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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  September 13, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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marriage- and a husband still remembers his wife like they're just married. the man who loved the legacy high school bus driver tells their story. taking a knee- or raising a fist... n-f-l players across the country are finding different ways to protest. what a broncos player is doing today. and campaign war of words... what hillary clinton said that donald trump thinks should disqualify her from the presidency. good morning. corey and gary with you this morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- it was down right chilly overnight... and that could mean a good chance of showers later. a school district-
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veered off the road at d-i-a sunday... she was killed and 18 other high school students and coaches went to the hospital. this morning- there are still a lot of questions about why chopper crashed her bus... 9news reporter jessica oh is live at legacy high school in broomfield... jessica- as the investigation continues her husband is just remembering his wife of 23 years. this week was supposed to start
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college colors day and a week of homecoming celebrations. instead- monday students cried and showed their legacy high school pride... while sending messages of support to their classmates and coaches. students wore their school shirts and colors monday... and used the hashtag legacy strong. coaches wayne voorhees, matt rider are all still in the hospital. now- students and teachers are hoping school spirit will help everyone make it through the week. the broomfield community is also coming together to support the coaches and the school. last night- a group of moms pitched in- at a brewery. they organized a silent auction at wonderland brewery. they sold art, crafts and took donations. the brewery also donated a portion of sales to help both the legacy team and the family of the bus driver. today former president george w bush will be at
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colroado springs- for a job fair. the fort carson transition summit runs today and tomorrow... the goal is to help soldiers who are leaving service. it includes workshops to help troops market their skills in the civilian job market. representatives from more than 100 companies plan to be there with job openings available. just last night nearly two hundred soldiers returned home to fort carson after serving in afghanistan. the members of the 4th combat aviation ad even in the frigid mid-winter... people just kept going to rocky mountain national park... and that-- plus a record breaking just kept going to rocky mountain national park... and that-- plus a record breaking summer... has the park on track to break an even bigger record by the end of the year. back in january and february- the park had more than 100 thousand visitors... for the first time ever. in july- 912 thousand people visited... the most in a single month in
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month of 20-16 so far. now- rocky mountain national park is looking to break last year's overall attendance record of four point one milion people. it's peak leaf spotting season in the colorado mountains right now... but farther north it looks more like winter. this is montana this week. the red lodge mountain resort recorded about six inches of snow yesterday. ski managers are hoping that's a good sign for the season up there... where the resort had to close early because of a lack of snow. by the way- ski season starts here in colorado in about a month. brandon marshall says he won't bow
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the linebacker says he plans to kneel again this sunday- even after losing his second sponsor: "centurylink." marshall is joining players on teams across the country- in protesting social injustice by kneeling during the national anthem. monday - a sports apparel shop in colorado springs canceled an autograph session with marshall over the protest. on twitter- it seems marshall is working to build
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night he's meeting with the police chief today. he told people to tweet him using the hastag ask the chief to give him ideas of what to ask. the kneeling protest all started with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. he continued his protest along with teammate eric reid during his team's season opener last night. other players are finding a different way to protest during the national anthem... a way they hope will show their fight against inju w respect for the american flag. players for the los angeles rams and other teams have chosen to raise their fists instead. some people are so into their teams- sports is like a religion to them. now- one time super bowl rivals tom brady and michael strahan are teaming up- to see what role sports really might play in faith. they're working on a six part t-v series called "the religion of sports." the hour long episodes look at different examples
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and they aren't just talking american football- they'll also look at talking american football- they'll also look at soccer rivalries... rodeo... nascar... minor league baseball... and even e-sports. the show is scheduled to start in november on the audience network. the n-c-double-a wants out of north carolina... next- why march madness could be crazier than usual next season. and- hillary clinton calls for her disqualification. the campaign war of words flips sides this week. and- in japan getting older- like really old- is cause for celebration and a special award. what thousands of people will get on a very special
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c-double-a... over
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against the l-g-b-t community. it's a protest over a new law there that limits anti- discrimination protections for lgbt individuals and requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that match the sex listed on their birth certificates, rather than the gender with which they identify. the n-c-a-a has pulled seven championship events from north carolina so far ... including opening weekend men's basketball games. the only championship events that can be hosted in the state are ones team earns the right to play on their own campus. earlier this year, the n-b-a decided to move the 2017 all- star game from charlotte to new orleans. hillary clinton is talking about her pneumonia diagnosis. on c-n-n, she told anderson cooper she thought she could keep going forward and power through. her running mate, senator tim kaine spoke in ohio while on the campaign trail. clinton's illness
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abruptly leave a 9/11 memorial ceremony in new york sunday. photos and videos popped up of her appearing to lose her footing while walking back to her car. donald trump is firing back at hillary clinton's half of trump's supported belonged in quote- "a basket of deplorables." trump says the comm attack on the american voter. at a rally in north carolina, trump called his supporters hard work patriots. trump's team claims the statement could be as damaging as mitt romney's "47 percent" comment in the last election cycle. and clinton, while saying maybe not half are deplorable, says she will continue
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homophobic, xenophobic islamophobic" elements in trump's base. a university in denver- is paying its students back... why the company has to refund millions. plus- a popular local brew won't be on store shelves for weeks... why left hand brewing had to issue a big recall. but first, lets check in with marty and becky.
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for all of its popular nitro milk stout bottles. the beer won't make you sick- but the brewery is blaming unwanted yeast for some problems with the packaging and pour. the yeast causes some bottles to overflow on the shelf. other bottles just don't come out right when you're ready to drink. left hand won't be able to sell the beer again ft least six weeks while it cleans up the brewing facility and makes new batches. the parent company for denver based university of the rockies has to pay millions of dollars and let all students off the hook for private loans. the consumer financial protection bureau says the company bridgepoint education tricked students into paying more than advertised for student loans. our partners at the denver business journal report- company will forgive more than 12 hundred current
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the refunds include five million dollars to students who already repaid some loans... plus 18 and a half million to discharge outstanding debt. the company will also pay eight million dollars to the government. denver startup week continues today.... all week long people can register for hundreds of free events downtown. topics for today's events include startups and diversity... personal branding... cybersecurity for startups... sourcing and manufacturing in the ski industry... startup week began in denver in 20-12. organizers call it the largest event of its kind - in north america. let's check in with marty.
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survey is keeping a close eye on the kilauea volcano lava lake... after seismic activity in recent days. this is the first time the lava lake has been visible in more than a year. the u-s-g-s says at least one earthquake was felt along with other smaller events. kilauea is one of the world's most active volcanoes. japan has a lot of elderly people...
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japan has a record number of people turning 100 years old in the 20-16 fiscal year. about 37 thousand people will join the centenarians club. more than 65 thousand people 100 years old or older already live in japan. the oldest person in the country is a 116 year old woman. when people turn 100 in japan- they get a silver cup and a congratulatory letter form the prime minister. the rio de janeiro paralympics are past the mid way point... with higher than expected attendance and a lot of new entries for the record books. so far 132 world records have fallen... and there are 214 new paralympic records. there are two sports in the paralympics you won't see in the olympics... one is goal ball- played with masks covering athletes vision and a ball with a bell. these are pictures from the london paralympics... competition in the
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bocca- in which athletes roll colored balls as close as possible to a white target. it's very similiar to bocce ball. ryan lochte is having trouble staying out of trouble... in the next half hour the on stage commotion- as the controversial swimmer took on a different kind of competition. one school- and a
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our school is kind of it's a
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big family standing together after a tragic bus crash, how statutes at legacy high school are turning home coming week into something that means a lot more. >> stand up, sit down or something else entirely. linebacker marshal is taking his protest a step further. good morning everyone. and thank you for joining us. we this afternoon. >> yet again. we had nice rain overnight. clouds are hanging on on the backside of the showers. in fact latest view looking at cloudy skies there are some areas of fog up and front the front range as well. so be on the look out for that. you may start to see things get hazy in the headlights between now and 6:45. things start breaking up by the later half of


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