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tv   9 News at 1030PM  NBC  September 11, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm MDT

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nascar staple. on saturday night it made history. the first of the ncaa football game ever. the tennessee-virginia tech game. a record for the largest crowd. the previous record 115,000. that was in 2013. nevada the perfect setting for the unusual camel and ossifrage races. virginia host separate races. and they have zebra races. the event got its start 57 years ago after a newspaper made up a story. imagine that. about camel races. some people took the idea and ran with it. >> they don't know the rules. production begins tomorrow
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story is setane fictional county and it will be on netflix next year. filming will take place in colorado springs. 9news continues next with
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this is [ music ]
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brew s, rod mackey, mike klis and chad brown. broncos won the rematch and trevor simian played well enough for everybody to relax about the quarterback situation. >> i was a big fan of the guy -- >> great -- >> he did. one mistake. i thought for a guy making his first start i was impressed. i was. [ talking at the same time ] >> the one thing i think it did, i got asked all week how short is the leash going to be, i think we saw down 17-7 and they didn't pull him. he was rewarded with staying with him. no one is going to look for him
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minneapolis. i think he will be their quarterback to the bye now at least. that is my over and under. >> wow! >> i am going all season already. >> really? >> not going to be a quick, you know, quick -- >> one week doesn't make an nfl season. while it was a great start, there is lots of football to be played. teams will figure out what he does well, what he doesn't do well. i think you are yourself. they will be burning the midnight oil to figure out how to stop him and someone will succeed. >> broncos hammered cam newton several times. and now they are already being accused of playing dirty. is that fair? >> there is not a coach in the nfl that will say we got to play less aggressive. he will say we have to clean it up, play smarter.
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your helmet, that is dirty in 2016 football. >> i thought most of them were speed of the game contact. including the stewart one. the marshall, if that was accidental i don't think it looked that way. the nfl investigating the concussion protocol, i didn't see the training stat come out after the hit. >> it has been the big story nation looks like he lowers his head. the dirty reputation, they already built that up. it will be interesting to see what happens. some of the broncos players said they played badly. the coach was surprised they won but denver did thanks to wide left. [ music ] >> start of the 2016 nfl
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carolina panthers . >> make some noise, fellows. >> we are underway. booker hit hard. fumbled the football. i think carolina has it. >> looks left. laser into the end zone. touchdown carolina. >> the bronco offense on the move once intercepted. >> denver down 7-0. on the move again. >> a carry. going to go to the house. 15, 10, 5. welcome to the nfl. touchdown denver. >> cam newton just -- they are talking more smack right now. >> somebody got to make a play now. >> 89-yard touchdown drive, 18
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>> floats one. he will be picked off. [ music ] >> 3rd quarter denver down 10. 10, 5, cj into the end zone, touchdown denver. >> tipped up in the air. intercepted. >> denver the touchdown could take the lead. >> goal line. anderson touchdown. >> turns out to be a great game and indeed that is what we have had here in denver. placement. kick on the way. wide left. >> great come back. great quarterback play. >> all right. the nfl's national anthem protest controversy arrived in denver this week with broncos
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three of us on this set are unqualified to speak on this topic and should shut our mouths because we are white. i am being serious. we couldn't know what it is like to grow up black in this country, we couldn't know what it is like to live as a african american in this country. i think we should all just watch, listen, learn, and that is why i let you speak first on this topic. >> just to have the right to speak as well. >> we do. >> freedom of speech. we are all given that. today on 9/11 teams chose the protest in different ways. that is also their right. it is a fascinating thing -- >> we have the right to speak but with no credibility is what i am saying. >> credible or not you are still given the right to speak.
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from you but at the same time people have the right to protest, take a knee -- >> i -- i -- the protest is fine. i wish there was a way to do it not with the national anthem going on -- [ talking at the same time ] >> they could -- >> you could sput something on your -- put something on your jersey. >> i felt offended th in my opinion, disrespected the national anthem -- >> because it means somethingtouch to everybody -- something different to everybody. >> the mood of the country now is different than what it was in the '60s as far as the patriotism. there was anti-war there, there was deep segregation, racial injustice. now i know the white cops with the black suspects, that is
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send but when you do it with the national anthem the positive message of social injustice gets crushed by the negativity of disrespecting the national anthem. >> the national anthem does not and the flag doesn't just represent the military, it represents us all -- [ talking at the same time ] >> media people as well. to say while i disagree with your disagreement to say as if -- you know, it is sacred, a certain class can protest that -- >> the mood of the show is about to change after we come back. >> opportunity to show the world who we are. >> when broncos tonight continues, darian stuart tells us what kind of language was
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we tried to put helmet and shoulder pon not going to slide -- [ indiscernible ] >> can't do that all game with your quarterback. >> a big shot from darian stewart. [ indiscernible ] >> hit and sacked. >> i try to warn the -- you know, the refs every time i do get hit in the head but, you know, if the flag is not
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>> there will likely be fines in the future for the broncos. that first game may be the most physical we will see this season. tod davis led in tackles with 7 but no one was hitting harder than darian stewart. >> cam newton in trouble. chased. throws the ball away. takes a big shot from darian stewart. [ music ] >> we have been waiting a long time so much hype for game one. this may have been better, especially the way it turned out at the end. >> i think so. it was a hard fought game. they had us on our heels after the first half, man. so we wanted to come out and be better than the first half. >> reporter: what changed? >> we tackled better. i thought we executed better. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> a lot of bad words, man.
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what time of team we have, man, just being accountable. so i think just that leadership stepping up and making sure we have it right. >> reporter: i remember talking to tj ward in the off season about the super bowl, he said the play that turned the game was your play. and then it happened again today. you blew him up -- he may never want to see 26 again. >> that is what they keep saying. that is what i do, man. my type of physical. you know, hate he had to get a piece twice. >> cam was tearing it up early but you started hitting him and things changed. >> yeah. absolutely. that second half we got after him. you know? the pressure picked up, man. i thought we covered better. >> reporter: looks like he is chirping out there. see? see? >> he is a great player.
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from him. watch who you talk to. we got a bunch of just, like, just dolls, physical type players, will come hit you. you know, that is what happened tonight, man. we were after him. >> reporter: does it mean more because you beat the team, a really good team, first game of the season, there are a lot of guys that like to talk. >> yeah. just meant more to get the season started 1- last year was last year. we wanted to come out this year, man, and show them, man, we still here. you know, we are looking forward to doing the same this year. >> all right. the colts are next. broncos lost 8-9 to
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them. he is terrific. >> very good quarterback last week, another good quarterback, strong, can run. andrew luck is a better passer than cam newton so the defensive backs will be tested more this week. but the broncos have shown they can lose to the colts and still be in the super bowl. >> the colts are built on speed. they play on the turf and indoors. they have been a fast team. receivers are fast. the broncos defense is built on speed. i think it is that type of match-up. colts match-up well against the broncos. they are beat up on the offensive line. the broncos are going to pound andrew luck andrew luck on sunday. >> colts lose to the lions. [ talking at the same time ] >> so they are -- i mean, you have two different scenarios coming in, luck had his way
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set. this is a different quarterback. they are used to. turn the page, get a different guy. >> broncos-colts sunday at home, 2:15 p.m -- >> something like that. >> and then broncos tonight that night. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you for staying up late and watching broncos tonight. 9news at 10:00 p.m. continues after a photo finish.
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all right. it is almost 11:00 p.m. one more look before we get into monday. >> hazy and sunny today 90 degrees. tonight quiet. a cool front comes in mid- morning. a 15-degree temperature drop and maybe light rain showers. not just monday but tuesday as well. actually tuesday will be the
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next front arises thursday. -- arrives thursday. beautiful late summer weather conditions with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s through, well, monday and tuesday of the following week. spectacular. and you know what? we are having issues with the grasses and weeds for those sneezing and itching -- >> colds going around too -- >> yes. >> not even >> the gunk. the pre-gunk -- >> kids are back to school -- [ talking at the same time ] >> i see a connection. >> okay. seeing the pay off for rain. we could use it. >> yeah. absolutely could. dry august. 8th driest -- >> enjoy the leaves in the high country. and we will update on 9news tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. >> a few hours from now. >> 4:30 a.m -- [ talking at the
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from nbc news in washington, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> good sunday evening. this morning a huge american flag was at the pentagon to note in lower manhattan, we observed a moment of silence at 8:46 a.m. eastern time, marking the moment when the first plane flight 11 f flew into the north tower of the world trade center. immediately afterwards, as they do every year, relatives began reading the names of the victims of the attacks at the world trade center. edward l. allegretto


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