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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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off the nfl season. we begin with breaking news about the broncos quarterback situation, mike. peyton manning, 6 months after announcing his retirement, is back. >> uh no drew. you confused what i said to you. he is back as a fan. he will be a spectator. eel be here tonight. i'm sure he'll be part pregame festivities. i'm not sure in what capacity. i do know the broncos are going to unfurl at least two super bowl championship banners. >> reporter: unfurl is a great word, because you only use it when you win. >> i know for the bulk of it, they're going to make sure the
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in the wound, an take away from what the broncos took from them last february 7. >> reporter: he acts ready, which is very important. do you think he is? >> i think so. he looked the part in the preseason. he kept saying over and over in the preseason, he wished he'd had more and more reps. that's part of the battle with mark sanchez. he seems ready, and the amazing thing is a kid, that nothing seems to have phased him. the preseason games, the head- to-head battles. everything he's done has been like this. but what he does tonight will be like nothing he's ever seen in his career. >> elway will bring on periodically a lot of players into his office. but he did bring trevor siemian into his office this week. told the kid to relax.
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anything like that. ordinarily, i would say for general managers, that's not your place, what are you doing? but it's john elway. >> absolutely your place. >> when he speaks, i think he would help trevor siemian. >> he is a quarterback to a quarterback. last season, c.j. anderson was supposed to have one of the best seasons of all the running backs in the nfl. but as we all know, that didn't happen to be the case, but it was okay, of course, a feat they hope to repeat this year, and this year, c.j. anderson says he'll be better. ? [ music ] ? >> game week. been a while since it's been a real game week. you've got to be fired up. >> we play a good team. a really, really good team. now is a good way to kick off the season.
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your shoulder, but you've got to be the panthers are the ones with a chip on their shoulder coming into this game. >> i just think they have a chip on their shoulder to get to where they want to get to. the biggest goal is taking care of the biggest game at the time. >> trevor siemian is going to be in the huddle. this is a rookie quarterback for the most part. he's taken the yes, he was here last year, but he was behind brock, he was behind peyton. >> when you see him carry himself and the way he goes out there and prepares. he can spin the ball. the confidence he has in himself, it makeses us go, hey man, we're going to have your back no matter what. >> there's even more on your shoulders this year. yeah, devontae is good, but he's still a rookie.
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in the past. >> i just want to have fun. i feel like i took training camp and the preseason the correct way. i'm not going to put any more pressure on myself. the goal is to play well, and everybody should feel that way. now the fact that things changes, and more on you or more on this, i've got ten guys on the field i can count on. i can count on there's no pressure. >> go get em. >> in order for trevor siemian to even have a chance, the panthers have to respect the running game. >> i think he's going to be important in the 2nd half. the panthers did not come here in the preseason.
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is why the broncos have an advantage. i think it comes to their advantage in the 2nd half. >> the wide receivers have talked about, they're looking forward to that. it will also be interesting to see what happens with siemian, because last season, i kept telling peyton, and brock at the time, don't make mistakes. we had this juggernaut defense. i'll be interested to see if it's the same thing tonight. >> we' minutes to explain why the brocks are -- the broncos are going to win this game. we think. >> a word for you guys. hydrate. hydrate. it's really hot. >> we have a rule, if you complain about the cold, you're not allowed to complain about the heat. >> that's a really good rule. see, we don't get out much in the news department. that's our problem. we don't get out enough drew.
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>> okay, no more whining, i'm zipping it. thanks guys. we have a lot more to get excited about in this game. the nfl started this 15 years ago, where they bring this giant party to the super bowl winning team. the celebration has been going on for a couple of days. some of our great, all-time denver great denver broncos have been involved. >> there is a lot going right now at civic center parking lot festivities. one of the great things is terrell davis. you've been here twice before, super bowl champs. just how big are the stakes for this season's team? >> i think you have to separate last year's team, and this year's team. people want to say, you're defending the championship. you're not defending it, because it's a reset. we have to keep it in perspective, there's not a lot of pressure to win back-to-
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seasons, yeah, every year you want to win it. the pressure is not to repeat, or to defend it. it's to go win one. >> i'm guess you've been in touch with a few players. what are their feelings? >> exactly what i said. kubiak has been here before, you can't put pressure on the guys, saying, you're defending this championship. no, this is a different season, different teams, different year. it's a whole different ballgame. thly on right now is playing the carolina panthers. trying to get that one win. after that, you focus on your next opponent. i know it sounds like a cliche, but it really is one by one. you can't look up and look at houston and the super bowl, otherwise, you'll lose focus. >> thanks for joining us. the broncos trying to start off 1-0. going up against last year's super bowl. going to toss it back to you guys in the studio.
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that was a great piece. daniel gregg came out. yours has more sleeves though. it's warm. >> it's sizzling. every adjective you can think of to describe the heat. that's what's going on down here at civic center park. i obviously brought my pompom. you got the papers. i got the pompom. it's toasty, but we're getting excited for the big game. it's like we're popping bottles around here. the party is started on what will hopefully become an epic season ahead. and mother nature, she's cooperating overall. it could be a lot worse. >> this is actually beautiful september weather. we're going to be looking at plenty of blue skies for now. just stunning. as far as the temperatures go. yeah, it's getting toasty. it's getting hot in here. 70s up in the foothills.
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sports authority field, i think temperatures will have slightly cooled off by about 6:00 p.m. we'll be in the low 80s, 7:30, mid-70s. then we'll be watching those temperatures cooling off even more when hopefully the guys come off the field with a big win. we're also keeping a close eye on the wind gusts. they've been a bit pesky up to the foot thrills. once again, that has prompted a red flag warning. it really is only in place for jackson county until 7:00 tonight. still up in as we look forward to tomorrow, we also will be watching similar conditions around here too. coming up in just a bit. we're going to be going over the broncos game forecast on the future forecast. we'll let you know if we might see sprinkles across the state. and looking ahead toward that weekend. wow. more sunshine. summer is just holding on, and i'm loving it. >> i know.
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state. it is just gorgeous. we're going to have great concert coming up here. i can't wait. dick bentley is coming up first. i know, we didn't even pay anything. no one did. it's free. >> the best part. >> so it's a great way to kind of get excited about football. so many people have been saying it's about time! we're excited. we know you're excited for football, so stay with us. jonathan, i know we're going to relive everything that >> i can't wait. it was a great season, and hopefully we have another one. the driver who hit a denver post reporter near the country club last week was charged today. 23-year-old jesus careeno is facing one count of vehicular homicide. police say he hit and killed 60- year-old colleen o'connor on the corner of east 1st and
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appears to be a factor. careeno is scheduled to be in court on october 6. the cu boulder is asking for help finding a person of interest in a sexual assault. these are surveillance photos from the area. the victim told police, the suspect grabbed her, but she was able to fight him off. he ran away. police say the person they're looking for is also suspected to have been involved in a similar crime on campus last the phone number is on your screen. 1-800-222-tips. in texas, a student has taken her own life after shooting and injurying another student at a high school. local law enforcement in alpine, about 200 miles southeast of el paso said neither girls have been identified. the student who was shot was taken to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. the sheriff says a federal law enforcement officer responding to the scene was shot in the leg when another officer's gun accidently went off.
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libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson says he blanked when he was ask the about the name of syria's largest city today. he was on msnbc's morning joe, when he was asked about how he would handle the civil war in syria. instead of responding, he said what is alepo. johnson is trying to reach 15% in the polls. that's the spot needed for him to have a presidential debate on september 26. the court office issued issued -- a record for the most marriage licenses ever. and don't forget, we're going to have much more coming up from civic center park.
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for football. but we have a beautiful colorado day. everybody is going to be saying i wish i lived in denver. and you know what? we know there are denver bronco fans across the country. we are the super bowl champs. in a little bit, we're going to look back at how we got here. it was not an easy road. it was a tough journey to win it all. and yeah, we were here last february. it was a pretty day then too.
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some slips on wall street today, mainly from tech and consumer stocks. the dow lost 47 points. s & the nasdaq fell 24.5. metro state university is on the lookout for a new president. the current president steven jordan announced he is retiring from the position. that won't happen until june of next year. jordan has been president of msu denver since 2005. the board of trustees has already begun a national search for a replacement. resort communities have been struggling with housing for years. hope prices are typically too
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places like vail. vail will spend the next decade, buying up property they hope full time residents will actually be able to afford. >> in the always busy. >> maintaining communities is what we do. >> reporter: vail community development department. >> we still base a housing challenge in our community. >> reporter: says this town has just come up with some big plans. >> we decided to take a more bold step and try something that maybe hasn't the number of affordable deed restricted properties in town, spending the next 10 years buying 1,000 additional deed restricted properties. >> we're looking at acquiring 1,000 deed restricted units. additional units in the next decade. >> reporter: and it's property the town of vail says they have to buy.
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sold, only 1 of those homes is bought by a full time resident. >> they sell to second homeowners, or investment property owners. >> reporter: the goal is to keep people who work in vail, living in vail. so the town's been building deed restricted properties where they can. >> 98% of our land area has already been developed. >> reporter: and in 2017, they'll spend $3 million buying propertieses when they can. >> may be more cost effective than going out and te >> reporter: meaning that george and this department will be even busier for the next decade. in vail, matt renoux. >> i suspect it will keep us busy for the next 10 years as well. >> reporter: 9news, mountain newsroom. >> bill will spend $3.7 million next year buying property. in the following years, they could spend as much as $5
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restricted properties. employers will be able to buy properties for their employees. the broncos are kicking off the season with a new quarterback and big expectations. next, how the team is preparing
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welcome back to sports authority field at mile high. the broncos and carolina panthers have a super bowl rematch here on 9news later tonight. we saw the pantrs rod mackey, mike cliff with me. just a few moments ago. there was cam newton in the front row with the head phones on. bobbing the head with the big smile. it seemed to me like all that happiness that the broncos knocked out of him 7 months and 1 day ago is back. >> i'm not sure he should be
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remmers is still the right tackle? they did not chip him or demarcus ware in that game. they want that end crashing down. so cam can read it, and you know, make his read from there, and decide what play he wants. but against the broncos, they just blew that up right away last night. and remmers had no chance against von miller. >> show me again, what was cam doin do that? because it was talked about earlier this week, that trevor was cam, and so was brock, a little bit during the scout team during the super bowl. so you know, trevor played cam then, but trevor is all about trevor tonight. we talked a ton about the quarterback, but how about siemian's targets? let's hear from those guys as well. >> reporter: in the super bowl, they never scored. the wide outs shut out against
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starting with the starting quarterback. it's now trevor siemian, not peyton, passing to dt and emmanuel sanders. >> he's a smart kid. got a lot of guys on the opposite side of the ball. even the defensive side of the ball that's going to be back. we trust him to make the right call. we're going to do our best ability to make it work. >> i know he wants to go out and make plays. kubiak said to me, know your role. and he plays a jo this team. he wants to embrace it. he wants to show the world, look at this guy here, number 13 in denver. he can make plays, and make all the throws. >> manning had to pass against some of the best back then. but the quarterback starting against siemian are rookies. >> i'm not going to look at them like they're rookies. i'm going to try to make as many plays as i can.
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and have help underneath. we're just going to go do what we can do. >> reporter: emmanuel sanders, and demaryius thomas have to be extra careful tonight, not to land on their wallets. now the highest paid in the nfl. >> they are. green bay is a distant second. but emmanuel sanders, he had a deadline of 5:00 p.m. tuesday to take the broncos he didn't quite like the guarantee. then the next day, you get closer to kickoff. 26 hours closer to kickoff, and there's a signing bonus north of 10 million, you start going, you start looking at that right before you're going to play an nfl preseason game. are you going to walk away from that? go through a 16 game regular
4:26 pm
number 2 receiver in the nfl. >> the other part is, he knows who his quarterback is. we don't know what trevor siemian can present. most expect a lot less passes going to him and dt. i am protecting that sanders leads dt in receptionses this season. >> i'm a little surprised that they did this, because this isn't peyton manning's offense anymore, where they're throwing it up 40 times a game. it is mo a little heavier on the run. and to have the two highest paid receivers, they're going to average $25 million a year in two receivers. and they're going to run the ball. if i put $25 million into receivers. i'd be chucking it up all over the yard. >> the other thing about sanders' new contract, is i believe he should share it with his cohosts on the broncos huddle. hopefully e will be taking me out to dinner at some point.
4:27 pm
here inside the stadium to explain why each of the 16 games is not created equal. tonight counts more. we'll see you then. okay. yes it does. we know everybody is excited. i think this show is about to begin, danielle. but before then, the people want weather. are you going to bring that to them in just a minute? >> yeah, we've got a hot evening. but wait until cooloff coming too. all of that and more after
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so welcome back. two famous, well known denver broncos are on stage right now before the big concert. rick upchurch.
4:31 pm
season. >> kicking it off. this has been fantastic, and the people that have come out, i applaud you. because it is h-o-t. and people have their shades, share sunscreens, and water, and handling this like champs. because that's what the denver brocks are. we're getting pumped up for dirks bentley to come out on stage. first, we'll get you through that weather forecast. right now at the broncos stadium, they're getting al getting pumped up for this big game kickoff right around 6:30. we'll take a look at those temperatures across the state. it has been a hot one near and far. we've been watching the temperatures flirting in the 90s for the far eastern plains. 70s, low 80s for the mountains. and you can see on our radar, and satellite composite. the rain is staying well away from colorado. around here, maybe a couple of high level clouds in the
4:32 pm
downtown denver. i'll show you the future cast. if you are heading downtown with the next hour or two. 6:00p.m., we're looking fine. by 11:00, a-okay tonight. mostly clear skies,s as we go into the overnight period. then 8:00 tomorrow morning, once again we wake up with some sunshine. the thing about tomorrow is, it will be much cooler. still dry, but also kind of windy too. so we won't be watching too much moisture moving into the to be on this little cooloff that comes courtesy of a cold front. upper 40s in greeley. 60s for southeastern colorado. here in the city, as far as tonight goes, we'll be looking at mostly clear skies. light winds out of the west about 5 to 10 miles per hour. but that all changes tomorrow afternoon. once this cold front pushes through. i'll show you that national future cast. you can get a good idea of
4:33 pm
northwest, moving into the inner mountain west. that slides through the state early tomorrow, passing through the afternoon, that's going to drop down our temperatures dramatically. cool, and the winds, that's the only real problematic thing we're dealing with. as far as the wind gusts forecast goes, they'll be breezy. then late tonight, they'll be quiet. quiet and calm. as we fast forward in time just a bit more, you'll no here in the city by tomorrow afternoon. we could see wind gusts easily between 20 and 25 miles per hour. tomorrow as far as the temperatures go, yeah, we're taking it down. how about a good 15 degrees. we're going to be at 75 in the city. the winds now coming at us out of the northeast. 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will be a fairly breezy afternoon. across the state, high temperatures looking good for the metro area. we stay in the mid-to upper 70s
4:34 pm
southeastern colorado. and the high country actually has been spoiled with these above average temperatures. you guys finally will be cooling off into the 60s. might be a nice break for you guys. for the front range, your high temperatures in the 60sment grand lake, meterland, blackhawk. we stay in the 70s. mid- to upper 70s in northern colorado as well. a quick check on that nine day forecast is going to be showing that we have some 80s in store for the weekend. it's going to be a hot then things start to change by the beginning of next week. temps cooling off into the upper 60s, low 70s. also a chance of rain around here. so a little taste of everything, as we like to say. but all i can say today, it's all about the heat. all about the broncos. all about the fans and this amazing experience that we're kicking off today. >> we kind of hope maybe the carolina panthers are sitting
4:35 pm
it's mile high. it's hot. i don't think we're going to play well tonight. we know they're about to introduce dirks bentley. he sings that song, i love somewhere on a beach. >> a cold cocktail with an umbrella in it, kim. >> well, we can dream. but as we said, we're talking about some of the broncos. they're talking to the crowd everyone here, just super excited. we can't wait to bring you some of the concert coming up. >> it's going to be loud. it's going to be awesome, and i think we might have a surprise from the governor too coming up. >> he's about to come on stage, and i hear it's not typical. and i guess sky9 is flying over this area now. there they are. hi guys. the crowds they have been here all day today, and yesterday as
4:36 pm
former broncos, and they're just here to celebrate. >> last season was incredible. we're just hoping for a big repeat this time around. >> okay, we'll take a break. we're going to have a lot more
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z23eoz zvpz
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two hours and one minute now until kickoff of the 57th season in denver broncos history. drew soicher, rod mackey, mike cliffs and chad brown joins us each of the 16 games counts the same in the standings, but it always seems like the first one counts more, doesn't it? >> we always hear players talking about it, and coaches too. it's a marathon. not a sprint. but this is the game you spend the most time preparing for. so for this particular game, you want to show that yes, the broncos are still the better of these two teams. >> i think the big thing with
4:40 pm
quarterback here. it was peyton manning for four years, and that was an electric four years. now trevor siemian, an unknown who is also going to be the transition to paxton lynch. >> this needs to get off to a good start, you're saying. >> there's going to be a lot of judgment passed on this one game. >> i understand the momentum. when you look at it, truth be told, it's not as important as other games. a, it's not in the it's not a divisional afc game. truth be told, it's not as big as the other games. >> oh, stop ruining all the fun. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton insists this is not a super bowl rematch, and it's pretty easy to understand why. >> as we're getting set for super bowl l. >> we're flying all day.
4:41 pm
>> super bowl l is underway. the opening drive of the game. so the broncos on the board first. >> so a good start for the broncos. pressure here, about a 4 man rush. newton in the pocket. he's hit, and sacked inside the 5, the ball is free! denver's got it, touchdown denver! >> what a start. this is the first time the carolina panthers have been behind this postseason. >> a >> the panthers quit on the play. >> here we go, norwood down the sideline, 25, 20. >> and mcmannis pounds it through the upright. >> down it goes. >> it is no good. >> mcmannis continues to be perfect. they just expect that defense to go out and get the job done.
4:42 pm
ward. >> it is good. >> once again, the denver defense is going to be on the field with the game on the line. >> i think denver's got it! ball still is free. t.j. ward's got the ball. >> second effort, into the goal line, touchdown denver! >> denver broncos are world champions. they have just won super bowl l. >> tonight's game, obviously will not define the entire season. teams get better, teams get worse over the course of 4 or 5 months. however, what's the one thing you think we will walk away from tonight's game learning for sure about the broncos tonight? >> i don't think there's anything we'll know for sure. >> then forget you. >> but with that, there's
4:43 pm
get a good indication of what the defense is going to be like. i know everyone wants to talk about the quarterback. but the defense has been talking about all along, they believe they can be better than last season, they they don't think they'll need to be. let's see if that's actually the case. not only were they great last year, they were big at opportune times. >> i will go with rob. asterisk for sure. but we'll see if correct by not paying brock $17 million per year. >> that's good. >> i think the one guy who is probably playing for his job tonight is riley dixon, the punter. he's the rookie. britton colquitt was cut. no, if, and, buts about it. for money reason. and riley dixon in his first test in that preseason game, it was just one week ago today, hard to believe they were in arizona, and riley dixon did not have a big game.
4:44 pm
and ted ginn is on the other side for carolina, that might be one thing they will address. >> here's something we will know for sure exiting the building tonight. nobody covers the broncos like 9news does. >> that's right. >> no, nobody does it like 9news drew. dirks bentley hit the stage. he is tearing it up here. and we have a lot more to come. i'll really hoping he plays what was i thinking, because i'm thinking maybe governor hicken i right now. we have a few from sky9. he's planning quite an entrance here. what was i thinking? >> yeah, and we're going to talk about that bus that rolled into town. it's kind of special. it came to town too.
4:45 pm
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4:48 pm
our cowboy hats. but it's a great show we've got going on. >> we need our boots and maybe something cold and we'd be set. >> that would be just perfect. a lot of people are here. celebrating, dancing and getting ready for the game. >> and everybody is decked out in their orange and blue. i've got to complements on her neon dress, and this is my lucky dress. >> you wore it last year when they won. >> people so excited about football, but people are fascinated by sunday night football. i mean, that is the night america gets together. reporter dan grossman got onboard the sunday night football bus when it came to town. >> from mile high stadium to
4:49 pm
ton of activities. we've got our domestic relay activities. few things are drawing as much attention as the sunday night football bus. >> reporter: how does one make a story about a bus? >> a lot of miles. a lot of hours. >> reporter: interesting. >> do you guys ever get sick of each other? >> we know how to if we do. >> reporter: as does having most diehard of opposing fans seem dear. okay, maybe not. >> go broncos! >> reporter: that's better. what really makes this bus pop, as it is with most things. >> welcome to the sunday night football bus. >> reporter: is what's on the inside. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: want to be a broadcaster? go for it. >> take a selfie with the players behind you.
4:50 pm
travel 32,000 miles with the same people? just ask adam at the end of the season. >> never had i ever imagined i'm going to be on the snf bus seeing the fans and all of this. it's completely surreal. >> reporter: adam is the newcomer. >> come join us to the nfl kickoff village in denver, colorado. >> reporter: controlling the bus's ever presence, as it crisscrosses across america. this year the bus will log 17 cities and more than 24,000 miles. >> they're excited. being able to witness that. it goes along way. >> reporter: bringing smiles to the faces of those who witness it. >> anything that will keep you up. >> reporter: and lots of music to those in charge of driving. >> i think at the end of the season, we kind of thirst for more. we never want the season to end. >> reporter: one of the biggest
4:51 pm
von miller won that last year. an this year, they've got a brand new ball. a lot of broncos fans are hoping he's going to be the one to sign it at the end of the game. >> that was a good view of the bus. and wow, things are rocking. he is promising somewhere on the beach. you know what? governor hickenlooper is going to do this. >> he's pulling out all kinds of tricks from his back pocket. repelling down the building? what is this? >> i guess he's inspired, broncos can do it, so can the governor. >> full of talent. i love it, i love it. >> we're just getting cooking. we're going to be right back. >> and don't forget, everything starts at 5:30. you guys don't move. don't leave you're chair. the coverage starts at 5:30. at 6:00, we get right over to mile high. 6:20, something special in the
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afternoon, and jake is a laboratory retriever hound mix. and he's been waitinger for a home since august 11 of this year. the cool thing about jake is he's 10 years old, so he's a little bit older than most people would expect to adopt. but don't let that fool you, he still has plenty of energy. he might not be the best dog to take in for a teener. let's get your pretty face on camera. jake is 10 years old. you can get him at the longmont humane society. i promise you, very sweet dog here. a lot of energy, do not let the age fool you. he is 10 years old, but he loves people, and the cool thing is, he works with cats, correctly? if they're in the home as well, cats are a plus. so absolutely. incredible leash manners as
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with cats. jake needs a home. kim, we have a cute dog here in jake, and hopefully someone comes and gets him. we're just out here dancing right now, jonathan. i'm telling you, we are enjoying it. dirks bentley tearing it up. >> this is just the precursor to a fantastic game, that's coming up. what are we? t minus, hour and a half? >> yeah, i can't believe it, colorado's one republic is coming up for this crowd in just a bit. it's a way to kick off a football season. >> it has been simply incredible. we do have to give a shout out to all of the city workers that have been out here. i mean, trucks upon trucks of bottled water, the secure is doing awesome. they have really kept us all hydrated, and having an awesome time. >> you know what, our city does it right, and we thank all the security, the police officers,
4:57 pm
happy. we're celebrating. sports brings everybody together, and we just love it. in fact, dirks bentley is talking about one republic coming up. he's talking about red rocks coming up. >> it's going to be incredible. pumping up the crowd like nothing else. it's been an incredible experience, and we just can't wait for one republic to get in gear, get in action, and get the party started. >> you know, so much more is coming we hope you stay of course, with the broncos station, 9news. everything's coming up at 5:00,
4:58 pm
next on 9news at 5:00, less than two hours before kickoff. a live report from mile high, as the broncos start the regular season against the carolina panthers. the party off the field has been going on all day. also ahead, telling the
4:59 pm
officers to ensure they're not forgotten. his story includes something his wife did to try and help. next from 9news. ? [ music ] ? we're 90 minutes away from the broncos home opener. 7 months ago, the broncos and carolina panthers met for super bowl l, and tonight, they meet again football season. >> fans are already showing up for tonight's game. today's game will be the first time the previous super bowl teams have met for the first game of the following season since 1970. >> so we know this is not a rematch, because the broncos are totally different. >> reporter: broncos have the best home opening record of all-
5:00 pm
28 of their last 32. joined now by mike cliffs. how do you explain the broncos opening night dominance, other than the obvious, usually they have the better players. >> yeah, and let's not forget since pat bowlen, he goes back 32 years, exactly your streak there. they've only had 5 losing seasons. that's the best in the nfl. >> reporter: so there's your answer. have a good owner. >> that's number 1. but number 2, i think this is a place for a visiter to start a season. and that you have altitude here. you're conditioned, like the carolina panthers, one reason i think the broncos have a great chance tonight. the carolina panthers starters played one quarter and now they have to play four quarters in altitude. one thing i'm expecting


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