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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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unlike in their upcoming debates, they faced questions from military servicemen and women. >> a landmark in downtown denver takes its first steps to change its face but not its roots. the changing of the seasons, why you might need to be ready earlier than usual to see the fall colors and a spectacular display of colors in the sky tonight. >> and dierks bentley talks to us about his performance in civic center park and who he's watching the game with tomorrow night. 9news starts now. a teenager raised in conditions compared to a concentration camp is now in protective custody. doctors say it will take months of recovery before he's considered healthy. longmont police say his parents have been arrested and charges are coming soon. here's 9news reporter noel brennan. >> this is the longmont mobile home park. >> reporter: some neighbors didn't even know. >> i can't even picture them people doing something like this. >> reporter: of the boy who
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behind closed curtains. >> i knew they had dogs because they had the beware of dogs. all this time i never knew that they had a child at all. they never mentioned him. >> reporter: larry frye now knows his neighbors david and vanessa hall are in jail. >> i of totally shocked. like i -- i was totally shocked. like i said, i talked to them how many times. they seemed like the nicest people. >> reporter: detectives start investigating late last month after the hall's 17-year-old taken to the hospital. the arrest warrants from longmont police say he weighed just 88 pounds, skin pale, eyes dark and sunken suffering from severe malnutrition living off junk food and lacking seven basic vitamins and minerals. his condition was consistent with someone who would have been in a concentration camp for several years. >> have to be sick, i guess, to do that with your child is the only thing i can come up with. >> reporter: larry frye is left wondering. >> that's terrible that anybody
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a child. >> reporter: about the neighbors and the home he thought he knew. the arrest warrant says david hall took his son to the hospital because he thought he had the flu. doctors say the boy was so malnourished he nearly died. david and vanessa hall face felony charges related to child abuse and their son is now in the care of boulder county human services. >> noel brennan reporting, thank you. there has been an arrest in connection with a stabbing at a popular restaurant this the highs. the -- in the highlands. denver police are not releasing the suspect's name. a man was stabbed at mead street station and was seriously hurt. the station has been closed since the attack. the restaurant is expected it reopen tomorrow. a school bus driver who crashed her school bus last september pled guilty today after the most serious charges were thrown out. elizabeth burris was accused of driving erratically. it went off the road, veered
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side with eight students inside. two students were seriously hurt. her attorney said she was legally taking prescriptions for pain. at a recent hearing a doctor, nurse and state trooper also testified there were no signs burris was impaired. prosecutors agreed to allowed burris to plead guilty to careless driving. she could get a $300 fine, a year of probation and community service when sentenced next month. tonia clinton and donald trump. each had time on stage to talk to veterans, a half hour, in the commander in chief forum. trump was questioned whether his secret plan to defeat isis actually exists. clinton was asked whether her judgment for using private e- mail for classified information disqualifies her from being commander in chief and the threat of terrorism came up again and again. >> can you guarantee people that after four years of a college on presidency they'll
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clinton presidency they'll be safer on streets in san bernardino or boston than they are now. >> i'm not going to promise something that i think most thinking americans know is going to be a huge challenge. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win, i don't want to broadcast to the enemy exactly what my plan is and let me tell you, if i like maybe a combination of my plan and the generals plan or the generals plan, if i like ei and say matt, we have a great plan. this is what obama does. >> our political experts join me following the forum. they disagree whether clinton has finally found a cogent answer about her e-mail policy. >> i frankly was surprised that hillary clinton still doesn't have a coherent answer on the e- mails. it was really saddening, quite frankly. >> i actually was quite surprised she did have a
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a coherent answer on the e- mails. she answered the classification issue from a gentleman. >> c stands for what? >> neither one of us are military intelligence officers. i think that's pretty clear, but at the end of the day you've got a situation where we've got one party's nominee who has a ton of experience in the foreign theater and international relations and one who just talks about it. >> clinton and trump will share the same stage three more times before election day. their first debate takes place september 26th. that first debate will be moderated by nbc's lester holt. most people know it as sakura square, a 1 square block of prime real estate in downtown denver. it will soon be undergoing a major facelift. the block is bordered by 19th and 20th on the north and south and lawrence and larimer on the east and west. the tri-state buddhist temple is the cornerstone and back in the day this was known as japan
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american roots all these years and is the site of the cherry blossom festival in the spring each year. the owner has just started the process of looking for a developer to come up with a master plan to breathe new life in the block and maintain a heritage and cultural foundation and will get input from the community before anything is finalized. what a sunset tonight, looks like there wasn't a bad seat in the state from fort collin down to denver, from coors field over to le just that kind of backdrop for tomorrow's nfl season opener. [ nfl theme music ] >> does that music get you jacked up? come on, now. since 2000 no nfl team is better than the broncos in home openers, yet they are three- point underdogs tomorrow. this is the first time that super bowl teams have met the
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season since 1970. the party started early for football fans late this afternoon. the nfl's kickoff village opened its gates. bannock street near civic center park has been renamed this week broncos boulevard. fans can try on broncos jerseys and helmets and run a peyton manning challenge obstacle course. tomorrow there will be free concerts just before kickoff. >> the concerts will feature one republic and dierks bentley who plans to watch the me with some guy named peyton manning. >> he said i could watch the game with him and his wife. i have yet to see the e-mail. so i may be watching it from the hotel room, i don't know. hopefully it comes through in time. if not, it would be kind of sad, but hopefully they come through and i get to watch this great game with arguably one of the greatest players who ever played. >> one republic is also playing halftime at mile high. they tell us they have to be careful where they wear their
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>> yeah. we can't go into north carolina wearing like orange and blue on stage in durham. we both have family in north carolina. you'll get the tar heel kicked out of you, yeah. >> now the game is not going to be shown at civic center park and the park will be cleared right at kickoff. i just assumed mayor hancock will walk out and yell get off my lawn. i'm not sure, but anyway you need to find a place to go watch the game if you ar festivities at the civic center. >> nbc's coverage on 9news starts at 5:30 with the concerts and game preview. the game gets underway about an hour later. 9news will be the first in the locker room after the game for player interviews. the nfl is telling the 70,000 ticket holders to be in their seat by 6 p.m. a super bowl celebration begins at 6:20 with kickoff set for 6:40. your photos are telling the
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with hillsides of orange and cold. 9news reporter vicente arenas joins us to plan your trip to see those fall colors. >> reporter: a lot of people are excited about it and drive around denver and you'll see some signs of fall in the air, but by and large, most of these trees are still green, but because of these cooler nights and shorter days we're having, all that is about to change. magical is how one person described the transformation of the colorado rockies. it's subtle at first, but mother nature's wasting this year we're getting reports the leaves are changing early. the leaves have begun the change process probably about a week earlier than average. >> reporter: like these aspens in grand lake, the colors already have families searching for the best views. some of them will be in the denver metro. >> you can start to see how the green itself is starting to break down a little bit and this one is more of a red tone.
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tree began turning at the denver botanic gardens where even brighter colors are expected. >> the moderate drought that we're in right now, basically it kind of helps some of the colors that we technically see, the yellows and golds be a little bit more brighter when they do come out. >> reporter: typically colors peak in the northern mountains between september 15th to 25th. the central mountains it's the last week of the month. the first week of october it's the southern mountains. >> the color spectacular in mid-october if we don't get a big cold snap and a big wet snowstorm to take those leaves down. >> reporter: let's hope not. the colors may have arrived a little early, but let's hope they stay a lot longer. and how fast those leaves change colors depends so much on the weather. i was talking with kathy sabine earlier and she was telling me we're expecting cooler temperatures next week and that could have a big
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happens with that, kyle. >> vicente arenas out with the shrubbery tonight. thank you. >> reporter: here it is. >> we have a list of the nine best drives in the state for fall foliage on our facebook page and the colorado guides 2nd of our website. you can check it -- section of our website. you can check it out and find a new place to explore. if you're a fan of the boulder bolder, you'll want to hear about the race from rio decides to hold its own games. >> the biggest feature with the new iphone has more to do with what you hear than what you see. >> and kathy has more gorgeous shots of tonight's sunset and the forecast for tomorrow's broncos game. >> reporter: and a thrilling
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today was the day apple showed the world its newest iphone. most notable is what the iphone 7 doesn't have, a headphone jack. earphones plug into the charging port or new wireless ear pods cost $159. the new iphone is water resistant. apple says it has a battery life and free orders for the phone start friday. apple shot out its new waterproof watch that nike worked on. people are being looked for with a passion for children's television and movies. the positions available are for kids content tigers that categorize children's shows based on ages and theme. netflix has more information
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website. one of the biggest events in colorado every memorial day is the boulder bolder. it's considered the best 10k by some counts. it's about to have company from another college stadium. today organizers announced they will hold a similar race starting labor day next year. the race on the csu campus in fort collins will be called the fortitude 10k. it will be one of the first events for the new field still under construction. the race will go csu oval before finishing at that stadium. the inaugural event is set for just under a year from now, september 4th, 2017. we turn our attention back to rio tonight. the stadium once again welcomed the world, this time for the paralympics game. there were fireworks over the parade of nations this evening. the paralympics will take place over the next two weeks. more than 4,000 athletes from
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one country not in brazil is russia. its paralympic team just like its track athletes were banned from the game due to doping. russia will have their own competitions in moscow in 18 different sports. liberty media based in douglas county is shifting into the racing business. the mass media group announced plans to buy the formula one racing league for more than $4 billion. liberty media wich once the deal is complete next year. it does feature stadium seating, a few from every seat in the house, so maybe it's not so far fetched for college football to take over a racetrack for the weekend. saturday the university of tennessee plays bristol at the motor speedway. bristol is the site of two races each year.
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for a college football game. police are preparing for massive traffic jams. the stadium's layout does not put fans really close to the field, but they'll have the satisfaction of helping record history. oh, adele, it's a beautiful summer evening in the 9news backyard. i'm chief meteorologist kathy sabine and if you missed this, we got you covered. oh, it started off pink and purple. then it went to orange and red, fiery red. then it was orange and owe man for our -- omen for our broncos who kick off the nfl season tomorrow. so many of you sharing pictures of that spectacular sunset tonight. you can find more on something else we're seeing a lot of as vicente mentioned. we've got the changing leaves in the colorado high country. some of you asked me on facebook and twitter when does it typically snow this time of year? the average first day of snow is october 19th, but we've had
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and as late as almost thanksgiving. nice day coming up tomorrow. we're almost 90 downtown. there were some 90s on the map in southeastern colorado and a couple thunderstorms developed today. fair skies, light wind and with any luck the pesky fog will stay east of the city and dia tomorrow morning. the last two mornings have really been something. currently 67 degrees, humidity 28%. calm winds in the backyard outse downtown. we have a quiet weather picture for a change. we're tracking hurricane newton bringing all kind of flooding issues to the southwest but basically falling apart. a lot of that moisture is pushed to the south and east of us. el paso and albuquerque up to wichita, minneapolis and chicago moving into the afternoon is where we expect more rainfall. low pressure here, one dropping south and another on the way. we're in between and that is a beautiful forecast shaping up
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the threat of hail and wind is out there traveling to omaha, wichita and st. louis, but den looking good and warmer, cool air to the north, hot air to the south and highs above average here close to 90. the pesky fog on the eastern plains starts creeping in about 3 a.m., but it doesn't get all the way in tomorrow morning. we hop the wind shift will keep it at bay limiting our precipitation to isolated showers tomorrow around burlington and lamar. the fog is dangerous to drive mild night on the plains. 90 out west and warmer temperatures in southeast colorado, close to 90, highlands ranch, arvada, fort collins and greeley, 79 idaho springs, 73 grand lake. in the denver metro area tonight beautiful summer evening, high clouds, 54 degrees. tomorrow we do have temperatures close to 80 by lunchtime, close to 90 by 4:00 in the afternoon. i do not have thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow, which is
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all know, cooler, dry, great looking weekend coming up, chance for a few showers monday into tuesday. cooler weather, too. temperatures in the 60s and 70s and then the weather just turns perfect again. speaking of perfect, the nfl season opener here on channel 9, 6:00 temperature 82 degrees, fair skies, light winds. we hope it to be a winning forecast. in durango the cirrus clouds coming in from the remnants of newton creating that beautiful halo around the sun. sunset. beautiful pictures tonight. you can find more on while weather was great tonight, sports is even better. wait till you hear the news that drew has.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. they're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky. they're altogether adames family. nolan arenado's national league lead37th homer pulled colorado within one and then with the bases loaded that's what i'm talking about. adames comes through in the clutch with his first career
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family. [ snaps fingers ] it's been exactly seven months since the broncos won the super bowl. rematch is tomorrow night with the panthers on 9news. you not something important must -- you know something important must be going on with bob costas coming to town. he's one of the few who believes the broncos can repeat. >> there's always going to be naysayers. they have obviously quarterback is an essential position and it's a ry circumstance to have someone of siemian's inexperience and his collegiate background take over a team of this caliber, but most of the essential personnel is back and they won the super bowl. so i consider them a contender. colorado's victory over csu was one of the most emotional games of buffs head coach mike macintyre's career. 9news sports reporter aaron matas shows us why it has nothing to do with the rivalry. >> reporter: this was the
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behind ralphie, it hit me hard. >> reporter: harder than any collision you'll see on a field, the realization that for the first time ever mike macintyre enters a college football season without his coaching mentor, without his dad. >> there's a lot of time that i think and know things that he said and did that passed away this january after a lengthy battle with multiple sclerosis. >> the thing that he relayed to me the most was how to live life. he laid in that bed for seven years basically and couldn't really get out. you'd go visit him and everybody that told they'd visit him and walk in and say hey, coach, how you doing and he'd say fantastic! >> reporter: game no. 1, the first without his father. the emotions did hit mike hard as he addressed his team before kickoff.
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dream. show them your dream. you're my dream. you're my dream. >> when i said that, yeah, i was definitely thinking about my dad. >> you understand that? >> yes, sir. >> i want to show everybody my dream. >> reporter: roles are now reversed. young mike grew up with football. br he lives in my heart every day and in my mind. >> reporter: and now it's the junior coach mac that carries dad with him out on the field. aaron matas, 9news. oh, boy, a high school soccer game in colorado was punched out tonight, ended early due to a wild fight. jefferson and lake county were late in the 2nd half when suddenly there was a push and then a punch and then oh, here we go.
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join in. fortunately nobody got seriously hurt, but two saints and two panthers received red cards ejected from this game plus the next one and since there was only about a minute remaining the refs decided it was time to go home. jefferson wins 4-1. still of the night comes from rio dejaneiro where the 2016 paralympic games got off to a sparkling start with a mega ramp jump with a wh night. 13 athletes from colorado there representing us in the paralympics this year, should be awesome.
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hey, maybe a bit cooler tomorrow and the weekend looks
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and sunday. >> delightful football weather tomorrow. >> you ever watch that tonight show? >> i do. >> that's next. tonight jimmy has james
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