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firefighters rescued a 5-year- old girl -- who was trapped inside during a house fire. we have a crew on the way.. it happened near kipling street and morrison road.. firefighters got her out.. she was hiding in a closet.. hospital...along with her father. no word yet on their conditions good morning -- happy friday.. gary, corey and marty here -- joining in on the broncos celebration with
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celebration with you.. marty - the weather at the game was beautiful - will it stay like that all weekend?
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night -- a nail biter for sure... the broncos squeezed out a win -- finally edging out carolina 21 to 20.. the super bowl rematch did not disappoint... broncos quarterback trevor siemian had a good regular season debut...and cam newton was . . well cam netwon. he made sure the broncos had a challenge. afterward -- both q-b's talked about the game.. broncos had their
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the seats -- until the very last second -- literally. the super bowl 50 rematch started with some bad turnovers for the broncos... in the first quarter- the broncos driving... all came to a halt -- as rookie tailback devontae booker fumbles. the panthers recovered... panthers up seven to zero. broncos make their comeback -- scoring in the second quarter.... the panthers failed to capitalize on a turnover -- so broncos fullback andy janovich -- made his first n-f-l carry -- and scored! panthers come back with another touchdown. but- the broncos are persistent.... and the momentum shifted in the fourth quarter... thanks to a big interception from chris harris jr. and two touchdowns from c-j anderson... the broncos took the lead. the whole thing came down to the final seconds- with the panthers looking to recapture the win with a 50 yeard field goal... but it misses to the left. broncos win -- 21
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stage again last night. the broncos say -- they encourage players to stand up during the national anthem -- but if someone doesn't want to -- it's a personal decision that the team will respect. last night-- broncos linebacker brandon marshall took a knee during the star spangled banner. it's part of a protest started by 49-ers quarterback colin kaepernick... both say they're protesting social and racial injustices.. marshall and kaepernick go back to the college days -- they were fraternity brothers and we have a lot more broncos recap for you... later this morning -- 9news sports analyst ron zappolo will stop by.. we'll get his take on the good and bad for the broncos in their season debut. the big pregame show -- the one broncos organizers kept secret for so long -- was a real treat for broncos faithful... just before kickoff -- terrell davis and john elway - brought out the team's first two championship trophies.
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trophy to the one and only peyton manning - to show off world title number three - won at super bowl 50. even if you couldn't go the game -- there was plenty to celebrate at denver's civic center park.. fans sang, danced, enjoyed some great food and played -- at the n-f-l kickoff party before the game.. there were two free concerts -- country singer dierks bentley -- he'll be at red rocks later this month -- and colorado's own one republic. the party cleared the game - the bars - or the couch to cheer on their team. during that fan festival - a group of protesters gathered near the capitol to stand in solidarity with american indian tribes protesting the dakota access pipeline. they say -- construction has damaged and destroyed sacred burial grounds. the pipeline would stretch 11-hundred miles -- from north dakota to illinois -- and go under the missouri river. protestors also
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their water. today -- a federal judge is set to rule on an injunction that could stop that construction. there's no rest for workers at civic center park -- september is a busy month for them.. this weekend -- the park will host a 9-11 memorial concert... right now -- crews are taking down the football gear -- and getting ready for sunday's remembrance event.. the concert will feature legendary rock singer john fogerty, and colorado favorites big head todd and the monsters, this sunday - of course - will be the 15th anniversary two unnecessary deaths -- after a road rage incident in denver killed a driver -- and a good samaritan who tried to help. just under 24 hours ago -- two drivers were involved in a confrontation near d-i-a -- at about 56th and pena. the driver of one car got out - and started pounding on the other car's window.. that person was
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stopped to help and -- was hit by a third car. so far -- nobody has been arrested. work along i-70 -- near glenwood canyon -- is done. the deadline wasn't until next week -- but crews finished on tuesday -- ahead of schedule and under budget. over the past four months -- they installed fencing along the canyon wall in the hanging lake area..'s designed to stop rock slides like the one in february -- when boulders the size of small cars shut down the road for nearly a week. also in boulder -- c-u boulder police are looking for a person ote it happened sunday morning -- near the pedestrian underpass at broadway and college avenue. take a look at these surveillance pictures from the area... the victim told police the suspect grabbed her - but she fought him off - and he ran away. police believe the suspect may have been involved in a similar crime - also on campus - last january. speaking of cu - the university is setting more records.. this year -- c-u boulder has a new record for freshman
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hundred freshman are on campus -- around 3 percent more than last year. campuses in denver and anshutz medical grew as well -- but colorado springs saw the biggest boom -- the total number of students there -- grew by nearly seven percent. denver needs blood. donations are down this year -- but demand -- is up. the goal is to keep a four day supply of every blood type on shelves at nearly 100 hospitals. most of this summer - that goal faed center says there have been 17 hundred fewer donations compared to this time last year. they're encouraging existing and first time donors to consider making a donation -- sooner rather than later. now to politics . . and democratic nominee hillary clinton is in new york today... she's working to unite both parties on national security issues and foreign policy.. clinton was in kansas city thursday, where she told the national baptist
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the bigger picture and need for teamwork. clinton's campaign says -- that was part of four speeches she will give -- all focusing on the theme "stronger together." donald trump's running mate -- governor mike pence -- says the gop candidate -- is comparable to ronald reagan.. this comes as trump is getting pushback from some in his party -- after praising russian president vladmir putin. but - the chairman of the gop is defending him -- saying trump did not endorse putin in any way. today -- trump will be in washington -- where is he set to speak at the conservative "value voters summit."
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has invited congressional leaders to meet with him -- as he goes into the final months of his time in office.. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, minority leader harry reid, house speaker paul ryan, and house minority leader nancy pelosi are all invited. the group is expected to discuss the agenda for the rest of 20- 16 - including plans for the trans- pacific partnership and funding to fight the zika virus. but -- the white house has not officially confirmed any meeting yet. colorado is a hot area for aerospace -- which is pretty
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facilities.. and somewhere out in space -- a colorado
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the good news is -- it's 90 percent contained. lighting started the fire last sunday -- near red feather lakes. a new spacecraft -- sunday -- near red feather lakes. a new spacecraft -- and the rocket that carried it -- were both made right here in colorado.. now -- "o-siris rex" is far, far away from the rocky mountains -- on a 4 year journey to sample an asteroid.
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"bennu." the spacecraft will gather gravel that could hold clues to the origin of life - and then begin its three year trek back to earth. it was built by lockheed martin engineers in littleton.. the atlas five rocket that launched it -- was designed by united launch alliance engineers in centennial. all this comes on the heels of the successful juno mission to jupiter, also a lockheed and u-l-a achievement. the colorado space agency says the state is a hot spot for space exploration. so far -- colorado's space industy has generated about 162-thousand jobs.. the average salary is 129 thousand dollars a year. our state has the second-largest space economy in the united states --
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so hot -- they're catching fire. now -- the federal aviation administration says -- having those phones on flights -- could be extremely dangerous. faa officials are asking passengers not to turn on or charge new-model samsung galaxies...and also urge them not to put the phones in checked baggage. recently -- samsung stopped selling the phones and recalled more than 2 million of them after reports that they spontaneously caught fire. a major bank set some major sales goals... but -- to avoid missing those goals -- some employees took advantage of credit card customers.. now -- federal regulators say it's time for the bank to pay up.. in case you were wondering -- only 107 more days until christmas! time to get that shopping done -- and book those flights... we'll tell you the best time -- to get the best deals on
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and has fired thousands of employees - who admitted - that for years, they signed up customers for credit cards and services -- all without their knowledge more than five thousand employees were fired after being accused of opening more than two million bank and credit card accounts.. regulators say they did it to meet aggressive sales goals... customers had to pay extra fees for those new accounts. wells fargo was fined 185-million dollars -- and will also pay restitution to the
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if you have holiday travel plans -- get ready to book your flights. new data shows that flying to a bigger city for thanksgiving -- means you should buy tickets by october third... and for christmas -- november seventh is the best week to buy -- with savings up to 14 percent. but -- if you're flying to smaller airports -- buy thanksgiving tickets now -- and focus on christmas travel next month. a new class is helping kids manage bullies and other dangerous situations.. but this classroom -- is a little more active than most... and as the day approaches -- new york prepares to honor - and remember -- a somber
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this weekend -- will mark 15 years since the deadly 9-11 terrorist attacks.. today -- the new york stock exchange is planning to hold a mome o they did it on the tenth anniversary as well... in less than two hours -- survivors and family members are expected to gather for the moment of silence.. the world trade center is just a few blocks away from wall street. back in 2001 -- the stock exchange was closed for several days following the attacks. and homeland security secretaryjeh johnson is going to the new "one world trade center".. he's speaking at an event commemorating the
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new york city's mayor -- bill de blasio -- will also be there. kids in a special self defense class -- are learning new skills - to feel confident in school - and beyond. instructors at this elite m-m-a school are preparing kids for the less likely- although not impossible- scenarios they might face. they're preparing kids for encounters with strangers - and bullies.. so their teacher -- eric williams encourages kids to use violence -- as a last resort. and another benefit -- parents say the class is helping their kids with focus -- and
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one group says so... we'll hear what peopel have to say about players' decision to kneel in the next half hour. plus- burrito drones! they're a thing... where people are getting their burritoes delivered by air. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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morning... a five year old girl is in the hospital... after firefighters rescued her from a burning home in lakewood. the call for the fire came in just after midnight... the house is near kipling street and morrison road. west metro fire says they found the little girl trapped in an upstairs closet. a family of four lived in the home... the father also went to the hospital with injuries. there's no word on the cause of the fire right now.. but firefighters say it likely started on or near the back deck. good morning. happy friday! meteorologist marty coniglio joins us- marty the weather held for a


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