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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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i'm tarhonda thomas, with marty coniglio. today's the day... a superbowl grudge match, and another chance for the broncos to beat the carolina panthers. we sent , to mark the first regular season game. good
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the big story of
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the big story of the day: the denver broncos are playing their first regular season game, fresh off a super bowl win. they're hoping to start off the season by beating the carolina panthers... again. gary, corey and cheryl are live at "mile high." good morning!
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the first big play of ga first quarter--von miller with the sack--and strip of carolina quarterback cam newton. this game was all about defense--and the broncos had and still do have the best in the league. second quarter--safety darian stewart forces the football out of mike tolbert's hands. broncos recovered--and had the lead 13 to seven. third quarter... t-j ward intercepts the cam newton pass... he gets the ball knocked out of his hands... but danny trevathan is there to jump on it. in the fourth... broncos up 16 to ten von miller seals up the super bowl m- v-p trophy... stripping newton for the second time... broncos hop on it. they'd add 12 more points... and go on to win 24 to ten. it was the tale of two m-v-p's in super bowl 50. one decided to show up--the other didn't. cam newton was the regular season m-v-p.... von miller would end up the super bowl m-v-p.... obvious to see why. he had two and a half sacks... forced two fumbles... both of which the broncos recovered. meanwhile--newton completed just about 44 percent of his passes... threw on interception.... no touchdowns... and fumbled the ball twice. hopefully--it'll be the same story in tonight's game. quarterback trevor siemian is set to make n-f-l
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seasoemian's preseasoelle... however--he plhe starting siemie al his pasone touchdown ations. siemian ire he wanting job. waitlynch. lynch saw a lot pre-season... entire last game a wepromise--throwinnst hea costlth... that would che first round ... finished theting just under 5r four touchdowns.. channel nine isht's game beginur live from rightthen at 5-30 n-b-c cial.... with live well as live coing on in civic center park. then kickoff is slated fafter the game - to get ll want to turn your t-v's on early for a specias telling the 70-thousawl championship cens at 6:20. kickif you're sttickets for tonight's game...ave been se checked on the secondary ticket markets... on stub dollars. for the best seats iundred dollars. not bad for an ight footba digging out thng- share your favorite gasing the hashtag weason... join our photr bronc things back to may's forecast.
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donald trump campaign in two
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charlotte today-- after answering tough questions, last night. a military audience asked her about e- mailing classified information. and she drew the line on "ground troops" fighting isis. donald trump heads to north carolina today after being challenged repeatedly by the audience to explain his policies. he also defended his praise of russia''s leader.. military leaders. clinton and trump were not face-to- face during last night's forum. but they will be in their first debate. it's scheduled for september 26th. it's hard to believe... but it's already that time of year. the leaves are changing, and for some people, that means a trip into the mountains. trees are turning colors... a bit earlier than
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several of our viewers have sent us spectacular pictures of golden streaks on the rocky mountains. just a few days ago, a "princes kay plumtree" began turning at the denver botanic gardens --where even brighter colors are expected. typically colors peak in the northern mountains between september 15 and september 25th. the central mountains peak the last week of the month. and for the southern mountains, it's the first week of october. denver botanic gardens horticulturalist y says they're getting ready for a big show. cooler temperatures are expected next week, and that could have a big impact on fall foliage. we have a list of the 9 best drives in the state - for fall foliage - on our
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guide section of our website. check it out to find a new place to explore - and share your best shots - from the scenic routes. it's not good news... most people don't understand their own credit card agreements. we're taking a closer look at the new study that tells us why. welcome back...
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we're live at mile high stadium this morning talking all things broncos! tonight is the super bowl rematch against
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talking to a bunch of different people involved... from food to the stadium, and we're even talking with mayor michael hancock. the party has already started for football fans. the nfl's kickoff village opened its gates to people wednesday afternoon. bannock street near civic center park - has been renamed this week: as broncos boulevard. fans can see the lombardi trophy, try on broncos jerseys and helmets - and run a peyton manning retirement challenge obstacle course. tonight, there will be free concerts just before kickoff. credit card agreements are too complex for most people to understand. that's according to a new study credit card agreements are too complex for
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that's according to a new study from "bankrate dot com." they looked at more than two- thousand card agreements... and found -- on average-- they're written at an eleventh-grade reading level. but, about half of americans only read at a ninth grade level... or below. if people don't understand what they're signing up for, it can cost them a lot of money. the study found nearly half of credit card users don't read their terms and agreement docunt allegiant air is rolling out a loyalty program. while most of these programs are called frequent flier rewards... allegiant is taking a different approach. it's targeting its base of mostly infrequent fliers-- who travel about once a year. the airline is hoping its rewards program will keep those customers engaged with allegiant air when they're not flying. want to work from home? how about for netflix? the streaming company is hiring. netflix is looking for "kids content taggers."
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television and movies. the position involves categorizing children's shows based on ages and themes. netflix has more information about the jobs-- on its website. attention is back on rio... weeks after the end of the 20-16 summer games... this time for the paralympics! which country will not be participating in the paralympic games this year. a teenager raised in conditions
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concentration camp is now in protective custody. longmont police say his parents have been arrested... and charges will come soon. 9news reporter noel brennan has more. the arrest
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the hospital because he thought he had the flu. doctors say the boy was so malnourished, he nearly died. eyes are back on rio for the next
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stadium-- once again "welcoming
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fireworks exploded over the stadium during the parade of nations. the paralympic games will take place over the next two weeks. more than four thousand athletes from around th world will be competing - including 13 from colorado. one country not participating-- russia. its paralympic team was banned from the games due to state-sponsored doping. the same thing happend to russia's olympic track team. since the entire paralympic team is banned-- russia is hosting its own paralympic tournament in moscow. those 260 athletes will have their own competitions in 18 different sports. the sunday night football bus is here... but we didn't have to wait to get on- board. we got a preview tuesday. this thing is decked out. the broncos--as super bowl champs--have their own section of the bus. it features super bowl m-v-p von miller's jersey. it has a preview of carrie underwood's new sunday night football song... and our favorite part? a director station... which gives you the chance to see what it's like to direct a sunday night football game. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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lombardi trophy as super bowl champions... that's pretty encouraging today. it's the home opener and the start of the regular season at mile high... and the broncos are hoping the super bowl momentum- will carry them to an underdog win in a grudge match against the panthers. today- we're live at the stadium- with a look at the players... the fans...and all of the excitement. good morning. cheryl, corey and gary with you our at mile high this morning- all ready to go with our orange and blue. tarhonda thomas and meteorologist marty coniglio are keeping an eye on things back in the studio. marty- it feels like


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