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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 10, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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? my zodiac companion come back to me come back to me umbrella source ? ? of which we play five sixes and sevens saucers and cups ?
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breakfast. >> the abc news anchor's new confession about drinking first thing t ? ? ? ? elizabeth vargas' scary wake-up call. >> that's when you're in the death spin. that's when people die. >> the moment the abc news woman hit rock bottom, drunk on her son's eighth birthday, and why
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kill her. kanye's front-page crime of fashion at new york fashion week. his new collection trashed. his models collapsing in the heat, but it's no sweat for the kardashian girls as they swarm new york. >> this whole room is kendall and kylie's instagram. new couple alert. gwen's ex gavin husband for her bff. >> then the man who would be veep. senator time kaine, one-on-one with a.j. >> how has your life changed? >> i have more of an entourage. >> what happens when we take it to simon cowell? >> plus oprah opens her beauty diary. >> very natural! >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the
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? hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, new battle of the new york housewives, why bethenney is saying this about luann. >> if i didn't have a business i would have grabbed luann by the throat. >> ryan reynolds on turning 40 and why he's calling his younger self dumb. all-new bombshells from abc's elizabeth vargas who is revealing today that her excessive drinking started the second she woke up. here's jerry. >> her stunning revelation. >> i lost everything. joo >> her life and death fight. >> that's when people die. >> new jaw-dropping confessions from saibs anchor elizabeth vargas. she went to rehab three times now revealing the battle she thought she would lose. >> when you wake up and you feel so horrible that the only thing that will make you feel better
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you're in the death spin. >> elizabeth sitting down with diane sawyer on tomorrow's 20/20 opening up about her darkest day ever. >> i, on one occasion, had what i know i had a lethal level of alcohol in my blood system. even that didn't scare me into stopping. >> the mother of two confessing in "people" magazine she once suffered a 13-hour blackout saying the last time she relapsed was on her son's eighth birthday. >> i don't know if i will ever forgive myself for with my drinking. ever. >> now with the help of her children, sober for two years and laser-focused on her recovery. "eat, pray, love" shocker, author elizabeth gilbert played on the big screen with julia roberts. >> i'm having a relationship with my pizza. >> leaving her husband for another woman, rea elias who was diagnosed with cancer only months ago. >> you can't love her as much as
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she's my very best friend in the entire world. >> the 47-year-old motivational speaker saying this about rea. i love her and she loves me. new fallout from this real housewives fight. >> say it again that i was dating a married man while i was in his house. >> luann leveling cheating accusations to bethenney on the reunion show. >> you're a liar! >> you're a horrible person. >> frankel fighting bath on "watch what happens >> the countess telling a.j. no longer welcome. >> bethenney, no. >> for the moment. gaffin rossdale and tiger's ex elin nordgren. the brit and the swede just went on a first date in l.a. after being setup by mutual friends. rossdale was accused of cheating
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after cheating on her with multiple mistresses. well, it was the most anticipated fashion show in new york this week, one of them, at least. the reveal of kanye's new yeezy collection. >> i know that's right. leave it to cankanye to have everyone talking today and not the way he hoped. >> this is what you want to see, high fashion, beautiful molds and the kardashians, but this is what's going viral today. a model fainting in the kicking off her shoes mid makeshift runway. the new york post calling it a style show disaster. the drama started before the show did while kim and her sisters were being chauffeurered to the secret location, other guest his to be shuttled in. one guy tweeted, on the yeezy bus, and kanye was in a fender bender on the way there, but
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effect. kim stepping out in a sheer dress, of course, and thigh-high boots, double, of course. bringing son saint and daughter north was poor dad. >> north is the bigger fashionista. >> kylie jenner flashing underboob alongside boyfriend tyga and kendall in a nude tracksuit and booties. so let's talk yeezy fashion. thll neutral, nude bodysuits and oversized jackets. the models on the triangle runway including justin bieber's girl sofia richie and tiana taylor. the kardashian fashion nomination continuing just a couple of hours later for kendall and kylie's collection. >> this is so hard for me to get kendall and kylie's -- >> kim showing sisterly support at the social media-inspired party.
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kendall and kylie's instagram and this is the yeezy look. >> kim switching into a neutral jump suit. kendall and kylie hitting the red carpet in their collection. kendall in a suit, and kyle ney a two-piece. >> it grows with us. >> her new platinum 'do was unplanned. >> i didn't even mean to go this blond. when i started bleaching it it got so light i was, like, now i have to keep it. >> more on kendall a pop-up show on jimmy kimmel was having some fun last night. he took a trump speech and slowed it down to create drunk trump. check it out. >> and also wasn't it -- remember? >> i've been there. >> last night. >> no! >> anyway, let's head to new york where a.j. is talking trump and more politics with senator time kaine. >> he's hillary clinton's right-hand man hoping to be the
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i have a lot more of an entourage. i was driving my vw jetta around times. >> talking after his appearance on the late show with stephen colbert. >> did you have fun? >> it was great. i've never been on a talk show. >> not loving trump for saying things like this. hillary clinton is a bigot! >> happy she fired back. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> what do you think about her taking that this stuff. so donald trump's ties to white supremacist groups, david duke, other people like that are weighing in and saying positive things about his candidacy. this is fundamentally about whether the nation's promise of equality is to be realized or whether we're supposed to do a u-turn or not. >> if you met donald trump what would be the first comment or question you would ask? how can you say the things you're saying? that type of personality shouldn't be within ten times of
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harmenton qaa. belting out the beatles "love me do" and agt on our show. >> we took your talents to the professionals. >> if senator time kaine plays the harmonica would you consider having him on the agt finals? >> want a much more forgiving show than simon? i found myself doing a lot of thingis didn't think i would ever do. who knows? >> up next, breakup? what breakup? >> looking beautiful, taylor. >> new video taylor swift all smiles on her new york girls night out with her supermodel bff. then the "extra feed" is rated rihanna. >> her hot new shot channeling marie antoinette. >> and why ryan reynolds is saying this. >> i was as dumb as they come in my 20s.
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ex john mellencamp. ex john mellencamp. >> he did a my challenge is to be in sync, with my body, myself, my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge! coming up, oprah reveals her go-to style tip and makeup
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the new bachelor nick viall handed out roses to the audience on gma this morning and talked
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if he wanted a fourth chance at love. >> at first, i was, like, really? come on. they asked me, and i was very nervous, but it took me a couple of days. i told them i had to think about it. it's a huge responsibility, but it's an amazing opportunity. >> as they say, fourth time's the charm. >> is that what they say? >> nick and i did a segment for "extra." he's so sweet, but he has to be so outgoing next time because we like a man who control. >> you say that, but you like to play quarterback. >> now let's get to the other stories trending on social media today. no heartbreak here. taylor swift stylishly leaving the greenwich hotel in nyc after having a bff dinner with lily aldridge after her breakup with tom hiddleston. >> taylor has the best friends. this was funny. the photographer gets the exes
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the gq award. >> are you guys going to reconcile? >> oops. >> ouch! >> let me ask you this, what is the appropriate time to get over an ex. isn't there a rule that for every year you need a month? >> there is no rule. sometimes you never get over it, right? >> you're nicer than i am. i just like to turn the page and keep it moving. >> wow! look at that. >> rihanna cr's fashion book posing as marie antoinette last night catching her rumored boyfriend drake's l.a. concert and both continuing the party at hollywood club the nice guy. >> i like that. keeping it real. let's go to the facebook live friends and do you like these two as a couple? do you think they'll go the distance? what's up?
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so happy together. emoji, smiley face. ryan reynolds expecting the baby number two joking about his milestone birthdays he launched his new partnership with eddie bauer in new york. >> i was as dumb as they come in my 20s so i'm just happy to be alive. michelle obama poised and perfected on "instyle" magazine wearing brandon maxwell and carolina herrera and talking about snapchat. she's still learning and her about her sense of style. >> i love the way she switched up her hair and let's do a sketch of our favorites look. the jason woo red dress. >> that was one of my favorites. >> i like her in the chic and sleek look because she's got the amazing body and those arms. >> and here's what's trending on our social channels on facebook, flipping out's jf lewis takes on
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executive producer lisa g.? an odd couple's quiz. >> of the two of you who is more brutally honest? >> reese witherspoon and a puppy. on snapchat we're going behind the scenes of the show every day. >> all right, now, a classic romantic comedy duo, tom hanks and meg ryan. who doesn't love those two and they are reuniting in new york. a.j. has more. a 35-year hollywood career. meg ryan is doing something sh congratulations. the directorial debut. >> thank you. it was really fun to do. >> surrounding herself with some of the most important men in her life to do it. the original romantic comedy queen reuniting with tom hanks on gma. >> there's meg now. >> and on her new world war ii drama ithica. >> you might be becoming aware of the world. >> meg starring and directing and leaving meg's crew
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exciting than when tom came. they were all so thrilled and possibly see you and tom do more? >> meg's still friendly with ex-boyfriend of three years, john mellencamp and the rock legend writing for the new coming of age movie about the bike messenger delivering hope and heartbreak in smalltown america during world war ii. >> i read him the script and he read hachl the music and he and the band saw the movie later and added the rest. he did a beautiful, beautiful job. >> meg's son also getting a thumbs up from his proud mom. >> he's got a small part. he came from martin scorcese set with a part on "vinyl." he's a pro. >> there will always be pain in this world. >> and behind the camera when "ithica" hits theaters and ondemand friday. coming up, oprah's beauty and style secrets revealed. >> you won't believe what she
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daytime tv. she's a professional wrestler. what's life like at home for mr. and mrs. robert irvine? no, she doesn't wrestle me. >> rate now. new details on tomorrow night's stand up 2 cancer telecraft. joe biden, eva longoria, tom hanks and dr. ken jeong helping raise money for the fight. >> my wife tran is a breast cancer survivor, eight years cancer-free. >> help the stars stand up to cancer the new "extra". >> is on trend. >> on point. >> on top. >> you heard it here first. >> entertainment done differently. >> the new ultra-connected "extra." ? ? only one show is your ultimate source for emmy award-winning entertainment news. >> extra, extra. >> dude, we have something in common. we're emmy winners.
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next "extra," denzel's all-new confession about the
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it's fashion week in new york so, trace, let's talk fashion right now. do you have any tips for a casual night out? >> you know, i like rocking jeans because they're sexy, but comfy, and you can dress them up
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that fit because your waist is this big. i don't know. right now, oprah, is giving up her go-to style tips and you can rock it day or night. >> oprah win free picture perfect. >> beautiful. >> the media titan. >> very natural! >> letting us in on her beauty and style secrets. >> my number one style, i would say, is feeling comfortable. >> taking "extra" behind the scenes of october owe o magazine cover shoot revealing her wardrobe must have. >> my go-to looks for like pajamas. anything for night, anything that looks and feels like pajamas, but you can wear in public. >> when it comes to foundation. >> you want your base color to be one color and you want your contour color to be a shade or a shade and a half, maybe two shades darker. >> and her number one rule for lipstick. >> never use just one color lipstick. >> we're not going to get a lip this full and this rich with just one color.
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>> if i want to get instantly happy i think of my backyard. when dorothy was told by glenda the good witch look no further than your own backyard, she could have told her dorothy and oprah. >> it is out september 13th. he's bringing his tough love approach to conflict resolution like you've never seen it before. with me now, mr. robert irvine. >> so >> you know him as the host of food network's "restaurant impossible "qwest. >> four different cooks and four different dishes. one major problem. now he's taking a different role on the robert irvine show. >> you need help and if you need my help to do that i will do that for you. >> how did you go from cooking and being a sheriff to conflict resolution talk. >> i was in the military. there's always conflict in the military and when you talk someone's business or restaurant and it fails for two reasons.
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conflict between the family and the staff. while you're fixing the restaurant you have to fix that conflict because if you fix the restaurant and you don't fix the conflict, it doesn't work. >> right. >> at 50, irvine could be the fittest chef on tv and he works really hard and getting up crazy early. >> 3:30 when i work out. >> 3:30? >> what time do you go to bed? 7:00 p.m.? >> 9:00. >> okay. >> he's married and ahe two. >> she doesn't wrestle me and it's a fun time and we have kids. very cool. >> if you don't want it because you can't keep it in your pants why are you married to her? why are you married to her? >> don't miss my challenge is to be in sync,
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it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday.
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bolder color. all right. today we're hooking up our "extra" friends with martellata cookware. it delivers cooking results, thanks to stainless steel interior and flared edges for dripless pouring and the pasta insert and for your chance to win this valued at $250 head right now i'm hooking up our crowd. who wants to cook like a pro? next "extra" denzel's all-new confession about the shoot 'em up, super hyped
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