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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  September 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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a story just into our newsroom within the past hour. firefighters in platte canyon say a local colorado winery has been destroyed. >> they say a vehicle drove into the aspen peak cellars in bailey around one this morning. the driver was reported driving south on 285 when he lost control. crews on scene tell us the crash caused broken pipes and damage to a gas line, and they say wine was actually flowing from that location into the platte river. the driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. luckily no one was inside the building at the time of this crash. 25,000 bottles, though, were inside the winery. the owner tells us he's not sure how many of those wine bottles are lost at this time. >> wow, 25,000. amazing. lakewood detectives have arrested a man on suspicion of assaulting the driver of an rtb bus. it happened thursday at colfax and miller street. 27-year-old anthony mata tried
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to purchase a pass, mata assaulted him. police say mata was booked on suspicion of second-degree assault and endangering public transportation. it is beginning to feel a whole lot more like fall as we count down to the official first day, looking live over denver and boulder, live over i- 70 to copper mountain. definitely some clouds over there today. forget fall for just a second because it already looks like winter at the top of pikes peak. these are im camera up there told. is it too early for small, if you ask the snowboarder and skiers, they say it's never too early for snow. belen de leon joins us now. just rain for us here. >> people are like wait a minute, no. >> get the bread and milk. >> you don't need that. prepare some chili. the temperatures are cooler than yesterday. highs are only going to get
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60s. we have 50s around town. closer to the foothills, and up and over the divide, the temperatures are warmer in the 70s for our friend in bailey, and also in kremmling. afternoon highs are going to look like this. way below where we should be this time of year. our normal high is 80 degrees. we're going to be 10 to 15 degrees cooler than that, and foothills temperatures in the 60s. we have fog out there closer to the foothills in nederland, you can't make out what's in the distce area, and drizzle. what do we have going on right now. we have showers moving in from the southwest to the northeast, and for the time being, some areas of snow out towards the san juans. now, we don't have any travel advisories issued, thankfully, so getting around the state, you should be okay. you've got clouds right now, and you know, those clouds aren't going to go anywhere, but it's this afternoon when you really have to keep an eye to the sky because those clouds could be dropping some rain. we could also see some thunderstorms. plan ahead for your afternoon
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amount of rain will be falling closer to the foothills and to the south of the metro area with dryer weather in northern colorado. stick around later in the show. i'll let you know how long the cool spell will last. we'll have another opportunity for storms this week. we need that rain, and we'll look ahead to the week and see what's in store for the broncos versus the colts game on sunday. >> very important. we need to know that. >> not too early to look ahead to the weekend. >> clean up an old mining site. rocks are being moved and a new bus stop and trails are being built over it. matt renoux is over there, and he'll have much more at 9news. we have bad news, for those of you who love the brewery. unwanted yeast in the bottles
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and others don't come out right. they won't be able to sell the beer again for at least 6 weeks. that's how long it will take to clean up the brewing facility and mange new batches. wells fargo is under fire. the bank was hit with record fines for opening millions of accounts without customer consent. now the executive who oversaw that unit is retiring with a reported $125 million payout. there are questions coming from that move like are wells fargo's executives facing any consequences here. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: the world's biggest bank is sparking more outrage. the wells fargo executive in charge of the division where employees opened more than 2 million unauthorized accounts is retiring at the end of the year. fortune reports that according to financial disclosure documents, carey tollstead is leaving with a pay out of more than $125 million in stock options and shares. >> by no means is this a small
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a senior executive that i have seen in my career. >> reporter: in july, the bank's ceo described him as one of the most valuable wells fargo leaders, a champion for our customers and a role model for responsible principles and inclusive leadership. last week, wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million in fines over the fake accounts. the bank saying it has fired more than 5300 employees over the past five years for their involvement in former employees say they were pressured to sell account add ons to customers. >> at one time, looking at it, i had 15 accounts at once. it was very frustrating and these were accounts that i never opened. >> reporter: a wells fargo spokesperson said tollstead made a personal decision to retire but would not comment on compensation. the spokesperson adds that the unauthorized accounts were identified by the company's own
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the behavior, they terminated team members responsible and worked to strengthen oversight. we believe the changes we have made have strengthened wells fargo and will help ensure this behavior doesn't happen in the future. >> people can quarrel over when it should have been caught. it was a valentine's -- violation of trust. >> there are several consumers concerned about this. nbc not able to reach executive for comment. >> when you think about that, executives big bonus, it doesn't seem like it adds up. >> 5 million doesn't seem like that much. >> got to take care of the customers. the state board of education will vote tomorrow on whether high schools can serve diet soda again. 7 years ago, high schools were banned from selling diet soda. it was supposed to promote healthier beverages for students, but the state board
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it has federal and state regulations don't match. if that change is approved, high schools will once again be allowed to serve diet soda at lunch and after school. health related organizations from around colorado are against this change. the colorado association of school boards does want a rule clarification, because currently the association doesn't have a stance on diet sodas. so many debates about kids and food choices. i think it starts at home with parentll to make good choices. >> water and milk. milk does the body go good. >> never go wrong with that. coming up, we are talking about toys. >> oh, my goodness. >> why wouldn't we talk about toys on a tuesday. >> this is going to be great. the 2016 toy hall of fames are in, rock them sock them robots, bubble tape, really, is this a toy. it's still really fun. and so many clouds and fog over boulder, you can hardly see the flat irons there in
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. wow, get a bowl. our temperatures today much cooler than yesterday, and way below our normal high for this time of year. we should be close to 80 degrees. forecast high of 69. 58 is the temperature at dia. winds a little breezy at 20 miles per hour, and check out that humidity. 65% out here in the backyard, i'm under cloudy skies, and our temperatures are at 58 degrees. let's check the weather. what happened to that cold front that moved through
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you can clearly see that line over that cooler air separating it from the warmer air and it's going to be to the west of us where we're going to see the potential for the stronger storms toward the western slope and utah and nevada. in colorado, scattered showers possible. this afternoon we're already starting to see those showers develop. some of these are thunderstorms. and mixed in with a little bit of snow and higher elevations, like our friends in telluride, e that snow on top of those mountains. here in the metro area, despite the cloudy and gloomy looking skies, we don't have any significant rain, maybe a few sprinkles around winter park and just to the west of boulder. temperatures are in the 50s, 40s in northern colorado. we've got a mix of 60s, 50s and 70s in the high country. just depends what the elevation is. this afternoon, highs will be in the upper 70s out west, mainly 60s for the mountains, and more 60s for us here down low and out on the eastern plains.
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now. those clouds aren't going anywhere, and later today, we're going to get a little bit of rain from those clouds. in the high country, those showers will become more scattered through about 3:00 p.m., and plan ahead for that afternoon commute. because there's a chance that we have those storms roll through town around that time when you're clocking out of work. around 7:30, a possibility of storms to the south and that's where we're expecting the heaviest amount of rain to fall. in higher elevations, possibly near the divide, we're going to see more mountain peaks. no travel advisories have been issued. after 7:30, the storms will continue to travel towards the northeast, overnight we can still see a few showers, and those winds still coming in from the east will allow for more clouds to develop, and also for the clouds to just stick around in time for tomorrow morning's drive. 49 will be your overnight low. temperatures will drop into the 30s in the high country. not freezing yet here in the metro area, but still pretty cool, and tomorrow we're warming up.
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thursday, 75. yeah, don't expect those summer time temperatures anymore. we are falling into fall. another cool down on friday and as of right now, that weekend
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. welcome back. so what was your favorite toy growing up. >> without a doubt, barbie dream house. i still think about that dream house. >> easy bake oven.
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a cookie. i got frustrated with mine. >> i graduated to the real oven. >> no matter what your favorite toy was, you're going to love this, the national toy hall of fame is really trying to honor the best of what we all know and love with their classic 2016 toy hall of fame. so far, the fisher-price little people, that's on the list, how could it not be. care bears, and transformers. they're among 12 finalists for a place in the national toy hall of fame whether any of them will make it will be announced november 10 november 10th. nerf is on the list, the board game clue, card game uno, and our favorite bubble wrap. can you believe bubble wrap is on the list. >> i can be occupied with that for hours. >> i had some on my desk at friday. >> you could put that in with the card board box and stick among unconventional honorees. if you're wondering what the
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influence the way toys are designed and played with and foster creativity. we have had so much fun asking you what toys you loved as kids. shout out to stretch armstrong, speak and spell. yes, oh my gosh, i loved that game. >> easy bake oven. >> thank you jill. you and me girl. >> these should all be in the hall of fame. yo yos, i stink at yo yos but it's a great pass time. >> what that count. >> i think so. >> i had a couple of those. >> put it in there with tonka trucks, the real ones. good shout out. let us know what toys should be in the hall of fame. we have had too much fun reminiscing. which mobile network company offers the best performance in the denver area. a lot of you wonder about this. according to an an analytics
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way tie between sprint and verizon, at&t, and t-mobile, they tied for 3rd in denver. those are your best and worst options, guys. >> well, at least there are some options, you know which ones are good, and which ones may not be the best. so for the first time, the broncos will display three retired jersey numbers inside of their stadium. this is happening during the game on sunday against the colt, number 7 for john elway, 44 for floyd 18 for frank japuka. peyton manning's name will be included as part of that number mentioning that he wore it for a few years of course. his jersey number was the first retired by the broncos, number 18, right. 18 members of his family will be there to see that display. frank died three years ago. they will be representing him. john elway, little and manning will all be there for the ceremony on sunday, too. banners of their three numbers
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the south sands score board. so if you're lucky enough to go to a game, you'll be able to see them there. >> and that will definitely be a wonderful moment for all those families. very well deserved. >> absolutely. are you sick of internet trolls, well, try working in the media. >> oh, yeah, we see them, hear from them all the time. >> every day. >> they seem to ignore that saying, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, doesn't apply to facebook and some other social media sites, but one of them is really trying to change that. >> instagram has ne it will let users control what they post on pictures. here's how it works. they can list words they consider offensive and comments with the words will be hidden. this feature that they're coming out with comes a month after justin bieber got off instagram due to a backlash over a picture that he posted with his new girlfriend. >> okay. well, let's see if it works. i hope it does. fat is bad. that true? y. not necessarily. but it's what the sugar
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these welcome home celebrations, they just never get old. 200 families are back together after spending months apart while their husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, fought in afghanistan. the members of the 4th combat aviation brigade returned to fort carson monday night. they were deployed to afghanistan in december. while they were there, they helped with air operations in that region. >> that's so great. welcome home. >> job fair on post for soldiers transitioning out of the service, and president george w bush will be there. the fort carson transition summit is today and tomorrow, representatives from more than one hundred companies plan to be there with job openings available. the goal is to help soldiers leaving the service for civilian jobs. an analysis of newly uncovered documents shows the
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as early as 1960s. a group paid harvard researches to write an article that concluded cholesterol and fat was the only dietary intervention to prevent heart disease. scientists are working to understand the link between diet and heart doing. the concern has shifted to sugar and carbohydrates and away from fat. how much do you love your dog, this much or this much? >> i think a lot of people in colorado are this much. >> but do you love them enough
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. we cannot get enough of this video. yaso the dog, a k-9 officer from twinsburg, ohio, getting spoiled at starbucks. this is at the drive through, so look at this, yaso going for it with his own puppuccino. it's a special drink they make for dogs at starbucks.
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>> i heard it's all whipped cream. >> and yaso loves every single lick of it. didn't even need a straw. >> they loved that puppy a latti. >> does your pup love a sweet treat at the drive through. a lot of you have been saying oh, yes. the puppuccino every time, yippee wagon all the way. sharing your picture of your dog, use be on 9 if you see these. >> getting her dog ice cream, and they look like they want that ice creep. >> dq pup cup, i didn't know they had that. our dogs are spoiled. that's it. but it's good because they give us lots of love and affection. hope they don't end up with belly aches, though,. >> true. easy on these lattis. let's look at the forecast, the temperature for today, total latti weather, pumpkin
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mid-70s. a cool down on friday, and the weekend looking so nice. by the way, that broncos versus colts forecast, kickoff at 2:25, mighty nice. our broncos are going do come away with a w. >> belen called it. thank you for spending part of your day with us. join our friends for 9news at
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new york's biggest mystery, haunting new video of karina vetrano minutes before she's murdered. >> only chris hansen has it for his tv return now on "extra." ? extra, extra ? a beautiful jogger on the very last video of karina vetrano alive as "crime watch daily's" chris hansen breaks news on the headline making unsolved case. sharon osbourne's breakdown. >> i couldn't think. i couldn't talk. >> her bombshell new confession. why she really went m.i.a. from "the talk." elizabeth vargas today. what it was like watching her tv tell all about her alcoholism with her kids.


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