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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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recovering this morning... after a deadly bus crash at d-i-a. we have the latest on how they're doing... and where they are this morning. and- giving in honor of a detective who nearly gave everything. how you can give back to support detective dan brite. and- honoring our heroes. to kick off heroes week- the veteran who's going above and beyond to help others. rush hour approaches- there's a major road block you might want to avoid. the far right lane and shoulder on i- 70 at 6th avenue is closed.. and could stay closed for days. a truck with a crane hit the bridge last night when it tried to go under the overpass on 6th. 6th avenue is back open this morning... but you could see more closures in the next few days. amerlia earhart is
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get around the i-70 blockage this morning.
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with you thi smorning. on sunday it felt like summer... today it should feel a lot more like fall. marty coniglio joins us. marty- we're expecting a pretty big temperature drop today. one woman is dead,
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and 15 high school students are recovering this morning..... crash. it happened at d-i-a yesterday afternoon. the bus driver was picking up the "legacy high school" football team, yesterday. other bus drivers say-- she unexpectedly drove around for a second loop at the airport... and ran off the road. the bus hit this large concrete pillar on the east side of the airport.. the entire front end was crushed. the driver died. denver police say they don't know why the driver crashed. and the other bus drivers say her
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the students were on their way back to broomfield after a football game in california. 9news reporter jessica oh is live at denver health-- with the latest on how many students are still receiving treatment this morning. today- crisis response teams plan to be at both
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high school. legacy high school stopped by to show their support as the other two school buses dropped off students. the students were in california to play football over the weekend. these are some pictures of the whole group. the adams 12 school district says it offers "heartfelt condolences" to the family of the bus driver. today- people are going to show their support for a detective who nearly lost his life.
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honor of douglas co d dan brite. brite was shot more than a week ago - while responding to a call about a suicidal man with a gun in parker. the suspect, who then led police on a short chase in his rv was shot and killed. the blood drive is from nine to 2:30 today... anyone who wants to participate-- needs to make an appointment. there are 40 slots available. many of them have already been booked. donationas are also being accepted in detective brite's honor. those can be given at any bonfils donor center... usth hundreds of people already showed their support over the weekend. here they are -- at parker adventist hospital. they organized a prayer service... right outside of bright's window at the hospital. brite was only a few hundred yards from the hospital when he was shot. the quick medical care he received likely helped save his life. denver police haven't made any arrests or released any information about a possible suspect, after a deadly
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the shooting happened at 29th and welton sunday morning. police found a man's body at the scene when they arrived. they aren't saying much else about the case at this point. crews in longmont want to know what sparked a fire at an abandoned sugar mill in boulder county. the fire started yesterday evening... at the old "western sugar mill" building-- on sugar mill road. before the fire started- there shouldn't have been any people nearby. boulder county's website says the building has sat empty since the late 19-70's. it also has asbestos. "that's" why crews flames from outside the building.
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years since historic floods washed out parts of colorado... and communities are still cleaning up the damage. the flooding caused nearly four billion dollars of damage in 20-13... and displaced more than 18 thousand people. in boulder county alone- they expect to spend 282 million dollars by the end of the recovery efforts. we asked what boulder county
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so far... some major milestones include- road work and bridge construction. boulder county created the flood debris clean up program to help with some of the work... they hired 44 underemployed people and trained them to clean up flood debris. crews worked on 142 properties in unincorporated boulder county... sent 221 tons of trash, plants, sand and rock the the 600 tons of plants and 22 hundred tons of sand to be sent elsewhere. in the coming year- boulder county plans some big projects to restore private bridges. a colorado rafting company was close to losing its permit- when an 11 year old boy drowned on a rafting trip. the denver post reports- the adventure company of buena vista was put on probation twice for violating state regulations. it was warned it could lose its permit unless it improved.
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related to record keeping- not safety concerns. building a home- and rebuilding his life. next- to kick off heroes week... the veteran who served overseas... now he's serving at home. plus- gas prices are creeping up... but it's not all bad news in colorado... the cheapest place
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we are calling this week "heroes' week"-- here on 9news all this week, we're recognizing those who go "above and beyond." one special group that immediately comes to mind-- is our nation's military. they serve at- home... and overseas... like seargeant tim johannsen. he was deployed-- twice-- to iraq. on that second deployment-- an i- e-d destroyed his legs. after more than two years in the hospital-- he faced
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home that wasn't adaptive. enter: "homes for our troops." the non-profit fills a void for wounded veterans.. building them adaptive homes where they can live mortgage-free the place where they've built the most homes... here-- in elizabeth, colorado. it's a community that welcomed tim and his family with "open arms." and t-j has rebuilt his life.. with his wife and two sons.
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he wants to make sure other injured veterans get the same opportunity. i'll tell you how he's doing that-- at six a-m. in the meantime, go to our website, to see how you can get involved with "homes for our troops." such a great group. luxury cars- are for everyone... who can afford it anyway. why more women are paying for the vehicle upgrades. but first, lets check in with marty
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the country are inching up- but we're still a long way off from hitting last year's highs. the average price of gas is up more than four cents in the u-s over the past three weeks. the average national price is $2.21 per gallon. that's still 23 cents lower than this time last year. according to gas buddy dot com- the average price in colorado right now is slightly lower at $2.18... but locations
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the cheapest state in the continental u-s is south carolina... and the most expensive is california. tesla is planning an upgrade to its self driving car. elon musk announced over the weekend- plans to improve the radar system- so the car is less avoiding other people, cars and objects. the company's c-e-o says the fix might have helped avoid the deadly self driving car crash in florida in may. musk says the new radar system could improve the autopilot feature by up to three times... he hopes the national highway traffic safety administration agrees. luxury cars aren't just for gentlemen... more and more ladies are going for the flashy tires and speedy engines. the car shopping
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dot com says- so far this year 41 percent of luxury vehicles were bought by women. that's compared to 37 percent just five years ago. lexus is on top- with nearly half of its sales going to women so far this year, edmunds says more luxury automakers are directing ads at women. let's check in with marty. a new netflix feature... will look
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where the entertainment company is planning to film a brand new
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trending this morning- there's a new miss america. savvy shields won the competition last night. she showed off her talents by doing a jazz dance routine to a song from the t-v show smash. miss colorado did not make it into the top 15. in addition to the crown- shields wins a 50 thousand dollar scholarship... a six figure salary... and "living expenses paid" during her
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today- the winner of hundreds of millions of dollars... plans to say what he or she plans to do with some of that fortune. someone won the 487 million dollar powerball drawing in new hampshire in july.... but so far the winner hasn't come forward. today- attorneys plan to anno how the winner plans to give money to charity. it's unclear if the winner will actually be there for the announcement. it's the eighth biggest u-s lottery jackpot ever. get your celebrity spotting skills ready. today- production begins on a brand new netflix film.. here in colorado. the move will star jane fonda and robert redford. it's based on the book "our souls at night"-- by colorado author ken haruf.
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but according to the casting call- most of the filming will actually happen in colorado springs. the new movie will premiere on netflix sometime next year. denver is leading the way in tech... and that doesn't just mean gadgets and computers. in the next half hour- the wider impact of denver startup week... from d-i-y... to big employment opportunities.
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coaches- in a serious crash just outside the airport. today- there are a lot of que 18 students and coaches were in a serious crash just outside dia. today lots of questions about a school bus driver's unexpected and unexplained decisions. >> a damaged bridge could cut into your commute time today. we'll tell you how long road blocks will continue. >> it's awesome just to know that all these people are out line is worth it for somebody who put their life on the line. we'll tell you how you can support detective dan bright in day 2. first a traffic alert right now. we're not far from the peak of the morning rush and you can expect some extra congestion on i-70, 6th avenue is closed and could stay closed for a


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