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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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morning... a five year old girl is in the hospital... after firefighters rescued her from a burning home in lakewood. the call for the fire came in just after midnight... the house is near kipling street and morrison road. west metro fire says they found the little girl trapped in an upstairs closet. a family of four lived in the home... the father also went to the hospital with injuries. there's no word on the cause of the fire right now.. but firefighters say it likely started on or near the back deck. good morning. happy friday! meteorologist marty coniglio joins us- marty the weather held for a
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the second the broncos pulled off a win against the carolina panthers. that one second- happened with just nine seconds left in the game... and fans and players alike are saying- man, that was too close for comfort. there will be some tired people at work this morning- after the last minute broncos win at mile high. the underdog super bowl champs spent most of the game down... not taking the lead until the fourth quarter. but after that- it was a wild ride. the rematch of super bowl 50 started with some bad turnovers for the broncos... in the first
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as rookie tailback devontae booker fumbles. the panthers recover the ball. panthers up seven to zero. the broncos score their first touchdown in the second quarter... after the panthers fail to capitalize on the turnover, the broncos answer with this 28-yard touchdown run from fullback andy janovich. that's his first carry in the n-f-l. but the panthers come back with another touchdown. but- the broncos refused to go away... and the momentum shifted in the fourth quarte chris harris jr. and two touchdowns from c-j anderson... to give the broncos the lead. the whole thing came down to the final seconds- with the panthers looking to recapture the win with a field goal... but it misses to the left. broncos win 21 to 20.
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but he won't be taking it easy on the team in practice this week after those turnovers and mistakes. one of the most talked about moments from the game - happened before kick off. broncos linebacker brandon marshall decided to join the nfl player protest movement... by kneeling during the national anthem. as the national anthem started, marshall moved to the end of the row of his teammates and took a knee. he was showing support for 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick and other players who did the same during the preseason. marshall said - quote- "i'm not against the military, police or america. i'm against social injustice." marshall was a fraternity brother and teammate with kaepernick when
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nevada. during the game- the broncos released a statement saying... "while we encourage members of our organization to stand during the national anthem, we understand and respect it being a personal decision. the n-double-a-c-p is weighing in on players' decisions to kneel in protest. the president of the organization said yesterday- the refusal to stand is similar to rosa parks' refusal to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. the naacp have reached out to kaepernick but haven't spoken to him directly. but he says the way to make change happen is to get people to vote. in the next half hour- we'll hear what coach kubiak had to say about the protest... and look at some of the thousands of comments we're getting on social media today. let us know what you think on the 9news facebook page. a detective shot in
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to recover. today- we're expecting to learn more about the shooting that sent detective dan brite to the hospital earlier this month. 9news reporter vida urbonas is live in douglas county this morning- with information on how the community can help. i am live at parker adventist hospital where detective dan brite continues to recover.. later this morning .. we are expected to learn more about detective brites' condition in a news conference .. brite is the douglas county detective who was shot by a suspect near sierra middle school..last friday. the suspect had been seen with a gun near the school.. he started shooting at officers.. detective brite was hit and officers returned fire.. killing the suspect. detective brite was critically hurt... the sheriff's office says he's making promising progress. the shooting happened less save his life. this sunday afternoon at 3 .. members of the community and his family .. will gather here in the hospital lot to show support for detective brite. they want him to look outside of his hospital window.. and see blue balloons and a crowd supporting him. then monday .. there will be a blood drive at the parker police department .. it goes from 9 - 2:30 .. they only hve 40 spots for donors.. so they encourage you to make an appointment.. you can also contact the bonfils community donor center .. and give them the code 7311 to dontate. this morning at 8:30 ... the parker sheriff and district attorney .. will talk about happened the afternoon of septmber 2nd .. the curgation oooting..
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blanco county in northeastern colorado... sent smoke all they way into the front range. the fire has grown to more than two thousand acres near meeker. the lost solar fire started on august
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fire managers say the fire is well within the management boundaries. north korea's neighbors are shaken over the country's recent nuclear explosion test... which was so big it registered as a five point three
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earthquake. north korea confirmed the explosion last night.. state t-v says it's a response to the international sanctions following its last nuclear test and long range rocket launch in january and february. tension is even higher now on the korean peninsula. china says it "resolutely opposes" north korea's nuke test... president obama said this morning- any provocative actions by north korea will have "serious consequences." nasa's o-siris rex spacecraft has officially left this world... and is on its way to an asteroid. osiris is searching for space rock... hoping to find clues to the origin of life. the mission began last night- and will last until 20-23 when it returns to earth. but- despite the length of the mission- the contact with the asteroid will be very brief. it will only take about five seconds to collect the
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osiris has a special colorado connection- it was built by lockheed martin in littleton. all this comes on the heels of the successful juno mission to jupiter, also a lockheed and ula achievement. the colorado space agency says the state is a hot spot for space exploration. the industry has generated 162 thousand space related jobs. the average salary is 129 thousand dollars a year. colorado has the second-largest space economy in the united states, behind california. burritos are dropping from the
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where some very lucky people are getting special deliveries- by drone. and- a mattress company is in a lot of trouble for its not so well planned sale. we'll tell you about the hasty ad some say was in very poor taste. whether you're looking to redesign your space, or simply team has some guests who can help! coming up at 11 and 12 they'll be talking all about the colorado fall home show. it covers all of that, and then some
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sunday marks 15 years since the deadly terror attack on september 11 in new york. today, the new york stock exchange will observe a moment of silence a 9-20.
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wall street... and the stock exchange was closed for several days following the tragedy. after today's moment of silence the opening bell will ring, starting a new day of trading. a social media fire storm... over a matress company's "twin tower sale" commercial. the owner of the san antonio, texas store, is now getting death threats. the 20 second ad was immediately picked up as offensive. in the video you see the two piles of mattresses... depicting the once new york city. now the store says they will donate 30 percent of their sales this
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wells fargo employees are out of the job this morning- but they aren't innocent victims of big business in this case. the employees have admitted to signing up customers for credit cards and services without telling them- for
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lost their jobs... they were accused of opening up about one and a half million accounts over the years. regulators say they did it for bonuses... but customers ended up paying the extra fees for those accounts. wells fargo itself will pay 185 million dollars in fines. the bank says it regrets and takes responsibility for all cases of fraud. burrito drones. let me say that again to let it sink in... burrito. drones. it's not a dream- google's parent company alphabet is starting to deliver chipotle burritos by drone. they're starting on the virginia tech campus- for a chosen few testers. chipotle will make the food at a nearby food truck. no word on when or if the tests will expand to other places- companies are still waiting for the green light from the f-a-a to
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let's check in with marty.
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sickness much more than health- will get their final wish of a reunion... thanks in part to social media. dalton and katie prager are both fighting for their lives... they have both been diagnosed with lung disease cystic fibrosis and cancer. the fight is about to end for katie... after her lung transplant didn't work and doctors told her there was nothing more they could do. lton and katie
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states... dalton in missouri and katie in kentucky. their final wish is for a reunion in kentucky.. but the flight isn't covered by their insurance. that's where the internet and a missouri company is stepping in... in a matter of hours this week, people online had donated thousands of dollars through go fund me... and a flight company called "air evac life team" is planning a free trip for dalton as soon
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an exciting broncos win... in the next half hour- sports anchor rod mackey spoke with team members who say... despite mistakes a
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. this is 9news. good morning, everyone. we're starting with some breaking news this morning. a 5-year-old girl was found hiding in the closet of a burning home in lakewood. firefighters were able to get in and pull her to safety and get her to the hospital. the girl's dad also went to the hospital. we don't have any information
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just after midnight. the house is near kipling and morrison road. this is a live look at the backside of the house where most of the damage was. it was a family of four that lived there, and firefighters say that the fire likely started on our near the back deck of that home. >> a lot of damage there. >> for sure. >> and i know colleen is on her way. we'll have an update in a few minutes. broncos fans are waking up pretty happy this morning. first, friday forecast with marty. many would consider today's weather perfect. >> a lot would, expect those folks who aren't a fan of the wind. gary if you're going to be riding your bike, beware, wind is going to kick up. it will get gusty, especially afternoon today, as some of the colder air begins to pour in. sunsets have been really spectacular around the area over the last few days. this is two days ago.


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