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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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this is 9news. hello and thanks for joining us for 9news at noon. i'm tarhonda thomas along with
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>> there was a press conference with updates. at this point, there is more we don't know than we know. we've been talking about legacy high school in bloomfield and students and staff are still recovering from the deadly backrest yesterday at denver international. >> the bus driver died and denver police said the woman was in her 40s and they have yet to release her name. let's talk to our reporter live at denver police headquarters. what new information was released? well, tarhonda, exactly what colleen said. there is a list of things we know and it's shorter than what we don't know. what we know is that denver police are doing an inspection of the actual mechanics of the bus. the trouble, one of the key witnesses, a person who knows exactly what happened, unfortunately, passed away. let me run through the things we know and then we'll have questions that are lingering. we know that there were three buses and this was the lead bus. on all three buses, there were
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leave and were headed toward pena. the bus that crashed was the lead bus. instead of going toward pena, the bus took the root to the terminal and the bus crashed. a piece of new information we learn today, is that the bus made a straight line toward the pillar into which it crashed. it wasn't like it swerved or turned. it appears, based on that based on the tracks from the bus, that the bus drove directly into the pillar. a big question is how fast the bus was going. lisa relying very much on witnesses and they said witnesses said the bus was going between 30 and 40 miles per hour. denver police said something about that. >> 30 to 40 miles our -- our appropriate for that section? no. my best recollection of traveling that, myself, is that we were down to 15 miles an
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folks would be walking. >> reporter: a lot of questions are remaining. the first, whether or not the driver had a medical condition prior to driving the bus or during driving the bus. denver police are working to figure that out. unfortunately, it might be unclear if a medical condition was the cause of death prior to the crash. the crash was so significant. another question lingering is whether or not alcohol or drugs were involved. the medical examiner's office will conduct a truxel -- a toxicology test and that results could take six to eight weeks. another thing is denver police is working with adams 12 to figure out the last time the driver had a physical and what the results of the physical world. they also inquired about physical and medical requirements of the bus drivers and we are ahead -- we're waiting to hear back. that's the latest information
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headquarters. >> whitney, has the bus been removed from the area, that part of the investigation is over? >> reporter: there was video, i believe, of a tow truck pulling the bus away. it's unclear where the bus is right now, in relation to the investigation. i will tell you what, to rhonda, we are going to d.i.a. to get a better root. we intend to drive it to give the viewers an idea of what it would look like out the front window and we will follow that story all day. i've been in touch with the medical examiner's office and they expect more information this afternoon. a piece of information people are wondering, is whether or not the driver was texting or was distracted. denver police say witnesses on the bus don't say that appears to be the case but this is ongoing and more information will come. >> helpful for you to be there
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the high school, legacy high school, they have a crisis response team with counselors and people they bring to help the students and the staff cope with what they are feeling. it's the start of homecoming week and an emotional time for many. they're having legacy spirit day today and ask everyone to support the legacy high school with gear in support of the high school and the staff and everyone involved in the crash. >> we will update the story. fall out there. let's talk to belen de leon. people are switching to long sleeves. will we have rain? there's a transfer storms in the forecast and summer is slipping away. now, we are 10 days away from the official start of fall and you can feel the change in the air with temperatures in the upper 60s along i-25 with a few 70-degree temperature readings and a beautiful day outside with
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the changes. the highs will be in the mid- 70s. here is where we stand for the normal high today, 80 degrees. we will be the low that -- we will be below that and no way we will have the high of 90 degrees set in 2011. with that cold front sweeping through, drier air is moving in and a red flag warning is in effect until 8:00 p.m. we are talking about high fire danger across colorado. beautiful outside and clear skies and thatwi will have a better chance to see the storms develop late this afternoon and early this evening and into the overnight. we will track storms for you and let you know what is in store for the workweek. hint hyphen hint, we might wear more longsleeve dresses. >> no more 90s, much cooler. within the hour, we have learned about a collision between a train and a car that happened in platteville on
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the colorado department of transportation tweeted that county road 30 is closed for investigation. u.s. 85 is open at 66 and we have not gotten an injury update. memphis has not seen a fire this deadly and nearly 100 years. four adults and five children were killed in this house fire. firefighters saw smoke when they got to the home at about 1:30 this morning and all of the adults and three children died at the scene. two other children died when they got to the hospital and one is in the hospital right now, fighting fo we are going to update this. the chief of the fire department in memphis says this is the deadliest fire since the 1920s. we are learning about this, more information about the fire at a florida mosque. it looks like the fire was set on purpose. this is the mosque the orlando nightclub shootings gunman attended. the sheriff said surveillance
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pierce moments before the fire started, early this morning. we are following updates coming in with that. they are saying that it is being investigated as, potentially, that it was set on fire. on the campaign trail, hillary clinton is staying closer to home to rest after car, yesterday. a clinton aide said she will phone into a fundraiser in san francisco. outside that, she will have to rest and is skipping the rest of her planned travel in california. for good reason -- her doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. her doctor talked about it. we have dr. torres. you are not hillary clinton's doctor but have expertise. talk to us about pneumonia, and looking at that video, what do you think happened?
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doesn't come on suddenly. you don't all of a sudden develop it one day. it has probably been developing over a week ago. >> losing her voice, coughing -- becky thought it was due to allergies. you don't take a chest x-ray right away, because that is radiation. the doctor waited a little bit and took the x-ray and found out she had pneumonia. i'm assuming that's what happened. that is what typically happens. then, they put her on antibiotics so she could recover. she probably jumped up a little bit too early. she had to get out on the campaign trail. >> not a good recipe to be so are all types of pneumonia the same? you hear about walking pneumonia and the kinds that puts you in bed. >> people are locking on to this, saying what is walking pneumonia? what i tell patients, the only thing walking pneumonia means is a pneumonia you don't get put in the hospital for. just like regular pneumonia, if you hospitalize it is one condition and if you don't, it is walking pneumonia because
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it needs rest and we tell people to rest for three or four days. in her case, she didn't do that, likely because she's in the middle of a campaign and couldn't afford the time off. her body got to the point where it said, you are going to take the time off, whether you want to or not. that's what we saw in the video. >> you see patients like that? >> i see them all the time. a lot of them have jobs or they can take time off. i tell them that you need to pull back in your body will let you know if you have to take time off in a pretty dramatic fashion. >> a week or three days? >> she will feel better after the antibiotics and then she can do some light travel and campaigning. or the next week, she will keep it close with phone calls and toward the end of the week, some light campaigning. >> we will see. she should have you as her personal doctor, everything would have been all good.
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michael hancock submitted his 2017 budget proposal for the city council and the proposal calls for increasing the size of the police force by 48 offices, including concentrating 16 offices downtown and another when adding more affordable homes to the city and street and sidewalk conditions and enhancing mobility options. we are putting his detailed proposal to the city council on go over there to read through the things he is talking about. it goes item by item, and how many millions for each one. >> affordable housing will be huge. i talked to him a couple of months ago about that, pounding away, when will this happen? the city is working on it. they can't keep up because of so much demand and the way people have been priced out of the rental and housing market. that will be huge. is a question, parents, be honest. are you giving your kids the right amount of medicine? sometimes, we think we are but we actually aren't. the new study finds 80% of us are doing it wrong.
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it is so nice out here in the backyard with the sun shining brightly. the temperatures, today, are much cooler than yesterday. yesterday, we hit 90 degrees. it could be the last 90-degree day we see this year. so far, we had 53 days of 90- degree heat. the average is 41.
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fall is in the air with temperatures 15-20 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago, courtesy of the front that push through this morning with 68 being the temperature at d.i.a. and winds are breezy in the backyard with temperatures at 67 degrees. let's check the weather across the state. temperatures in the mountains in the 60s and 70s. western slope, 80 degrees and to the south, because the front hasn't quite cleared out of colorado, just yet. that is where we get the warmest temperatures. pretty much on the monument hill area, mid-80s. across the state, spotty showers and thunderstorms sparking in the mountains and in the san juans. the weather is dry along the front range and eastern plains
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this is super interesting, the front that push through earlier has elevated the risk for wildfires in northwestern colorado. or our friends in wyoming, they have a winter weather advisory out there. don't worry, don't panic, we want see this snow in the city. there is a potential for light snow in some of the mountain peaks. no travel advisories have been issued and as far as the storms go, we don't expect them to be severe. the greater potential stretches from the panhandle of texas all the way to miot cause brief heavy rain at times and some lightning. when we press play on the futurecast, through this afternoon, clouds increase and so do the winds. late this afternoon, a round of shore -- a round of showers pushing through with rain possible around town and the rains become more easterly. with the upslope, clouds increase in is a chance for fog tomorrow along i-76 and i-70. 45 will be the low and
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welcome back. a cease-fire arranged by the united states and russia has
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monitoring groups and state media report clashes up to the final minutes. the most powerful groups have not yet committed to the truce. it's the latest attempt to end a five-year conflict that has killed more than 250,000 people. the syrian national coalition set and the effort aiming to end the suffering of people is a step in the right direction and they said they will deal with it positively. september 11th, a day we all remember every year. there are so many heartfelt tributes to those who lost their lives. this one really touched our hearts on sunday. ben tomlin, volunteer firefighter department stood at attention for six hours yesterday, one minute for every fallen firefighter on 9/11. notice a spare set of close and the gear next to him, very symbolic. he said to an amazing example. his wife is a few days away from giving birth to their first child. something to be proud of. >> he will be a great daddy, isn't he going to be? >> amazing tributes yesterday.
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the report found nearly half of all 65-75-year-olds are still working a second study found the reasons are different for everyone and some work because they want to. others work because they have to. >> have longer and longer life and act and seas. we have a harder time saving for retirement and many don't have pensions. >> even if you don't need the money, working keeps your mind
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listen to this, more than 80% of parents have made at least one dosing error when giving children liquid medicine. researchers found most involve overdosing and using a cup rather than an oral syringe to measure medicine. doctors and the fda recommend that parents use dosing tools with standard markings and not kitchen spoons. they can vary in size and a syringe is the best thing to use. >> that they are shedding light on that. many of you are doing our part to support detective brite. q was injured in a shootout with the suicidal suspect in parker. he remains in critical condition and doctors are optimistic. a blood drive was hosted to help the detective. the dan brite blood drive started at 9:00 and within one hour, all 40 spots were filled. one blood donor said the donation saved his life when he was five years old and he jumped on the opportunity to help dan brite and others in the community. >> it is about paying it
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these officers do wonderful things every day they don't get credit for. things you don't even hear about. it takes a tragedy like this for people to really appreciate them. >> i told you the spots were filled, 40 spots, but you can
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's drug she's no miss america but she knows democrats and republicans need to work together. 21-year-old savvy shields encourage presidential candidates to choose words and actions carefully. the new miss america is from arkansas. in addition to the beautiful crown, she went to $6000 salary
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unfortunately, miss colorado didn't crack the top 15. >> with a name like savvy, she has to be up to date. this miss america has the forecast for you. [laughter] can you do the wave while giving your forecast? let's look at beautiful
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jonbenet ramsey's brother awkwardly smirking as he's grilled about her murder. >> from burke ramsey to new ransom note shockers, the jonbenet murder mania now on "extra.? ? ? ? jonbenet's brother burke -- >> you're the one that has never spoken. >> on the hot seat. >> there's a faction that believes that burke is the killer. >> his never before seen police interrogation tapes and the all-new fascination with the murder of the tiny colorado beauty queen. does the ransom note contain buried cluings? >> america can't get enough crime tv and look who's back -- >> i'm chris hansen.


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