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tv   9 News at 5PM  NBC  September 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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himself, you have to latch on or coleman has to release to the safety. and try to go get the corner. >> mike: gangi with the keeper. brought down. on second down. 3:40 to go. a 36-point game. mention gangi played in college last year at vent he originally called out of high school. inside and jaxson kincaide goes to the goalline and is in for the touchdown. flag comes down the end of this one. you see how it's pulled down. with the horse collar. the linebacker from notre dame pulled him down, martini.
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penalty enforced on the kickoff. result of the play is a touchdown. >> doug: finished it off getting into the end zone. at this point got to hold on for dear life. you're going to do whatever it takes. >> mike: very glad to see the nfl adjusted also by the name plate above the numbers. if you pull the guy down by that it's a horse well. evident there. they'll be tacked onto the kickoff. brent zuzo on for the extra point. and it is a 29-point game. 39-10 with 3:19 to go. that's a career memory for jaxson kincaide on the carry. and he scored a touchdown at
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nbc sn. racing from richmond is currently on nbcsn. check that out as we get close to the chase there. soccer fans were up early this morning, manchester derby was outstanding. 2-1 terrific match won by city and pep guardiola. continues with the sprint cup racing in primetime tonight. >> doug: but dale jr. is done for the season so >> mike: root for somebody else in the chase. come on, doug. invest. five plays and 86 yards there in 2:14. and the kickoff will come from mid-field after the penalty. on martini. brent zuzo who played soccer for a good part of his high school
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high school in canton. couple hours drive away from michigan. will go to the touchback. the irish will have the ball with 3:19 to go. primetime next saturday night speaking of the state of michigan. michigan state, the spartans come calling. lost this week getting ready. cannot wait next saturday night right here on nbc. one of the great midwestern college series over the years. going back to 1897. memorable meetings of late. spartans a playoff team a year ago. of course if you speak of michigan state and notre dame and you have any college football history in your background, you think of the 10-10 tie, the classic a half century ago. these two great institutions renew their football rivalry right here on nbc one week from
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every good rivalry deserve astrofi of some sort. and the in part of the megaphone. >> doug: that's a trophy? >> mike: yes, it is. >> doug: we had the stanley cup here. but that's history. i know. i'm messing with you. >> mike: i was saying i need to get back to you on that. >> doug: i love the nostalgia and history of it. it's amazing. you you feel that when you walk on this if their kid wins the little league title and they give him a megaphone -- >> mike: that's a cool trophy, doug. if somebody was in that conference, many, many different. from the wisconsin battles over the years. so many trophies. but no matter what it is, if
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>> doug: absolutely. how about the fact that michigan state struggled with furman. they had more first downs through three quarters of that game than michigan state. >> mike: after that michigan state game we're back here. both of those teams losing this week. louisville looks terrific. just destroyed syracuse. nc state lost today to east carolina. then back here, stanford, miami. five of the next seven games here on nbc. and the toughest games that notre dame has the next couple of months are going to be here in south bend. >> doug: you love being at home for the big games. the lack of travel gives extra preparation time. hearing your own crowd behind you. it's such a positive and such an
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has a bye week. they've had two weeks to prepare for notre dame. >> doug: rested and ready. we can say one thing. we know that mark dantonio wasn't working on the irish last night because he was in springfield, massachusetts, at the basketball hall of fame where one of the great basketball coaches of all time tom izzo was inducted into the basketball hall of fame. so congratulations to coach izzo as notre dame gets its first down. ready to close this one doug, it will change the preparation week because a lot of confidence to take out of this week. >> doug: a lot of young players got the opportunity to perform and play. got their feet wet. now you're gearing towards a rivalry, an important game. so they've got to turn it up a notch from what they did today. positive aspect. the defense almost pitching a shutout tonight through three quarters.
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causing turnovers. it just is a confidence booster for those young players. >> mike: josh anderson to close it out. notre dame 444 yards of offense and a 29-point win to get win one of this 2016 season. brian polian and the wolf pack head back to reno 1-1. kathryn is with coach kelly. >> kathryn: thank you very much. coach, after the loss to texas dwlerpss about the defense. did you get those answers today? >> we played much better, obviously. you know, got a lot of young guys in in the second half. their first time out here. but i was pleased in the first half, obviously, playing an offense that has a lot of things that they got to be worried about. much more disciplined. we tackles better. and you hope to see that
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we have to step our game up another notch. >> kathryn: what do you have to take from this your first win of the season into next weekend? >> again, playing a physical football team. we have to continue to show the improvement. i thought we played better in the back end. you know, nick coleman got a chance to go in there and do some things to make up for last week. so we gained some confidence. that was a good thing. and did enough on the offensive side of the ball to win game. >> kathryn: coach, thank you very much. mike? >> mike: all right, kathryn. strong game from kizer. notre dame 39, nevada 10. on the board with a win. want to hear more from brian kelly and press conference available for you on primetime next saturday night here on nbc. cannot wait. we'll have it for you under the lights 7:30 eastern time. tonight starting at 8:00/7:00
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and the rest of our nbc team, mike tirico thanks for joining
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>> this is 9news. >> oh, did you feel it? hints of fall crept into the morning forecast. we started out with a little chill in the air before warming up again this afternoon. >> it wasn't too long before it started to feel like summer
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today. thanks for joining us. it was such a cool morning. a lot of folks out. it was crisp but then it went up just like that. >> yeah, we were in the upper 30s. >> really? >> early this morning out at the airport. it was frigid. by this afternoon though, low 80s around here. >> sweating. >> nothing but sunshine. you rode in on the bike. my goodness. and this is just kind of a taste of what's to come. tomorrow is going to be even hotter around here. up in picture perfect. we had bright blue skies. plenty of green out there. here in downtown denver, it is gorgeous. again, we are siting in the low 80s right now. and, we are going to be cooling things off in the next couple of hours. we are 82 here in the metro area. greeley, sterling as well. 67 in leadville. upper 70s in kremmling and more 80s once you move out to the western slope. the winds have been a bit breezy for u.s. across parts of
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limon, lamar, springfield gusting to 29 miles an hour. up in the high country as well. and we will be watching for high fire danger the next couple of days. it is dry, breezy, and it is warm. yesterday, remember, it was nice and cool. mid 70s all courtesy of a cool front? that front is now piling into parts of the ohio river valley bringing them some rain and some severe weather but it is clear. here in colorado. it should be a quiet and calm evening for all of us. and wait until you see the forecast for changeup coming our way. 60s , and rain showers will be here before we know it. we are going from one extreme to the next. just like that. >> oh, i'm going to the mountains tomorrow. that's what i'm going to do. that's my day off. >> you know what? a couple of the little spots starting to see the leaves change, so might as well take advantage now. >> got to go check them out. thank you very much danielle. aurora police are investigating a fatal shooting of a woman in an apartment
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alameda. this morning at 7:00, the 29- year-old woman was found dead inside the americana apartments. the front door was left slightly open and no one else was home. police have not released her name. anyone with any information should call denver metro crime stoppers. a rollover crash in thornton killed one person and injured four others including an infant. just after 9:00, a jeep and a pickup collided at quebec street and highway 7. one person in the three other passengers inside were taken to the hospital along with the driver of the other vehicle. their conditions are not known this evening. police say the jeep may have run a stop sign before it was hit. three years ago, this month, the rain started pouring. and, devastated parts of colorado. the historic floods of 2013 claimed ten lives. wiped out roads, and destroyed towns. the 4 counties were left dealing with the aftermath.
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one of the cities that was hardest hit. city leaders say this is a bittersweet weekend as they remember the devastation but sow focus on resiliency. >> it is something i will never get over. it will always come back. >> september. 2013. >> it's an anniversary you remember but are proud of. >> reporter: three years after devastating floods put colorado on hold, cities like longmont are looking back with what was overcome. >> that's the longmont i know. we are a determined bunch up here and we are going to make it happen. >> reporter: for the most part, longmont has recovered. that's say ago lot considering the damage. crews had to reshape the river to prevent new flooding. built a new bike path and restored services. with all of this out of the way, the publics work director says the focus is now
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the project but ourselves. >> reporter: even several years later, the emotions and memories are vivid for dale who grew up here. >> it was the parents of some of my classmate who's were flooded and came up to me and said dale ... stay on this. don't, don't let us down. and, you know, that doesn't go away. >> reporter: the city was determined. and it paid off. recovery that was expected to take up to ten years was completed in less than half the time. >> we think there are lesson to be learned about how longmont is recovering that can be replicated as a country. >> reporter: with recovery nearly complete, the path to resiliency begins as longmont remembers the devastating floods. and, the strength that surfaced from it. >> the flooding is going to make longmont stronger than it otherwise would have been. >> reporter: in longmont, jessica oh, 9news. >> the latest estimate for the cost to repair flood damage in
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the city credits state and federal services like fema for helping the community get back on its feet. today, a town in western colorado honored a hometown hero. the town of new castle dedicated a sculpture in memory of captain william dubois who was killed in a combat mission in the middle east. he died in 2014 when his plane crashed while he pulled in support of a military campaign against isis. captain dubois was 30 years old. our prep ts introduced us to the chatfield football team. it gave us an inside look at the chargers freshman football camp held in south park, colorado. this cabin was a staple at the camp and has been for years. assistant coach don built it with his own two hands but it burned down this week and wasn't insured. now the team is working to raise money to rebuild it. they are up to $15,000, but they still have quite a way to go. if you would like to help, we
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facebook page. we have a happy story to an update to a story about a man from evergreen whose best friend went missing earlier this summer. the dog named rue was a long time mascot of matt's restaurant. regulars at the restaurant helped to get the word out about rue. more than two months later, rue and overnight. someone spotted rue loose in arvada wearing a harness and new dog tagsment they took rue home and posted the dog's photo online. as soon as he saw the post, he took immediate step to get rue back. now rue is getting settles back into evergreen. they played into sunrise. some family and friends came by to welcome rue home. what a great ending to the story. >> i love this. this could be one of my favorite stories of the day.
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dog. what happened. we don't know what happened. but the dog is back home. i love that. i'm so happy he is home. >> he is home now. what a great ending. >> yes. yes. yes. love it. a lake too dangerous for swimming athletes tested their toughest. more on their plunge into lake dillon coming up. >> and samsung says put the phones down because of a dangerous defect. ? sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday.
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>> today in summit county, around 800 athletes tried to do something they have never done beforement race in the highest
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allowed for folks out there because the water is so cold. >> reporter: you're right, it's normally a little too cold. not too bad on the surface, but a foot down, it is 40 degrees. not something you want to be in all the time. but today, 800 athletes not only swimming in the dillon reservoir, but getting on their bikes, riding, and then running. all of them taking part in the first ever 106-degree west triathlon. today! >> reporter: on a chilly september summit county morning. jeff is all fired up. >> giddy as a schoolgirl. >> reporter: about athletes taking the plunge. into the dillon reservoir for a triathlon nearly a decade in the making. >> it has been nine years in the making to get here. >> reporter: and today ... >> three, two, one! >> reporter: that raise is on with 800 hletes. >> turn left! >> reporter: some with a
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>> i figured i would put on the full rodeo outfit. >> reporter: taking part in the highest elevation triathlon and for the first time ever. >> the altitude and the cold. >> reporter: putting on wet suits for the icy waters of the dylan reservoir. >> lake dillon is very special. i have been looking at it all week on the drive to work. couldn't wait to get in the water. >> reporter: water normally too cold for swimming. >> in fact, if you came out and tried to practice, you would race. >> reporter: but today, the summit county dive team, boats, paddle boards, kayaks on patrol. >> safety is paramount. we have a good crew out there taking care of us. >> reporter: it is a good thing. while some athletes could swim, others needed help, eventually geting to shore and peeling off their wet suits before cycling and running around soul mitt county bringing big crowds cheering on their family and friends. at the dillon best western.
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of course, she says fall leaves usually do that anyway. >> a lot of people like to come and see the fall leaves this time of year. >> reporter: but all this has been a little different. one reason our cowboy triathlete wanted to finish the last mile as promised. in boots and jeans and a perfect place for his triathlete belt buckle. >> this is an epic race. it is meant to be cool and es after he gets through today, he will start planning next year's race. >> oh my gosh. i can't wait. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there were some traffic problems tied in with this race. it was the chief complaint of people trying to get around summit county. roads closed in dillon, but they had to close roads up to monazuma and chi stone. most of the roads closed all day. they couldn't get where they wanted to get. it is something to work on for next year, because the plan is to have this race again about
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the overall winner by the way, the person with the best time in this triathlon, 35-year-old colorado resident hailey benson. she crushed the men and women's time and still now, eight hours into this race, there are still people trying to finish. but, you guys, you are going to spend eight hours riding a bike, running and swimming, that view right there isn't a bad one to be taking in to try to take your mind off of the excruciating pain your body is in. >> oh, absolutely. no doubt that freezing! at least it warmed up, temperatures warmed up for the folks out there. and for those still going, i have been there and done that. don't stop. keep rooting them on matt. >> reporter: i see a lot of people still across the line. just sweaty, exhausted, and, miserable. [ laughter ] i don't know why they want to do it but they have smiles on their faces and they are finishing it. a lot more nerve than i have. >> they are running for the
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>> especially at that elevation. thanks math. we will catch up with you later. in other news happening today. tour de fat got going. that is new belgium's brewing and beer bike fest. it kicked off with the costume bike ride. concerts, a game show, and beer samples for the adults of course. donations will go to nonprofit ins the area like bike denver and denver cruiser ride. >> it was a nice bike ride. >> absolutely. >> it is starting to feel more like fall now. but in a few days that will change. danielle is tracking a double digit drop in our temperatures. >> and it is going down. what scientists could learn for
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>> hey there welcome back. i hope you are having a fantastic weekend. plenty of sunshine. very seasonal temperatures too. low 80s , nice late summer heat. up in the mountains, it feels pretty good as well. we are already starting to see a couple of pockets where those leaves are beginning to change. i think within the next week or two, we are going to see some more widespread orange and yellow popping up in the high country. before we know it, it will be white and the chair lifts are
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it is bright and it is blue in downtown denver. we have had a dry day. humidity at 10 to 20%. across the western slope, extremely dry. so we from going to be watching high fire danger for the next several days. low 80s for daytime highs. denver, greeley, sterling, wray, right there at 82. hiting the 70s in gunnison. winds not too bad. winds out of the in the 9 backyard feels good in the shade. we are sitting at a comfortable 81. you can see what we have going on. that is absolutely nothing going on around here. so quiet, so calm. but as i showed you the front that pushed through yesterday now pushing into parts of the ohio river valley into cincinnati. some strong to severe storms pushing all the way through kentucky, tennessee, and parts of the southeast. about 53 tonight. mostly clear skies. it will be breezy out there in the foothills.
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eastern plains. 30s in grand lake. 42 frisco. and nearly 60 degrees at grand junction. ly fire up the futurecast, but you will not see that much. overnight, things look pretty good. clouds start building in up in the mountains early on. we might see a mountain wave cloud start to develop. but it won't last too long. we will watch for sunshine in the afternoon. but look what is happening. a weak little disturbance heading into the san juans bringing a few isolated showers an south here in denver. nothing but sunshine with the clouds creeping back in by the evening as the weather pattern begin to shift. there's the front. it is scooting further off to the east, high pressure around bringing us mainly the heat tomorrow. but, look what is going on way up there. a little rain, some snowfall in montana. late tomorrow night, that is going to be our next storm system. a strong cold front will be pushing in dropping down our temperatures dramatically giving us a little rain around here and hopefully, we are
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red flag warning in place from noontime to 7:00. this will include parts of the front range mountains and foothills. jackson, grand, summit counties. wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. and once again, it is a dry day with relative humidity values between 10 and 20%. how about that? 90 degrees. did you think we were done with them? i don't know. we might have one or two left. we will be watching for mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. hot across the eastern plains. mid to upper 90s out pueblo, lamar where the heat is on. if you are heading up to the mountains, it should be fantastic as you are starting to see the bright golden colors starting to pop out. 70s in nederland, black hawk, idaho springs. 90s in the heart of the city. northern colorado corridor as well. and then, there is that drop. we are dropping like a rock. in every sense of the word. 20 degrees. into monday.
5:33 pm
tuesday, more clouds, a little bit cooler. scattered showers around. and then, the storms will be a little more isolated on wednesday and thursday. we pop back into the 70s so we are just kind of on this roller coaster ride. but what do you think guys? the last 90-degree day or are we going to have a little more? >> i they we will be close. >> i'm thinking i'm going to keep my coat handy. because i'm not quite used to all of this cold weather. >> i know. >> i yeah. >> for folks that are holding onto the last bit of summer we'll take it. >> it's here, tomorrow. >> they are out there enjoying it on the bikes. >> all right danielle. thanks. well hey, it is mars like we have never seen it before. nasa's curiosity rover sent back new color pictures of the murray buttes taken during curiosity's final trek before it heads up mount sharp. images detail its rocky
5:34 pm
understand how the current landscape on mars came to be. pretty cool. >> uh-huh. tributes nationwide are happening all weekend. in memory of lives lost on 9/11. >> red rocks is the backdrop for an event honoring the sacrifice made by first responders 15 years ago.
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>> tomorrow, we remember, honoring the nearly 3,000 live lost 15 years ago on september 11. the terrorist attacks on the twin towers, the pentagon and a plane in chainingsville, pennsylvania. others lost their lives rushing toward the danger. people in colorado remember and they are paying tribute. hundreds of firefighters and others will honor the firefighters killed in the
5:37 pm
red rocks. the climb has grown year after year. and you guys, thank you very much for being here. i was out there last year, it was an honor to be part of the event. so many people come out. and red rocks really has a special vibe about it whether you are at a concert, doing yoga. it only seems like it is appropriate to hold a stair climb like this out there. so let's start with you shawn. this is an event that is growing year after year. >> it is. climb. we started in 2009. it is just continuing to grow every year. and gain popularity. i think it is just a really unique way for people to gather together that day and remember what happened 15 years ago. >> yeah. it starts early tomorrow morning around 8:00 a.m. >> that's correct. >> for folks who want to be a part of this, what should they know? >> well, it is not a race. first of all, it's just a memorial climb. so, just kind come out, your fitness level is not
5:38 pm
breaks as you need. it really is just a family atmosphere. everybody is invited to climb with us. >> and you guys are wearing your full gear. why is that so important for you guy to do? >> i feel like it makes it a physical tribute. we can certainly take a moment of silence. we can pause and look back on the day. but when you are actually out there, you know, laboring and doing some physical activity, it really, you know, especially for us, as fair firefighters it equates to world trade center. we are completing that climb in tribute of geting to the top of the world trade center. so few of those firefighters did in their rescue attempts. >> last year as i mentioned, shawn, you invited me out there. we have this picture from our perspective when we were on top of the fire truck. we could pull that up, it really is the scope of the amount of people that were there. look at that. it was so overwhelming.
5:39 pm
everyone was taking that moment to remember, the victims of 9/11, it really was powerful and it is really something that the as an american, so incredibly cool to be a part of. >> you think back to september 11 and you think of the tragedy. but september 12, within hours of september 11, the nation came together. and you know, i look back on september 11 and we think of the tragedy. but i like to think about how we came together. this is a perfect exame we have firefighters, we have nurses. we have people, you know, of the united airlines. there's just so many people impacted by this day. to have them all in one spot. it is just, it is really a special thing. it is about that togetherness. you know. >> yeah. >> and that is really what you are speaking of is that feeling you get when everyone is out there together. >> we encourage everyone to come out. thank you very much for being here, the climb is happening
5:40 pm
you can still register. you have to go to 9/11 lunch, a concert, t-shirt. so get there early. we would love to see you all out there. we will have all this information posted on >> it is truly an incredible event. >> that picture you show, it is surely an emotion mall time. we are so glad the fire departments are doing this. all right thank you guys. thank you. all right, uh, coming up next phone because of problems it is having.
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? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year- all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday only at a sleep number store. >> the man who shot president ronald reagan in a failed assassination attempt left a mental hospital in washington dc today for good. more than 35 years after the shooting. john hinkley jr. will live with his elderly mother in virginia. after here, he can live alone
5:43 pm
year. he will have to volunteer three days a week. they ruled he is no longer a danger to himself or the public. the shooting in happened in 1981 killed james brady and wounded two others. ahead of the anniversary of the september 11 attacks, the u.s. state department wants americans abroad to be vigilant about their personal security. the state department sent out a reminder about extremist interests targets. a u.s. facility word wide remains at a hittenned state of alert. syria today accepted an agreement by the u.s. and russia that calls for a nationwide cease fire starting monday. both world powers agreed to a new military partnership targeting isis and al-qaeda as well as new limits on syrian forces. russia is a main backer of syria's government while the u.s. has supported rebel
5:44 pm
fire happened shortly afterwards followed by violence. more than two million worshipers will begin a pilgrimage. all able-bodied muslims must do it once in their lives. a crusade and stampede last year killed hundreds of pilgrims last year. ongoing dispute over the investigation led the saudi government to ban iranians from participating this y student in california who disappeared 20 years ago turned up what could be human remains. the fbi believes it found remains at the california poly tech nick state university. police dogs identified three areas of interest on campus. it will take months to determine if the remains discovered at one of the sites are human. 19-year-old christian smart was last seen in may of 1996. friends said she went off to a
5:45 pm
to her dorm. samsung says customers should immediately stop using the galaxy note 7 smartphones. there are reports of them catching on fire. now samsung is urging owners around the world to turn their phones in for a replacement. they will replace the batteries. rechargeable lithium batteries made by one supplier were faultily. a federal safety group urged phone owner to turn them off and leave them off. several airlines al travelers not to use them while flying. for the second time in the row, the underdog broncos defeated the carolina panther withs a 21-20 win. in sports a to z, they tackle what worked and where the broncos could use some improvement. sam, the broncos win the super bowl rematch, the opener, their 1-0. were you impressed?
5:46 pm
i was impressed with trevor siemian. his first game in the national spotlight. everybody is looking at him. and he put points on the board in the fourth quarter when they needed him. the defense made plays. i really thought they held up well considering all that was at stake. the first game of the season with the nation watching. >> i think trevor siemian gets an a. maybe an a minus. i think the country and people in denver say this guy can actually play. but i'll give you a couple of things i was concerned about. general. in the first half, carolina hits six out of seven third downs. that never happened against that defense last year. in fact, in the playoffs, they have 42 third down. give you some stats there. they hit seven. the other night, six out of seven. that is not going to cut it. i didn't think the no fly zone was up and running the other night. i didn't think it was really up there. and i also thought when you
5:47 pm
you don't miss malik jackson, but i think you do. i have less questions about trevor siemian because i think that is what he will be and are you going to be as good? >> i give a game ball, if it were up to me to give a game ball, i would have given it to the strength and conditioning coaches for the denver broncos. it was clear to me, the panthers had a lot of energy in the first half. but they started breathing that mountain air and those lungs started burning, the denver broncos got stronger and stronger. you can see the pass rush become in the second half. the panthers struggled offensively. you can see the panthers defense struggling. and the broncos, because, first game of the season, remember a couple of years ago when the broncos went down to miami. >> and they were gassed. so what would we be saying today if the kick was good? >> oh. we would be saying that the denver broncos are going to be in for a very long, long season. they can't win close games.
5:48 pm
you and i predicated on the fact that he ... that they iced him after he hit it and he hooked the kick. now we are like oh, you know, everything is ... and i think, i think we should be somewhere in the middle. i think we are going to win the division. i think they are going to be pretty good. >> i didn't say they weren't going to win the playoffs. >> i think they are going to win the division, but, are they going to be defensively as dominant as they were last year? off 60 minutes i would sa they are not. >> they scored three touchdowns offensively the other night. that was rare last season. i think you have to find out in the next few weeks when they go on the road, how good they can really be. that will do it for us. i'm a. it's a happy time. >> we are 1-0. i'm z. [ laughter ] in the race for the white house, hillary clinton is apologizing for comments she
5:49 pm
clinton in the polls. nbc's chris pilone has the story. >> reporter: it's a comment hillary clinton has made before. but friday night was one of the first times reporters were in room to hear it. a star studded fundraiser in new york, clinton blasted donald trump for being a voice for hateful rhetoric and blasted hiss supporters too. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. they are homophobic, xenophobic. islamophobic. >> reporter: she has now walked them back a bit. she says she was grossly generallistic and regrets saying half. but clinton said she will continue to call out racist rhetoric. trump attending the funeral of conservative icon phyllis tweeted his disapproval saying it will hurt clinton in the polls. mike pence responded at a campaign event in virginia. >> people who represent the
5:50 pm
my running mate. they are good hard working americans. >> reporter: trump called clinton trigger happy. >> when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures at our people ... that they shouldn't be allowed to make ... they will be shot out of the water. >> reporter: 58 days until election day, the campaign is as nasty chris pilone, nbc news, new york. >> both clinton and trump are expected to attend the september 11 anniversary memorial service tomorrow in new york. well, we dry out even more tomorrow. danielle is tracking what will the toasty end to the weekend be like. >> also, with hanging lake gaining popularity, volunteers are left cleaning up after
5:52 pm
>> hanging lake is close for the day so volunteers could repair some of the wear and tear and clean up graffiti. today, volunteers improved barriers around sensitive habitats, removed graffiti from
5:53 pm
130,000 hiker visit the lake each year. forest rangers say graffiti has become a huge problem. this week, our 9 neighborhoods team explored roxboro park in douglas county. they believe early humans may have butchered their food in the area 13,000 years ago. settlers built homes there in the late 1800s. one of them is credited home in ireland: now, its ancient rocks formation is what they are known for. the rocks have stood for 68 million yearsment part of the neighborhood, officially turned into roxboro state park in 1987. for more about colorado's neighborhoods, watch every friday on 9news mornings or search 9 neighborhoods on our website. >> it is a great site out there. >> absolutely.
5:54 pm
there too. >> it is always nice around here no matter the season. you know what? today finally feeling like summertime. we will have one more day of that. and then, fall settles in. >> here it comes. >> uh-huh. just for a couple of days. we're good. the one thing about the forecast for tomorrow is the fact that yes, it will be hot. but we also are beginning to be watching for high fire danger. we are watching drought conditions in parts of north western colorado. in and around the metro areas too. pushing into elbert counties. abnormally dry for now. but something to think about. look at this. i know we are only about a third of the way through the month. but, only three-hundredths. thus far. we need some storms. monday and tuesday are looking promising but before we get there, we have red flag warnings across parts of the states and wyoming. northwest colorado. grand, larimer, boulder counties between 6,000 and 9,000 feet. the winds tomorrow, coming directly out of the west.
5:55 pm
so, just ... keep that in mind as you are out and about. look at this. so far, from january 1 until today, 4.9 million acres have burned across the country. but, that is not bad compared to this time last year. we were at 8.5. still something to think about. you can see current fire danger. the worth in north western colorado, high, very high out there. temperatures tomorrow, scorching. 90 degrees around here. 90s for getting hot. 60s , 70s up in the mountains. it will be warm out to the west as well. so, do what we can. we don't want to see any more fires. >> yeah. >> it is a good reminder. as fall settles in, we are lucky to get some rain this week finally. but folks are out there camping. something to be mindful. >> that wind though. >> people are coming from out of town. >> it has been howling. >> you could feel it here in town a little bit too. >> it will be back tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> all right daniel. thank you.
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
>> from colorado's sport leader, here is rod mackey. >> cu blew out csu. then the buffs have a big game in the big house against juggernaut michigan. today a home game against ohio state. this is what you call a sure thing on paper. no way colorado should lose, but e scare you. a good start for the good guys. cu scored first on the first drive. 7-0 buffs. from the air, to the ground, three touchdowns taken in from in close. two by phillip lindsay. and this one by kyle evans making it 28-0. soon to be 35- 0. as sefo airs it out again. this time to mountain vista high school star chris hill. they are cruising in the third
5:59 pm
csu looking to bounce back from the aforementioned loss to csu. texas san antonio in town. this is a give me game right? izzy matthews in from six. 4-6. rams up 10 looking good. but with just 20 ticks left in the half. road runner scored a touchdown of their own. cut the deficit to three. brady jones. the rams held them up one at the end of the half. this one at the end of the game. off the upright csu gets win number one. 23-14. >> i wanted to see fight out of our team. i wanted them to fight for 60 minutes or however long it took. and the scoreboard would take care of itself. and it did. was it pretty? no, but we did improve from week one. we got improved from week two going into week three. >> as expected air force blew out georgia state. the visitors scored first, but
6:00 pm
afternoonment their first score their best score. how about a 99-yard kickoff return? that is how you pond to giving up a touchdown. tim mcvey the honors. air force wins 48-14 at 2-0. wyoming at nebraska. cowboys head coach craig bowl returning to the place where he was a player. wyoming hanged tough early thanks to a few timely plays. andrew winguard. there wasn't enough of that. and too much of this. tommy armstrong with the touchdown toss. the record breaker. he has the most in husker history. nebraska rolls 52-17. onto the nfl. knowing while most of the league is getting ready to kick off their 2016 seasons, the broncos are getting ready to do like most fans will spend their summers in front of the television watching. chips and beverages on emmanuel


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