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tv   9 News Special Edition  NBC  September 11, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm MDT

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>> referee: time-out. new england. their second. >> al: on a third and 23. >> cris: i don't think belichick liked what he saw. >> al: no. probably. >> cris: that was a okay guys, let's think about this now. don't worry about guarding down to the first down marker. jamie collins wandering around. they were trying to funnel everything into him on this play. hightower, for whatever reason did not feel good about that. discussion on the sideline over there for matt patricia saying guys, we are really guarding the ten-yard area here. >> al: third and 23. fitzgerald matched up with ryan. palmer. over the middle. caught, 29 yard line and this
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now they are back in field goal range. on fourth down they will spot the ball at the 29 yard line. >> cris: i am surprised that they are not taking a time-out. >> al: well, new england, arizona is out of time-outs. >> cris: not arizona, new england. >> al: exactly. fourth and five. now you have catanzaro. >> cris: you have to take that time-out. >> al: well, they should and they will now. but this is where belichick did not take a time-out in the super bowl and came up smelling like a rose. >> cris: yeah. you have to preserve what time that you have left. in theory if he makes it you will get your shot to go the other way and kick a field goal. >> al: jaron brown making the catch. getting them back into field goal range. working on the rookie, jones. so, you are going to have about
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this will give them the lead. if new england gets the ball back, no time-outs. >> cris: perfect under 47 yards last year. misses, 47, 51 and 55. >> al: drew butler to hold it. this to try to give the low snap, he gets it down. and the kick is no good. bad snap. >> cris: the rookie snapper. you try to save money here and there. that snap was low and away and
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of the kick. >> al: and both of our games this week, thursday and sunday, come down to a missed field goal at the end. >> cris: so many people thought that if new england could just go 2-2 in the first four games without tom brady, that they would be set. everybody in their division loses. they come in against a very tough arizona team here and get it done. >> al: now three home games before they get brady back. well, it will be a long night for candidate but it comes down to a bad snap in the end. >> cris: very nice game for jimmy garoppolo too on the road, under pressure, no gronkowski. all of the pressure on him and
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>> al: 23-21. patriots in a back and forth opening night game in the desert. 47. the mistiming of the kick wide to the left. the patriots go home for the next three upsetting the cardinals on the road.
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welcome to the volkswagen passat postgame show. here is bob costas. >> a low snap did not help but chandler catanzaro misses from 47, otherwise it would be the instead new england, a big underdog without brady and without gronkowski and other important players missing, they come in to arizona and win it 23-21. the game balls will go to jimmy garoppolo and to julian edelman. garoppolo, making his first nfl start was 24 for 33 for 264 and a touchdown. edelman caught 7 of the passes for 66 yards and garoppolo and
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>> michele: jimmy, to come on the road, you got a banged up offensive line. you don't have gronkowski. you are playing a really good team. how do you explain this win? >> you know, just all three phases. it really was. everyone playing team football. great complementary football. it was one of those nights. it was a good win. it was a good team win. >> michele: how would you evaluate you? >> plenty of room for improvement. we will look at the film and get it corrected for next week. >> michele: you co get the game started and actually play. >> oh, man. >> michele: now it is in the books what is going through your mind? >> it is just a great feeling. the whole team. you have to credit everybody. it is an awesome feeling. >> michele: congratulations. julian, you were helping him quite a bit out there. how did he do? >> you know, he came in here and he did his job and executed the offense. you know, it is good to see him come out here and play well.
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quickly as you did? >> we did our job. we stayed in the scheme. we took in the coaching. we had a good week of practice. we were able to execute the game. >> michele: we know tom brady is at home watching. do you want to say anything? >> love you buddy. we are going to get a few more. love you mom. >> schedule is favorable. next three all favorable at home before brady returns against cleveland in week five. the patriots. tony, how was new england able to get it done tonight? >> well, bob, obviously jimmy garoppolo was outstanding. as they said he did his job. but i always marvel at bill belichick and his coaching staff. no matter who they have playing or who is out, they always do one thing. they take away what the opponent does best. tonight they took away the blitzing from arizona's defense by throwing quick passes,
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carson palmer and made them adjust and have to throw underneath. i thought it was just an outstanding coaching job by the patriots staff. >> on the other hand if you are bruce arians, you know the next five games on the schedule are all against teams that didn't make the playoffs a year ago, and you came close to beating the patriots. granted, the patriots were without brady and gronkowski as we mentioned all night long. if you are bruce arians, what are you telling your team in the locker room now oryo >> you can't get down over one loss. but this is a game they obviously felt like they were going to win. you are playing at home. you never want to lose at home. you are playing to a backup quarterback. a banged up team. you had a chance to win it. you get over that as every coach does. hey, let's look at the tape. examine our mistakes. improve. we have a lot of football left to play. we are not going to hang our
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now let's move over to mike florio. russell wilson injured his ankle in a seahawks victory today. what is the latest you are hearing about his condition? >> well, bob, the ankle injury bothered russell wilson for the rest of the game. afterwards he acknowledged it is sore. this is one of those things we will need to keep our eyes on. it could linger. they are playing a tough rams' defense next weekend. the first regular season game n in minnesota next weekend, the new stadium opening. but it will be the same routine. will it be shaun hill or sam bradford at quarterback for the vikings? mike zimmer will keep it close to his vest. shaun hill played very well, well enough to win on sunday in tennessee. about you they are trying to get bradford ready to go. he is is the guy with the upside that they think will carry them to where they want to.
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maybe he will tell me who will start next week. >> thanks, mike, for the info. we look forward to pro football talk live tomorrow morning on nbcsn followed by "the dan patrick show" from 9:00 to 12:00. final score in arizona, pats 23, cards 21. al and cris to wrap it up back after this. d collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the redesigned passat. from volkswagen. i keep having this nightmare where no one can hear me. i'm locked in and i can't escape. my bike is faster than your network.
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the volkswagen passat postgame report. >> rodgers, pressure comes. he throws as he is hit. caught, touchdown. miraculous look. >> mariota shotgun, play action. he is is going to dump it left. intercepted, eric kendricks. there he goes. touchdown! a 76-yard pick six. >> al: it wasn't easy for either team, but it is the packers and the vikings coming in 1-0 opening up the new stadium in minneapolis. hot day in jacksonville. jaguars, a very much improved team but the packers get it done. >> cris: they sure did. any time that you get a win on the road as both teams did, very important. for jordy nelson to come back. eddie lacy looked trimmed down. then the defense carried the day. you wonder how soon can sam bradford get ready? it is not easy, al. you are trying to just remember
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>> al: the defense got it done for minnesota. the two big defensive touchdowns. whether it is hill or bradford, we don't know as we say it might be next week before we find out. but it is going to be some night in minneapolis. >> cris: i cannot wait to see that building. >> al: that's "sunday night football" next week we will talk to you from the twin cities. final score tonight was 23-21, new england. that wraps up our coverage of michaels, collinsworth, tafoya, costas and the whole gang saying good night from glendale, arizona. we will talk to you next sunday. ? ? >> announcer: nbc sports thanks you for watching this special presentation of the national
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cdot has closed i-70 at 6th avenue because of bridge damage. we don't know how long. cdot says you should come up with an alternative route. there is a conference call tonight and we will bring you more when we find out. a bus full of football players crashed and the driver is dead. 18 students and coaches from that school went to various hospitals. we're more serious injuries. we will have live reports from the school where parents have been gathering. clear tonight and changing tomorrow. kathy sabind has more. >> the temperatures will drop 15 degrees tomorrow. you will feel it. today we dropped 90s at dia. in the city, fair skies and light wind. we are watching the
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the airport. 72 downtown and 73 in broomfield and 57 in idaho. across some of the higher areas. the front will bring in the best chance for showers later tomorrow. we are tracking a few thunderstorms in southwest colorado. wind and lightning and the rain will hold off until tomorrow. just a few more moments, kyle. thanks, kathy. >> crews in longmont are trying to find the cause of a fire. it started before 7 and when firefighters got there smoke was coming from the south side of the old western sugar mill building. it was confirmed to have contained asbestos several years ago and has been em since
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production begins tomorrow in colorado on the netflix feel starring jane fonda and robert redford. the school is set in eastern colorado and it will premier on netflix next year. according to a casting call the filming will happen in the spring. 9 news at ten is next.
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this is 9news. >> a school bus full of high school football players crashed at the airport today. the driver is dead. 18 students and coaches were taken to the hospital. the coaches have more serious
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is at dia. nelson garcia is at the high school. the bus went off the road near the east side of the terminal? >> reporter: i am over looking the east terminal at dia. 4:30 p.m. today a school bus crashed into a pillar. police are looking into what caused the crash and looking to see if the driver had a medical condition. the football players from legacy high school just got back from playing a game in california. three school buses picked them up. one had 15 students and three adults on board. drove around to the east terminal. the road curves left but the driver continued straight when she hit a pillar on the level 6 over pass. >> circled around, we don't know why. it is unexpected.
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and the preliminary information is from the other drivers that it was quite curious to them. they don't know why. >> reporter: the two other buses made it back to the high school where the students were reunited with family. football players and coaches on the bus that crashed were taken to four area hospitals. the east terminal right now is closed off to many drivers. there are some tow trucks working to remove the bus. been 5-1/2 hours since e roadway. we spoke with dia and a spokesperson said they sent out engineers to look at the over pass and they say it is safe. >> victoria sanchez, thank you. >> 18 people on the bus went to four hospitals around the metro area. two patients are in critical condition, two serious and one fair. we have learned again that those the most hurt are coaches.
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colorado. first told there was five, the number is now six and four have been released. five to university hospital and have gone home. three went to aurora and have also been released. 9news reporter nelson garcia joins us from legacy high school where students and parents have been gathering. >> reporter: here at legacy high school the two school buses did return here and as each student l. and -- left the bus faculty and students were there. no visible sign of emotion for most of them. everyone was stoic. some of the football coaches left without saying a word to the media. of 18 people hospitalized 15 were students and three coaches suffered suffered the most serious injuries. they wanted to make sure


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