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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 8, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MDT

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but the things they thought about trevor siemian, he was poised and accurate and athletic. they saw that in the game. the game is not too big for him. you saw how excited c.j. anderson was. now they know what they have got. >> the thing that really impressed me was his athletic ability. getting outside the pocket, remaining calm under pressure and delivering the ball. >> even though it is only one game, your mind has been changed about trevor siemian, at least to some extent. >>l, game. this is kind of a playoff atmosphere, kind of similar to the super bowl. it is just a notch under that. this is a big time game with a lot of pressure. he has never even thrown a nfl football pass. >> the moment wasn't too big for him. >> no, it wasn't. okay. the broncos open it 1-0 with a one-point win over the panthers. al and cris back with their
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? oh sunday night ? ? stomp your feet and start clapping ? ? nbc sunday night about to happen ? ? oh sunday night ? >> al: oh, yeah. carrie underwood letting us know the 11th season of nbc "sunday night football" commences in 72 hours or less with the arizona cardinals, a team a lot of people think will make it to the super bowl against new england, always considered a super bowl team. and the main story on sunday night, jimmy garoppolo with tom brady out if for four games. the suspension. garoppolo makes the start. >> cris: yeah. much like what we have seen here tonight, you know, trevor siemian came in. he got the job done for his football team. now it is up to garoppolo. four games is a long time. that is a month of the season. he needs to have an impact.
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>> cris: who knows, he has been dealing with a hamstring injury. >> al: off to the desert. riding our camels down there now. see you on sunday night. the final score here, 21-20 in the opener of the 2016 national football league season. jimmy fallon and the tonight show coming up. on the west coast your local news. al michaels, cris collinsworth and michele tafoya in denver saying good night and we will
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>> this is 9news. >> last time we beat the panthers we got a trophy and a parade. this time, we will have to settle for an 1-0 record. we sang, danced, and piled into mile high and across couches in colorado to go to work torrell davis and john elway bring out the trophies and peyton manning was there. as for the game itself, the broncos were steady. in the fourth, they got serious, put up 14 unanswered points. they made it a ball game. broncos coming within one point. defense came alive. a hard hit on cam newton.
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goal and the broncos win 21-20. broncos had been nearly unbeatable in their home openers. it is a good omen. drew soicher and chad brown join us from the field. guys? >> reporter: hey guys. seven months and one day later, same result. much closer this time. that was a super bowl back in february, tonight was the semibowl. what were your impressions of trevor siemian? >> i think evy concerned about would this first game too much for trevor siemian. the stage was not too big. we saw things we saw in the preseason. he has some learning to do. it was a fantastic performance by him. >> reporter: let's go to the locker room where rod mackey is standing by with trevor siemian. >> reporter: how cool is this? i mean everyone coming up to you, congratulations. win number one.
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gets. >> really cool. what a team win. you know. it is really a special group. i have said that. from the moment i got here. it is just cool to be a part of it. but an awesome win. >> reporter: take me through the emotions because this game was certainly a roller coaster ride. >> it was. and we knew it was going to be a good game. a close game. come down to the wire. sure enough, look at us. so, just really proud to be a part of this group. and an awesome team win. >> reporter: there is so much preaching of don't turn the ball over. you turned it over three times and still won game. >> right. it shows us how much better we can be. we have to clean up the mistakes. and again, just an awesome win. >> reporter: monster touchdown to c.j. there. and you watched the defense make a valiant stand and a field goal. good timing by the time-out on kubiak huh? >> it was. it was. you know, in those situations you always kind of feel helpless, but everything happens for a reason. just really happy to get the win. >> reporter: i know you dreamed about this a long time.
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>> better than the dream. better than the dream itself. >> reporter: thanks trevor. back to you guys. >> reporter: all right chad, so, if you are trevor siemian's teammate, what are you thinking after tonight's game? this is our guy or you are not sure yet? >> reporter: i think this is the guy. i know paxton lynch is the draft choice, but for now, this the trevor siemian's job. the stage was not too big. he led the offense. his calm manner i think fits with this team. these guys ar they win so many games, he fits right in with the mind set. >> reporter: t.j. ward is meeting with reporters now. let's listen in. >> guys running off the field, not talking. it is all about communications. if you communicate the problems don't happen. [ unintelligible ] >> now that it is over, what are your thoughts on the game this season? >> reporter: maybe not.
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when you are a professional athlete, chad. so, everyone is celebrating, spectacular evening here in denver, they are headed to the parking lot with smiles on their faces. all these people who came to the game tonight. had the broncos not called time out before that 50-yard field goal, the icing worked. he tries it again. and hooks it left. what's the element of luck like in football and do you even care about that when you win a game? >> reporter: they don' it counts just the same. luck played a role. >> reporter: so many questions coming into the game. everybody wants to know if the defense will be as good. if the quarterback will work out. what are you walking out of here thinking about the 2016 broncos? >> reporter: if they lose games it won't be because trevor siemian can't stand up in the moment. this broncos defense which was huge last year can still get it done late in the ball game as
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to last year's team. new year, new season, new team, same results. >> reporter: cam newton has to hate these guys. >> reporter: i imagine he absolutely does. he didn't get a chance to do any dances. >> reporter: what were your impressions of the broncos pressure they put on him? >> reporter: i think the panthers did a good job. double teaming von involvement von miller to beat th it is still von miller. he still wins most of the battles. >> reporter: every one of these games counts is same in the standings right? its always feels like the first game counts morement especially when you win it in an environment like this. doesn't it mean more than just any other win during the season? >> reporter: it still counts as one, but proa confidence standpoint, the broncos are coming off a super bowl win. there's always talks about super bowl hangover.
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despite von miller doing everything he did in the off season, he is still von miller on the field. demarcus ware, he plays better in the spots on the field. >> reporter: broncos have won four consecutive home openers. get this. 29 of their last 33. the best record for home openers in the national football league history. is there any way to explain that? why could a team be so dominant to open a season? >> reporter: i'm going ilehigh that's it. that's it. >> reporter: all right, let's go in the locker room and listen to brandon marshall who is standing by with rod mackey. you know what he is going to ask about. go ahead. >> i prayed about it long and hard. and i feel like it was the right thing to do. i discussed it with my family. they stood behind me. whatever i want to do, they stood behind me. that's what i did. >> reporter: you played college ball with colin. did that have anything to do with that?
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brother. my ex-teammate. i believe in what he is trying to do. i believe in his actions. so, you know, i definitely want to standby him. but at the same time, i didn't want to just do it as far as i will take a knee. but i will also donate, you know, to programs for veterans and you know, different things like that. ly donate an u.n. disclosed amount. i will be active in this. >> reporter: you took the knee, you knew you were going to get a lot of attention for it. is that what you thought about? are you ready for this? >> absolutely. i'm ready it i knew the territory and i decided to do it. some people decide not to, but i did it. i haven't talked to colin. i'm sure i will soon. >> will yo continue to do it going forward? >> absolutely. i didn't really talk to anybody. the only person i told i was going to do it was virgil green. you know, he just told me, you know, look man. just be ready for everything that comes at you. i briefly looked at my phone and i already see a lot of hate
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exactly what we are talking about. you know what i mean? and like i said, i'm not against the military. i have family uncles that serve. they are vets. you know what i'm saying? but at the same time, it is hard for vets in this country as well. you know what i mean? >> what message is it you wanted to get out there? >> oh, i mean, well, the message is that i'm against social injustice. i'm not against the military, the police, i'm against social injustice and i feel like this was the right thing to do. this is the right platform. this is our only platform to really be heard. and i feel like a lot of times people want us to just, you know, shut up and entertain them. you know, shut up and play football. but we have voices as well. we are actually educated individuals, you know, that went to college. so, when we have an opinion and we speak it, i feel like a lot of people bash us for what we
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>> oh absolutely. it was definitely tough. i thought about it all the way up until the lady was about to start singing. but at the end of the day, i'm happy with my decision. i prayed about it and i feel like god led me to do this.
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>> reporter: back now at the victory by the broncos over the carolina panthers on opening night. chad, we just heard from broncos linebacker brandon marshall about taking a knee during the national anthem. i couldn't quite understand the point he was trying to make other than mentioning social injustice. do you understand why he did it and do you understand? >> reporter: you know, i'm all for his right to do that. >> reporter: me too. >> but i didn't think it was the right time for him to talk about it. talk about the game.
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now it will be about him. this is about bringing light to social injustice, but i thought he would be much better served to take some time tomorrow to talk about this. tonight, let's celebrate this win. that way, he would have a chance to think his thoughts through and be more clear with his message. >> reporter: we are hear the 49ers are distracted. not sure if that is true or not. will the broncos have to be distracted? >> reporter: they will certainly have to answer questions about it distraction re mains on how well they play. it should be about their win. >> reporter: how does taking a knee during the national anthem stand up to social injustice. >> reporter: well, it has all of us talking about it. all of america talking about it. that's the point of it all. him taking a knee doesn't really change anything where social justice is occurring but it brings the topic up. >> reporter: okay, back to the locker room. chris harris. >> reporter: okay, thanks. wow.
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looked like the game was over. and they called flag at you. twitter blew up at that. >> that was crazy man. but it's the league, you have to fight through obstacles. fight through adversity. we are used to being backs to the wall like that. around, that's the way we like to win. >> reporter: you gave up a rare touchdown early on, but you more than made up for it with an interception turning this game back in denver's favor. >> that's what it takes man. you know that if i get beat, i will keep fighting never going to be scared. the competition, and i think that is really why i made that play. >> reporter: you guys have said you don't need to be better because the offense is going to be better this year. but, you were better when it mattered the most weren't you? >> yeah man, we had to be better man. that first half was not us. that wasn't us at all. around, we just knew that if we come out and play the second half for the rest of the year, eliminate the turnovers and the bunts we had in coverage, we would be great.
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>> reporter: i would agree with him. first half, didn't look like the broncos. at least the broncos we got used to last year. second half looked exactly like him. played the defense, the way they did. they got the breaks that they did all of last year. this is the kind of thing i would imagine if i'm a player that would make you feel like here we go. >> reporter: they have every right to be confident. they are such a mentally tough bunch in the locker room. they feel as if they can find a way to win. and chris was just talking about it. football, tough defense, turnover, free offense, playing a lot of confidence, they will find ways to win every week. >> reporter: i would imagine, had the field goal gone through the uprights, we would hear the broncos saying oh, it was just one game. but when you win it, it is more than one game. >> reporter: it is funny how one game can turn around the narrative. >> reporter: demarcus ware had more than one play.
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conference. >> marcus, apparently, you don't need the preseason. you were a wrecking ball without playing any games! [ laughter ] >> i feel, you know, that this preseason, and, otas , all that stuff helped me to rehabilitate myself. get my body going full. >> reporter: we saw what kind of an athlete cam is. you and von at the end, you guys got to it when it mattered the most. >> that is what it sort of boils down to. we got the plays and we didn't play perfect game. but we were able to get a win in the win column. we can go back tomorrow feeling good about the win. but you know, there are some things that we need to work on. to get better and we know what type of team we had. >> reporter: and you guys gave up the touchdown early. this is a great carolina team and you still found a way to win a football. >> reporter: the game is all about turnovers. we got the turnovers in the key situations. you know, especially like, when
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that was a big turn for us. and, when i got that sack, and everybody else started getting pressure, those big plays in the game motivate the guys to make those plays. sometimes that is what it takes. >> reporter: 9news returns right after this. ? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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>> dirks bentley will be back playing red rocks in a few weeks but those shows are sold out and they want american money for you to attend. center park today. it was free. first come, first serve. the fans were out there soaking up the sun for hours before he and one republic hit the stage. the concerts took place before they were shown on television ahead of the games so fans could get off mayor hancock's lawn and get in front of a television to see the game. 9news reporter dan grossman went along with the crowd. >> reporter: if you can't tell by now, the broncos just squeaked by with the win. 21-20.
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but for a lot of the folks here, they were just glad to be here. after all their craziness downtown, just getting here was a whole event within itself. >> i'm not really sure where we are. let's walk that way. >> reporter: it is 5:28. >> yeah, i guess so. >> reporter: and it is mike and courtney's first time in denver. trying to find their way to a stadium they have only seen on tv. >> 1400 cherokee. >> reporter: they are here from dc. >> he is going to turn. >> reporter: now it is 5:42. >> two minutes is at >> pending lights and traffic. >> reporter: finally. >> it was twisted or something. >> reporter: okay, 5. >> reporter: okay, 5:47. at least we have the tickets. courtney, don't scare us like that. 6:00, that is 30 minutes. >> 30 minutes? >> reporter: yeah, only 30. >> i think they walked past us twice now. >> reporter: what if they don't make it? >> there they go. >> reporter: this isn't good,
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view. >> awesome. thanks for the ride. >> reporter: all that is left for the s a walk to the seats and a win. >> i'm excited. >> ready for a win. >> reporter: hopefully. >> hopefully, when this is airing it is after a win. >> reporter: we can happenfully say that hopefully turned into a definitely. broncos started off their season 1-0. proving that last year's super bowl win was definitely not a fluke. reporting from mile high stadium, dan grossman, 9news. >> dan is pumped about that win. governor hickenlooper that was him repelling down glen arm place this afternoon. 384 feet now racing money for the cancer league of colorado. he said as you might have imagined the hardest part was the first step. >> and i didn't look down. i knew darn well. i knew how high the building was. i was looking right at the side. it is just ... it is ... it is so intensely counterintuitive. why would anybody in their right mind do this of their own choice?
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each year. they pledge to raise at least a thousand dollars for the cancer league of colorado. in nine years, they have raised more than $2 million. well wells fargo fires thousands of employees and is fined $185 million for what its workers did to bank customers. a good samaritan is killed after stopping to hit another person hit by a car in a road rage incident near dia. >> a warning to airline passengers to not even turn on one kind of phone as they fly. >> and a spacecraft buil in colorado start as mission to bring back a piece of an asteroid. >> and we will go back out to sports authority for more on the broncos super bowl rematch with carolina. bacon tastes... but wendy's oven-baked bacon tastes... add it to fresh, never-frozen beef and you've got a jr. bacon cheeseburger. a j-b-c with four nuggets, fries and a drink
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>> reporter: welcome back to the broncos locker room. a happy locker room. c.j. c.j., anderson, not one, but two touchdownsful that's the
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i didn't want to do anything outside the system. i think we are a lot better understanding the system. we are just happy to be 1-0 today. >> reporter: a lot of talk will be about the turnovers. each of those was already in carolina territory, you guys were moverring the ball. >> those were good. those are the positives you have to look at. we have to stop turns over the ball. that is something we are going to fix. especially in the red zone or the strike zone. even if we don't get six, get three. if we don't turnover the ball, we can see the offense. >> reporter: what about the confidence the coach has in you on the short forth down, he hands you the football. get it is game winning touchdown. >> reporter: it's huge. probably doesn't make it ease year. >> he will be saying i want it. it is just huge. i mean, our whole line played great up front. it is really tough. i trust them to get me over there. >> reporter: last thing, you


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