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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  September 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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commute includes the i-70 -- look out for a big closure around 6th avenue. the far right lane and shoulder are closed -- after a crane hit the bridge last night.. it was trying to go under the overpass at 6th avenue. this morning-- sixth avenue is back open... but it could days. c-dot officials say - lanes on i-70 -- could be closed for several days. good morning! i'm tarhonda thomas -- here with gary and marty....thanks for
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marty -- looks like we've got some pretty interesting changes this week. this morning -- one woman is dead,
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15 high school students are injured - some seriously -- after a bus crash at d-i-a. it happened sunday afternoon... the driver of that bus -- died. she was there to pick up legacy high school football players...when she unexpectedly drove around a second loop at the airport -- and ran off the road. police say -- they don't know why she looped around -- or what exactly led to the crash. the bus crashed into a pillar on the east side of the airport.. students and coaches from the broomfield area school went to four different hospitals.. the coaches - have the most serious injuries -- we'll have an update on everyone - coming up at 5.
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they were returning from a game in chino hills, california. the other two busses returned to legacy high school last night. most students leaving the area looked stoic and quiet. faculty and other students were there to show support.. a spokesperson for "adams 12" school district says-- crisis teams will be available today.. they also offered "heartfelt condolences" to the bus driver's family. it was a show of support-- from the people of parker. they came out-- to help douglas county detective dan brite. he was shot earlier this month.. to help him-- a fundraiser at a coffee shop. the tiny "coffee cabin" drew a crowd of hundreds. people waited up to an hour. but it was all worth it, to them. that's because the proceeds went toward brite's recovery. he's in the i-c-u at parker adventist hospital... after the coffee fundraiser -- people went to the hospital. they gathered outside -- in a spot visible from brite's room -- and held a prayer service. there's another
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to 2-30 -- the parker police department is hosting a mobile blood drive in brite's honor. you have to make an appointment. there are only 40 spots available. you can also donate in brite's honor at any bonfils center. just use the code 7-3-11. police say a man who led officers on a chase across aurora - fired shots along the way. james anthony draper was arrested at colfax and yosemite sunday afternoon. according to aurora police - draper stole a car, started a chase, and fired at buildings and people. nobody was hurt - and officers got draper in custody - without using weapons. police say draper is also a person of interest in an aurora homicide... the fifth annual "denver startup week" kicks off today. it's one of the biggest in the country.. more than 10- thousand people are expected to go... there will programs on how
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food, design, marketing, and d-i-y projects. recently -- organizers say they've seen more women, young entrepreneurs and veteran entrepreneurs take part in the events. it runs through friday -- and it's free to attend... just sign up at denver-start-up- week dot org. hillary clinton's doctors say - the democratic nominee... has pneumonia. clinton cancelled appearances in california this week.. yesterday - she left the 9-11 memorial in new york -- and looked unstable.... needed assistance getting into a car. after a quick rest at her daughter's new york apartment - clinton left and appeared to be somewhat better.. doctors say she was diagnosed on friday -- a few days before sunday's issues. so far -- donald trump - has stayed silent on the issue. the gop nominee has questioned
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not say anything after the 9-11 event -- which he also attended. little is known about trump's health -- but it's worth noting that whoever wins -- will be the oldest or second oldest president ever elected. later today -- trump will take his campaign to north carolina - a battle ground state -- where recent polls show an extremely close race. it's been three years -- but cleanup continues it's been three
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in parts of our state. coming up -- we'll take a look at the expensive - and exhaustive -
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"western sugar mill." according to the boulder county website - the building has asbestos -- and has sat empty since the late 70's.. crews fought the fire from the outside. although it's near the longmont city limits-- the mill is actually in unincorporated boulder county. three years and almost four billion dollars later -- some colorado communities are still cleaning up -- after floods washed through parts of the state. back in 20-13...more than 18-thousand a lot of the damage spread across boulder county.. boulder county faced a long recovery -- so they created the "flood debris clean up program" to try and help. crews worked on more than 100 properties in unincorporated boulder county...and sent more than 200 tons of trash, plants, sand and rock to the landfill... boulder county expects to spend 282 million in the clean up effort -- which includes road work and
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an 11 year old boy died on a rafting trip...and the company that took him - was on probation. the denver post reports that the "adventure company of buena vista" was at risk of losing its license -- and was put on probation twice -- before the incident. but - the owner of the company says the violations were for record keeping- not safety concerns. at least it happened after labor day weekend.. . gas prices are going up...but we're still not paying as much as last year.. and retiring to the the beach -- isn't as common as some may think.. a lot of seniors are continuing to work...whether
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little more at the pump. gas prices are up about four cents a gallon. the average -- is 2- 21 per gallon.. that's still more than 20 cents less analysts say -- they can't predict which way prices will go just yet. the housing market continues to surge. but a new study reminds us that one generation -- is really missing out. home ownership is falling across all age groups... but real estate consultants say - they've seen the biggest drop -- from millennials. only 39 percent of millennials have mortgages that group is, typically 25 to 34 years old. that number is expected to keep
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... which means millennials will be choosing the renting path -- for quite some time. playing golf, relaxing on the beach, enjoying retirement... it's what most people might imagine.... but a new report shows -- that's not always the case... a report from the pew research center found that nearly half of all 65 to 75 year olds -- are still working -- even if it's just part time. a second study found that the reasons behit everyone. some workers say they work because they want to -- others say - they have to. even if they don't need the money - experts say working keeps the mind sharp - and gives people a larger social circle.
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more popular -- the number of soccer- related injuries continues to rise. in the past 25 years -- the majority of injuries were in teenagers...and most were sprains and fractures.. concussions only accounted for seven percent of soccer injuries... ...but they have increased every single year. if you've always wanted to know why the chicken crossed the road -- this kid -- might actually know the answer.. he's called the" poultry whisperer." and this kid's love for animals -- is paying off in more ways than one.. 9 news
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expand his business and start saving money for college. we have more on the story - on 9news-dot-com. starting today -- 9 news is saying "thank you" to some extraordinary people.. we're calling it heroes' week... all this week - we're highlighting those who go above and beyond...starting with out nation's military..
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talked to one veteran -- who says the help he's received -- has inspired him to help others rebulid their lives. we want to know -- who is your military hero? share it with us - use the hashtag "be on 9" - and let us know who you want to honor and thank today. starting today -- colorado will be
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netflix movie. it will star jane fonda and robert redford. the movie is based on the book -- "our souls at night" - by colorado author ken haruf. it's set in a fictional county in eastern colorado. the movie will premier on netflix - sometime next year. according to a casting call - most of the filming will take place in colorado springs. we're all about
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to share their stories today -- we meet a group that "thanks" our nation's military heroes... in a big way. plus- n-f-l players are building bridges... why the seahawks decided to stand together before this weekend's game- instead of kneeling against injustice. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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recovering this morning... after a deadly bus crash at d-i-a. we have the latest on how they're doing... and where they are this morning. and- giving in honor of a detective who nearly gave everything. how you can give back to support detective dan brite. and- honoring our heroes. to kick off heroes week- the veteran who's going above and beyond to help others. rush hour approaches- there's a major road block you might want to avoid. the far right lane and shoulder on i- 70 at 6th avenue is closed.. and could stay closed for days. a truck with a crane hit the bridge last night when it tried to go under the overpass on 6th. 6th avenue is back open this morning... but you could see more closures in the next few days. amerlia earhart is


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