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tv   9 News at 10pm  NBC  September 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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a colorado community reveals a permanent tribute to a fallen hero. a dog missing since july is back with his owner tonight. how rue finally made it home. 9news starts now. a man was shot this afternoon by a boulder county sheriff's deputy after he fired at the deputy shattering her car windows. around 5:00 this evening several drivers reported the man was walking along highway 287 with a gun and acting aggressive towards drivers. a deputy responded and approached the man in the 7500 block of north one seventh -- 107. he immediately fired at her, she returned fire hitting the man several times. the deputy was not injured. the suspect was taken to the hospital. his condition is not known this evening. tomorrow the nation will pause to mark 15 years since the september 11th terror attacks. many memorials and services were held to honor the victims.
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city to remember the 343 fire personnel who died on 9/11. a picture of each was shown as a moment of silence was held. a procession with the banner that read 343 was followed by firefighters carrying an american flag to represent each member lost. >> we pay tribute to all of these extraordinary individuals so that others could be safe and free from harm. and we remember that no act of terror can match the character of our country, change who we are as americans, or overcome our enduring resolve to be each other's keepers in times of calm and crisis alike. may we never forget the stories of the fallen, the humanity they embodied and the courage they demonstrated. >> mayor bill de blasio also spoke and recognized the 127 fire department personnel who have died since the attacks due
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recovery efforts. the loss of those firefighters trying to save lives on 9/11 is still making an impact. 9news reporter nelson garcia shows us how a class right here in denver is making sure the sacrifices are never forgot him. >> in my day they pull the fire alarms. >> reporter: of all the years kevin hammons has been in the fire business -- >> we don't find them until there is damage. >> reporter: few things surprise him. this is the fire and emerge at metro state. >> you need to keep that vital source of new blood coming in. >> reporter: former firefighter brian bagwell designed this program and dedicated the first course to the firefighters who died on 9/11. his friends. >> that the -- we numbered that first course fdr 3430. >> reporter: for the 343 firefighters who died that tragic day. >> new generations come
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program that's there for ever. >> i make it at. >> i hope to become a firefighter. >> reporter: the surprising thing is that students like chris and haley are in this class because of 9/11. >> i do remember 9/11 as a young kid. and i do believe that it has shaped my desire to become a firefighter. >> everyone involved in 9/11 was so brave and that loss was so unfortunate. >> i have to tell you i am surprised. i would not have guessed the powerful motivator 9/11 would be in 2016. >> reporter: 15 years later. and for ever. >> it is something to hear someone who is three or four years old when that happened and yet that memory is still very clear and so clear that they've decided they want to dedicate their career. >> reporter: dedicate their lives. in denver. nelson garcia, 9news.
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degree program is unique to colorado and it just started this year. there will be tributes across colorado and the metro area but one of the bigger ones is the red rocks stair climb. hundreds of firefighters and others will honor the firefighters who died in the attacks with the stair climb at red rocks. the event is going to start tomorrow morning at 7:30. each participant pays tribute to a new york firefighter by climbing the equivalent of the 110 stories of the world trade center, that's nine laps around the amphitheater. it supports the fdny counseling services unit and programs provided by the national fallen firefighters foundation. the small town of newcastle on the western slope honored a hometown hero today. a sculpture of caption -- captain william dubois was unveiled this afternoon. he died when his plane crashed while he was flying in support of the military campaign against the islamic state group. captain duboise was 30 years old. he went to rifle high school and graduated from the
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before he deployed. tomorrow afternoon there will be a prayer service outside parker adventist hospital for detective dan bright. he was critically injured when he was shot while's money to a call and is being treated at the hospital. the prayer starts at 3:00. the public is encouraged to attend and wear blue with to show their support for detective brite. if you go you asked to carpool because a large crowd is expected. parking wille medicals to, participants are asked not to bring balloons. police in aurora are looking for clues after a woman was found dead inside an apartment this morning. officers responded to the americana apartment on south memphis way just after 7:00 for a welfare check. when they arrived they found a door of an apartment open slightly and saw a woman dead on the floor. police say the 29-year-old
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anyone with information should call aurora police or crime stoppers at 720-913-stop. a man wanted for killing a woman in westminster is now in jail. officers arrested 31-year-old jared strange today in adams county. the victim who has not been identified was found with a gunshot wound last weekend in the 4200 block of 70th place in westminster. she later died from her injuries. the federal government's temporary stoppage of an oil pipeline in north dakota may change the way energy projects yesterday just minutes after a federal judge denied the standing tribe attempt to halt construction of the dakota access pipeline, three federal agencies appealed to the pipeline company to voluntarily pause work. the government is now reconsidering its decision on the pipeline and wants input from the tribe, something that has never happened before.
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their water supply and say that it violates several federal laws including the national historic preservation act. they and thousands of native americans have held protests against it. the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is now a free man. today 61-year-old john hinckley was released from a mental hospital more than 35 years after the shooting. in late july a federal judge ruled that hinckley was not a danger to himself or the public and could live full-time with his mother in virginia. hinckley will have to abide by a work requirements for at least the first six months he will see his psychiatrist twice a month and has to attend weekly group therapy sessions. he will also be seeing a therapist individually. syria accepted an agreement by the u.s. and russia that calls for a nationwide cease- fire starting on monday. both powers also agreed to new military partnership targeting isis and al qaeda fighters as well as new limits on syrian forces. the agreement allows
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blockaded areas of syria particularly in the northern city of aleppo. still an uphill battle since rebel groups on the ground have not accepted the deal. >> no one is building this based on trust. it is based on a way of providing oversight, and compliance through mutual interest and other things. and we are determined to explore every single avenue possible for progress. >> russia is a main backer of syria's government. the u.s. has supported groups there. similar cease-fire fell shortly afterward and was followed by months of violence. in the race for the white house hillary clinton is apologizing for comments she made about supporters of donald trump. sort of. clinton blasted trump's for being a voice for hateful rhetoric. she also went after his supporters last night in a star- studded fundraiser in new york.
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supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> today she walked back those comments slightly. she was saying that she was grossly generalistic and regrets saying half. trump tweeted his disapproval and predicted that it would hurt her in the poles. mike pence responded directly at a campaign event in virginia. >> people that represent the my running mate, they're good hard-working americans. >> both clinton and trump are expected to attend anniversary memorial service tomorrow in new york. a dog loved by his owner and community is back where he belongs tonight. how true, who has been missing since july made it back to his owner in evergreen. and a hot end to the weekend before the cool start
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daniel has your forecast coming
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nasa's curiosity mars rover is giving a glimpse of the red planet in color. the new images were taken on thursday during curiosities visit to monstrous formation of
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rocky terrain, buttes and other formations are clearly visible on the surface of mars. nasa says the buttes are expected to give researchers a better understanding of how the current landscape of mars came to be. back here on earth, we have a happy update to a story about a man from evergreen whose best friend went missing earlier this summer. >> yes. the leopard dog named rue was the longtime mascot of the restaurant the tributary. when we went missing in july, he put up a reward fo regulars of the restaurant also helped get the word out about rue. more than two months later, rue and boulder were reunited overnight. a fisherman spotted rue running loose in arvada wearing a harness and new dog tags. the fisherman took him holes -- posted the photo online. as soon as he saw that he took immediate steps to get rue back. >> you know he did. now he is getting settled back in evergreen.
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came by to welcome back home. so glad he is back in evergreen. >> i mean, to have this reunion, can't imagine. >> he just disappeared. >> so wonderful. we love that story. switching gears. we also love the weather this weekend. >> two months without rue? >> i know! >> his best buddy. i can't imagine. >> i know. we are happy about this one. >> what an adventure i'm sure. now all is right in the world. rue is back. mother nature has been simply perfect. the today, though it is around town. nothing but sunshine. if you like today, you're going to love tomorrow. it gets even hotter around here. tonight should be very pleasant. temperatures cool enough into the 50s but tomorrow with the heat and dry weather we were anticipating, plus gusty winds, we will be watching out for high fire danger across parts of the front range and into the mountains. then we're looking at a 20- degree temperature drop here in the metro area.
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we are in the low 60s right now in fort collins, downtown denver upper 50s, sterling and akron 51. idaho springs upper 40s walden and leadville. right now at the airport actually want up just a bit. 67 now with southwesterly winds kicking in around 15. that's actually helping to warm us up just a bit. in the nine backyard, 10:00 p.m. not too shabby at all. looking at those numbers in the upper 60s. you can see on hd doppler 9, we're not watching anything, no it's kept us dry for the past couple days. where is all the wet weather? you have to go pretty far, parts of the ohio river valley now into new york picking up on those rain showers. this is actually a cold front sliding all the way throughout parts of the southeast. tonight here in our backyard, 53 mostly clear skies. it will be a little bit cooler in northeastern colorado. certainly up in the mountains. 33 grand lake, low 40s in frisco. pretty mild out to the west. the rest looks pretty good.
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again in the mountains and foothills to tomorrow morning. that's going to create a mountain wave cloud. you can see it setting up around 10:00 a.m. might be inching closer to the metro area around lunchtime. don't worry. just yeah, it's another. we're in for a fantastic afternoon. if you are in the metro area, northern colorado, eastern plains, joining us from the san juans, san luis valley, you might have one or two isolated showers. not a total washout but you will be looking at a few around here. tons of sunshine by the afternoon. that is going to send out temperatures skyrocketing. high-pressure still with us for one more day. it will help stir up some heat around here, but then you can see what's lurking out to the north and west. are next storm system that will be bringing in a little bit of snowfall at the montana and much court -- much cooler temperatures in our backyard. we still have the one day, the rest of the weekend to enjoy the warmth. unfortunately the dryer conditions leading to high fired
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western slope, summit counties and areas between six and 9000 feet in larimer and boulder campus, all under that red flag warning through tomorrow afternoon early evening, wind gusts as high as 35 to 40 miles per hour. so it's going to be pretty gusty. here in denver, i don't think we are completely out of the woods. bone dry around here too. .03, that's all we've had. a third of the month go by and we are still far from an average. tack on another one, right? so far 52 days. and i think tomo mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. wind is kicking up as i mentioned. here in town not quite as bad. still 10 to 20 miles per hour. over the mountains and foothills that you really feel the winds gusting. mid-to-upper 90s across the eastern plains. a scorcher in lamar, pueblo, 95, 96. 60s and 70s, low 80s close to that anyway in evergreen, bailey, idaho springs at 78.
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as we look ahead towards the start of next week, there's the huge storm system that starts to push him, dropping down our temperatures, dramatically. 20 degrees, from sunday into monday, strong cold front pushes through, that gives us a couple storms on monday afternoon. the system just sits across southeastern colorado, keeps us cool, cloudy and wet on tuesday at 68. midweek, the storm system slowly starts to move out. we'll be left with mid-70s, one weekend, the eyes on the prize. right? mid-to-upper 70s with more sunshine. we desperately need that rain. it will be nice to have that cool off but summer is still here. >> it's pretty good timing. put all the rain right in the middle of the week when everyone is working and the weekends are perfect for the people that want to check out -- >> it's going to be nice. >> that's perfect. >> mother nature is on her a game. >> looking good. >> we'll take that. thank you.
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the broncos just sneaked by with a win over the panthers. >> they were far from perfect. sam and ron share their thoughts on the game in tonight's a to z. the broncos came away with a 21-20 victory thursday night. did the broncos win it or did carolina lose it? >> carolina lost it. your kicker misses a field goal. everybody makes field -- 50- yard field al lose the game. carolina for a long time outplayed them. however, the good teams find ways to win when they don't play well. and thursday night, it was a textbook, i mean a textbook, example of not playing well, turning it over three times, inside your opponents 30, offensively, struggling early, defensively never really got it going. and you still win the game. that's a good football team.
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it was his first start. >> feels like a rookie. >> he played well in the fourth quarter. because he put points on the board. >> i thought he did some good things. you know what i thought? 18-26. that's what we're going to get from him. high percentage, short passing game, try not to make too many mistakes. a pick or two every so often. >> with the help of the running game. >> he helped the running game. he scrambled for a few first downs with his legs. >> some mobility. >> better in the coming weeks. >> my game ball went to luke richardson. for those of you who don't know who that is, the strength and conditioning coach. the rest of this team, the broncos being here at altitude were able to wear down the panthers this first game where a lot of players had not played an extended amount of time. i'm going to chalk the first one up to strength and conditioning. >> got to go. >> my game ball goes to c.j.
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from colorado sports leader, here's rod mackey. >> idaho state? on paper, a gamy game for cu but the buffs won't look past anyone anymore. not after what happened back in 2006 when montana state went into boulder and shocked colorado. mike kramer was the head coach of that te state. good guys got off to a good start as csu scored -- see you that is, scored first. on the first drive. devon ross, buffs like that. from the air to the ground, three tds taken in from him close, two by philip lindsay and this one by kyle evans. that made it 28-0. soon to be 35-0. as he goes back to the
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mountain vista star chris hill, colorado of 49-0 at the half. they cruise 56-7. aaron made us -- aaron matas has more. >> reporter: idaho state did not provide much firepower. >> coming out of blocks so fast which is what we want to do. what i'm liking about is we are not lulling. >> reporter: the buffs are winning games they are supposed to and doing it handily. >> it shows a big maturity factor in my opening. with the ability to go out there and to handle business, you handle business. >> coach mack says the motive -- the most important team on our schedule is us. we play like we know we can, we will win. we focus on beating idaho state. and now that's over, we can look forward to the michigan game. >> yes. that game against fifth-ranked michigan is officially looming. >> reporter: certainly the buffs have looked good in their first two games, blowing out both opponents but you could argue the opposition has not
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saturday in ann arbor. >> have to answer that question. what kind of test it is. they're pretty good. aren't they? it's going to be a big test for us. >> reporter: one that mike mcintyre believes his team is ready for. >> they're hungry still. really hungry. basically starving. >> reporter: we should learn a lot next week. aaron matas, 9news. >> thank you. csu looking to bounce back from their blowout against cu in the opened for six. rams up tenant looking at. but with 20 seconds left in the half, the roadrunners scored a touchdown to cut the deficit to 3. dalton stunt abry jones. the rams held him off with two clutch kicks, one at the end of half and this one at the end of the game off the upright and in. csu gets win number 123-14.
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we'll get better executed. we got a little bit better offensively. we got a lot better defensively. we'll have a whole set of new challenges next week. got to keep our focus as coaches and players. of that fight that we got to fight for each other. >> just getting the win under their belt is a big thing moving forward. a little confidence and next week we get a little better and next week a little bit better. so it's just the start but we're really excited and jacked up because it's the rs as expected air force blue out georgia state. the visitors did score first, they just didn't score most. the falcons with 48 points this afternoon but their first score was their most impressive. how about a 99-yard kickoff return? that's how you respond to giving up a touchdown. tim mcvay the owners, air force is 2-0. 48-14. wyoming at nebraska. head coach craig boll returning to the place where he used to be a player.
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this interception in the end zone by former ralston valley high school start andrew wingard. but there wasn't enough of that. there was too much of this. tommy armstrong with three touchdown tosses including a career recordbreaker, most by a husker quarterback in history. nebraska wins easily, 52-17. unc beat abilene christian in a shootout 55-52. the bears are now a perfect 2- 0. most of the nfl ready to kick off their season, the broncos are like you and i, just getting ready to watch the tv. nfl football all day. chips and beverages on emmanuel sanders. the broncos receiver celebrating that three-year, $33 million extension to stay in denver. >> i wanted to be here and i kept saying that. we just got to find the right number. yeah. i could have possibly hit the market and went to another team
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about winning championships, you know? i think we got the formula. i think we got a nucleus of guys here, and elway attested to this, if we can keep these guys around, i think we'll have an opportunity every single year to make that run to win a championship and that's what it's about. how about major league baseball on this college football saturday? maybe not. the rockies awol in san diego. wil myers, can you say grand slam? didn't go out to the park. well, it did on the ground rule double. san diego scored in the first two innings alone. padres win, the final was 6-3. the rapids looking to avoid their third straight loss coming off back-to-back setbacks . problem was their opponent was fc dallas, the best in mls. but they weren't tonight. the rapids were better. colorado gets a when they had to have. the final was 1-0. tennis, anyone? women's open final between the
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karolina pliskova. a match that went the distance. with kerber taking the title in three sets, 6-3, 4-6 and 6-4. another great race for martin truex, jr. the racer finished third in tonight's nascar race. a race won by denny hamlin. we're going to finish by going back to football. one of the greatest finishes you've ever seen. number 22 oklahoma state up three on underdog central michigan. the chippewas down but not out. one final untimed play, cooper rush with the hail mary, jesse kroll answers the prayer with the catch and pitched to millie fountain who does the rest! he takes it in! are you kidding me? central michigan wins. they were a three touchdown underdog. they win by three. the final was 30-27. grade play. but it shouldn't have counting. the refs should not have given the met play. >> but they did.
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