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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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28 of their last 32. joined now by mike cliffs. how do you explain the broncos opening night dominance, other than the obvious, usually they have the better players. >> yeah, and let's not forget since pat bowlen, he goes back 32 years, exactly your streak there. they've only had 5 losing seasons. that's the best in the nfl. >> reporter: so there's your answer. have a good owner. >> that's number 1. but number 2, i think this is a place for a visiter to start a season. and that you have altitude here. you're conditioned, like the carolina panthers, one reason i think the broncos have a great chance tonight. the carolina panthers starters played one quarter and now they have to play four quarters in altitude. one thing i'm expecting
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their way in the 1st half, to hang in there for the 2nd half. >> reporter: you had a chance to sit down and talk with demarcus ware. >> he has conditioned. i'm not sure we appreciate demarcus ware. do you realize, he is just 7 sacks away from moving into 5th place on the all-time list? a good year from demarcus ware, and he will be a hall of famer. >> captain ware, right? >> yes, sir. >> i know it's not something you lobby for. a no brainer to me, but something that you didn't take for granted, especially, since you didn't get a whole lot of time on the field this off- season. >> you never take something for granted. it's coming from your peers. when you're out there on the field together, and they always say the blood, sweat, and tearses. the guy beside you.
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guy so much, physically, i couldn't do it this off-season, but mentally, i was in the classroom, doing their techniques, teaching them a lot of things from the films, and that i would see. now, low and behold, that shows that you have a lot of rapport with a lot of guys. >> a lot of talk that you're back. but seeing you out there, you don't have a back injury. >> you know what? not at all. i feel really good. i'm glad this off-season, to rehabilitate myself. getting my core stronger and my back. to be honest with you, i feel better than i did at the end of the season. i had a lot of back pain, but now i feel rejuvenated. i feel like i hit the fountain of youth a little bit, and i'm practicing really well. >> coach kubiak said they're going to put you on a play
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year, and then the game got tight, and said demarcus, get back out there. we look up at the end, and the sheet, and you played 55. >> you know the thing is, i look at it is, let's say i am on a play count, i take every play, like it's my last play. you're thinking, i'm not going to have 50, or 60 plays. every play has to be a home run. i don't care. that's the way i feel. and i just look at it that y. count, if there's not a pitch count, i just know during the week i have to rehabilitate myself a little more to get ready for next week. for me, i hadn't put the pads on, and i'm excited to put the pads on, and bring the hammer down. >> reporter: mike, there's no way the panthers make that same stupid mistake as they did in the super bowl, and let von miller run crazy. they'll probably double team
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>> also shane ray. they're trying to keep demarcus ware on a pitch count tonight. maybe only 30 plays. they were supposed to do that last year. the game got close, and he wound up playing 65 plays. but shane ray, and jack barrett should also mix in some pressures today, and demarcus ware. should be good for them. >> trevor siemian replaces peyton manning. when we come ck to the stadium, we talk to the quarterback who replaced the last broncos legend. sounds good, we'll see you in a bit. >> kathy, weather is looking pretty good for the game. a little toasty. >> oh, my gosh adel, if this isn't a winning forecast, i don't know what is. mother nature cutting us some slack. we've got fair skies over the city. beautiful conditions, and they are getting ready at the field.
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winds are light. temperatures are warm. close to 90 in the city. it's pretty dry out there. humidity running around 9%. winds shuted not be a factor, all the heavy weather is south and east of the city and it will stay there for now, but i'm tracking a cold front, and cool front will change the weather picture tomorrow. fair skies, 82 degrees at 6:00. 75 by 7:30, and temperatures this evening. a whole lot cooler for some areas tomorrow, but what about rain or mountain snow? we'll talk about that and outline the weekend forecast, but for now, it is just perfect in the 9 backyard, and in downtown denver. >> it is nice. arvada police are looking for the man you see in this video. officers were called to a home on west 87th avenue. the homeowner had reported he had video of a stranger looking
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old daughter. the suspect description is vague. the middle aged white man who is balding. they say he was wearing dark rimmed plastic glasses. anyone with information is asked to call denver crimestoppers. the man accused for a stabbing in a popular restaurant is now being held for assault. they identified the suspect as 46-year-old anthony ealy. police say he avenue on tuesday afternoon, stabbed a man in the throat. dpd says the victim suffered serious injuries. that victim has not been identified yet. meade street station will open tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. libertarian presidential candidate, gary johnson was the candidate making headlines this morning, and not in a positive
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>> what would you do if you were elected about alepo. >> about alepo. >> and what is alepo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> after the former new mexico governor gathered himself, he did say he thinks the situation in syria is a mess. he later said he blanked when he was asked about syria's largest city. johnson is trying to reach 15% in which is what he needs to make the debate on september 26. september 1, nearly 14,000 larimer county residents have a concealed weapons permit. that's about 1 out of every 23 people in the county. the permits last for five yearses, and can be issued to colorado residents who are legally able to own a gun, pass a background check, take a hand gun training course, and not be a threat to themselves or
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>> the reality, a citizen has no less authority, or a right to dead themselves than i do as a police officer. >> last year, the larimer county sheriff's office, revoked 22 permit holders. a denver police officer killed in the line of duty received a special recognition. it's part of his mission to r to protect and serve. >> reporter: at the corner of 41st in teholm, one of denver's finest finally received his due. >> the reminder to the citizens of denver of sacrifices that
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year. >> reporter: detective darrell sewer are was protecting his family. >> he placed the muzzle of a gun against the woman's head. sewer responded immediately. >> reporter: after a confrontation with the other robbers, sewer was shot in the chest. his wife poured hot coffee on the men. >> strikes closer to the heart of all of us. >> reporter: to help no of other officers who have given their lives in the line of duty, the denver police museum will be placing signs like this across the city. a memorial to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> it's also an opportunity to make sure that the men and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty are remembered, and they're families, that they know we still appreciate their sacrifice. >> reporter: sewer's wife hoped
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night. she says having him remembered like this is more than she could have imagined, but everything her husband deserved. >> it's an honor. he wouldn't even believe this is happening. >> reporter: in denver, nick mcgil, 9news. >> the denver police museum will unveil three new memorials. the goal is to eventually have a memorial for each denver police officer killed in the line of duty. for some fans, the game is the culmination of an all broncos day. we go to civic >> also, what exactly goes into the prep for a broncos game.
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the nfl's been telling fans with tickets to be in their seats by 6:00. because there's a lot more hoopla with this game. coverage does start at 5:30 here on channel 9. kickoff is set for 6:40. much of the coverage will be what's happening in civic center park. kickoff village, where the party has been underway for several hours already. >> does it really count as being in here, unless you get a picture of it? >> reporter: a lot going on. they've got games that people are being able to hang out with. they're tossing footballs. even doing a pump pass. the biggest event is the concert going on. it is dierks bentley, and one
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park hill. we've been talking to fans waiting all afternoon just to get a front row seat. >> i'm a fan of the artists but just to be able in be in the front row, super bowl rematch, something you don't want to miss. >> reporter: there is a caveat, they're not joining the broncos game here in civic center park. all of these fans that have waited all of this time are going to have to test their 40- yard dash skills to get to 6:30. after the game, we will go to the locker room for live interviews and reaction to the game. we talked to seth medvin this week. gave us the low down on some facts. outside of the team, there are over 3,000 staff members that contribute to making a great
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locker room play list, visit >> i don't know if i wanted to know that first fact or not. >> 300 toilet paper rolls. it is going to be a beautiful evening. dry, and temperatures in the 80s at kickoff. that summer weather is not going to be with us forever. >> kathy is tracking a storm
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i don't know if you could ask for anything more. a picture perfect summer day, and such a big day for colorado, as we watch our super bowl champions take the field in just the next couple of hours. i'm kathy saban in the backyard, an unusually quiet summer day. hard-pressed to find a clou our guys taking the field. temperatures currently near 90, we'll be about 82 when they take the field at 6:00. hopefully that bodes well for them tonight. in the high country, signs of fall. a lot of people asking about the season's first snowfall typically in october. our first snow as late as november 21. right now, no signs of snow in the forecast, but cooler weather coming, after highs
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calm winds in the backyard outside the studios with 87 degrees downtown. not a lot to show you on the radar for a change. there's some tropical moisture, moving to the south and east of us, that's where all the flood advisories are in effect right now. notice how limited the moisture is, all the heavy weather is off to the east of us in the form of heavy rain, hail, and wind. the severe weather threat will follow that we have a sunny, but tomorrow. 60s to the north. mid-70s in the city. hot to the south, and across the desert southwest, and southeast, temperatures will soar into the 90s. fair skies, light winds, statewide. how amazing is this? but notice that fog creeping in a bit? it doesn't make it into denver. but with that wind shift, you will notice the temperature cool down. and there will be cloudses late in the day.
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be warmest in southeastern colorado. take much of the day for that front to push south. these are fall like temperatures on the map. those of you headed to areas like blackhawk and nederland, a beautiful day, but might need jackets in the evening. tomorrow, sunshine, a cooler day. winds shiftk, erratic at times and calming down in the afternoon. temperatures 15 degrees cooler than today. city forecast will carry us through the upcoming weekend, with a warming to the high country, and rain to the plains monday an tuesday. highs in the 60s, with some beneficial moisture for our region. fall-like temperatures as we move through the middle of the next week. speaking of fall, beautiful summer like scenes, but the leaves are starting to change.
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tech and stockingses pulled the markets down slightly today. the dow lost 46 points. the s & p was down almost 5,
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hi everybody, one hour and 17 minutes now until kickoff for the 57th football season in denver broncos history. quarterback trevor about to make his nfl debut in a super bowl rematch. confident people get nervous too, don't they chad? >> i think football players should be nervous. if you don't have the butterflies before the game, that means you're not prepared to play. for trevor siemian, as much of a calm front he's trying to show. a lot of pressure to replace peyton manning. the opening game of the season.
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him extremely nervous. hopefully he can calm down after the first series. >> these aren't butterflies, he's got pterodactyls in there. >> sometimes you wonder if he has a pulse. kind of leans toward, shall i say boring? but you're right, this is a different deal. there's another deck here or two, than there was when he played at northwestern. i think the big thing for him, is will he be able to recognize this tampa 2 to pick up the corneller backs. that's just something he hasn't seen leave before. >> you do remember on sunday, when he met the media pregame, he did emphasize, i do have a pulse. so people were worried about that, but yeah, siemian says he certainly does. trevor siemian being named the starting bronco quarterback is one of, if not the best stories in the nfl this season. but it's also a story that's been told before, nearly 20
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another broncos hall of famer. he was one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the nfl, retiring on top, after leading the broncos to a super bowl championship. following a legend is never easy. just ask brian griese. he had to fill john elway's shoes before trevor siemian is set to replace peyton manning. >> i can rely that to trevor, but for e, that the expectation is not to be john elway. the expectation is not to be peyton manning. he just needs to play his game. >> reporter: and according to greasy, it's not the player, but the team who may make this difficult. >> what's hard is the external pressure. what's hard is following up a super bowl season and the expectation that if you go 10- 6, or 9-7, and squeak into the
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when reality, a lot of, all 32 teams would love to be in the playoffs. so that expectation, and the standard that gary, and john are setting, currently is what's difficult to match. not trying not to play to be peyton manning. gries was 4-9, his first aaron rodgers 6-10, following brett favre, then terrific the next year. siemian doesn't get to next year. >> i agree. peyton manning wasn't anywhere near peyton manning last year. i don't think this is this big shadow cast on siemian like
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so far, the only criticism of siemian so far is he tends to be a little on the conservative side. >> all of those guys you just listed. they knew they were the guy. we talk about the pressure, replacing peyton manning, opening night of the season, playing the super bowl owe opponent they played last year, but you also have paxton lynch behind you. as soon as you make a mistake, all of these people in the stands are going to be saying let's get the backup in. >> griese had won if siemian can win the championship here, he will have bragging rights here on out. >> it's going to be fascinating no matter what happens. the broncos and carolina panthers in a super bowl rematch. the nbc pregame show begins in a few minutes, then kickoff at 9:30. we'll see you guys later on 9news. >> 9news. >> that's the one. >> practicing that one too.
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in a bit. >> fantastic. thursday night football. >> we've had the games on channel 20. that's right, where is it going to be? but 9news. >> this one is on 9news no doubt. >> coverage begins. >> our super bowl champions are taking the field. >> coordinating here.
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>> announcer: nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. >> al: tonight in denver, a new banner will be unveiled in congressmaneration of the broncos' super bowl win but there is a sense of uncertainty as the season begins against the carolina panthers in a rematch of super bowl 50. cam newton's frustration after carolina's super bowl loss was well documented, and tonight he


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