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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  September 13, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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legacy high school faces a decision about what to do about its homecoming game as their coaches try and recover from a crash. >> i lost not only my life, my everything, my world. >> the husband of the bus driver killed in that crash wants to know more than anyone what happened. >> brandon marshall hasn't seen the last of the ripple effects over his national anthem protest. >> temperatures drop 20 degrees to lows in the 40s. wyoming already has snow. >> i was worried if i fell asleep and woke up again, he'd be gone. >> after missing two months the entire town celebrates the
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the students on this bus when it crashed yesterday have all gone home from the hospital, but the football coaches on board have not. the legacy high school football team just returned from california. three school buses were leaving dia when for some reason this one circled back, went off the road and slammed into a pillar. the bus driver keri chopper significant injuries. this is homecoming week at legacy in bloomfield. the big game is friday. we'll know tomorrow if the game will be played. today school and community focused on the family of the bus driver who died and the coaches who are still in the hospital. here's 9news reporter victoria sanchez. >> reporter: hours after tragedy hit legacy high school classes resumed, though not as usual. >> i just kind of started crying a little bit in my spanish class because as a school it's just a really hard time. >> reporter: sunday afternoon
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teens, a school bus with football players and coaches crashed at denver international airport killing the driver and seriously injuring three coaches. >> i know that they'll get through it and come out stronger than ever. >> reporter: wayne voorhees, matt kroupa and kyle rider are still in the hospital. during homecoming week each day has a theme, but after the fatal accident students took it upon themselves to change it. >> it was supposed to be day where we wore our college gear, but instead we changed it to legacy day because of what happened. >> reporter: #legacystrong spread across social media even to california where chino hills high school students stood in solidarity with the school and football team they played just days ago. >> i got this text in math class by one of my friend and everyone had been writing it on -- friends and everyone had
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>> reporter: cheerleader gave out small footballs. >> they told us to write an inspiring message and pass it around the school and hopefully it gets back to the football players. >> reporter: in a week where school expert is supposed to bring excitement and fun, that same school spirit will get the school through a very tough time. >> our school is a family. >> the football players, coaches and patients met this afternoon to discuss whether -- and parents met this afternoon to discuss whether to play friday's homecoming game. while head coach wayne voorhees recovers, the defensive coordinator matt craddick will step in as interim head coach. >> the legacy football team was on its way back to home last night after playing in california. legacy lost the game 28-24 in what was their second game of the season. the husband of keri chopper who died in the crash says he wants
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joshua chopper says his wife loved driving the school bus. she'd been doing it for four years. he found out about the crash when people began sending him condolence messages on social media. >> i kept calling my wife's phone saying it can't be, can't be, but i just knew deep down inside i just had this feeling my worst, my worst fears, my worst everything came true last night when i lost not only my life friend, my everything, my world. we lost a beautiful soul yesterday. i haven't slept yet. i keep going over every scenario i can in my head to see what happened withmy wife and i don't know and i want to know. >> chopper says his wife had no known medical problems. she passed her required yearly physical in may.
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married over 20 years and had four children. school bus crashes are rare. when they do happen, they get national attention and renewed concerns over safety. from 2005 to 2014 more than 1,300 people were killed in school transportation crashes. federal law does not require seatbelts on buses although the national safety council supports the idea. >> lives will be saved if we put three point belts on buses and they are uses. >> more than 26 million daily. this latest accident served to renew the debate over whether more need to be done to keep kid safe on them. 20 -- kids safe on them. 20 years after the murder of his sister burke ramsey talked about the still unsolved case with dr. phil, the first television interview for burke ramsey who is now 29. during the interview burke was asked why he remained in his room before and after his sister jonbenet was found. burke responded, "i guess i
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conflict or i don't know. i guess -- to avoid conflict or i don't know. i am not the worried type. " today was the first segment of the interview with dr. phil. the arapahoe county coroner's office says 29-year- old ashley ross draper was found saturday when police did a welfare check at an apartment near memphis way and alameda. officers arrested a person of saying james anthony draper led them in a chase with a stolen car while firing shots and pointing a gun at police. the chase ended at colfax and yosemite. no one was hurt. tonight hillary clinton called into cnn since her first interview when she appeared to collapse and had to be hustled into a van leaving the 9/11 memorial sunday. clinton said she didn't disclose her pneumonia diagnosis earlier because she didn't think it was going to be a big deal. clinton said she had ignored
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her aides also admit they didn't give the public enough information about her condition before what happened sunday. at first her campaign said she was overheated and dehydrated. instead of going to a hospital she went to her daughter's apartment. it wasn't until eight hours after her ceremony that the campaign revealed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia. >> would you ever have disclosed it if we had the seen that video? >> i can't speak to hypotheticals which says clearly she needed time. >> reporter: why not tell people when you learned she had pneumonia? >> we were focused on getting her to her daughter making sure she's okay. >> both clinton 68 and trump who is 70 say they'll release more of eir medical records. clinton will be off the campaign trail at least one more day. the pentagon says it has confirmed the second highest ranking leader of isis was
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who had been the chief spokeman for isis. the u.s. declared him a specially designated global terrorist in 2014. in response to north korea's nuclear test last week the u.s. sent two nuclear cable bombers in the sky last evening as a show of force to the north and to reassure south korea. the bomber jets were about 75 miles from the no last week north korea recommitted to improving its nuclear capability. denver could soon have more officers patrolling downtown. the new proposed city budget sets aside $16 million for 48 more officers. 16 would be assigned to the 16th street mall. >> protecting the central corridor of our city is extremely important because it's where most of the commercial activity and our
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indicator in terms of the health and we'll being of the city. >> we kind of want to look at the other districts and how we're alloca resources and we did not want our efforts on the mall to impact the efforts and responsibilities that we had throughout the city. >> the budget also includes $5 million for building and maintaining affordable housing. the mayor is waiting to see if the city council approves an extra 10 million to create a permanent fund for affordable housing. council will start the budget later this month. it has until november to decide on the final deal. amazon put up the now hiring sign for a new office. the company is looking to fill software and engineering positions. we have more about its plans and this story on left hand brewing is recalling bottles of its well
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yeast got into the bottles causing them to overflow on the shelf and others don't have that smooth smooth nitro pour. it should be back in about six weeks. this year will be epic. that's the quote on the website describing denver's startup week. like the name implies, the event attracts entrepreneurs from all over to help them get their ideas off th station. people can register for hundreds of free events downtown such as panel discussions with founders and investors. it is the largest event of its kind in north america and organizers say denver is a perfect location. >> there's always been incredible tech start-ups here, but i think there's been a long time of focus on your business and be heads down. so we saw an opportunity to bring these people together that th t to know each other.
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lost dogs rarely make the news, but it seemed that all of idaho springs was looking for rue. the dog disappeared in july. the dog and its owner reunited saturday after someone spotted him living under a bridge in arvada. here's 9news reporter dan grossman. >> reporter: we like to speak in hyperboles where good is great. >> he knows where we're going. >> reporter: and great is awesome. >> he's got to reclaim his turf. >> reporter: but on a day like matt vogel ernie hyperbole he want -- vogel any hyperbole he wanted for matt was denied this. >> you lost a little pep in your step there, boss. >> reporter: for the last two months. >> we were laying together. i was afraid to fall asleep because it just felt like a dream. i was worried if i fell asleep and woke up again, he'd be gone. >> reporter: gone, it's an all
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dog rue was stolen in july. >> people asked what's it feel like and i said it felt like somebody stole my liver. he's been my homie for five years straits. >> reporter: a woman recognized a picture of rue posted to facebook under a bridge in arvada alone with a studded collar wrapped tightly around his neck. you can see the marks in this picture from when he first returned. >> he's always been that constant. so when safety blanket, my safety net was gone. >> reporter: one thing led to another and lawsuit got a call saturday at 2 a.m. saying rue was safe and to come by and get him. >> i still have a heard time believing he's back. >> reporter: some may call it a miracle, but in a moment like this it's hardly a hyperbole. >> what a miracle, for sure. >> matt is planning a town
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in lakewood. we'll bring you more information on that on the bring rue home facebook page. truly a heart warming story and you can see it in their faces how close they were. >> rue is a pretty valuable dog. >> yes. he is a very rare dog. nobody knows exactly what happened, but he thinks somebody may have taken him to breed him to try and make a profit. rocky mountain national park is apparently only getting better as it gets older. attendance records shattered. >> at another national park to our north the weather had a little surprise for those who wanted to see a hot attraction. >> rain bows earlier today, showers tonight, much cooler temperatures tomorrow. >> and trouble found ryan lochte yet again, there time on the set of dancing with the stars. >> and broncos linebacker brandon marshall has an idea
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just let bygones be bygones. two people rushed to the stage shouting liar. security arrested them. they could face trespassing arges. several women in the audience were wearing anti-lochte t- shirts were ordered to leave the studio. rocky mountain national park is on pace to break its visitor record set last year when 4.1 million people passed through the gates. for the park had more than 100,000 visitors in both january and february. then in july 912,000 people showed up, the most for any month in rocky's history. visits are expected to go up as the leaves start to reach fall peak. the colder weather has already moved into wyoming and its most famous park has a coat of winter white. those who showed up to see old faithful today at yellowstone national park found it covered in snow. mountain passes got more than 4
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did not get above freezing. warmer weather is expected by the weekend and it should be back up into the 60s at the park. where we come from just like the country song, rain is a good thing. that's what we have falling in the 9news backyard tonight, beneficial rain after one of our drier augusts on record. september we're dealing with several wildfires across our state and sometimes when you have a storm like this, you might have a view like this. our sky9 flying up and down the front range today capturing the wonderful cloud cover and the rainbow, if anyone found the pot of gold at the end of the rain bow, but we're so lucky to have these guys getting those beautiful shots and way up high how about this view in the northern mountains, the central mountains the leaves are starting to change. kim with this great shot out of breckenridge. yesterday's high 90, today 16 degrees cooler. tomorrow cooler still. yes. some reports of rain and snow over some of the higher peaks and pikes peak tonight.
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degree days. the average number 41. you can see it's been a very warm summer indeed. now some gentle rain falling in the city tonight. you may have some cloud cover to deal with the start of your drive tomorrow morning as well. we'll get some sunshine, but it will be cooler. keep the jacket. showers at dia, winds east at 11, in the backyard light rain, 53 degrees, smells amazing outside now and really no rain. looking at radar these showers coming up from e are moving fast. they aren't holding together terribly well. we've had reports of a little rain/snow mix over the high higher -- higher peaks. a weather system is crossing the state and a secondary surge of cool air will follow tomorrow, winter weather advisory to the north of us in montana. some of that cool air is headed
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rain falls west and south of us in the next 24 hours. we have the potential for pockets of heavier rainfall this time tomorrow night. next front comes in low pressure to the west as this trough begins to move in. the weather pattern shifts and will pull in some of that cold air from the north. 57 in billings, 66 in denver, 98 in phoenix, the heat shifting south and the southwest flow will bring more showers into den tonight. they linger until -- denver tonight. they linger unou look at the fog and cloud cover, i225 corridor, dense fog advisories no out of it, -- no doubt. showers in the afternoon will linger into the evening and could be heavy at times. we're tracking heavier showers up into weld and morgan county overnight. the sun comes out before lunchtime, cold start, 35 leadville, 46 denver and the highs statewide are cooler than
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keep in mind the average for denver right now is 81. tonight gentle rain and fog tomorrow, cool day, 46. kids might need a sweatshirt for the bus stop, 59 by lunchtime, 66 the best you'll do. hang onto the jacket tomorrow. wednesday is warmer but not entirely dry. things improve by the weekend, highs near 80 saturday and su second half of the extended period showing temperatures back kind of where they should be for this time of year. head for the hills, folks. it's beautiful in steamboat. the leaves are turning around aspen and vail and we're starting to see some of the orange popping out as well. all the information you need on where to go and when is on >> going to be a beautiful season. it's almost time for corn
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area. the fitchler corn maze opens up in la salle saturday. broncos fans will appreciate the tribute. in 2012 they made a peyton manning corn maze to welcome him to the team. more than 350,000 people have
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher.
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broncos linebacker brandon marshall is meeting with denver's police chief tomorrow and get this. marshall may even toss out the idea of the two men standing side by side during the national anthem this weekend. marshall made a peaceful protest of racial inequity just prior to the season opener on sunday. he's been vilified by many americans and dropped from a couple endorsement deals, but even so brandon doesn't feel any sense of regret or any desire to lash back at his critics. >> i'm not here to spread hate. i'm not here to respond to th i'm here to spread love and positivity. i'm a likeable guy, you know. i was once a fan favorite for a reason. you know what i'm saying? it's cool because people can call me the n word or cuss at me or say they wish i'd break my neck all they want, but there's no backlash for me, you know. hate can't drive out hate. only love can drive out hate. what do you think of this idea?
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games this season, we'll just show the national anthems to determine which players stood up, sat down, kneeled, raised a fist or performed some other type of protest, just a thought. colin kaepernick and the san francisco 49ers lead thlos angeles rams 14-0 now in the 3rd quarter even though he hasn't played yet. only one game into the season and the broncos are already defending themselves against dirty accusations. 9news broncos insider mike klis takes a cheap shot on the pages of his notebook. smacked cam newton in the helmet not once, not twice but four times in their season opener thursday. some say this adds up to a defense that plays dirty. >> i just don't think that's what we are. we're not malicious. we don't intentionally go to hurt anybody. we just play hard. i don't think we're malicious or a dirty defense at all. >> i thought three of those helmet hits were speed of the game incidental strikes.
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so hard he had a torn kidney and abdominal muscle. there was no talk of dirty play back then. rockies trailed the diamondbacks, but then rallied all the way back. daniel descalso's homer put them ahead. roccos lead now 9-6 still in the 6th. strange but drew, in toronto tonight the blue jays beat the rays and following the
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into a bench clearing argument which included former rockies shortstop troy tulowitzki. no punches thrown jays win 3-2. chicago cubs pitcher kyle hendricks was throwing a no hitter tonight until jeremy hazellbaker belted a 19th home run and the umpire didn't waste sends madden into a frenzy. diamondbacks just hit a grand slam. rockies trail the. still of the night from washington where several redskins and steelers players including superstar quarterback roethlisberger helped hold the american flag during the the st
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are so yesterday. we're just going to focus on the anthem during 2016. >> okay. >> see how everybody behaves. >> good, bad and indifferent. >> your phone's ringing. >> just an idea, throwing it out there. >> i'm just saying i heard your
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we need the rain. we it is raining tonight. you'll have fog in the morning. temperatures mid-60s tomorrow, back to the mid-70s. weekend looks good close to 80 both saturday and sunday. if you can hang in there a few days, look at the extended period. >> another 80 for a broncos game. >> i do what i can. >> that's four in a row. >> we're hanging.
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new york's biggest mystery, haunting vetrano minutes before she's murdered. >> only chris hansen has it for his tv return now on "extra." ? extra, extra ? a beautiful jogger on her final run.
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daily's" chris hansen breaks news on the headline making unsolved case. sharon osbourne's breakdown. >> i couldn't think. i couldn't talk. >> her bombshell new confession. why she really went m.i.a. from "the talk." elizabeth vargas today. what it was like watching her tv tell all about her alcoholism with her kids. >> my son said, wow, mommy. bradley cooper, celin dion, and viola davista cancer. >> i went through it with my father. >> we're inside the star-packed telethon with brave cancer fighter shannon dougherty. >> pretty brutal. then -- >> how are you, my friend? >> our own new interview with leo dicaprio and the biggest stars in toronto interrupted. >> hey,thy is my interrue. plus, madonna and her daughter, the kardashians, a nearly naked emily radkowski.
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hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone, welcome to "extra," i'm mario lopez. coming up our new interview with tracy morgan doing better than ever and breaking news on his next move. also coming up, mario, we're with the star's of tv's "n "notor "notor "notorious." first, the murder mystery that cauth in the very last minutes of her life. jerry has it. >> reporter: this may be the final time karina vetrano was ever seen alive, the haunting video exposing new clues in the case gripping america from coast to coast. "crime watch daily" with chris hansen exclusively obtaining the final images of the beautiful jogger entering the queens park minutes before she was beaten and strangled. the world exclusive makie iing t headlines as the biggest name in
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breaking even more news. >> what we have is three pieces of dna. >> reporter: nypd chief of detectives giving his first tv sit-down revealing the traces were found on her neck, fingernails and cell phone enabling them to rule out -- >> the ex-boyfriend, family members. >> reporter: hansen with unprecedented access to the open investigation. police revealing to the show the investigators have scoured some 200 surveillance videos but have not yet identified a chris telling a.j. -- >> they're doing everything they can to find this culprit. it's been a tough case. sharon osbourne's shocking medical convention. >> my brain just shut down on me. i woke up in cedars-sinai hospital and all, probably three days, i knew nothing. >> reporter: the 63-year-old telling the world today on "the talk" her mental breakdown became so bad loved ones had to


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