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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:59pm MDT

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incentives. if families show they have practiced their fire drill. the department will give cold stone ice cream coupons to kids 12 and under. a specialist says they often see kids hide under their beds and inside their closets because they don't know what else to do. >> it's time for us again as a community to step up and start creating these plans and doing these drills so that when the fire alarm activates, we all know where to go. we all know that if there's smoke in the room, it's going to be up toward the ceiling because hot air rises initll go. >> coming up on 9news at 5:00 we'll hear from the firefighters who helped save that little girl. there are new details today about an active shooter situation in douglas county last week that left a deputy critically injured. today douglas county sheriff tony spurlock told us more than 100 rounds were fired as the shooter used a high caliber rifle firing at officers and other people in the area. 9wants to know reporter anastasiya bolton joining us
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intensive care. >> his doctors at parker and venice hospital are still optimistic and say while he's critical, he is doing much better and opening his eyes, but it will take a long time for him to recover. >> we all knew this was his calling. >> reporter: it was evident from an early age detective dan brite wanted to be law enforcement. douglas county investigators say last friday he took a bullet from caliber rifle. >> people ask how are you able to maintain composure? i was like well, he doesn't know it yet, but he and i are still in competition and even though he's winning, he doesn't know it, but through his strength is the reason why that we're all being strong. >> a s.w.a.t. medic right at the scene, a hospital minutes away, the doctors all helped save brite's life. >> we wouldn't be here today if we didn't have the smart
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were on the scene, the access to a s.w.a.t. medic immediately. >> reporter: a week later he is still in icu, but doctors are optimistic and for them if you ask, his care is personal. >> when you sit back and think about it, you got your kids in the community and certainly these people take these bullets for our families and it's pretty substantial stuff. while we go day, suicidal subjects all the time. >> reporter: yet douglas county sheriff tony spurlock said he knew this was going to be different when the shooter's common law wife called 911. deputies responded and were greeted with gunfire. shortly after brite was hit. the shooter drove away in his rv only to crash it and start shooting in the area of a hospital and a school. more than 100 rounds were fired. >> it's very hard to put to
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i know this detective. i know his wife. she also works for us. i know his family. it's bothersome. i have since seen him at the hospital and visited him in the icu. >> reporter: there are a couple of investigations into what happened, but what people here are concerned with the most is detective brite and him walking out of the hospital someday. >> he's a fighter. he's shown us that. >> reporter: investigators tell us the shoote incident. in addition to the high caliber rifle, they recovered 30 weapons at his home and in the rv. they have been to his home before. deputies have. the sheriff didn't elaborate about what type of calls those were. >> there were several different jurisdictions on this case last week. what do we know about the officer who fired the shot against the victim? >> obviously the douglas county sheriff's office responded as well as parker police department and the castle rock pd. we know that it's a parker
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fatal shot. his name has not been released to us yet. there is an investigation into whether this was what police call a good shoot. as soon as this is complete, they release his name to us. there's also body camera video that we understand from the parker police department. all of that will also be available to us and the public once the investigation is complete. >> by victim i meant suspect. thank you, anastasia. graffiti and wear and tear are closing hanging lake trail toow these pictures. the area will be receiving annual maintenance. the forest service says around 130,000 visitors climb the 1.2 miles to see the lake every year and more just keep on coming. cdot says it does plan to close exit 125 and the off ramp to hanging lake. be prepared if you're headed in that direction tomorrow. one part of colorado is in for its first freeze warning of the season. the weekend will be far from freezing. meteorologist belen deleon is in the 9news backyard. we're expecting really warm
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>> exactly, but only after we get -- my goodness, after we get out of this cold night is when we get those warm temperatures. okay, there we go. let's get to the forecast because we had a cold front that swept through early this morning and that's the reason why we have cooler temperatures today. 70s around town. i'm not complaining about this. it feels really nice. in northern colorado temperatures are in the 60s and closer to the foothills temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. what this cold front did, outside of our studios here, this is our home speer and logan. you can see how those trees are moving like crazy in front of the camera. the flags are, too. clouds right now are just partly cloudy. those winds coming in from the north, gusts now up to 20, even 30 miles per hour across colorado and mostly coming in from the north, but this was a dry front that swept through. so we're mainly dry across the state. only a few clouds have increased over colorado and mainly the front range, but
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it's over parts of the dakotas and out towards the midwest where we currently have that cold front causing a little commotion in the form of showers, thunderstorms and heavy rain. that's where we find the threat for severe weather this afternoon and evening while in colorado. our forecast is expected to be calm tonight, a little breezy and chilly. the rest of the afternoon will look like this. our skies will gradually clear as those temperatures drop. our overnight lows are expected to drop that's a little chilly in comparison to what we've seen previous evenings so far this season. we'll be under mostly clear skies. winds will calm down 5 to 15 miles per hour. because of that colder air in place, we'll see the temperatures drop into the mid- 20s to low 30s around the yampa river valley. so that freeze warning starts at 9:00 tonight and lasts through tomorrow morning. so it would be a good idea to cover those sensitive plants or
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okay, so it's a chilly night tonight. tomorrow we'll warm up after a cool morning. the temperatures are just going to continue to warm up. after that another cooldown in store for us and thankfully we're starting to see that chance for rain back in our forecast. so i'll let you know what's in store for the rest of the weekend and also for next week, but i think folks are maybe happy right now that that freeze warning is not in effect for the front range just yet. lots of people are saying no, it's too soon. >> there's time for that. thers where we'll have that freeze warning, but i'll bring you the rest of your forecast so you'll know how cold it will get in your city coming up. >> thank you, belen. sounds good. north korea has tested its most powerful nuclear weapon yet and the international community is responding. the test was underground and triggered an earthquake. north korea says it proves it can now put a warhead on a nuclear missile.
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the test. he said it's the fifth time north korea has broken international law against the test. south korea called it called it recklessness. federal authorities want to review the permitting for the pipeline access in north dakota. that means they want to ask the company for a voluntary cause in construc wasn't blocked. the tribe has said the pipeline threatens its water supply and the construction has already disturbed sacred sites. people have come from colorado and other states to protest. the pipeline would carry oil from north dakota to illinois. the faa has asked anyone flying with the samsung galaxy 7 note phones to follow some very specific rules. last week there were some reports of the phone exploding
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pose a very serious and immediate risk in flight. the concern is over the lithium ion batteries inside of the phone. hover boards were banned earlier this year because they could catch fire the same way. now the concern is these specific phones from samsung. >> this isn't necessarily precedented or unprecedented when it comes to the faa. they're looking at it from a safety perspective and any time a lithium ion battery, especially because it's in a particular phone now, th banning the phone itself. >> the faa is asking that if you do bring the phone on board a plane, keep it turned off, do not charge it midflight and do not put it in a checked bag. this week on balance of power we're talking about the minimum wage ballot measure. a yes vote would push the minimum wage to 12 bucks an hour gradually to 2020. a no vote would keep the
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changes based on inflation. the side fighting the measure said it might work in denver, but it's not fair to force rural employers to pay the same rate. >> you'll have an outside impact on rural communities and small businesses that operate in 3 and 4% margins, those family businesses that are main street pottery shops and mexican and chinese restaurants, places like that, they cannot afford these big increases. big corporations can. >> of course, we're concerned about rural areas and the thing is is that low wage workers is an economic driver. it puts money in people's pockets and they spend it in their local communities. there's a study from the chicago federal reserve. this is not a partisan organization. it says for every dollar we raise the wage, $2,800 is spent in the local economy for every dollar per family. >> balance of power will air this sunday morning at 8:50. afterwards you can watch meet the press on channel 20. that's where it will be aired throughout the nfl season.
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since jonbenet ramsey was found brutally murdered in boulder and tonight during a dateline nbc special you'll see crucial case documents that have never before been made public and hear investigators talk about their case from their perspective. here is a preview. >> you're hearing the anguished voice of a mother reporting her daughter missing. >> how old is your daught? >> she's blonde. oh, my go please. >> oka >> this story is about that little girl named jonbenet ramsey. a nearly 20-year-old mystery that haunted a family and a community, 1 that created deep divisions among friends as well as among investigators who are still searching for the truth. tonight new information. you'll see crucial case
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the first time you'll hear two investigators talk about what happened inside the investigation. >> and you can watch who killed jonbenet tonight on nbc at 8:00. also tonight on 9news at 9:00 and 10:00 kim christiansen sits down with a former 9news investigative reporter who has been collecting information on the case for two decades and talks about why the case has become so air academy federal credit union has dropped their endorsement for broncos linebacker brandon marshall because of this. last night brandon took a knee during the star spangled banner. it's part of a protest started by 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick due to social and racial injustices. the credit union said they are a membership based organization that has proudly served the military community for 60
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a expression of our organization and membership. we wish brandon will in his future endeavors. >> marshall previously expressed support for colin kaepernick during an interview with the colorado gazette. marshall and kaepernick were fraternity brothers at university of nevada. >> he said his teammates and virgil green were the only ones who knew about his plan to kneel. coming up next how new york and the nation plan to honor
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we want to get to the scene of a sinkhole near the intersection of 50th and washington. it appears to have been caused yet what time this happened. there doesn't appear to be anyone injured, no cars in the area is the good news. >> it doesn't look like anybody is having to be diverted because of traffic issues there, but again, yes, we're getting a live look at a sinkhole caused by a potential water main break, not the way you want to spend your friday. we'll bring you updates when we get them. almost 15 years after 9/11 today the house approved a
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sue the government of saudi arabia. the president is expected to veto it. the senate passed the bill in may by a voice vote. saudi arabia has been very vocal in their objection to the bill. 15 of the 19 hijackers from 9/11 were saudi nationals. the obama administration argues if u.s. citizens can take the saudis to court, a foreign country could in turn sue the united states. sunday marks 15 years to the day that terrorists attacked the united states today americans pause to remember the victims and reflect where we've been ever since one of the darkest day in this country's history. >> reporter: in new york city friday a solemn march remembering new york city police officers, those who died 15 years ago as the definitely towers of the world trade center collapsed and those who have died from september 11th related diseases since. today september 11th
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celebrations as solemnness, celebrating lives of those lost, but also resilience, recovery and rebirth. >> literally out of the ashes we have rebuilt stronger and taller. >> reporter: in the new building where the twin towers once stood homeland security director jeh johnson marked the return of several federal agencies returning to lower manhattan now housed in one world trade center. >> terrorism cannot prevail if we refuse to be terrorized. ? ? ? ?. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan said there's now a generation of american as to young to understand the pain of september 11th. >> our children may not understand the horror of it all, but they can admire the heroism. >> reporter: many now draw inspiration from the survivors, people like lauren manning who was in the north tower and lives every day with the horror. >> we will all be touched by
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point in our lives -- or wounded at some point in our lives, but we can refuse to be held by it. >> reporter: 15 years, for some it feels like it happened yesterday, for others a lifetime ago, for both a day which will never be forgotten. this morning there was a opening bell of the new york stock exchange. the world trade center attack happened just blocks away from wall street. the stock exchange was closed several days following the tragedy. the market doubled to its biggest loss since june. traders are worried interest rates may finally head higher. the dow lost 394 points. s&p fell 53 1/2. nasdaq plunged 133 points. there is a social media firestorm over a sale commercial.
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death threats. the 22nd ad was immediately picked up as offensive. in the video you can see two piles of mattresses depicting the once standing towers in new york city. >> it's offensive to everybody. it should be offensive to americans and as an american making the video and especially living in san antonio, i don't know how you could perceive that as not being offensive, as funny or a creative marketing. that's not what it is. donate 30% of their sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation. tough time, but it was also an example of the perseverance of our responders, but also the outpouring of compassion and support after probably one of the most horrific days that happened on our country's soil. >> 300 people ran the steps of that stadium today to remember
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community members participating in a memorial stair run on the campus of university of north carolina chapel hill. rotc students organized the run to remember the 2,996 victims and first responders. this sunday at 6:46 a.m. our time dia will mark 15 years since 9/11. everything will stop, screening, security, everything for 20 seconds and there will be a home of silence. a tsa color guard will also be present. civic center park is hosting a ceremony and concert sunday. it starts with a procession led by the colorado national guard and representatives from the colorado public safety community. governor job of hickenlooper and denver mayor -- john hickenlooper and denver mayor michael hancock will be present. there will be a flyover and 21 gun salute. steel recovered from the twin towers will be on display. john fogarty and big head todd
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new treatments become available in colorado for
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for the first time in washington state transgender kids will have a clinic they can go to for services. seattle children's hospital is preparing to open the services in october. >> reporter: 18-year-old ty jordan has been seeking treatment at seattle children for about three years. ty was born on cross gender hormone treatment. he says a simple visit to the doctor can cause great anxiety in transgender teens. >> you're looking for care. you're wondering if these doctors are going to be inclusive or if these doctors are going to be the ones that out you or use the wrong pronouns and things like that. if you have a gender clinic and you know that it's specifically for gender identity and for you, i guess you feel more in charge of your care.
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dr. david brelan will head the new program at seattle children's that will provide coordinated care for transgender youth. >> so this is the team room. >> reporter: the gender clinic will be housed inside seattle children's adolescent clinic. a staff of seven healthcare providers will offer coordinated medical care including hormone therapy and mental health support to adolescent youth or kids entering puberty as young as 8 up to are incredible. it's almost like if you put people under duress, discrimination, when they're able to rise out of that and be productive citizens, it's amazing. >> surgeries will not be performed at the clinic. patients requiring those services will be referred to outside providers. has a list of
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are gblt friendly. 7.6 million people worldwide die from all types of cancer every year according to the american cancer society and as medical minds continue developing new ways to fight cancer, doctors in colorado are excited about new treatment options becoming available to patients, patients like joyce brown. next week she is celebrating her 76th birthday with her family, a milestone that she worried 2 1/2 years ago she may not see. in february of 2014 she she had surgery, started chemotherapy. at first chemo was working. then several months later the cancer cells began overpowering standard treatment. doctors at uchealth decided to enroll joyce in a promising new clinical trial of combination immunotherapy. >> this treatment can stop the cancer cells from hiding from the immune system and allow your immune system to fight the cancer like it should.
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immunotherapy. i'm so very grateful. >> just after five months immunotherapy treatment joyce's tumors are no longer visible on her scans and dr. diamond said with continued treatment her cancer should stay under control. doctors say this is a major break-through in the fight of cancer. you can catch joyce's story tonight at 7:00 in the stand up to cancer telethon. it is the 9th of that means it is buddy check 9 today. today is the day to do a self- breast exam. remind a friend to also do the same. why? one in seven colorado women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. if you spot it early through self-exam or yearly mammogram, survival chances are much higher. you can join thousands of others this month lacing up your running shoes for race for the cure sunday, september 25th. last year komen colorado raised $1 million for local groups.
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best selling author film and music producer td jakes is bringing his about talk show to denver at 1:00 here on 9news. he hopes his uplifting messages will inspire. >> don't know what's going on in our country. maybe we watch too many football games. we try to choose a side. you don't have to be for the left or the right. you can be for the whole bird and when it comes to issues like what we face in and support our police officers and encourage the good ones and still challenge police officers who make bad choices. you can be for the police officers and still challenge the behavior of children and young people acting inappropriately. we don't have to choose a side. we can be for right whatever it is and that was the case in dallas and i'm hoping that that will become the case throughout the u.s., that we can sit down
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like we're at a football game. >> jakes has more than 40 years of pastoral and leadership experience. his new platform will give him the opportunity to share his experiences with folks in our country. >> he says he'll bring in both celebrity and noncelebrity guests to inspire and challenge us. the show will air on more than 70 affiliates of our parent company tegna. belen is back witth up to be not too shabby coming up next. z23eoz zvpz
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well, it's almost fall and it's going to be a nice warm weekend out there. >> it's such a mild day out there. heading into the weekend we do want to check in with meteorologist belen deleon. are we officially into fall
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bit like it. >>. it feels like it. we're transitioning. it's going to be a warm weekend. remember, guys, this is all relative because our temperatures around this time of year should be in the low 80s normally. this weekend we'll push temperatures to the mid- to upper 80s. let's take a look at the forecast because we got a really big cooldown in the last 24 hours. yesterday around this time we were pushing 90 degrees. temperatures are about 15 degrees cooler in the metro area, currently in we have a 24 hour temperature difference that's much bigger in northern colorado. we're about 25 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago as that cold front moved through earlier this morning. it's brought us the cooler air and also stronger winds. look at boulder right now and we have clouds that have increased right there. now the chance for any rain in our forecast throughout the rest of the afternoon is going to be really slim. all in all we really do have a nice forecast shaping up for
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route to boulder and she'll be bringing highlights from the later games coming up in the newscasts. if you're going out to support your favorite high school team, i would take the sweaters and jackets because the temperatures will be 50s by the last quarter and a little breezy to start off with a few clouds in the sky. 72 degrees now at dia and out in the backyard it's breezy. our temperatures are at 72. let's check the weather with most of the clouds have mainly increased across the front range because we've got sunny skies in the high country where the temperatures are in the 70s, 80s on the western slope, 70s on the plains. let's look closer and you'll notice the temperatures are ranging from the 60s to the 70s out in boulder, temperatures now 70 degrees. our friends in greeley are at 64. so a few clouds right now, but i'm not expecting any significant weather to come from them. we won't see any big rainfall come from them, just going to
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bite. through this evening those skies will clear and under those clears skies, that's when our temperatures will drop. some areas will be under a freeze warning. i'll show you who in a minute. let me take you through the futurecast the rest of this afternoon and evening. a few clouds around 7:30 and overnight skies clear. the rest of the state looks clear as well. any traveling you have to do across colorado, you don't have to worry about traveling on any wet roads and certainly not in through early tomorrow morning it's going to be cool to start off. we'll have sunshine that will help warm us up quickly as you're starting off your weekend. now in northwestern colorado we will have a freeze warning that goes into effect at 9 p.m. it will last through tomorrow at 9 a.m. so the temperatures there will drop from the mid-20s to the low 30s. so if you have sensitive vegetation out there, you need to cover it or bring it inside. this is for the yampa river valley. now for us here in the metro
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when are we going to see our first freeze? well, at least in our extended forecast i'm not looking at temperatures that cold, but we're about a month away from the average date of our first freeze. that's october 7th. it's happened as early as september 8th. that was in 1962 and then we were able to drag on that warm weather season in 1944 when we had our latest date of that first freeze, november 15th. we'll have to wait to see how things go this season, of now not looking at temperatures to turn that cold, especially not tonight. 44 will be your overnight low under nbc. temperatures dropping into the 40s from fort collins down south into castle rock. look at our friends in fort morgan. temperatures for you drop to 39 degrees. we got a little warm-up today mid-70s and tomorrow we'll do
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we'll start off with sunshine, dry and once again we'll see winds increase in the afternoon, not as strong as now but breezy. in the high country temperatures will rise into the 70s, 80s on the western slope. for our friends, your saturday is looking mild. highs will be in the 70s for our friends in ray. the threat for any severe weather stays low to nonexistent across colorado. we have a cold front that will continue to push towards the south and also the east. so we coul stormy weather for our friend the midwesd new england ds in ?x states and the colder air pushes to the south colliding with the more humid warm air from the gulf of mexico. here's your planning forecast, tomorrow a high 91, hot on sunday, 90 degrees. cooler on monday and fuse as we have another little disturbance that pushes through. highs will be in the 60s and 70s. so far we're 13 days away from the official start of fall.
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the change in leaves in our central mountains and northern mountains. so if you want to get away for the weekend, saturday and sunday for areas like breckenridge, frisco, silverthorne. temperatures there will be in the low 70s. we'll track an isolated chance for showers on sunday. in our northern mountains, steamboat springs looks absolutely beautiful. if you can get on the gondola, you will enjoy it. there's some great fall colors high of 77 degrees and sunday a bit warmer but still a really dry forecast. if you are in the high country, you happen to see any of those fall colors, please share those pictures with us on upload them using the your take option. you can also tag us on facebook and twitter. facebook i like 9news and the ?wx. we'd love to see gorgeous pictures like this one from
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shot of that sun coming up, blue skies and, of course, the fall colors right there. >> absolutely beautiful. >> whenever we see these pictures, it's one of the highlights of my day since we're here and not out there just yet, it's like right in our backyard inspiring us to get out there. >> i know. for me i wish i could do a bit more traveling heading into the high country. it's a little difficult with our schedules. you know that. whenever we get the pictures from our viewers, we're out there enjoying outdoors. it's the reason why we love and live in colorado. >> a little jealous, really appreciative. >> keep sending them in. >> thanks. if you aren't sure who to vote for this election, maybe you'd have an easier time picking a coffee blend. >> that's what one coffee shop is hoping. it's a battle of the blends
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if you can't decide who to vote for this, might be a little easier decision.
4:44 pm
coffee. the golden nut blend modeled after donald trump and the private server blend for hillary clinton. the shop is keeping a close watch over what flavor wins. the golden nut blend is made with rich white chocolate with infused golden nuggets and the private server shows no ingredients because they've been deleted. >> we suggest both of the drinks here frozen because we don't find either one of them hot. blend has a nutty flavor only served in small sizes. the private server has a really strong blend of coffee meant to be overwhelming. the winning flavor will be announced on election night. hysterical. >> we'll all be standing by for those results. so this is a college student's dream or really anyone's dream come true. google's parent company alphabet is starting to deliver chipotle burritos via drone. imagine burritos falling from
4:45 pm
virginia tech campus for a few chosen testers. chipotle will make the food in a nearby food truck on every corner, no word on when or if the test will expand to other places. companies are waiting on the green light from the faa to use more drone delivery systems. chipotle is based in denver. we just assumed the colorado campus would make good testers. maybe slacker and steve would like to do that, too. >> wouldn't have to do anything, have it drop lap. >> there's burritos being delivered right now. hold on a second, guys. >> perfect. >> we want to talk about building the perfect face today. apparently a plastic surgeon has built. he says if you have jennifer lopez's eyebrows, miley cyrus' foreheads, keira knightley
4:46 pm
cheeks. we're going to kind of build our own. on the male side i've built it's basically just bradley cooper with jonathan's eyes. >> i was going to go with more -- >> if you were building somebody. >> listen, listen, have you ever heard of too much of a good thing? that would just be a little bit too much. >> i was going to go with slacker's face and slacker's face. >> oh. >> that is so nice, you >> oh, myhe's totally lying. >> i'm kidding. steve is the good looking one. let's be real. >> you guys should do the snapchat face swap. this is what we're doing. i don't know. >> you guys are crazy, all right. >> too much of a good thing. have a good weekend, guys. chat with you later. >> see you. it is one of the oldest rivalries in colorado in boulder. boulder high versus fairview.
4:47 pm
temby live in boulder ?t?=for u it is the biggest rivalry in boulder that doesn't actually involve the buffs. >> plus we have your list of nine things to do in colorado this weekend and it, of course,
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it is standing room only tonight in boulder and no, we're not talking buffs. >> 9news prep reporter taylor temby is here with a preview of tonight's game. what's up? what are your predictions? >> reporter: hey, guys. we've got a lot going on tonight. these teams have seen each other multiple times since 1960. fairview has won the past eight actually. so knowing that we're hoping that boulder will come out with some surprises. it is a rivalry game. so whatever can happen tonight.
4:51 pm
some 5,000 plus fans to fill these stands. overall, guys, just a beautiful atmosphere for tonight's game. both teams say it's always the biggest crowd of the entire season. the biggest obstacle this time for boulder will be numbers. the team has shrunk meaning a lot of the team will play both offense and defense. even when they do get tired, the panthers say they'll have to stay sharp and committed. this rivalry game really sets the tempo for boul smith is making sure he's getting 100% every play. >> he always expects the best from us and if he sees that he's not getting it, he'll tell us and he's real honest with us. he's a great coach in those ways. >> he's brought a lot of discipline and expectations with it like last year was definitely a turn around year for us. we started to pick things up, but this year the bar is higher. there's a lot more expected from us and he's pushing it out
4:52 pm
>> reporter: boulder and fairview are both on the field now, guys. we'll hear more from fairview coming up tonight at 5:00. back to you. >> any predictions for tonight's game? >> reporter: yes. as they were saying, guys, they've been seeing each other for years and years and years and fairview has won the past eight matchups. with that said we're hoping boulder will come out with some surprises, but knowing it is a rivalry game both teams said games. so we're waiting to see. hopefully there will be some big surprises tonight. >> taylor temby, thank you. >> nothing better than a good rivalry. you start a weekend with a broncos win, you know it will be a goodone. we have nine things to do in colorado posted on this is video from the denver event earlier this year.
4:53 pm
and after that live music, food and local food trucks and over 100 vendor booths from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. craft beer fans are stoked for this one. tomorrow new belgium brewing company has musical acts, yo-yo performers and vaudeville acts from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. proceeds from the beer sales go to this sunday it's cu boulder's largest scholarship initiative. >> the ride goes into the foothills above boulder. this year's event includes a new 10k buff fun run on campus in addition to a 5k. the start finish line is on colorado avenue directly south of folsom field with the ride and run party taking place
4:54 pm
colorado, the top of their class, but it's a needs based niche tv and these are students that might not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue continuing education. >> the fundraiser has raised more than $3 million worth of scholarships for students. all of the events are on sunday. leaves are changing all over colorado. typically colors peak in the northern mountains between september 15th and 25th. central mountains peak the last week of september and for the we've compiled a list of some of the most scenic areas around our state. >> the moderate drought that we're in right now basically kind of helps some of the colors that we technically see the yellows and golds be just a little bit more brighter when they do come out. >> head to or the mobile app for some of the best places to go. under the features section you'll find the nine things to do article. there's a list of the nine best drives to see fall colors.
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beautiful. >> as you mentioned, we love living vie variously through you and your adventures. share your pictures on our facebook page or tweet them using #beon9. meteorologist belen deleon is talking about the best leaf viewing spots online right now.
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just about 5:00 on a friday evening. the weekend is here. >> it's going to be a chilly night. i'll have to wear double socks. that won't fair well for my husband, sorry, temperatures will be cooler than we've had and we do have that freeze warning in effect for northwestern colorado and because you asked, hey, i am answering. our people on twitter are saying hey, when can i go see those fall colors? here's just a map of the average dates of the aspen peak in the mountains, as we said before, mid-through late september when we see those leaves change in our north and central mountain. we've got all the info on so go check it out. >> i can't wait, love this time of year.
4:59 pm
9news at5:00 is next. next at 5:00 a little girl hides in a closet as flames consume her family's home. we're talking to the firefighters who saved her and their advice for you if there's ever a fire at your home. >> also ahead an inmate gets in even bigger trouble when he makes a mess of his jail cell. >> and before we warm up for colorado could see temperatures around freezing tonight next on 9news. >> this is 9news. a frantic call for help as a 5-year-old girl was trapped on the second floor of a burning home in lakewood. firefighters say what happened next was a textbook rescue where everyone got out alive. 9news reporter nelson garcia talked with the two men who say
5:00 pm
of saving lives. s before >> reporter: around 12:30 this morning in lakewood -- >> this is a confirmed structure fire. there is a 5-year-old trapped inside of the building on the second floor. >> reporter: -- a parent's biggest fear. >> no. we are outside, but my daughter is inside. >> reporter: dad tried to go in. >> get out of the house. get out of the house. >> reporter: but the smoke and the flames were already too much. >> we knew we had to get in there and find that girl and get her out as fast as we could. >> reporter: the two firefighters ran into the burning house es >> in the interior of the house there was zero visibility. the smoke was pretty thick. >> reporter: and the scared little girl was hiding in her room making for a potentially deadly hide and seek. >> ceiling collapse, floor collapse because like we said, there was fire from end to end top to bottom. >> when i got to her, unfortunately she was hiding in the closet terrified. she was a little bit difficult to coax out of the closet. >> reporter: they got her out and saved her life. >> unfortunately i don't think it's all that unusual. when children get scared, they try to hide.


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