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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  September 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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coaches- in a serious crash just outside the airport. today- there are a lot of que 18 students and coaches were in a serious crash just outside dia. today lots of questions about a school bus driver's unexpected and unexplained decisions. >> a damaged bridge could cut into your commute time today. we'll tell you how long road blocks will continue. >> it's awesome just to know that all these people are out line is worth it for somebody who put their life on the line. we'll tell you how you can support detective dan bright in day 2. first a traffic alert right now. we're not far from the peak of the morning rush and you can expect some extra congestion on i-70, 6th avenue is closed and could stay closed for a
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the bridge sunday night. cdot says teams are working on a design to fix the damage to the bridge. they will need to reclose 6th avenue during off peak hours to do repairs on i-70. we have some alternate ways to get around the block canning. good morning. >> yes, this is going to be a big delay across your i-70 stretch near golden. very light nd some alternate routes in mind heading through golden right over towards your drive through golden connecting with 8th avenue could help out a bit. right now i would say stick it out on i-70. the whole 6th avenue transition could run a little heavy. keep in mind the curiosity delay will impact the
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make out exactly what's going on. the southbound stretch of sheridan still slow down at 14th. good morning. thanks for joining us. monday we're -- marty we are on this monday in for a cool down i guess. >> we are, and it's all relative because it was 90 yesterday so cool is still going to be quite nice around have us figured somewhere in the mid to upper 70s today. this morning we're almost exactly where we were yesterday at this time. the front isn't even really through yet. it looks to me as though it will come through between 8 and 9 this morning which is why you don't see temperatures really spiking all that much after the sun comes up. we end up in the mid-70s today. any mention of showers and very few locations will get them as they form here on the front range on a limit
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this afternoon. it going to be after 4:00 before you see any of that go on. tomorrow slightly better chance for rain in the afternoon for more of us so we might have more of us getting to share in that and it will be cooler tomorrow. then we bounce around in the 70s with fairly small storm chances coming up wednesday and thursday. certainly feeling a lot more like september around here and looking that way too. some shots over the week ends kind o especially this weekend where we'll be ending the peak of the fall colors. share your pictures. let me know the good places to go. share with me on facebook, twitter, four your take on the bus driver circled back around to this level. we don't know why. the preliminary information -- >> still lots of questions this morning about a school bus crash that left the driver dead and
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at dia. so far denver police say they have no idea why the driver who was a woman decided to loop around at a -- at the airport for a second time before the bus ran off the road and crashed into a pillar. you can see the front end as it was sitting against that pillar. 15 students and 3 coaches from legacy high school were taken to 4 different hospitals on sunday. we're joined live at denver health one of the hospi students are doing right now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at least 7 of those students and coach remain in area hospitals this morning keep in mind those numbers may have changed overnight. the latest update we got was last night. the 2 who are at children's hospital we're told are in fair condition but the situation may be more dire for some of the 5 that were
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one in certificate i couldn't and 1 in fair condition. students and coaches were taken to the medical center of aurora. some were able to walk into the hospital 8 of them total were treated released. investigators said that witnesses who saw any erratic activity prior to the crash so that will be under investigation as investigators say the bus driver may have suffered a medical condition. support and encouragement pouring in online guys for some of these students at legacy high school. the school also will be on hand to support some of the students who may need that as well at the school itself, but just a lot of people encouraging
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>> okay. our thoughts are certainly with them. thank you. today adams 12 will offer crisis response teams at the high school and hospital. students stopped by last night to show their support. one senior says the group is like a family. >> i was close with one of the coaches because he's helped me a lot. and the football team has also helped yous. i mean, and they are very helpful and for like -- we're like very close and like a family. >> so nice to hear that they are so close. the students were in california for a football game over the weekend. these are some pictures of the whole group. the adams 12 school district offered hits condolences so the family of the bus driver who died. when a douglas county
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on the job he was shot by a suspect, he was yards away from a hospital. quick meant from the hospital crew helped save detective dan bright. he was shot more than a week ago from responding to a call about a man with a gun. today people will help save his and other lives through a blood donation. the parker police department is holding that drive from 9 until 2:30 today. there a available in parker. . some have been booked. if you can get an appointment please do. you can donate at any blood center though at any time in honor of officer bright. you can use the code 7311. over the weekend people showed their support for detective bright in more ways than one. hundreds waited in line for as much as an hour for a cup of coffee to raise money for the family. >> it's worth it. today is a
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>> love that guy, man, he's tough, tough as nails. >> the people, they make the choice to come here. this is a great community. >> hundreds also gathered and organized a sunday prayer service. it is now 5:38, $282 million, thousand of ton of sand trash and debris and a long time t it's been 3 years since thetori flooding across colorado. those numbers reflect the damage left behind in boulder county alone. people are still cleaning up after the damaging water swept away roads and bridges. overall the flooding caused nearly $4 billion in damaged and displaced more than 1,000 people. in the coming year boulder county plans some big projects to restore private bridges and roads. some of the
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in james canyon drive, and 4-mile canyon. normally colorado is a very dry state, but man made ponds and reservoir helped keep the water supply ready for use. now some people in new mexico would like to have access to some of colorado's water. a water commission is proposing a possible pipeline from lake knight horse. member. new mexico based water commissie are drought relief but some say the project could be just too expensive so stand by. the season is changing the monsoon wind pattern is looks like it's beginning to fall apart here. barely evident here. dry around here and extremely so from northwestern colorado through much of the
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out. here in colorado red flag warning for extreme fire danger gusty wind throughout the afternoon while to our north in wyoming in the big horns we're looking at anywhere from 4 to 8 to 5 to 8 inches of new snow from tonight to tomorrow morning. >> how about that? >> snow, what? >> my goodness. thanks. all right. so start ups don't just have to do with app and web sites and technical things like that. it's also a big part of our city's growing economy. coming up next we're going to talk about denver
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get those apps and gang gets
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world of tech and innovation. it was one of the biggest events in the country. with well over 10,000 people expected to attend this year. now, while a lot of cities focus their start-up weeks on tech denver's is known to go beyond that talking about food, design marketing all of that. in denver there are 664 start-ups and employee more than 4,500 people. 56 start-up raised $420 capital in the past year. 165 start-up were funded last year and the downtown denver partnership says start-up employment is growing faster than the overall rate of downtown employment. technology company now represent about 10% of all companies in downtown denver. so business is booming. now, all events this week will e in downtown denver it's free to attend if you signed up. i went last year it
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>> there you go. speaking of technology amazon is expanding in colorado. our partners reporting that amazon web services is now hiring after opening a tech office in broomfield. it now joins companies including google and twitter in growing business in colorado. it's not clear how many jobs or how much business amazon plans to do in the state but they are here. to i for a bit of a turn around on wall street. the markets had worst day in 20 months on friday. the volatility started after an official with the federal reserve suggested there could be a september interest rate increase. most investors didn't think the increase was going to come until at least december. the next meeting will take place later this month. so we'll find out whether or not we'll get that increase.
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colorado overnight but hd doppler showing these guys falling apart just about everywhere except in extreme northeast corner of jackson county with some very light rain some of that making it to the ground in mountain areas. for us the wind continues to be out of the west and southwest. that has kept us warm overnight. temperatures will be holding though in the 60s right -- from right now through about 10:00 this morning and slowly making it into the 70s. we will get thunderstorms today start again in southwestern colorado stretch up through the mountain and we'll see a few here on the front range generally after 4:00 today but very few in numbers so that means at your house or my house we might not get any rain. >> all right. sounds like it will be a hit and my situation. which is good for the afternoon rush. this morning pretty busy to start we've got incidents across town and the
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monday and hit the roads. 25 and 23rd a little sluggish. our latest didn't a few moments ago a car senior motorcycle accident and actually our first southbound sheridan still closed at 14th. this delay can be avoided by just a one block alternate route federal is the way to avoid it completely and we have that motorcycle crash east y arc and taking place slightly near the i-25 interchange. >> we need to hear about that. thank you. tonight at sunset a ceasefire in syria is supposed to begin. the u.s. brokered the ceasefire deal with russia last week but there have been mixed message with how committed they are sticking to that deal. it allows the government to keep striking target. they can do
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right now thousands of pill grams are in meshing ec arc today as muslims around the world mark the end of -- thousands as we said were there as the muslims round the world marked the end. it was one of the world largest. it included 5 intense days of rate walls and prayers hundreds died last year were trampled.
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hillary clinton's health is now a much bigger issue on the campaign trail. mrs. clinton is calling off her planned fundraiser in california today and tomorrow. this after she got overheated at the 9/11 memorial in new york city on her doctor said she got overheated and dehydrated 2 days after being diagnosed with pneumonia. her doctors orders are to get some rest are. donald trump has questioned her health and stamina many times after she fainted and got a concussion back in 2012. while her doctor has said that overall she in excellent health not many specifics are known about donald trump's health history.
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recent diagnoses trump has not commented or tweeted about her health. >> after a pretty warm weekend things will be cooling down nicely. >> yeah, they are. we have a front just to the north along the wyoming border. we've had west wind overnight so it kept us fairly warm but we will cool down later in the day. cold air up through areas of snow. we clear a bit here during the middle of the day and then some light showers will pop in this afternoon. they're going to be in a very few locations so total potential rain if you get a shower generally less than 10th of an inch not very impressive. wind out of the west this morning shifts and comes out of the
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we take a break from showers in morning. bring them back into southwestern colorado this afternoon and more on a limit basis around here. rain for most of the state is going to be unimpressive for those places that do get it. 70 here and in most mountain locations still pretty warm in the west and southeast. 75 degrees today. partly sunny conditions a late 4 :00 for a few spots here and there and even hang in. the cool air gets a good grip on us tonight and tomorrow. that will keep us in the 60s, better chance of rain, tomorrow is your best chance on the front range for the rest of the week but we start to dry out. it is now 5:52, just saw sky 9 take off. so we'll check in with them in just a few minutes. we've got a pretty nice beginning here across 270.
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you sluggish leading up to york street. our drive here across i-25 about 13 minutes northbound c 470 to downtown no problems at all but across side streets we need to talk about our closure of southbound sheridan at 14th there is an accident investigation but one block will get you around the delay. side street wise a car versus motorcycle along eastbound y street and out to the west we still have a right lane closure
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welcome back. nfl teams took some extra time to observe the memory of those lost on september 11, 2001. each deem the sea hawks and dolphins got a lot of attention. on one side of the field the sea hawks stood and linked arms and the national anthemment the entire team joined the demonstration including jeremy lane who had sat during the anthem the week before. they also tweeted about it using the hashtag build a bridge. on the other side line
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kneel and decided to join kaepernick's protest against social inn justice in this country. 15 years after 9/11 one player showed his support on his shoes. williamson wore custom shoes in the season opener. he nearly didn't wear them after a representative threatened to fine him for violating the uniform code. some of his teammates offered to help pay that fine and 4 new york and new jersey police jumped in as well. the first responders included officers responsible for patrolling the world strayed center complex. williamson says he will auction them to benefit veterans. >> good for him. >> you'd think there would be some exceptions. >> what is the nfl thinking? >> i don't know. >> today we want to give you a way as part of heros week here on 9 news. >> we would like you to help us
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tell us who is your hero.
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now students are a terrible bus crash scho bus sms into a pillar a and nownts are in the hospital. >> and injured detective is still in icu fighting going to help his battle. >> lost for words it's so amazing. >> a father, a soldier and amputee, a hero. we're starting heros week by honoring those who fight for our freedom and a program that gives wounded vets the home they deserve. >> really really nice story coming up. good morning everyone. it's 6:00.


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