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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  September 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MDT

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everyone was ready to go home and that lead bus turned back toward the terminal instead of going to pena boulevard. in just a few moments after making that turn the bus drove directly into a concrete pillar. denver police say this track marks show the bus drove straight into it, so no swerving, instead just driving directly into that pillar. witnesses believe that the driver was going between 30 and 40 miles per hour. that's what denver police say denver police added that that speed is a bit too fast for that area, but dp did says that no one on board voice -- dpd says that no one on board voiced any concern about the driver's driving habits or behavior at the wheel before the crash. >> it seemed to be a normal trip up until they started to feel the bumps of going off record and shortly thereafter there was the impact. >> reporter: adams 12 has
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wayne voorhees. adam 12 also says kari chopper was required to undergo a physical examination every other year. the last time shetch passed a physical exam was may -- she passed a physical exam was may 10th of this year. >> a tragic day for that football team and that community, whitney. >> reporter: absolutely. >> whitney wild reporting, thank you. the husband of the school bus driver who died yesterday tells 9wants to know his wife did not have any health issues joshua chopper said his wife kari didn't take medication and wasn't being treating for anything. chopper also wants to know what happened yesterday and why. here is 9news 9news reporter anastasiya bolton. >> i loved every second i had with my wife, every moment, every second, every day. >> reporter: he talks about herm as if they were newlyweds -- her as if they were newlyweds. >> she had this personality, this way about her.
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said he knew he would marry kari days after they met. they had four kid and they were kari's life. chopper said kari loved her kids and the kids she drove every day at adams 12. >> she got requests from the sports kids for kari. >> reporter: sunday night she was driving high school legacy football players home from dia happened. >> reporter: chopper first saw the crash on social media. >> i kept calling my wife's phone saying it can't be, but i knew deep down inside. i just had this feeling. >> reporter: chopper said kari wasn't on any medication, didn't have health problems and recently passed the physical to drive the bus. >> i always joked and said her medical issue would be she had deleria because she stayed with
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happened. i want to know what happened. it's hard for me to not know. >> reporter: he still talks about her like they just met. >> we lost a beautiful soul yesterday. >> reporter: joshua chopper says their love story isn't over. he believes kari will be with him always. >> the heavens gained the most and perfect angel and the best cake decorator in the land. >> reporter: anastasiya bolton, 9news. >> and to reiterate the adams 12 school district said this afternoon that chopper did pass her department of transportation physical in may of this year. this man, 36-year-old garrett brown, is facing charges in a peeping top case we told you about last week. police shared this surveillance video showing a man spying at a teenage girl southeast of stanley lake in early august. the father gave that video of
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social media helped track the man down. arvada police say brown faces criminal trespass and invasion of privacy charges. we are expecting a cold front to move into the area. meteorologist belen deleon is in the 9news backyard. there's also a chance for rain tonight? >> as we're speaking, we have some sprinkles falling in the backyard. we had a cold front that moved through early this morning that dropped our temperatures and tomorrow it will be even cooler. so we are fall. let's look at the 24 hour temperature difference from yesterday. yesterday we had 90 degrees around this time. yeah, that might have been our last 90-degree day of the year. we are seeing a temperature difference of 15 to20 degrees 24 hours ago. same goes for our friend in the foothills and front range mountains. some of the cloud around town
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the mountains are the ones that are carrying that lightning especially out towards the san juans. we zoom in a little bit more, our friend to the south, douglas and el paso county, they have some storms carrying some lightning. right now around the city some light rain and same goes for around the foothills. we'll continue to see clouds increase and through overnight hours the clouds will kind of could fall closer to the foothills up north near boulder county, but any rain around the metro will be much lighter, about .1-inch. with the arrival of the cold front we have stronger winds. right now it's breezy around town. overnight the wind will shift and become more easterly. what that does, it creates upslope. so those clouds will stick around and we'll also have the development of fog. that could become dense
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your drove along i-76, i-70 and i-25. 45 will be your overnight low tonight, so not freezing but certainly it will be a cool night. coming up in the forecast it turns even cooler for tuesday. how low will we go? well, just going to give you a little tease. pumpkin spice weather on the way. >> oh, pumpkin spice. >> sweater weather. >> i think it's here, right? >> it is here, but it actually sounds really good in that kind of weather is what you're trying >> thank you. hillary clinton's campaign says it plans to release more medical information over the next few days. clinton is recovering after nearly collapsing yesterday leaving a 9/11 memorial event early. her campaign later confirmed she was diagnosed with pneumonia friday. 9news medical reporter dr. john torres is here from new york for a short time. woo-hoo! we're excited to see him.
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the week for us. what does this diagnosis of pneumonia mean? >> shetch got an infection. pneumonia could be viral -- she got an infection. pneumonia could be viral which means our body takes care of it or it could be bacteria and you take antibiotics. basically you get a respiratory infection and it settles into the lung one side or the other and that's the pneumonia part of it. that can take its toll on your body and body. it makes you very exhausted and it takes a lot to recuperate from. >> i've heard so much about, that the fatigue alone. you've got to give your body time to heal. >> if you talk to somebody in the past that's had pneumonia, you say you know you have pneumonia because you're not only coughing but feeling very under the weather, very fatigued and can't do much during the day. she has a very rigorous schedule. i tell my patients you need to
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give your body an edge to recuperate and after this two weeks of light duty basically. in her case because of her campaign schedule she wasn't able to do that. i tell my patients if you don't rest, you'll extend how long this sickness is there. on top of that you might actually get to the point where your body is we're done and we're going to make you rest and you collapse. that's probably what happened here. >> i hear so much of the time you start to get sick and you get this roller because you're getting antibiotics and you go up and back down. >> it's usually about the two to three day point when the antibiotics kick in and you feel good and want to get out there and do thing. that's the cautious period because you want to make sure again you get that rest you need. i tell people all the time i'm a doctor. get that three or four days of good rest. get that two weeks of decent rest and you'll recover a lot more quicker and more fuller.
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if we get that diagnosis? >> no. 1 rest, take your antibiotics as prescribed and even after three or four days, if you start feeling better, extend what you're doing, but if you feel worse, go ahead and pull back and get more rest. you really can't rest enough in that time period to recover. >> we hear so often in people that are much older, it can be fairly, fair livers. >> that money ya can be pneumonia can be inconvenience when your body takes care of it fairly quickly and it can be fatal as well, especially when you're older. people can die from it. you have to take it very seriously. >> good to see you, dr. john. >> thanks. >> clinton's campaign hasn't said a lot about her health and that makes people wonder about donald trump's claims that she isn't healthy enough to be president are accurate.
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well voters respond, brandon. >> to talk about that we've got the 9news political experts. i just want to give people a sense of where you guys are coming from on this. do you think both candidate should be releasing their medical records and their financial records, for that matter? >> i think they absolutely both should considering the fact that they're 68 and 70 respectively. people are hoping that they're going to be able to see what both of these candidates are facing healte make it through a term well. >> i think it's fine, you know. the clinton campaign said today they'd, releasing more medical -- they'd be releasing more medical records in the up in coming days. she's obviously has been working way too hard. i had to stop. i'm 30. it's a killer lifestyle. hillary clinton has been running ostensibly for president since 2008 before. that she was a u.s. senator and
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who probably doesn't take too many days off work. i think she should heed the doctor's advice. >> but both of you think it's fair for people to scrutinize where our candidates are as far as their health. >> we're voting for somebody to be the commander in chief in our country. yes, absolutely, knowing that they can handle the job is critical. i think one of the biggest problems we're facing is how the clinton campaign it. after she collapsed she didn't allow the press to follow her. they didn't respond for 90 minutes initially saying she was overheated even though it was in the late 70-degree area and then saying that she was dehydrated and then finally saying that she had that money ya and this is an -- pneumonia and this is an indicator of the fact that the clinton campaign seems to be very secret tiff and quiet. there's no shape -- secretive and quiet. there's no shame in getting
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fact that she's not open about what's happening. >> what should the hillary clinton be doing right now? there's a health issue and a transparency issue. >> i slightly disagree. the clinton campaign probably was worried about their candidate before worrying about the press and anything like that. they want to make sure she's okay. >> if you have the press -- >> it took 90 minutes. >> apparently she had gone to a doctor on friday. >> right. it was a initially. >> yes. the fact remains she saw a doctor on friday. she's suffering this illness and they can't even be honest about it. >> do you think the whole story would have been better for her if they came out and said as soon as they got the pneumonia diagnosis? >> be it something as craven as saying she's got a secret medical illness that she's
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equipment in her pant legs. i mean at this point the right wing seems hell bent on doing absolutely anything they can that the focus is no longer on their candidate who every time he opens his mouth says something to offend a group of people. >> it's clear that you are trying to point to the far like conspiracy theories just to try to distract from the fact that the hillary clinton campaign handled this beginning to all of these conspiracy theories and actually given oxygen to these arguments because they couldn't just be open and honest and say hey, she saw a doctor on friday and oh, hey, she's suffering because of the schedule. >> speaking of open and honest, at this point every single presidential candidate of the major parties since richard nixon had released their tax returns by now. what are trump's? >> that's a super great
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>> earlier today on cnbc donald trump called senator warren pocahontas. i'm curious to know do you think a statement like that gets overblown because of the news cycle or because donald trump has a different bar than hillary clinton does in this campaign? >> look, senator warren has some issues regarding her past and the way that she got into school and i think that those to be talked about. i wish that they were talked about in a less inflammatory way by our presidential candidate, but yeah. i mean look, donald trump is the guy who is loud and he is frankly not pc and sometimes offensive. >> really quick if you want to get in, we got to go. >> i would go pay past not pc to being offensive to every single group of voters except
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time. >> you were in the middle of the wwe match. you did a good job. >> they could do this all day. >> they're so nice to each other. we know they appreciate each other in many ways, different points of view. that's what makes the world go around. thank you. leaders of the navajo nation are talking to the government about establishing an emergency alert system across the 27,000 square mile reservation. this comes after the disappearance ashland mike and her 9-year-old brother in may. the little girl was found dead. at the time law enforcement said they needed to improve how they respond to child abduction on the vast reservation. they are working on a public alert and warning system specifically for tribal land. this program was created in response to hurricane katrina. denver mayor michael hancock released a $1.3 billion budget proposal for 2017 earlier this morning.
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maintaining affordable housing. the mayor is waiting to see if the city council approves an extra $10 million to create a permanent fund for affordable housing. $19million will go towards fixing major roads, adding sidewalks and adding bike walks and $16 million to hire 48 new police officers, 16th of which would be dedicated to patrolling the 16th street mall. >> protecting the central corridor of extremely important because it's where most of the commercial activity and our tourism occurs, which is our no. 1, you know, lead economic indicator in terms of the health and well being of the city. >> i want to look at the other districts and how we're allocating those resources and we did not want our efforts to impact the efforts and responsibilities we have throughout the city. >> budgets hearings will begin later this month.
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the full version is on this rarely happens and it's a good time. the first time in 26 seasons the colorado symphony has a $1.7 million surplus in the back. just last year the symphony only had about 7,000. about five years before that the orchestra was almost going under. the symphony has new management, a new board and new support which has really ed additions and new venues like red rocks. a new music director brett mitchell will direct five concerts and become the new music director july next year. the simply season begins september 16th. those musicians are so talented, to think they would go under and that's their
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awful. parents looking for alternatives to all those bug sprays and chemicals. >> one local program is helping give people a better life with a job much more than a source
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investigators in florida say a fire set at a mosque could be a hate crime. the mosque was once attended by the man who killed 49 people at an orlando nightclub this summer. surveillance video shows a man walking toward the building carrying a bottle with liquid and some paper. he took off just before a big flash. investigators say timi fire coming 15 years after the september 11th attacks and the beginning of the muslin holiday leads authorities to believe it was a hate crime. a nationwide ceasefire went into effect at sundown in syria today, but it's not clear yet if some of the most powerful rebel groups will abide by it. violations have been reported just a few hours in. this morning syria's president released a statement saying the state was determined to take
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about the ceasefire agreement since the u.s. and russia signed it last weekend. analysts say it's too soon to call the deal a failure. workers and volunteers to claim lost wages and medical benefits after the september 11th attacks have until september 11th of 2018. it lapsed two years. thousands of people are still reporting illnesses an the effects of the attack. with more concerns over the zika virus and the chemicals used to keep the mosquitoes away, some parents are looking for natural repellants. certified nutrition consultants say the cdc has been studying the power of certain oils to keep the bugs away. lemon eucalyptus or clove oil has been proven to repel mosquitoes. pediatricians say certain supplements like vitamin d,
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would help. >> something that would reduce body odor like zinc or cleanse the blood like chlorophyll and act as an internal deodorant. >> things that stimulate the immune system and give us protection we feel will be beneficial. >> consumer reports found natural bug sprays weren't very effective, but the lemon eucalyptus kept them away for several hours. mental health help can be difficult to get. >> next we bring attention to
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september is national suicide prevention month. we have volunteers from rocky mountain crisis partners to
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health and helping others or yourself. the number to call 303-698- 0999. lines are open until 5:30 tonight. >> we're so happy that bev marquez could join us again from rocky mountain crisis partners. one of the hardest things about this is mental health awareness and knowing where to get help. we just talked about this, suicide prevention. sometimes people say do you want to talk about that? actually you do want to talk about that. >> yeah. >> you do. might say the wrong thing or we might make it worse and what individuals that are suffering this will say is what's scary is not being able to talk about it with not knowing what to do about it and some of the thoughts and behaviors that they're having are more scary to them than somebody being able to talk to them about it and know what to do if, in fact, it is a concern. >> we talked about september.
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prevention month. >> it's an opportunity to pay really close attention to transition. transition can be really stressful and what we know about this time of year is that things change for families. kids are going back to school. young freshmen are entering universities. the first six weeks that somebody is in a major transition like that, maybe they're feeling less connected from home or those kinds of things, we want to really talk about taking care of themselves and things that they can do to establish and maintain that connection feel isolated in new territory and so a lot of transition happens in september. so it's a good month to commit to learning more about what are the signs, what are the resources and how to respond if we do get concerned about somebody. >> we want to ask you about the signs, but when you talk about young people, there's an easy way to detect. sometimes they don't actual -- to text.
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option. >> we've recently added a text option. that's the way kids are staying connected and communicating. anonymous. so -- it's anonymous. so they it text the word talk to 38255 24/7 and they can text to somebody in a modality that they're familiar with and comfortable. >> a lot of people don't know how to start that conversation. do you prid well? >> we absolutely do. 30% of the people that call are calling about somebody they're concerned about and i think that is one of the best ways that we can prevent suicide is to really know how to talk about it and even if we don't know exactly how to talk about, there's really not a wrong way, just to do it more often. >> when you talk about some of these symptoms, is it just like stepping away or what are some of the signs?
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great deal of emotional pain and they don't see any relief? it affects the way they sleep. it might affect their nutrition. they might pull away from people or activities they care about. they might increase use of drugs or alcohol. they may be talking about really wanting to be away from this pain and withdrawing and maybe taking care of unfinished business consistent difference, a pattern or certainly after there's been a very upsetting or traumatic event in somebody's life, that would be a good time to pay attention to talking about this and also at higher risk if they do have a mental health diagnosis that's not treated, using substances or recently somebody in their circle has died by suicide. >> okay. >> that's a lot to pay attention to and no call is foolish.
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>> thank you, bev. we appreciate your time. there are mental health colorado screenings available online, is where you'll go for that. belen is back next with the
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three years ago this is what colorado looked like. this is video from boulder county, 17 inches of rain fell over the course of several days. boulder's average precipitation for the entire year is 20 inches. the floodwaters spread across a 200-mile range affecting 17 counties. governor hickenlooper declared a disaster emergency in 14 counties. there were nearly 2,000 rescues during a week and nearly 19,000 homes were damaged.
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still trying to repair the damage three years later. we are coming off a warm weekend. here's a live look over fort collins. we are expecting some cooler weather this week. >> cooler and it was cooler overnight and then it was pleasant today. now it drops again, right, belen? >> yeah. >> it's going to keep dropping. >> boom, down we go. >> yeah. we slipped out of summer and now we are falling into fall. i mean the temperatures today were going to get cooler for tomorrow. in is as we are 10 days -- this as we are 10 days away from the official start of fall, but look around you and you'll say fall is already here, right? especially in the high country. this picture sent in by larry pierce around steamboat over on mount warner. thank you so much for sending that picture in, larry. the highs today got into the mid-70s around town, toastier to the south and to the southeast because that cold front took a little while
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area. in the high country temperatures got into the 60s and 70s in the western slope, 83 degrees. right now we're at 69 degrees at dia where the winds are at 14 miles per hour. clouds have increased, certainly out here in the backyard we're under more clouds, not as sunny as it was this afternoon when i did the midday show and we had a few sprinkles. now we have partly cloudy skies and temperatures are at 71 degrees in the backyard. let's check the weather across the state us where you're at, the weather will be different for you. on the western slope we've got 82 degrees. we've got 70s in steamboat springs with sunshine, more clouds near the san luis valley and near monument hill. on the eastern plains blue skies and sunshine with 70s. zoom in closer and we have more cloud around town, temperatures currently -- clouds around town, temperatures currently in the 60s running about 20 degrees cooler from just 24 hours ago with some showers around town, some of them
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outside our home on speer and logan, those clouds over mile high now and breezy. that cold front right now is stationed over the central part of the country. funny thing is just to the northwest of us over in wyoming, parts of montana they have winter weather advisories in effect. don't worry. we don't have any snow headed to colorado just. we could see some in the mountain peaks overnight, but no travel advisories have been issued. that might come as a hear for some of you who aren't ready for that abrupt change in the forecast, right? here's what we've got now. storms are pushing in from the southwest, some carrying a bit more lightning towards the san juans and closer to the front range mountains. some storms to the south carrying lightning near el paso county. the view around town is that some of these clouds that we have are creating just a little bit of rain to the south of us. that's where we have those storms dropping a bit more rain
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elbert county. the threat of any severe weather today in colorado is pretty low, but where that cold front is stationed now that's the line and an area that we could see stronger storms. the potential for some showers and storms will remain in the forecast through this evening. right now mix of clouds and sun, more clouds headed our direct overnight and through tomorrow morning as our winds shift and they become more easterly. so what that does, it helps that humidity just bank up against the foothis higher terrain that's called upslope. that will cause for the clouds to stick around even through tomorrow creating areas of fog. 45 will be your overnight low, so not quite freezing but a cool john compared to this morning with a chance -- cooldown compared to this
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won't see is going to be because of areas of fog. also drizzle a possibility with mostly cloudy skies, especially here on the front range. poat will be very shallow, the temperatures will also tonight. there's a round of showers through tomorrow morning. watch all those clouds, also a possibility for some drizzle. in the afternoon maybe a break from the clouds, then another round of storms pushes through possibly by that afternoon pollute. plan ahead for that. tuesday really is going to be a bit of a different forecast. 66 will be your high with mostly cloudy skies. early in the morning 48 degrees, good advice for kids to take a jacket to school, maybe a sweater.
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you that kind of cautionary yellow light, chance of storms around town, 66. highs across the state tuesday 60s in the lower elevations and eastern plains, same goes for the mountains and 80s for the western slope. after tomorrow we start to warm up, 70s in the forecast for wednesday and we keep a chance for storms every afternoon through the weekend. so yesterday was the hottest day of the week, tomorrow the coolest and then we kind of find middle ground the rest of the week. >> okay. >> i can deal wi too bad. >> makes me think of goldilocks, porridge is too hot, too cold. >> okay, all right. for most people a job is a steady source of income. it also provides a sense of dignity and purpose. >> 9news reporter tarhonda thomas and her photojournalist show us people who are earning a living while they also learn to live again. >> i enjoy being here. >> reporter: a second chance is an opportunity to make
4:41 pm
day. the manufacturing and distribution workshop is where nearly 10 employees build, craft and sew an array of items in a small space. the shop may not look like much from the outside, but the impact it's having on men and women working inside is huge. >> the father of my kids was murdered. >> reporter: this former seamstress would know. >> having something so tragic happen in your life happen overnight was kind drinking a lot and i never dealt with the grief and the loss of it. so i developed a lot of anger issues and that's how i ended up in prison. >> reporter: prison, a police in one's past that can lock -- a place in one's past that can lock up one's future. >> they don't look at the person they've become or who they are now. they just look at this piece of
4:42 pm
>> hey, what i did was wrong. >> i didn't feel i was ever going to get there. >> there's a lot of companies out there who will not hire people who have felonies. >> reporter: the mile high workshop does giving a chance to a person leaving with addiction or living with the mark of a criminal record. >> that's what i ask, are there certain offenses you wouldn't even consider employing and my answer is no. we take a posture here are the day they come to us and we're going to give them the opportunity attorney our trust and to move forward in their lives. >> reporter: it was andy magle's idea to start a company where people can restart their lives. >> every person has value, doesn't matter what you've done. you're still a valuable person. >> reporter: and earlier this year the humble workshop ron the national reddick award to allow them to expand and reach more people like gina.
4:43 pm
feel defeated, but don't give up because somewhere out there there is an opportunity for you and there is a job for you. >> after being here and learning to believe in myself, i'm going to be there sooner than later. >> i've come a long way, you know. >> i just have a deeper appreciation for everything that's in my life right now. >> reporter: after eight years in prison and one year at the workshop gina is on her way to stitching her life back together. >> and i won't stop until i get there. >> reporter: making the most of her >> reporter: tarhonda thomas, 9news. >> what a great story. that's awesome. >> nice. mile high workshop is the smallest company in the nation to win the prestigious rediff award. >> they plan to use the money to expand the workshop in local cities and across the country. there's more information on this at no surprise here, two
4:44 pm
finals. >> it happens every year, got those climbs are and athletes and all those people, studs. two men from colorado have the chance to become the next
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oh, yes, we're still living in the dream with that win over the panthers for the broncos and now we're focusing on the colts because that will be an amc match-up his impression of the colts after their loss yesterday to the lions. >> you know, they got in the shootout yesterday and had the game there at the end, just didn't get it done, but i got a lot of respect for them as a team and obviously this organization has had trouble with them the last couple years. >> the broncos loss to the colts 27-24 last season. two years ago the broncos beat the colts in week one and lost
4:48 pm
the game is on sunday, 2:205 here in denver. -- 2:25 here in denver. it should be great. it is the final night for the american ninja warrior national finals. there are two ninjas representing colorado. >> brian arnold from brightton. jake murray will -- brightton. jake maury will take the last three stages -- murray was take the last three stages midoriyama. competitors who make it through stage 1 will take on stage 2 and possibly 3 and 4. stage 2 has giant ring swing, down up salmon ladder, hourglass to atari, double edge that won't flip. the competitors have a chance of winning $1 million. the winner last year was from boulder. it airs right here on 9news at 7:00 tonight.
4:49 pm
especially the kanaly. >> oodles of colorado connections, do not know how they do it. they talk about how their arming get so tired and you can like feel it at a certain point when their arms and legs are shaking. >> it's exhausting to watch. >> brian has been there before. he's made it to some of the later rounds. we'll see how it works out. researchers at city of hope are looking at cancer cells using immunotherapy. >> we have steve spangler with the best ways to visualize their scientific break-through and the answer, believe it or
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4:52 pm
you always know when there's something gooey at 9news. it's a steve spangler science day. >> that's exactly it.
4:53 pm
slime before, you've never seen slime like this. i promise you you've never seen the application for slime where you're going to go that was school. here's basically how you make slime. the recipe is all over the place. we've done it on many times. it's a management of elmer's glue and i add water and add the secret ingredient is this stuff right here called borax. if you buy a box of borax, it's good for life. put some bo stir it around and this borax water is what you now add to the glue. when you mix around and everything, becky, reach in and grab it out, there it is. is that the greatest? >> oh, feels so, so lovely. >> that is slime, so it's perfect. i have a slime that's a little bit different. watch this. >> okay. >> this one has been colored like this. >> black. >> let me pull this out here so you can kind of see. so this 1 looks a little
4:54 pm
you can see the difference. yours when we get a manage net close to -- a magnet close to it does nothing. when you get a magnet close to me, look. >> that's awesome. cool! >> i'm going to put it on the table and watch what happens. let me put the magnet down. this is a strong magnet. i'm going to get this close to it. i'm not going to up it. watch what happens. see how it will go after it. watch this. it gets closer, closer, closer. do yee >> it likes swallows it up. >> the secret that i added to this to make it magnetic is a substance called iron oxide. this is a powder and you find it online, from a chemical supply place, not toxic and i mix it in there and we've got magnetic slime. this is the magnetic material. there it goes. it's just going to eat it up, but this is better. i got to show you these two
4:55 pm
great. stay out of there. here, you hang onto this. >> i got it. >> i put the iron inside of a bottle. i have an elongated magnet. look. there are the iron filings. we're working with some researchers at city of hope for cancer research and one of the things they wanted to do was a demonstration showing wh >> okay. >> so if you use the white slime to represent the bold's immune system, notice how a cancer cell -- let's call this a cancer cell -- notice how the cancer cell is not attracted to the slime and your immune system doesn't interact with this as well, but if you go through immunotherapy, they now are able to train the immune system to go after just the cancer cells and not regular cells. so look at this.
4:56 pm
like the money we have here. >> yes. >> this is a trained immune system. so through immunotherapy look at what happens. nothing happens with these. >> right. >> if i get this close here, it targets just the cancer cells. so through the immunotherapy the city of hope is doing they can train it to outsmart the cancer cells by using the immune system to attack it. it's to trying to do to -- metaphor for what they're trying to do to change the immune system. to see what they're doing with immunotherapy is absolutely amazing and as always, we put
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9news at 5:00 is next. i keep going over every scenario in my head to see what could happen with my life. >> the husband of the school bus driver agonizes over the
5:00 pm
wife. the coaches were the ones most badly hurt on the legacy high school football team, what we've been able to learn today. >> also a 100 7-year-old be in denver gets -- 100 7-year-old building in denver gets a facelift and a piece of history was found. >> if you thought it felt cooler outside today, just wait until this time tomorrow next on 9news. >> this is 9news. three legacy high school coaches are in the hospital tonight. they were injured when the bus they were riding near denver international airport sunday afternoon. the crash killed 43-year-old keri chopper when her bus went off the road and crashed into a pillar. she had worked with the adams 12 school district for four years of tonight police and her husband are looking for answers. >> i want to know what happened. it's hard for me to not know. >> more than a dozen legacy high school football players and coaches went to the hospital. we have team coverage on this


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