch, all depend on your definition, i guess. newton is going to make sure it's not a repeat, of course. cam's argument against rematch doesn't make a whole lot of sense. >> a lot of people want to make it a rematch. it's not a rematch, you know. it's just our next opponent and they're a great team. we ust putting our bid in in being a great team as well. so all that's null and void if we don't prove it on thursday night and we'll have a lot of guys on the carolina panthers that will be ready to go. two different teams playing. and when everybody realizes that, we have already came to that understanding that, you know, it's two different teams, two different game plans and we have to prepare differently. we are.
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completely flipped out, but as 9news prep reporter taylor temby shows us, that was true long before he went head over heels on the internet. >> reporter: in case you missed it -- >> it was the first game of the season. so the guys were very excited. >> reporter: -- let's review. the through ball was played. is that it was just me and the keeper -- >> it was just me the keeper. >> reporter: the keeper went down. >> i just wanted to score. >> reporter: player went up, way up. >> i went for the front flip, i guess of railroad you guess? >> i -- >> reporter: you guess? >> i wanted to do that for a while and see how it goes. >> reporter: well, it went and then it went viral. millions of people around the world have now seen his miraculous goal. >> it just came out perfect. >> reporter: and dillon made it look natural because it kind
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second nature to him. >> reporter: when he's not in the pits, he's in the bowls. scootering has become more main stream than in the past decade. >> it was frowned upon. if you go to a skatepark, people don't like you. >> reporter: it requires guts, athleticism and balance. >> i think i do push the limits. >> reporter: the daredevil decided the latter may have been the biggest asset to that famous flip. >> like you're dillon. you're the kid who did that flip. >> reporter: most of us will continue to watch it and still not know how it's done. >> i don't know who this guy is, but he kind of looks like me. >> reporter: now that we know he can do it, we'll watch out for what comes next. >> dillon should probably wear a helmet and elbow pads on the soccer field if he's going to be flipping that way. >> i'm sure coach loves seeing that video.
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who shot that famous piece of video that he wasn't surprised. everyone was going oo and aw and saying have you ever seen anything like it and he said yeah. that's what this kid does all day long. >> the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america hosting the commander in chief forum will be on nbc at 6 p.m. we'll see you at 9:00 and
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tonight, from the aircraft carrier, "intrepid", military showdown, clinton and trump from the same ship facing tough questions from our nbc commander in chief forum, a critical test for the candidates. than heroin, hundreds of overdoses in just two weeks. a big american city taking drastic measures. horror in the sky, a deadly mid-air disaster, two planes collide, the latest in a string of fr frightening aviation incidents. cutting the cord, apple's new change to the new iphone and what's about to go missing. a long lost 9/11


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